10+ Best Everlast Punching Bags and Accessories Reviewed in 2022

As far as quality is concerned, Everlast leads in producing some of the best punching bags you will find on the market. In this case, the focus is on quality. The best Everlast punching bag has proven to be durable, of high value, and excellent quality. It is the most recognized name when it comes to boxing.

You should note that Everlast is a great company with a solid reputation. We have conducted extensive research, read several reviews, and checked the strength and durability of several punching bags to come with this list.

Best Everlast Punching Bag and Spares

What Is the Best Everlast Punching Bag?

Things to Consider When Buying Everlast Punching Bags

best everlast punching bag reviews

#1. Compatability

Everlast punching bags are designed to be compatible with other Everlast products like stands and gloves and to be used in gyms. Whether a punching bag is part of a gym meant for general fitness training, or is for dedicated boxing gyms, it needs to be compatible with all other equipment it is being used with.

For instance, there needs to be enough space to safely use an Everlast free-standing punching bag. Also, it needs to be considered if fitting the bag to the ball that the supports and the wall or ceiling can withstand the weight of the punching bag.

#2. Capacity

The higher the capacity, the more it weighs, and the greater the physical effort required to move it. Before picking the capacity of the bag you must consider it’s weight, whether it is too heavy for wall mounting the bag.

You will also need to take into account how far a punching bag can move after it has been punched. The recoil from bags can knock people off the balance if they are not aware of the need to be stepped back after hitting the bag.

  • People who are shorter and lighter than average should consider the size and the capacity of the punching bags they use to ensure it can be used safely.
  • Conversely larger and taller people should also consider searching for heavy bags that can cope with their extra strength and weight.

#3. Durability

Everlast makes their punching bags out of strong materials like synthetic leather, genuine leather, canvas and vinyl, which are capable of taking the punishment of being punched by people of various heights and weights.

The bag needs to be able to absorb the energy and the power from punches without been knocked over, broken or having the material punctured at all.

#4. Effectiveness

It needs to be able to withstand any punch so that people can use it to train hard with, whether they are boxers or just use the bag to keep fit. Effectiveness can be measured by how long the bag can be used for, and how often it is used. It should be strong enough to be used by different people on a regular basis.

Reviews of the 7 Best Everlast Punching Bags

#1. Best Overall – Everlast 70 lb MMA Canvas Heavy Bag for Starters

The Everlast 70 lb MMA bag is a starter kit. In fact, it provides everything you need to begin throwing punches and help you achieve a lean body. The kit comes with heavy bag 70 lb, pair of hand wraps, bungee, and MMA-style bag gloves.

everlast canvas punching bagThe good thing about this bag is that it comes pre-filled, meaning you do not have to search for filling before you start training. In fact, it is filled with a mixture of sandbags and fiber.

With over 40 lbs of sandbags spread throughout the entire bag means that they can add resistance and weight when punching.

  • Durable

The shell of the punching bag is made of tough poly-canvas that has the feel and look of synthetic leather. Although poly canvas is simply vinyl, in this case, Everlast has gone for the most durable vinyl that can take your kicks and punches.

  • Safe Use

This heavy punching bag has double-stitched mesh straps on the top of the bag for easy hanging. You can also secure this bag to a beam or heavy bag stand that holds the weight and can force your punches. In any case, it is a heavy hanging bag.

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#2. Best for Beginner – Everlast 80 lb Heavy Hanging Punching Bag

Ideally, the Everlast 80 lb bag is designed for beginners. It is what you need to get the much-needed strength even if you are only starting out. Also, if you want to improve your kicking technique, then this is the right bag to give a try. The unit is bottom equipped with an oversized foam pad that is made for receiving the kicks.

everlast 80 lb heavy bagWeighing 80 lbs, this makes it perfect for agility and speed training. However, at 42-inches, it is shorter than most Muay Thai punching bags you will find on the market. Fortunately, it is ideal for kick training.

  • Durable

You should note that this punching bag from Everlast has a synthetic leather liner that is meant to take the beating. That means your punching bag will last for many years.

  • Budget-friendly

When starting out as a new boxer, you do not want to spend a lot of money on equipment. The fact that this punching bag is available mid-range, it means it is perfect for those looking for a budget-friendly punching bag.

  • Ideal for Kicking Technique

This is a perfect punching bag that is suitable for kick training. Due to its short height, it may not perfect for experienced boxers. However, for MMA fighter, this is the bag you need to train for foot agility and quickness.

