Best Double End Punching Bags – Comprehensive Review & Guide

Although punching power is excellent, you need to be precise with punches. Strength and accuracy are essential when it comes to throwing punches. Best double end punching bags can be great additions to your training schedule. They are ideal for training speed, accuracy, and coordination because they need a lot of concentration.

There are many punching bag brands out there, and choosing the best can be challenging. It will be more difficult if you don’t know what to look for in the punching bag. Below are the ten best double-end punching bags that you will find in the market.

Top 11 Best Double End Punching Bags

Why You Need to Buy a Double End Punching Bag?

The benefits of double end bags are numerous. These include:

Timing – With a bag that moves back and forth it is more challenging to hit. In order to throw an effective punch, the bag has to be struck at the right moment.

Accuracy – The best double end bag is a small target so the fighter has to keep a keen eye. Practicing will only improve accuracy over time.

Rhythm – There is a rhythm to each and every sway. Watching the bag and concentrating on its movements will improve a fighter’s rhythm as well.

Reflexes – Frequent use develops fast eyes and reflexes. Stationary bags do not. In competition, opponents do not stand stalk still. They move around just like a double end bag.

Hand Speed – Challenges the fighter to maintain a quick speed in order to train effectively. This eliminates falling into slow punches.

Endurance – Double end bags require more muscle to retract the fighter’s arm which builds endurance.

Power – Not to be confused with power skills (timing and accuracy), power punching is about how hard a fighter hits his opponent. A double end bag helps the fighter learn to properly transfer the power from his punch to his opponent.

Reviews of the 11 Best Double End Punching Bags and Balls

#1. Title Boxing Mexican Double End Bag

title mexican double end bag review

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This high-quality double end punching bag will add versatility to your training. The punching bag is designed to mimic the upper part of the body, specifically the head and neck. The bag will enable you to train different punch variations for strength and accuracy. It allows you to train at more real-life angles.

Also, it is heavy and is not perfect for speed training. However, you can still use the bag for speed training, although it’s not ideal.

The outer cover of the bag is made of leather. Genuine leather is a great material for double end bags since it can hold the fillings and also feels good when you punch it. The bag is also well stitched to prevent ripping and is easy to install and comes with a rubber bungee cable, and ceiling and floor attachments.

It is especially perfect for practicing uppercuts and can be a great substitute for pad work since it can resist anything you throw at it for many years to come.

Brilliant Features:

  • Cost-effective
  • Convenient size
  • Genuine leather
  • Excellent construction
  • Can be attached to the floor and ceiling

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#2. Title Jumbo Ball Double End Bag

title jumbo ball double end bag review

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This double-end punching bag is a great innovation from the company. It’s designed like a ball filled with air that is fully covered by genuine leather. The quality construction extends the life span of the bag and prevent wear and tear that may arise from frequent usage. You can use the punching bag for home usage or a the gym.

The bag is extremely light and can be hanged anywhere in the house. The good thing about this bag is that it can work in two ways. You can use it as a double-end band or as a heavy bag. It offers an effective way to improve your punching strength and accuracy. Also, the bag is cost-efficient and is black in color.

This bag is a good investment since it offers resistance similar to heavy bags. You can practice different punching combinations to help sharpen your techniques and skills. It is extremely portable since it can be deflated to fit into a small bag.

Brilliant Features:

  • Affordable
  • Lasts long
  • Genuine leather cover
  • Perfect for trained boxers
  • A better alternative to heavy punching bags
  • Can be used as a double end bag or as a heavy punching bag

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#3. Title Boxing Classic Advanced Double End Bag

title classic advanced double end bag review

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This boxing bag is a must for every boxer since it’s one of the best in the market. It provides natural rebounds at high speeds, making it a great option. It comes with many features that can satisfy a user. The bag cover is made from a synthetic cover that lasts as long as leather. Also, the performance of the synthetic cover is similar to that of leather.

The cover perfectly welted seams for long-time strength. The combination provides both resistance against tear and durability. The bag comes with triple reinforced hooks for hanging. The nylon top and bottom are sturdy and can hold the bag to the ceiling without breaking. The attachments of the bag are made from metal, a durable material.

