Best Boxing Bags – Top Rated Options from Different Types

Well, there is no equipment that is better than a punching bag when it comes to training for power kicks and punches. Boxing bags are highly versatile and they can help you to exercise effectively. The most important thing is that you need to choose the best boxing bags for your needs.

Well, I do understand that there are lots of brands in the market which can make it difficult for you to determine which product is good for you. That is why I gave provided this review with a buying guide to help you make an appropriate decision. So let’s get into it.

Top 8 Best Boxing Bags List in 2021

Photo Title Price Buy
Best Overall - Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag for Adults $142.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Portability - Inflatable Punching Bag for Beginners’ Target Exercises $35.00 Buy on Amazon
Best for Fitness - Pro Impact Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Speed Bag Buy on Amazon
Best Price - Everlast Nevatear 100 lb Heavy Bag for Home and Apartment $116.00 Buy on Amazon
Best for MMA - Tech Tools Standing Reflex Punching Bag $99.95 Buy on Amazon
Best for Kids - RDX 2FT Heavy Punching Bag $53.99 Buy on Amazon
Best for Professionals - Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Bags $299.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Kit - Everlast 70 lb Hanging Boxing Bag $96.80 Buy on Amazon

Reviews of the 8 Best Boxing Bags

#1. Best Overall – Dripex Freestanding Boxing and Punching Bag for Adults

Dripex boxing bagsThis is one of the popular punching bags that you will find in the market. It works well for adults because of the upgraded shock absorption features which make it have additional strength which is great for the workout

The padding is thick and it has a shock absorption system to ensure there are minimal vibrations which makes it very effective. It is also made using high-quality material with stainless steel structured along its tube with a rust steel place to ensure it is durable and resistant to corrosive elements.

The bag has a silicon plate that acts as a protective element alongside the 2mm thick leather and high-density EPE foam which makes it safe when punching. It is recommended that sand can be filled at the base to provide optimal performance.

Additionally, overall durability and quality are also enhanced with the multi-layer construction. It has a rounded ABS tank which makes it very stable. The 12 suction cups on the base also enhance stability.

Brilliant Features:

  • Ideal for adults.
  • Multi-layered design.
  • It has an effective shock absorbance system.

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#2. Best Portability – Inflatable Punching Bag for Beginners’ Target Exercises

Pure Boxing MMA target bag inflatable punching bag

This is one of the best punching bags that are ideal for children. They help your child to develop some agility skills during the exercises. This improves the hand-eye coordination which makes it a very effective punching bag. Therefore children can practice some martial arts using this bag.

It is entirely designed to ensure it doesn’t get worn out by withstanding the punches and kicks because it bounces back. The fact that it is portable allows your kid to use it anytime to sharpen his skills. The base can also be filled with water or stand to enhance its stability. Sand is more important effective especially if it is being used by older children.

The recommended age for children who can use this punching bag is above 6 years old. It is important to full the water or sand before you inflate it to make things easy on your side. Sometimes it can be difficult to do it the other way round.

Generally, this is a great product that is worth your money. If you purchase and you notice any flaws with the package you can always contact your retailer for replacement.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is stable.
  • Easy to store.
  • Great quality for a low price.

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#3. Best for Fitness – Pro Impact Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Speed Bag

Pro Impact boxing bag for speed and accuracyThis is one of the best punching bags for Thai fitness. It is made using durable PU or genuine leather which improves its functionality and it ensures it is very durable so you can use it for a long period to extend your fitness goals. The speed bag is made using

100% genuine leather which allows it to resist any impact and abrasion hence it is a reliable product. It also made using heavy-duty latex bladder which prevents air loss even if it is punched repeatedly.

Additionally, it has triple reinforced seams to ensure when the bag is punched if won’t lose the directions. This makes this bag great for exercises that enhance cardiovascular exercise. It also increases stamina by building muscle strength.

If you are also seeking a punching bag for weight loss, then that’s one of your must lists. It is effective because it burns calories to ensure you stay fit. The pear-shaped speed bag is designed for rapid recoiling which helps in developing your reflexes which also helps in improving hand-eye coordination. The pear-shaped makes it easy to target hence you strike accurate punches that ensure you build up a rhythm.

