Best RDX Punching Bags – Top Rated Bags & Gloves in 2022

Having the best RDX punching bags in your gym can be an excellent accessory to good workouts; the punching bags do not only promote muscle growth and strengthening. It is an excellent form of exercise and depending on how you weigh.

You can burn over 200 calories or more if you have a good workout session. With the addition of foot works while punching the bag, you can improve your hand, legs, and mind coordination. This will be helpful in the ordinary world while doing your daily jobs.

Top RDX Punching Bags and Gloves

Are RDX Punch Bags Any Good?

Yes, they are, the RDX punching bags are excellent choices for both the beginners and the professional martial artists or boxers. The bags are strong and durable when you have them you can be assured of becoming a pro in your game.

If you want to train MMA or boxing at home, then RDX is the best punch bag to buy. RDX is proven to be one of the best punching bags in the market for its quality.

Some of their punching bag packages also come with fittings, fixtures, and gloves when you purchase. You can buy an RDX punching bag depending on the type of training or your interests. The features can be overwhelming, but the categories vary to suit your interest.

How to Choose the Best RDX Brand Punching Bags?

Are you confused about the type of RDX punching bag to choose from? There are a number of factors you need to consider before spending your money on one. Keep the following things in mind, and you will have no problem choosing an RDX punching bag.

#1. Exterior Material

Going for quality synthetic leather bags is a wise option. A good example is Maya hide. This leather is of high quality that is durable and resilient. Go for a punching bag made of Maya hides and enjoy the flexible polymer with an appearance of animal conceal.

And most of RDX products including punching bags and gloves are made of high quality Maya Hide Leather.

#2. Filling

It would be best if you understood that there are punching bags that are already filled and some that bought empty. What is in the bag in most cases depends on what you want to train for and whether you want it soft or hard.

Punching bags that are smooth and without bumps are, in most cases, filled with foam, cotton, fabrics, or gel balls. Such bags are much better for joints and the contact when hitting its similar to the human body.

An advantage of purchasing an empty RDX punching bag is that you can fill it with your choice of materials depending on the type of training you want. You can use clothes, sawdust or even sand in this case.

It would help if you were careful about how you place the materials in the empty bag. This is necessary so that your punching bag can swing adequately, it will not be dangerous for your wrist and knuckles and correct resistance.

RDX hanging punching bag kit

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#3. Length

The length depends on what you are training for. For example, someone focusing mainly on boxing does not need a longer punching bag, while for those training, MMA needs long backs for lower kicks.

Are you interested in western boxing? Then a 4ft RDX punching bag is the best fit for you. This will offer you full range boxing punches, and you will love it.

A 5ft Maya hides punching bag is the best for MMA and kickboxing training. Buy one of these and start your way to championship aspiration.

#4. Weight

For beginners, do not go for more massive bags. Heavy bags are for individuals who are heavy hitters or have been training for some time and so they are used to it. These RDX bags will offer more resistance and will not swing excessively to your punches.

If you have an empty bag, add sand to increase the weight. Well built fighters should opt for heavier bags, it gives them the training they deserve.

Reviews of the 5 Best RDX Punching Bags

#1. Hot Sale –  RDX 5 FT Punching Bag SetRDX hanging punching bag kit

When you are a trainer or training to build up your strength and get physically fit, getting an RDX punch bag is an excellent choice for you. When you are new to the game with no training equipment, this is a good fit for you.

It comes with a heavy-duty gauge made of steel, a long wall bracket, and a heavy ceiling hook made of steel that will hold the punching bag in place.

It comes with multiple pieces of equipment. Hand gloves are for wearing while training, steel chains are going to hold the punching bag in place from the hook. There is a swivel fitted in the hook, which enables the punching to swing on the impact of a punch.

A jumping rope is also provided, which an easy tool to exercise with. It helps in improving coordination and decreases injuries you can get on your foot and ankle.

There are hand wraps which are used with the gloves. The punching bag is a g-core twinned layer bag with a non-tear feature. You can get 5 feet or a 4 feet punching bag, which is waterproof and can be used indoor and outdoor.

Brilliant Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • Comes with additional boxing gear
  • A durable punch bag you can use both indoors and outdoor
  • Zip top to add more fabric or remove the excess to make it light

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#2. RDX 2 FT Boxing Bag for Kids

RDX Kids Heavy Boxing 2FT Punching Bag

The punching bag is made of highly durable Maya hide leather that has infused a high technological concept. The leather technology makes it soft on your hands while punching but also ensuring it is durable and can withstand any punch.

