The 9 Best Punching Bag for Home in 2022 – Review & Guide

It is quite interesting how nearly every person today wasn’t to have a gym at home. Most people tend to get attracted to exercise more convenient plans. Today, punching on heavy bags is becoming another excellent option of building strength. It gives confidence when you build your body strength naturally. You need some muscles to be a man outside. We have compiled the 9 best punching bags for home use for you to choose from.

The 9 Best Punching Bags for Home Use on Amazon

Reviews of the 9 Best Home Use Punching Bags

#1. Century WaveMaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

This is the first punching bag that we would recommend. It is made of a round base for smooth rolling away. You will attest that the 250lb cannot be moved by carrying it along.Century punching bag for home and gym


The round base, therefore, makes it possible to have it move. Such a weight is essential for you if you are to do the punching every day. Its height is 7 inches, but it is adjustable.

It is known for its optimum resistance and a rapid rebound. This gives you a feeling of strength when you punch and kick it around.

To use this option, you either have to fill the base with water or sand to give it better stability.

If you are 125lb or something closer to that, this is the best weight that you should go for. It will provide you with the resistance that you need and will not tear off easily. Adjust the height favorably to avoid much comfort.

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#2. Outslayer 100lbs MMA Punching Bag for Training Practice

This is the second punching bag option for your home use. Hang this punching bag favorably and see the outcome. Basically, this bag is recommended for women or any other beginner in punching.hanging mma heavy bag for home use

If you don’t need some extreme strength for fighting, you can have this option just for building muscles.

It weighs 100lbs, meaning it can best serve anybody weighing 50lb or some closer weight to the 50lb. The material which it is made of is well heavy duty; hence it is resistant to tearing.

The inner space is filled with reusable heavy duty vinyl cover, which gives it the stability that you need. This punch bag comes with 10 years of warranty. This should tell you something about its quality.

Nobody will guarantee such an extended warranty if the quality of the product is questionable. Have the confidence in this warranty. You will not regret having it for punching in your Home. It is great for MMA training, boxing or martial arts.

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#3. Best for Professionals – Ringside 100 Pound Heavy Punching Bag for Kickboxing at Home

Are you going for a Muay Thai punching, and you need some practice at Home? You need to train on something similar to what your competitors are training on. This is none other than Ringside 100 pound heavy kickboxing bag.kickboxing punching bag for home


It is one of the top quality punch bags with full length. Out of its reputation, it has been rated best for professional and amateur boxers. This is practically what you need for the training.

It weighs 100lb, meaning it can serve anybody weighing 50lb or any weight closer to is made of resilient power hide construction, which gives you a sense of commercial gym at home.

It measures 13 by 72 inches. This gives you a wide range of space to punch and kick around. It is great for MMA, Muay Thai, and boxing.

Even if you are not going to boxing anywhere, you can use it to build your strength for general fitness.

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#4. Century WaveMaster 270 lbs Heavy Punching Bag for Home Gym

Century WaveMaster 270 lbs heavy punching bag is another alternative punching bag for a home gym.

home training bag with large kicking and punching surfaceIt is made for extra-large martial arts training. If you need such training at home, this is the punching bag to go for.

It even gives you a high quality, striking surface. Your punching, therefore, becomes not only energizing but also exiting since you are not limited to just one area for punching.

The vinyl cover that it is made of is durable. Some foam fill neutralizes the toughness. This does not guarantee you a sweet moment. You will still feel strong to do away with the fear of meeting people who want to fight with you.

The base is made in a stable design, which ensures that you don’t punch and move with it. It stands 69 inches long, and so you don’t have to hang it on your roof. Enjoy the strength that you achieve from the punching of this bag.

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#5. Best for Beginners – Everlast 80 lbs Hanging Bag

Everlast 80 lbs bag is basically for beginners. It will give you the strength that you need, even though you are a beginner. Everlast is a reputable company that you should never doubt its products.80 pounds punching bag for beginners

80lb is just one of the options that you can have. If you are just a beginner, don’t go for a hefty weight, which will discourage you. Even the people that you see, punching over 270lb punching bags, started somewhere.

If you are a woman and your motivation is just to develop some little strength to survive in life, you can go for this punch bag.

In fact, if you are not planning to go for boxing or anything close to that, you can use this punch bag for years. It is made of high-grade material, and so it will never get torn just out of a little punch or kick. It never tears.

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#6. Best for Kids – Century WaveMaster Standing Punching Bag for Boxing

Do you love boxing, and you would like to leave boxing boys and girls when you finally die for an inheritance? Yes. That is a good motive. You got to leave behind your skills that society will use to remember you.kick and punching bag for kids

This punching bag is essential for introducing your kids to boxing, karate, kickboxing, or any other martial art. To use it, you have to fill the base with sand or water so that a unit can weigh 170pounds.

It is made of durable nylon, which features high impact foam. It becomes relatively gentle in the hand of your kids.

The height is adjustable to four options. You can, therefore, give every kid the height that is relevant for him or her.

It comes with a one year warranty. If you are not satisfied, you can as well return it within thirty days from the day of its delivery.

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#7. Century BOB Human Shaped Freestanding Heavy Bag

Century BOB human-shaped bag is yet another option for your punching needs. It does not matter how tall or short you are to use this punch bag. It has multiple weight adjustments for you.270 pounds BOB punching bag with a heavy base for home

Are you looking for a punching bag that every member of your house can use? If so, get this option today. It has a freestanding option, and so it should not worry you how you are going to hang it. You can just use it standing on its own. It, therefore, create a more striking surface for your punching and kicking.

Its base is made of a polyethylene base, which holds up to 270 pounds of sand or water. Don’t worry about transportation. You can easily roll it along to the place where you need it even when it is full to its capacity.