Brilliant Features:

  • It can withstand multiple punches.
  • It is designed to meet all skill levels.
  • Genuine leather or PU bag available.
  • The pear shape makes it easy for Target.

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#4. Best Price – Everlast Nevatear 100 lb Heavy Boxing Bag for Home and Apartment

Everlast Nevatear Boxing 100-lb Heavy bag

This is a brilliant choice for those who seek to go enhance their boxing skills. It among the popular brands that you will find in the market.

It is made using high-quality materials such as premium synthetic polycanvas and nylon straps which are attached to the bag. Setting up is also easy.

You will need to have a beam where you will position the punching bag and ensure there is ample space to prevent it from colliding with the walls which can bring some damages. Its platform is on another level and it will not disappoint.

Brilliant Features:

  • It has heavy-duty straps.
  • Made using quality materials.
  • It offers a reasonable price which makes it affordable.
  • It is one of the most popular brands loved by many athletes.

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#5. Best for MMA – Tech Tools Standing Reflex Punching Bag

reflex punching boxing bagThis is one of the best freestanding punching bags which work great for MMA training. It is a fully equipped boxing set for adults.

It is also easy to set up and use. It has EVA foam which makes it enjoyable when punching. The durable base and adjustable shaft make it more reliable and convenient for anyone who wants to improve MMA skills. It is also safe to use because of the durable and strong spring at the base of the shaft which makes it easy for the bag to bounce bag after every hit. The height can be adjusted from 49 inches to 63 inches to suit your preference. You can fill its base with sand for optimal performance.

Additionally, it is perfect for those who seek a stress relief workout because it helps in cardiovascular exercise which brings a calming effect. Its durability and the materials make it more durable. Therefore, this punching bag is worth your money.

Brilliant Features:

  • It has a sizeable speed bag.
  • It is made using quality materials.
  • It is best suited for MMA training.
  • It allows the adjustable height to accommodate various preferences.

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#6. Best for Kids – RDX 2FT Heavy Boxing Punching Bag

2 Ft boxing bag for home useIt is designed exclusively for kids for their MMA training. It is made using shell shock gel padding and junior Jack mold which ensures it is efficient in shock absorbency by transferring the forces safely. Therefore, you will not get hurt using this punching bag.

Another notable functionality about this bad is that it the gloves which are made using nylon mesh to ensure your hands won’t get sweaty because it is well ventilated. The bag also has a swivel for smooth rotation.

It can be connected with the stainless panel to ensure that it is durable. There are hook connectors to ensure you are safe when punching the bag.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is affordable.
  • It comes with nice boxing gloves.
  • All the necessary attachments are included.

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#7. Best for Professionals – Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Bags

Ringside boxing heavy bagThis is a cost-effective bag with good quality that is suitable for professionals. It is made using a synthetic material which makes this bag durable. Its durability is also enhanced using the mounting equipment so you should expect longevity when using the punching bag.

It is filled with 2-inch foam to give it a hard feel. If you want it more comfortable, you can use punching gloves. You should also be well equipped with the punching techniques that are why it is not ideal for beginners. Its bag is also sizeable which makes it a great punching bag.

Brilliant Features:

  • High quality.
  • It has a hard surface.
  • It has all the necessary equipment.

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#8. Best Kit – Everlast 70 lb Hanging Boxing Bag

Everlast boxing bag kit with gloves and wrapsThe light weight and durability make it appropriate for beginners. It also has nylon straps that are heavy-duty ensure the bag is safe and free from any potential injuries.

Its height is adjustable to suit various preferences. You will need to use a chain to make a proper adjustment so you will need to install it from your ceiling. It is also comfortable because of its cotton hand wraps.

The synthetic polycanvas used in making the punching bag is on another quality level. The way it is constructed also guarantees durability which makes it worth your money.

Brilliant Features:

  • Better for beginners.
  • It is built on high quality.
  • Offers good value for money.
  • It has all the necessary equipment that you will need for your workout.