The empty punching bag is 2 feet high and 28 cm in diameter. This provides a large surface area to land all your punches.

When it is hanging from the chains, it is 3 feet long, making it great for kids to practice with.

It is fitted with a zip at the top of the bag that enables you to change the feeling as you wish.

The gloves are made of the Maya hide leather just like the bag, and this makes them durable. With excellent care and maintenance, they will be durable and will last longer.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is easy to install
  • Children of age 3 can use to 16

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#3. RDX Target Focus Bag for Kickboxing

RDX MMA Strike Shield for target kicking

The RDX pad is 33 cm high, 20 cm wide, and 10 cm in depth. The pads are thick enough and made of Maya leather; making is very strong. The leather will ensure the product is durable and can last longer.

The pads are oval for you to have a large surface area to hit, and your arms can get off the pad smoothly.

The pads are fitted with three thick layers of foam fitted together that will ensure shock is absorbed effectively.

Additionally, with all these features, the pads are light. The pads are of excellent design that makes them look super cool. They are sold in a pair that will enhance training in coordinating your arms while hitting.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is light kids can use
  • The pad is sturdy to absorb the hardest blows

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#4. RDX Double End Bag for Upper Cut

RDX Double End Speed Ball Review

The RDX speedball bag is made of durable Maya hide leather with a thin layer of textile that makes it durable and not easy to tear or crack. It is designed with a double end ball that can withstand all the heavy punches and kicks thrown at it.

The ability to withstand the punches and the kicks makes it great for MMA training, Dodge striking. The use of this speedball will increase your hand speed, develop timing, rhythm and endurance.

The end of the ball is designed specifically to make it easily mountable with a rubber cord that is flexible and able to stretch for up to 48 inches that grants flexibility in all directions. You can adjust it to your preferred height to land those accurate punches and kicks.

It is delivered with complete sets of mounting equipment, including though PVC buckles, s-rings that are used in mounting. The base stability is ensured using the exclusive v-gravity technology.

It applies a professional mechanics approach of action and reaction to allow maximum impact without any effect on its position.

Brilliant Features:

  • High-quality materials are used in making
  • The size of the ball will offer you a large surface area for striking impact

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#5. RDX Leather Speed Bag with Platform for Apartment

RDX 12 PC Boxing Speed Ball Set

It includes twelve pieces that accompany the product after purchasing. They include the required equipment for training and all tools to ensure the speedball is functional.

It has a speedball platform that holds the ball in position and enables you to land good punches. A wall metal bracket is available that is mounted on the wall to hold the speedball platform.

The speedball is made of the cow’s hide leather that makes it strong and able to last for long.

Gloves are made of Maya hide leather, ensuring they strong and durable. The steel swivel will allow the ball to rotate from the impact of your punches.

The wrestling and boxing professionals are some of the individuals that highly recommend this.

Brilliant Features:

  • Easily adjustable
  • It is durable and sturdy

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3 Top Rated RDX Gloves Reviews

#1. Best Sale – RDX Gloves for Boxing and Double End Bag Punching

RDX boxing gloves reviewsThe RDX boxing gloves are made of strong Maya hide leather that makes them durable and long-lasting. The gloves are superior and can withstand those hard-hitting punches, training, and workout.

They are thick enough to protect your hand when hitting the bag. It also protects your hand in hooks and jabs.

It has long bands to support your wrist and fit in your hand comfortably. The gloves have adopted S.P.P technology with the fist and finger joints that are designed to assist with airing and avoid a lot of sweating while working out.

It has small freshening holes in the palm, which is made meshy that ensures your hand is dried quickly from sweat.

The glove has adopted the Quadro-dome technology that is effective than the layered foam gloves that ensure it protects the hand. It also assists in aligning the hand when striking while your wrist is maintained stable with the thumb.

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#2. Best Price – RDX MMA Gloves for Grappling Martial Arts Training

cheap RDX gloves reviewThese gloves are made of 100% Maya hide leather that makes it strong and very superior. They are of their class and are perfect for mixed martial arts or using in a boxing work out.

It enables you to practice the punching and grappling using the same glove. The leather used to make is of high quality, which ensures you have better tractability; the glove is crack resistant and cannot quickly wear out.