Its general body is made of plastisol, which is filled with urethane foam for some comfort. It gives the best results.

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#8. Best Rating – Outslayer 130 Pounds Hanging Bag for Muay Thai Practice

Here is another option for your punching. This bag is designed specifically for boxing, muay Thai, punching, or any other martial art. 6 feet tall punching bag for home practice

It comes with a ten-year warranty certificate. For those who love going for punching in the gym, this is one of the punching bags that you will ever get there. You can transfer the experience at home.

Its weight capacity is roughly 300lbs. This makes it essential for anybody weighing 150lbs or any related weight. It gives you the right resistance whenever you are punching.

If you are heavyweight, you don’t need something that will be swinging as you hit it or kick it. For perfect people or those with experience, this becomes the best option for you.

Buying it will give you more space to celebrate your strength and that of your loved one. Do not hesitate tp fo for it in the market.

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#9. Best Speed Bag – Everlast Reflex Bag for Precise Training at Home

This speed bag becomes our last suggestion for you. It is also as active as other punch bags in the market.speed bag for quickness training at home

This bag is majorly essential for your home training. You can take and raise training sessions for your spouse and your kids. As you do this, you are building a generation of strong men and women.

This is a speed bag. As you do the punching, it regulates the speed that you need. This helps even in building your strength.

You know when you are left to do it at your pace; you may think that you are improving or just doing it right. With speed, you get advancement and track your strength.

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Buying Guide on the Best Punching Bag for Home

A punching bag is an inflated bag made out of different materials, and it is usually mounted on a stand or suspended at a suitable height favorable for being punched for exercise purposes.

A punching bag is a necessity in case you need to do training at home. If you are looking through this guide to get on a punching bag, you have made a wise call as you will be taken through what to look for in the best punching bags. There are various types of bags in the market; however, for you to come up with the best punching bag, you have to research your satisfactory level.

However, how well you choose your punching bag depends on which areas you are striving to improve on. Therefore you should bear in mind that different types of punching bags are designed and designated to enable you to improve in specific areas

For example, some punching bags are made for the improvement of timing, the building of power as well as increasing speed. Therefore before you buy your punching bag, there are several factors you should put into consideration. These are:

#1. Weight

The weight of your punching bag determines the experience you will probably get when you exercise. Therefore if your punching bag is light, you will not experience consistent resistance for strength and muscle toning exercises.

On the other hand, heavier punching bags can hurt some of your body parts such as the fingers, knees as well as hands. It is recommendable that when you want to purchase a punching bag, you are buying based on your height and weight.

Besides, the level of your exercise may be based on different weights; you can opt for a water-filled punching bag; hence you can either increase or decrease the water level depending on the weight you want. Weight plays a very vital role while choosing a punching bag.

270 pounds BOB punching bag with a heavy base for home

#2. Size

This is a very significant factor when it comes to choosing a punching bag. Size goes hand in hand with weight. Therefore if you want to choose a punching bag to consider if you are a soft or hard kicker before going ahead to purchase. Thus, if you are a hard kicker, chose a suitable size that can withstand the full impact.

Moreover, if the punching bag is for your kids, go for the lighter one, which has a size of 70 pounds – 80 pounds. A punching bag usually has a standard size of length 4 – 5ft. However, the appropriate size of your punching size is half of your body size. Note that different punching bags vary when it comes to size.

Are you a professional player or a beginner? If you are a professional, it is appropriate that you go for a bigger punching bag. This will enable you to work and improve in your exercising techniques continuously without any challenge. For beginners, you should use small punching bags; this also applies to the kids. Furthermore, remember to buy quality gloves for boxing to avoid unnecessary injuries.

#3. Filling Materials

The kind of material filled in your punching bag is very crucial too. Identifying the best material that has been used in the making of a punching bag helps you to choose the best among them all while purchasing. These bags are usually filled with different materials, such as:how to choose a punching bag for home

  • Water: It is one of the most reliable filling materials. Furthermore, it is safe while exercising and highly dependable; this is mainly because water is usually available for easy refilling. Water filled punching bags are high recommendable for buyers.
  • Textile fillings: These materials are usually lightweight, tender, and comfortable. Punching bags filled with textiles are suitable for shoulders, elbow, and muscle reduction. They are typically bulky in weight but very useful during exercising.

  • Sand: It is straightforward to fill sand in your punching bag, unlike water; this is because sand never causes a big mess in case it likes compared to water leakage. If you want maximum weight, then sand is highly recommendable. However, if sand can leak is it is exposed to moisture.

  • Air: Inflatable bag is usually recommendable for lighter weight punching bags. However, they deflate due to constant use, so refilling is usually as often as possible. Moreover, it is also highly recommendable for double end bags and speed punch bags.

#4. Punching Bags Mounting

When you want to purchase a punching bag, consider how you are going to fit it. You can either decide to use a mount or use free-standing punching bags. Choose the best that will meet your demands.

#5. Shape

Punching bags may seem to have a similar shape, but in a real sense, they are different in shape since different manufacturers design them. However, the shape does not determine how good the punching bag can be. Therefore, it is appropriate you choose the shape of your choice, this will enable you to enjoy more during your exercise.

#6. The Firmness of Your Bag

How firm your punching bag really determines how well you will exercise. Thus, stiff punching bags enhance you to develop the sturdy body as well as stronger legs.


If you were wondering how you would purchase your punching bag, reading through this article has offered with relevant information to help you make a wise decision. Therefore, by considering these factors discussed above, you will make a wise decision that will lead you to achieve your goal.

Moreover, the above factors are the primary determinant factors that will enable you to purchase a suitable punching bag. Based on that, all of them are significant investments. Here are the 9 best punching bags that you can opt for if you want it for home use.