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Why You Need a Boxing Bag?

If you are an athlete you surely need a boxing bag to keep fit. Most of these boxing bags are designed to meet various needs but the most important is fitness. It allows you to build your muscles during the workouts. This contributes to better health and overall body structure.

Additionally, it also prevents the occurrence of lifestyle diseases such as cardiovascular diseases and stress. It allows you to gain these therapeutic benefits after doing consistent practice. You will also stay active which gives no room for stress.

If you are a boxer, then it forms a good platform to advance your career because you will have to train hard so that you can win easily.

What to Look for When Choosing a Boxing Bag?

Choosing a punching bag is not easy so you will require considering various factors based on your needs. Here are some of the considerations that can help you to make a wise choice.

#1. Materials

The materials used in a punching bag are very essential. Most of them are made using synthetic materials such as plastic, vinyl while others are made using leather. Most traditional punching bags are made using leather because they are very comfortable and they add aesthetic value to the punching bag.

However, leather bags are more expensive because of their durability. On the other hand, synthetic punching bags are ideal for a specific environment that experiences high humidity levels. Therefore, they can be used to prevent the growth of mold and mildew. Some bags can be constructed using canvas although they are not popular because they don’t last for long but they are affordable.

Everlast Nevatear Boxing 100-lb Heavy bag

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#2. The Filling Materials

The most important thing you should not afford to ignore is the materials that have been used to fill the bag. The filling materials determine the weight, comfort, firmness and the cost of the punching bag. The following are some popular materials used:

Sand – This is the most viable option for people who want to make their punching bag heavier. Sand is easy to fill and it won’t leak easily. However, it should not be exposed to moisture.

Water – The punching bags which are filled with water are convenient since water is accessible. This has made the water bags to be safer and reliable. They usually have a bladder which prevents breakages and it makes it easy to fill the bag.

Air – It is often used in speed bags and those lighter bags. The problem is that they get deflated easily hence it required frequent refilling.

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Textile – This is a good option if you want to reduce strain on the wrist, shoulders, and elbows. They are relatively soft. Some heavyweight punching bags combine sand with textiles to increase the weight and the impact feel.

Pure Boxing MMA target bag inflatable punching bag

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#3. Hanging vs. Freestanding

Most heavy bags are usually hanging. The freestanding heavy bags don’t require any mounting and they are easier to move around although they can easily tip offer upon great impact.

#4. Price

The price differs from one brand to another. Therefore, you should have a budget and then consider which punching bag you will afford. Some retailers offer discounted prices which can enable you to buy inexpensive punching bags.

#5. Size

The size of the punching bags also matters. Most heavy bags are larger than the others. Shorter heavy bags are good when it comes to training for punches and kicks. You can adjust the height to suit your preference. The taller heavy bags are good when it comes to high kicks and punches.

Therefore, when choosing a punching bag you should also consider if it will meet your needs in terms of size. Normally, bags that are less than 4ft are used in punching only while the taller ones can be used for both kicking and punching.

2 Ft boxing bag for home use

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#6. Shape

Most heavy bags are human torso shaped, ball-shaped and cylindrical shaped. Therefore, depending on your needs you can always go for your preferred shape. For instance, the ball-shaped are more mobile and lightweight. Human shaped heavy bags gives more intense training that can be equated to that of a real opponent.

#7. Weight

The weight matters because it determines the levels of strength required. The heaviest bags will help you to improve on kicking and punching strength. It is recommended that you go for a punching bag which is half your weight. Lighter bags swing more which can be good in developing hand-eye coordination.

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What Types of Punching Bag Is the Best for Boxing Workout?

If you want to be a competent boxer, you will need to have the right punching bag for your training. The punching bags act as a practice target to help you develop the necessary skills and kicking techniques. Therefore, just like any other sporting equipment, the punching bag should meet your fitness goals precisely. The following are the types of Punching bags that you will need for your workout.

#1. Heavy bag

There are large and heavy-duty punching bags that are normally recommended for the professionals. They are designed to improve the punching experience and kicking techniques. Most of them are cylindrical and comes in different sizes. They also weigh between 30 – 200 pounds.