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#3. Best for Women – Everlast 40 lb Lightweight Punching Bag

The Everlast 40 lb bag is one of the superb products, and among the best, you will come across. It is a lightweight bag that is made with reinforced webbing from tough synthetic leather. Ideally, this is a material that ensures your punching bag can stand the test of time.

40 lb Everlast punching bagThe lightweight nature of this punching bag makes it perfect for beginners and women and kids. If you are a woman fighter or a young starter, you should consider this given model to enjoy the benefits it offers.

  • Safety

As you know, your safety is paramount when training for MMA or even working out. It features heavy-duty nylon straps, and its double end loop works to increase the punching bag’s functionality.

  • Easy to Setup

Ideally, with the natural setup process and ability to hang your punching bag anywhere makes it easy to train. Also, the unit comes with a manual. Therefore, you can know the right place you can hang your bag.

  • Excellent Durability

You should note that this is one of the safest punching bags you will find on the market. It is strong enough to withstand even the hardest punches, whilst being lightweight.

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#4. Best with Real Punch – Everlast 100 lb Hydro Strike Water Bag for Boxing and Fitness

In the Everlast HydroStrike water bag, the filler used is water. By using water as a filler, it brings the normal punching bag to another level to enjoy intense workouts.

everlast water punching bagIt does not matter whether you are a beginner; this punching will help you work up sweat and train in a wide range of ways.

  • Materials

You will find this punching bag made up of resilient, durable, and thick synthetic leather that is meant withstand mishandling. In fact, you have the freedom to fill it to your desired weight.

This bag comes with several accessories that make it easier to set up the bag. These accessories include the chain, hanging bracket, and easy clip.

  • Durability

The truth is that this bag is highly durable and can withstand your rounds of intense punches and jabs. In fact, this water punching bag is designed for long-term use. It is a good idea to store this bag in the recommended conditions to ensure it preserves its condition.

  • Maintenance

The good thing about this punching bag is that it requires minimal maintenance. It is advisable to mount out indoors out of sunlight to avoid the weakening of synthetic leather or prevent fading.

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#5. Best with Stand – Everlast 100 lb Heavy Bag Kit

If you want something a durable, yet functional punching bag, then you should consider the Everlast 100 lb heavy bag kit. Made of heavy-duty steel tubing, you can be sure of the performance and durability of this unit. For its convenience, this model has a powder-coated frame that is scratch resistant and designed to provide additional structural strength.

Everlast brand punching bag with stand and gloves and wrapThis model can hold punching bags from 80 lbs up to 100 lbs. That makes it ideal for athletes and heavyweight bodybuilders. Even fitness enthusiasts who want to be in shape can go for it.

  • Excellent Stability

This punching bag is designed to meet all the requirements for a perfect boxing or fitness setup. It comes with sturdy plate pegs that offer excellent stability and are ideal for training. The punching bag kit is easy to assemble and the stand can hold up more than 100 lbs.

  • No Maintenance Needed

The fact that it is made from quality steel tubing, you do not have to worry about its durability of strength. Also, you will find it easier to assemble and can hold any size up to 100 lbs.

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#6. Best for Apartment – Everlast 70lb Platinum Heavy Bag

The Everlast 70lb Platinum heavy bag is ideal for any small apartment and house. In fact, this unit is meant for starters who are into bodybuilding and would like to have a perfect bag kit that works for them.

everlast 70 lb heavy bag reviewThe bag is made of poly canvas material that is filled with the custom filling of either sand or other fibers such as wood dust.

  • Custom Filling

This bag comes with custom filling, making it great for anyone with allergies to either wood dust or sand. Also, you have the freedom to fill it with your own type of filling.

  • Professional Punching Gloves

The unit comes with quality punching gloves that are ideal for anyone who does not want to buy gloves. With the gloves, you can start punching as soon as you get the product.

  • Solid Steel Hanger

This is an important feature of this punching bag. The steel hangers are made of the heavy-duty beam to ensure complete stability and safety. These hangers are rust-free and ensure the punching bag is stable.

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#7. Best for Any Purpose – Everlast Freestanding Punching Bag for Kickboxing

This is a freestanding heavy bag that is designed to suit your purposes. You should note that freestanding offers a lot of benefits over the traditional hanging bags. For instance, you can put this bag anywhere you want in your home. Moreover, you do not require mounting attachments. Instead, you only need free floor space for easy setup.everlast free standing punching bag review

  • Adjustable Height

You have the freedom you need to adjust the height of this bag. For instance, you can adjust the height from 54 to 65 inches. That makes it ideal for both tall and short fighters.

  • Power Transfer Ring

It has a power transfer ring at its base and it is one of the things that make this heavy bag great. In fact, the unit can absorb the power of punches, making tipping over quite difficult.

