Best 70 lb Punching Bags for Starters, Amateurs & Professionals in 2022

Punching bags are the best equipment to strengthen your arms and legs. A 70lb punching bag is great for training since it resists your punches and strikes. They are less mobile, and you don’t need to reposition yourself between hits.

We rounded up some of the best 70-pound punching bags. All of them are affordable and don’t require labor and money to set up, like other training equipment. What you need to do is ensure that the punching bag is secured by a stable beam, heavy bag stand, or sturdy bar that will prevent swaying or breaking.

Top 5 Best 70 Pound Punching Bags


Reviews of the 5 Best 70 lb. Punching Bags

The following are the best 70lb punching bags in the market. The punching bags have been selected due to their durability, optimal functionality, and reliability.

#1. Everlast 70 Pound Canvas Heavy Bag for MMA

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Review

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This heavy punching bag is one of the best in the market. It has positive reviews and recommendations from athletes, training coaches, and people who have used it. Everlast is one of the best manufactures when it comes to gym products.

This pounding kit weighs 70 pounds and comes with hand wraps and heavy gloves. The bag is filled with natural fillings blended with sifted sand and synthetic fibers. You can adjust the bag effortlessly using the customized chain. The kit also comes with a bungee cord that gives the bag resistance as you kick it.

The premium poly-canvas is durable and prevents the fillings from falling out. Also, the bag has excellent shock absorbency and has a double loop for optimal functionality. The kit is available in two colors: red and black and is great for all ages.

Brilliant Features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Optimal construction
  • Excellent shock absorbency
  • The premium poly-canvas cover is durable
  • Adjustable to accommodate users of all sizes

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#2. Everlast Nevatear 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast Nevatear 70-Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit Review

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This pounding kit is essential in your daily training and makes your arms and limbs strong. The 70lb pounding bag is made from heavy materials for optimal performance. The shock-absorbing materials can resist any kick or punch with ease.

The bag comes with a pair of boxing gloves to protect your hand, and a pair of large hand wraps to protect your hand from internal injury. The stretchable cord allows you to adjust the bag to any length, depending on the height of the user. The bungee cord makes adjustments easy.

The punching bag is filled with rugged, sturdy materials that are friendly on your hands. The filler materials also enhance shocker materials. The bag has been covered by a synthetic cover for a more fabulous experience. It’s ideal for people who have never used punching bags.

The boxing wraps are a little shorter and can be worn by children. The stitching of the punching bag is done by professionals train in India. These gloves are super comfortable and don’t leave marks on your hands after wearing them. This kit offers excellent value for your money.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Adjustable height
  • Soft filler materials
  • Suitable for all age groups

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#3. Everlast Single Station 70 lb Punching Bag with Stand

Everlast Single-Station 70 lb Punching Bag and Stand Review

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This 70lb punching kit is a complete set up for your gym. The bag meets all the requirements of a quality punching bag. It comes with sturdy weight plates for stability, making it perfect for a heavy kicker.

Note that this bag comes with a stand, and you don’t need to drill your ceiling to fix it. The punching is easy to assemble and doesn’t require specialized skills.

The heavy-duty powder-coated steel tubing enhances durability and long term strength. The stand can hold up to 100 pounds, making it easy for you to upgrade. This heavy bag is the key to your fitness success.

For starters, this is the best bag since it’s gentle on your hands but tough enough to strengthen your arms and feet.

The bag comes with hand wraps and boxing gloves to protect your hands from internal injury. It also comes with a bracket mount and chain to hold the bag firmly on the ceiling.

Brilliant Features:

  • Sturdy materials
  • The bag is durable
  • Comes with gloves and hand wraps
  • Provides excellent fitness exercises

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#4. Everlast 70 lb Platinum Heavy Hanging Bag

Everlast 70 pound Platinum Heavy Bag Review

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This punching bag is ideal for amateur and total boxing beginners. And also, it’s an excellent option for mixed martial arts and boxing enthusiasts.

It’s a complete workout solution to keep you fit at home. It comes with cotton hand wraps and a pair of quality gloves and a heavy-duty suspension chain to suspend the bag at any height.

The bag is filled with natural fibers and a blend of synthetic materials that absorbs any shock. The bag is resilient to all punches and t kicks that are thrown at it. It comes with a synthetic premium leather which is reinforced stitched webbing.

The bag is durable and can serve you for a long time. The heavy-duty nylon straps make the bag safe and secure. However, this product should only be used for indoor purposes.

Brilliant Features:

  • It’s easy to assemble
  • Solid construction build to last
  • High-quality filling from natural fibers
  • Comes with a height-adjustable suspension chain
  • It comes with an additional speed bag is used for dynamic sparring

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#5. MaxxMMA 5 FT Water/Air Punching Bag Kit with Adjustable Weight

5 ft punching bag kit with adjustable weight

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The MaxxMMA heavy bag is ideal for individuals who wish to power train their strikes. It offers much practical training than ordinary bags. You can fill this bag with a weight of 140 pounds.