The use of the polymax contoured tri-slab PC3 for padding ensures that your hand is protected and can absorb the impact resistance. Its tri-layer padding ensures you are safe when throwing those punches in training or competition. It delivers high power strength and disperses shock across the glove evenly.

There is the Quick EZ Hook that ensures your wrist is supported easily in combination with a loop for closure. It is a high-quality product that can serve different professionals in the game.

The D cut curved design in the palm is for you to be able to have a comfortable grip on anything. The open arm will much promote ventilation to ensure your hands do not sweat as much.

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#3. RDX Weight Lifting Gloves for Gym Workout

breathable RDX Punching Bag ReviewThese gloves are perfect for the work out sessions. You wear them when going to the gym to lift those weights and any other exercise that involves your hand the gloves will protect you.

It is made of high-quality cowhide leather, making it strong and durable. It is shinny and designed to look modern that when wearing, you will have all the attention on you.

The Amara fabric used can stretch, and this will ensure your hand gets enough air, and it can move with any hand movement. The thumb is protected with a spongy fabric that absorbs pressure exerted on it during weight lifting.

Its Nubuck palm technology is to enable you easily fold your hand and assist in lifting. The wrist support and the fact that you can quickly wear and take off is supported by unique EZ design.

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How to Hang an RDX Punching bag?

#1. Ceiling Mount

Ceiling mounts are nowadays available in nearly all online markets. The package comes with nuts and bolts, which you will use hence saving you extra expenses. To offer strong support ensures you place the mount where joist meet beam.

  • Make sure you tighten the bolts using a screwdriver then attach the chains to the bag.
  • Lift your bag and hang it with the s-hook.
  • Move the bag for some time to ensure it is secure.

#2. Mount on a Support Beam

Hanging an RDX bag to a support beam gives you much mobility when training.

  • In this case, you need to drill a hole in the beam, twist an eye bolt in the hole, and ensure you tighten it with a wrench.
  • Place the chains to the s-hook and hang the bag to the eye bolt.
  • Conclude the process by throwing a few heavy punches to the bag to ensure it will not fall during training.

#3. Wall Mount

Wall mounts are recommended only if you have masonry walls.

  • The hardware required is found online and are easy to mount.
  • Drill holes in the required are on the wall, place the mount and tighten it with bolts in respective holes.
  • Attach your RDX punching bag to the s-hook and hang it to the wall mount.
  • Again, some punches are necessary to ensure there are no fixture issues.


#1. What Size RDX Punching Bag Should I Get?

If you are an aspiring boxer or a mixed martial arts artist, you need a punching bag among your training equipment. It acts as an ordinary opponent or a practice target to develop more of your fighting skills.

A punching bag directly affects your training. The weight of the bag should be decided carefully to get the right training equipment.

It is advised that you should get an RDX bag that half weighs your weight. This is because if the bag is too light, it will swing a lot hence not have a good training session. However, if you are looking to build your muscles and have a powerful punch, then a heavier one will serve you better.

Height is essential in the punching bag short ones are perfect for boxing since it promotes punching only. When kicking is involved, then you need to get along the bag.

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#2. What Do You Fill an RDX Punching Bag with? How to Fill?

The simple idea is to purchase a punching bag that is filled already. But an empty one is cheaper, and you can fill yourself. This will offer you a wide choice of options on what to use to fill. You can decide to fill with fabric, clothes, sand, rice or water. These are the common items used to fill.

How to fill your bag?

– Purchase stuffing. After you have purchased your bag. You need the materials to use in filling. Heavy bags are usually filled in three layers.

– Fill the lower layer. Hold the lower layer in position by filling it with sand or rice, and this will hold your bag in place. The sand will be used to strengthen your kicks.

– Fill the rest of the bag. You can fill up the rest of the bag with the material that you like. The material used should be packed evenly to maintain the round shape of the bag.

– Set it up. After filling up here, you can seal the bag and hang it up. There, your punching bag is ready to use in training.

#3. How Do You Soften an RDX Punching Bag?

If you have an RDX heavy bag, you can make it soft by:

  • Keep hitting it.
  • You can refill the bag with a light material
  • Slamming it on the floor or hitting with a piece of wood.


The boxing and martial artist should have some of the boxing equipment from the RDX collection. They do offer not only high-quality material but also provide all the tools you need in your gym for boxing. The above review can give you insight into what you can get and how to use it.