They are found in various types but the most common ones are:

– Angle heavy bag which features a top-heavy design with a skillet trunk and a broader too. Such a bag will ensure that you throw more advanced punches, body shots, hooks, and uppercuts.

Muay Thai bag is designed to accommodate different training ranging from knee strikes to low kicks. They are usually used in MMA training.

– Round heavy bag is a spherical bag that is used for body punches and it can help you to have targeted punches and kicks.

-Double-end heavy bag allows an athlete to train as if he is with an opponent.

Everlast boxing bag kit with gloves and wraps

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#2. Double-end bags

The double end bag is very effective in learning how to counter punches by improving eye-hand coordination, sharpening reflexes and developing a punching rhythm. They come in different sizes and they can be mounted either on the walls or ceiling.

#3. Uppercut bag

This is designed in a unique manner for uppercut practice. It is used to train for hooks, crosses and straight punches. They can be mounted on the ceiling or wall depending on their different shapes and sizes. This type of punching bag is usually recommended for serious boxing athletes.

#4. Freestanding Punching bags

Free Standing bags don’t require any type of mounting. You can place it anywhere in the room but you need to ensure there are no instructions. When they are hit they will return because of their springs. This offers a challenge because of the recoil speed which requires the boxer to be on toes. This type of punching bag is ideal for practicing low kicks especially for the martial arts.

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Dripex boxing bags

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#5. Grappling dummy

The grappling dummy resembles the real opponent because most of them have hands, legs, and heads. They are usually free standing which allows you to perfect your strikes, submissions, throws, and takedowns. They are commonly used in martial arts and MMA training.

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#6. Wall bag

Will punching bags are usually found in most training facilities. They don’t have any swivels so unlike the other punching bags this one is mounted on the wall. It is ideal for those places which it is difficult to mount on the ceiling.

#7. Speed bag

The speed bag helps the athlete to increase their punching pace to build endurance and shoulder strength. These speed bags are filled with air and they are usually smaller. They can be suspended on the wall or the ceiling. They are commonly used for traditional boxing.

Pro Impact boxing bag for speed and accuracy

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What Are the Best Boxing Bag Brands?

– Fairtex. This is one of the best brands that you can find in the market. It is an excellent choice for Muay Thai and it is made using durable synthetic leather.

– Century. This is another competitive brand in the market that is made using high-density polyurethane. It is also very customizable because it allows you to make some height adjustments. Century punching bags can be filled using water or sand. Their dummy bags are well performed.

– RDX. This brand has produced white reliable boxing bags for both children and adults. They are good value for the price and they are suitable to be used for both outdoors and indoors. Besides, RDX bags usually focused on meeting the needs of the beginners. Therefore, if you are a newbie you might consider this brand.

– Ringside. This is a great brand for practicing kicks and punches because of their durable synthetic materials. They are also heavy-duty hence it requires advanced training.

– Everlast.  Everlast punching bags are made using high-quality materials at a reasonable price.


These boxing bags are allowing you to train harder so that you can keep fit. If you are an athlete it will enhance your performance while in the ring with your opponent. Therefore, the most important thing is to make the right choice and ensure you settle on a product that is of high quality. This ensures that it is durable and you will get to have the best training experience.

Photo Title Price Buy
Best Overall - Dripex Freestanding Punching Bag for Adults $142.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Portability - Inflatable Punching Bag for Beginners’ Target Exercises $35.00 Buy on Amazon
Best for Fitness - Pro Impact Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Speed Bag Buy on Amazon
Best Price - Everlast Nevatear 100 lb Heavy Bag for Home and Apartment $116.00 Buy on Amazon
Best for MMA - Tech Tools Standing Reflex Punching Bag $99.95 Buy on Amazon
Best for Kids - RDX 2FT Heavy Punching Bag $53.99 Buy on Amazon
Best for Professionals - Ringside Large Leather Boxing Punching Bags $299.99 Buy on Amazon
Best Kit - Everlast 70 lb Hanging Boxing Bag $96.80 Buy on Amazon