Also, the bag has a zipper for closure and comes in two colors, black and red. The butyl interior boosts the durability of the bag. The bag is affordable and costs less when compared to other bags in the category.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Convenient size
  • Improves accuracy
  • Boosts ring concentration
  • Comes with different facilities

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#4. Ringside Best Sale Leather Boxing Double End Bag

ringside double end bag review

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This bag comes in three sizes: 5-inch, 7-inch, and 9-inch that you can choose from. All the bags are important in practicing different aspects of your technique and speed. For beginners, it’s ideal that you buy the 9-inch bag until you can cope with the speed of the bag.

Ringside is a reputable brand and has been manufacturing punching bags for a long time. The bag is made from high-quality leather and can take any punch you throw at it for a long time. The loops at the top and bottom are triple stitched to long time anchorage. Every company strives for durability, and Ringside achieves this in the bag. The bag is made from quality materials and features unique stitching.

Also, Ringside sells the bag as a complete package. It comes with the two cables for setting up the bag. This allows you to start your training as fast as possible. The materials are of high quality and will last for a long time.

The bag has a moderate price tag that fits the quality construction.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Fair price tag
  • Great for beginners
  • Comes in three sizes
  • It has bag cables included

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#5. Cleto Reyes Double-Double End Bag for Boxing Training

cleto reyes peanut double end bag

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The Cleto Reyes double-end bag is lightweight and compact. The bag is perfect for people who live in small apartments or houses and don’t have room for a heavy punching bag. The small size allows you to move the bag from one room to another with ease. The punching bag has a diameter of 7 inches and a length of 23 inches.

The bag features a premium leather that is joined by a quality a strong nylon thread. The loops at the top and bottom of the punching bag are made from durable leather. The bag can withstand every punch that you throw at it for a long time. The swift and natural rebound can help improve your hand-eye coordination, reflexes, and accuracy.

The bag comes with two rubber cables for attaching the bag on the floor or the ceiling. Note that the bag doesn’t have the mounts or swivels to secure it. However, you can acquire the items separately.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Made from quality materials
  • Features a genuine leather exterior
  • A smooth outer surface that doesn’t irritate the skin

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#6. RDX Double End Speed Bag Ball for MMA

rdx double end bag made of Hide Maya leather

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The speedball is made from genuine Maya hide leather and comes with twin textile layers. The anti-crack and non-tear properties make the bag durable. The ball and hanging loops can resist any punch you throw at it for many years.

It is ideal for MMA training, precision training, dodge training, and Muay Thai training. It improves timing, rhythm, accuracy, speed, and endurance.

The double end bag comes with an adjustable bungee cord for easy mounting. The bungee cord can stretch up to 48 inches, offering optimal flexibility in all directions. You can adjust the cord to fit your height.

The ball comes with a tough and pliable flex string that returns the ball to its original position even after hitting hard which makes it ideal for professional fighters to improve their accuracy and speed. This package includes all the accessories for mounting including four metal S-strings, a PVC buckle, and all the necessary fixings.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Adjustable bungee cord
  • Pliable and tough flex string
  • Made from Maya hide leather
  • Comes with all the accessories for easy mounting

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#7. Everlast Portable Double End Bag with Small Size for Striking

everlast leather double end ball bag review

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Everlast is a reputable brand when it comes to combat sports, especially for beginners. This double end punching bag has a diameter of eight inches, which is a perfect size for beginners. The bag features a synthetic leather exterior, although the attachments are made from different materials.

The major advantage of the Everlast striking bag is that it’s one of the cheapest double end bags that you will get in the market. The synthetic leather is soft on your hands and doesn’t cause irritations. Although the leather is frustrating to fill in air, it can hold the air well.

Note that the hooks of the bag are marginal, and you should be keen when using the hooks since they can fly off. The bag can fit well with cords and accessories. The bag is extremely portable and can be installed in any room since it doesn’t require a lot of space.

Brilliant Features:

  • Low price
  • Perfect for beginners

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#8. MaxxMMA Double End Striking Punching Bag Kit

maxxmma double end striking punching bag kit

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The good thing about this kit is that it comes as a complete package. It contains everything you need, including the cord, ball, pump, and basement. You can quickly set up the kit and start training. Note that most double end bags don’t come with a pump.

The plastic base is a major selling point of the bag since it prevents ripping. The base is specially designed to secure the bungee cord. You can put sand at the base to prevent movement during your workouts.

The bag has a leather exterior that is soft on your hands. You can punch the bag even without gloves since it won’t irritate your hands. Setting up the bag is easy and fast. The rebounds are natural and great since you can make adjustments on the base and top attachment. The bag doesn’t have metal pieces, making it safe even for young boxers.