Note that regular heavyweight bags weigh around 100 pounds. However, you don’t need much weight, and therefore, you can decide to fill the bag halfway. The fact that the weight of the bag can be adjusted from 70lb to 140lb makes it different from the others.

Another benefit of the bag is that it can be filled with either water or air. You hang the bag low on the ground if you want to train low kicks.

The punching bag also comes with a wrap to make it gentle on your hands. However, you should note that it is a bulky bag and you need room to train with it.

Brilliant Features:

  • The bag is durable
  • Ideal for power training
  • It’s a sustainable option
  • The weight can be adjusted to 140lb
  • You can either fill it with air or water

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70 lb Punching Bag Workout

A 70lb punching bag workout is more suitable than other traditional exercises such as biking, running, or swimming. The high-intensity, fast-paced will make you sweat and burn calories in a short time. Bag training enhances your stamina, improves your heart, and enables you to let off steam as you hit the bag.

A 70lb punching bag can take anything you throw at it, and you should not focus on the one-two combo.

You can practice cross punching, both dominant and non-dominant sides. You can also practice hooks, lunges, and side kick punch combos with punching bags.

How Much Is a Good 70-Pound Punching Bag?

The cost of a punching bag varies due to different factors. The brand of the bag can affect the cost since bags from reputable companies are more expensive than ordinary bags. Also, the features of a punching bag can determine the price of the bag.

A good 70lb punching bag will cost you between 60 dollars and 200 dollars, depending on the brand and quality. Remember not to fall for the cheap bags since they are of low quality. You will find yourself in need of a new bag in no time. It would be better if you invest in a cheap but high-quality bag once and for all.

Everlast 70-Pound MMA Poly Canvas Heavy Bag Review

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How Heavy Should My Punching Bag Be?

Punching bags come in different sizes, but choosing the size should not be a problem. The heaviness of your punching bag depends on your age and weight. Punching bags have weights ranging from 60 pounds to 150 pounds and even more.

Generally, youth punching bags weigh less than adult punching bags. The strikes from youths are less powerful, and therefore, the bags don’t have to absorb heavy impacts. These bags focus on developing skills and not on power training.

70 lbs punching bag reviewAdults need to choose heavy and larger punching bags. The rule of thumb is that the bag should weigh half your body weight. For instance, a punching bag should be 70lb heavy if your bodyweight 140lb or be 100 pounds heavy if your bodyweight 200 lbs or so.

Just ensure that the bag is steady and resistant. It should not sway around wildly when you land a kick or punch.

Is 70 lb Punching Bag Enough?

A 70lb punching bag can resist any punch or kicks that you throw at it. The bag can be the right choice for starters since it’s not too bulky. Amateur boxers can also take advantage of the bag since it’s steady. For professional fighters, the bag can be beneficial if you are not too heavy and don’t throw potent punches.

However, few people can throw a hefty punch that sways a 70lb punching bag. Therefore, this punching bag is ideal for starters, amateurs, and professionals.

70 lb Heavy Bag vs. 100 lb

The major difference between a 70lb punching bag and a 100lb one is the resistance. A 100 lb bag is more resistant than a 70 lb bag. It takes more force to move a 100lb punching bag than a 70lb bag. Note that a swinging bag is not bad since it enhances mobility while working out. However, an added resistance helps you develop your overall power.

Note that power punching is more from technique and not raw strength. Therefore, a 70lb punching bag should help you develop your technique and strength. There is always room to upgrade to a heavier bag like the 100lb one if you feel like the 70lb one is too light for you.

This can only happen for professional martial artists. For a person using a punching bag for fitness purposes, 70lb is a better choice than the 100lb one.

Who Makes the Best 70 lb Punching Bag?

There are many punching bag brands out there, and you never know which one is the best. However, a brand like Everlast is known to make good punching bags. Their products are durable and long-lasting. Below are the reasons why you should buy Everlast punching bags.

  • Durability

Everlast punching bags are known for their sturdiness and durability. These bags can take anything you throw at them without tearing or breaking apart. The company also offers a warranty for all their bags.

  • 70 pound punching bag priceCover Material

Most Everlast punching bags are made from leather. The leather punching bag is not only classic but gentle on your hands. The leather is long-lasting and can serve you for a long time. However, there are some Everlast products that are made from canvas. Canvas punching bag provides a great surface for punching and is less expensive.

  • Filler Material

Everlast punching bags have synthetic fiber and sifted sand as their filler material. These materials are not only gentle to your hands but tough on your muscles. Therefore, you can rest assured that you will enjoy your exercises with punching bags that are filled with these materials.

MMA fighters and other professionals prefer Everlast punching bags. They construct high-quality bags that are suitable for starters, amateurs, and professionals. Also, Everlast manufactures bags for all price ranges. You will be able to get a punching bag that matches your budget. Note that the bag will still be of high-quality and durable.


Punching bags have many benefits, even for people who don’t participate in mixed martial arts or boxing. It can withstand a deal of physical punishment, making it an incredible resource.