  • Fillable Plastic Base

You can fill the base of this punching bag with sand or water for added stability. When you fill it with water, the bag will weigh about 250 pounds, and when filled with sand, it weighs 370 pounds.

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Reviews of the Hot Sale Everlast Attachments

#1. Everlast Floor Standing Punching Bag and Speed Bag Stand

everlast mma heavy bag stand

Ideally, this is the best stand from the boxing industry leader that holds both speed and heavy bags. This stand is made of powder-coated steel tubing that is rugged and features three weight pegs for added durability.

In fact, all steel surfaces of this unit are powder-coated from excellent durability and scratch resistance. This stand is designed to support heavy bag up to 100 lbs. The fact that its height is adjustable, it means it can handle a wide range of speed bags.

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#2. Everlast Pro Style Training Gloves

everlast pro style training gloves

The Everlast Pro Style training gloves are designed to offer optimum training. These gloves promote appropriate punching techniques as they are conformed to the natural shape of the fist.

It has two-layer foam that offers excellent shock absorbency and padding on the front, wrist, and back to promote the right punching technique. Also, these gloves feature the ThumbLok feature for safety. You can choose from the traditional lace-up. This unit is made up of durable synthetic leather.

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#3. Everlast Evergel Hand Wraps

everlast evergel hand wraps review

The Everlast Evergel hand wraps are not your typical boxing hand wraps. Rather these are gloves that are ready to use. You only need to slide them on and off.

Fortunately, these gloves are breathable and can help keep you cool. You will also like the fact that they are slim fitting, that makes the ideal for boxing, taekwondo, muay Thai, and even mixed martial arts.

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Basic Introduction about the Everlast Brand

As far as boxing is concerned, Everlast is the brand that stands out. Founded in 1910, the company has been a leading manufacturer and marketer of boxing products, fitness, and MMA equipment. In fact, legends and superstars have used this brand for many generations.

The brand is built on a heritage of dedication, authenticity, individuality, and strength. It is no surprise that this is a brand of countless champions. You will find its products in over 100 countries.

When it comes to boxing and MMA, its line of products includes gloves, punching bags, hand wraps, protective equipment, and accessories. No matter whether you are a beginner or a professional, you will find something for you.

  • Capacity

When you look at the capacity of Everlast punching bags, you judge weight, durability, and performance while matching the needs of MMA fighter or boxer. You will find these punching bags ideal for both professional and beginner fighters. In most cases, you will have the freedom to set the weights you want, and the bags can withstand the heavy punches and kicks you throw at them.

Ideally, these bags have been designed to encourage fighters to improve their performance and skills.

  • Durability

You will find Everlast products to last for a long time, even if you are using them on a daily basis. In fact, materials used are of quality synthetics and can retain the structure, design, and performance.

What Is the Best Everlast Punching Bag for Beginners?

For a beginner, the punching bag offers the right practice that helps you to develop and sharpen your kicking and punching techniques. Like the rest of the sports equipment, the right punching bag ought to match with your athletic goals. You ought to look at the size, material, and style. In this case, we recommend Everlast 40 lb Heavy Bag for Beginners.

40 lb Everlast punching bag

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What’s Inside an Everlast Punching Bag?

Usually, punching bags are filled with sand, grains, fiber, rags, cloths, sawdust, and other materials. You can also find Everlast punching bags that have an internal bladder and can be filled with water. Remember that the design of a punching bag means that it can take constant or repeated physical punches and kicks without breaking.

Is an Everlast 70 Pound Heavy Bag Good?

Heavy bags are designed for strength training as they can resist even the heaviest strikes. A 70 lb bag may be filled with cloth material, sand, or water. These are the best for punching and kickboxing. You should note that the sizing of a bag should be approximately half of your weight. Thus, a 70 lb heavy bag is ideal if you weigh 140 pounds.

>> Everlast 70 lb Heavy Bag Kit with Gloves and Wraps <<

Everlast 70 lb heavy bag kit

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Can My Ceiling Support an Everlast Punching Bag?

The truth is that installing your heavy bag on the ceiling is bound to cause a lot of damage to the house when done incorrectly. Therefore, you should find a strong enough beam. Remember that hanging the heavy bag on ceiling joints or rafters can destroy your drywall. Fortunately, Everlast punching bags come with mounting accessories to make the work easier for you. Also, if you want to avoid hanging it from your ceiling, you should get the freestanding one.

Are Everlast Punching Bags Good?

Everlast punching bags are excellent for both beginners and professionals. They provide the resistance needed at any level. Also, they are perfect for recreational users who are only interested in getting a good workout.