Brilliant Features:

  • Affordable
  • Long-lasting
  • Leather exterior
  • Sturdy construction
  • Safe since it doesn’t have metal pieces around it

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#9. Adidas Pro Style Mexican Double End Bag for Professional Fighters

adidas double end bag review

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Adidas is a household name when it comes to sports utilities. And just like other Adidas products, this punching bag doesn’t disappoint.

The punching bag is made of full-grain leather for maximum performance. It’s suitable for professional gym usage since the leather exterior is soft on your hands. The leather is from genuine cowhide and doesn’t cause skin irritations.

The punching ball is hand-sewn with triple nylon stitching to prevent the ball from ripping apart. The seams are welted from leather to guarantee durability and extra-long life.

The ball comes with a light latex bladder that is durable and resilient. This speedball guarantees true rebound even after many years of usage. The ball includes a top and bottom and comes with attachment hooks and rubber cables.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Hand sewn
  • Reputable brand
  • Made from cowhide
  • Comes as a complete package

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#10. Combat Double Eng Ceiling Mount Heavy Bag with Best Rating for Home Use

double end heavy bag reviews

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This double-end heavy bag is perfect for extreme boxing training. It weighs 45 pounds and is made from synthetic leather.

It comes with a double end attachment for fast and true rebounds. The bag is ideal for technical hits and can help improve coordination, skills, and speed.

This bag is suitable for people of all fitness levels and ages. It comes with a 120-day manufacturer warranty. It can withstand any punch you throw at it.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Offers quick rebounds
  • Ideal for any age or fitness level

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#11. Pro Impact Leather Double End Bag for Speed Striking and Training

Pro Impact double end punching bag for gym

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This punching bag is made of genuine leather. It’s durable and can withstand constant punches for many years to come.

It features a sturdy rubber bladder, welted seams, and strong loops that prevent air from escaping even after thorough punishment.

The bag is designed for rapid punching and movement and can help improve your accuracy, timing, and reflexes. Also, it boosts your hand-eye coordination during boxing. The bag comes with S-shaped hooks and a pair of bungee cords.

Brilliant Features:

  • Sturdy construction
  • Made from genuine leather
  • Improves timing and accuracy
  • Welted seams to prevent air loss

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A Guide on Buying the Best Double End Punching Bags

All individuals training to be a boxer must have speed and accuracy. Practicing is essential and that’s where a double end punching bag comes in because it allows for the fighter to improve in more than just one area. Double-end punching bags primarily help with speed, accuracy, and rhythm.

However, not all training tools are made the same. Below is a guideline of what the item is, and what to look for in a quality product. Buying the best double end punching bag will not only save a ton of money, but also improve overall performance as a boxer (or an aspiring boxer).

what is a double end bag

#1. What Is a Double End Heavy Bag?

Unlike regular punching bags, a double end heavy bag is defined simply as a floor-to-ceiling bag that is a spherical bag (called the bladder). The ball holds the bag’s shape and is what causes the bag itself to rebound when struck. Both of its ends are made of elastic cords.

There are different variations on the design, some have what appears to be what looks like a double bladder with one stacked on top of the other, but all made from either rubber or latex. Rubber is by far the most durable, whereas latex tends to leak air more quickly. Depending on the needs of the fighter will determine which type of bladder is required.

#2. What Size Double End Bag Should I Buy?

There are two different types of double-end bags available. One is traditional and the other is Mexican-style. Traditional bags only have one bladder. These are used primarily for speed training. Mexican-style bags have a double bladder. These are more durable and are a good choice for experimenting with punching techniques. They also leak air a lot more slowly. If serious about training, and speed is the goal, stick with a traditional bag.

Of course, size and weight play a role too. If accuracy is the goal, a smaller bag is more challenging to strike. For someone starting out with training, a small bag is not the right choice because the speed and accuracy would not have been developed yet. Experienced fighters would definitely want to purchase a bag that is smaller in order to stay challenged and build on skills that have already become established.

Buy MaxxMMA Double End Punching Bag Kit

maxxmma double end striking punching bag kit

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Buy Mexican Style Double End Punching Bags

double end heavy bag reviews

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#3. What Is the Best Height When Mounting a Double End Bag?

The most ideal height for mounting a double end bag properly is chest level to chin level. Ideally, most prefer to use the chest level as it feels more naturally to strike the target that way.

Not all ceilings are created the same, however, and some have to settle for chin level just because the cords don’t line up right after being installed due to a difference in ceiling height. An easy fix to that though is to simply use different cords for the top and bottom during a home installation.

#4. What Is a Double End Bag Used for?

For fighters looking to increase accuracy, not speed, a rubber bladder is best because they are designed to take heavier blows. If the aim is to increase speed (hand accuracy), rubber bag will slow a fighter down. A lighter bladder is required and thus latex will be more effective in training. It moves left to right horizontally as it is struck.

Using a heavy bag leaves many fighters too slow when they reach competition but using a double end bag corrects this problem. However, if the striking is too hard, latex will leak more air much more quickly than rubber. So, each bag has its own specialty and depending on what the fighter wants to improve will determine what type of bag he or she needs to purchase to improve their stats.

Buy Title Mexican Punching Bag with Rubber Base

title mexican double end bag review

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How to Hit Double End Bag?

Start with small combinations. Don’t throw a punch of power into it on the first hit. The bag shouldn’t be flying away. Combos are more challenging to land when the bag is far away and harder hits also make it more difficult to develop a steady rhythm. Use smaller punches that won’t travel further than say half a foot to a foot in length. They are easier to control.

Use a LEFT-LEFT-RIGHT or RIGHT-RIGHT-LEFT combination to maintain a steady rhythm. This will teach how to chain big shots after small shots without stopping the rhythm.

The first two punches are designed to stun the opponent and the third punch should be the power shot for the killing blow (but on the bag, it should only be about half power for training purposes). Many beginning fighters enter into the training with too much power and end up burning out too quickly without first setting up his or her opponent.

How to Make a Double End Bag?

Total beginners would not benefit from striking a homemade double end bag, simply because the target is much smaller to strike. It is always fine to try it though but the idea is designed for more experienced fighters. If this idea sounds appealing, try gathering the following supplies:

  • Tennis Ball
  • Rubber Bands (the kind with hooks)
  • Wire Nail Hooks
  • Anchors
  • And a Drill Machine

The only real issue with installing this homemade bag is a concrete floor and ceiling. Drilling can be difficult. There are specific drill bits designed to go through concrete but may have to be special ordered.

How to Hang a Double End Bag?

Hang the double end bag just beneath chin level. Adjustable bungee cords make the setup process easier to set the level. If adjustable bungee cords are not available just adjust the cords until they are at the proper level, which is individual to the fighter.

Don’t tighten the cords too much. They shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. Cords that are too taught will cause the ball to bounce too fast and make it impossible to strike. If they are too loose, a light hit will cause the ball to fly away and an injury could occur in the event that happens.

Reflex Bag vs. Double End Bag vs. Speed Bag vs. Heavy Bag

#1. Reflex Bags

In addition to training with the best double end punching bag, boxers also need to practice with reflex bags. These bags are small, free-standing bags intended to train reflexes, precision, and memory. These types of bags don’t need to require mechanical installation. Most don’t need any assembly whatsoever.

Ideal for beginners, most of these bags come as a kit which includes mitts and an air pump. Height and speed are adjustable so new fighters can begin slower and speed up over time as he or she improves. Fighters can generally expect to get about 120,000 hits before needing to replace the product.

Bases can be filled with water or sand. Usually, they hold about 125 pounds of water or 240 pounds of sand. Each product has different variations depending on the manufacturer so be sure to read the fine print.

Why invest in a reflex bag? Unlike a stationary bag, reflex bags are designed to simulate the movement of a real opponent. They also help test the angles of a fighter’s punches. So, in a basic sense, these bags imitate a sparring partner. They can be set up anywhere too, so there is no need to wait in line at the gym.

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#2. Double End Bags

This type of bag trains the fighter to get used to missing punches which helps him or her to learn about energy expenditure, which simultaneously increases accuracy. Missing punches cost more energy than striking a target.

Also, double end bags will not bounce a hand back when struck like training with a heavy bag does. This allows fighters to utilize more of their own energy to draw back their arm on defense, especially if the target is missed. The bags also improve accuracy because they constantly move when punched. They aid in developing punching power, which is different than a fighter’s punching skill.

Reflexes will also improve with regular use. As the bag moves from side to side, it simulates an opponent’s head movements. Skilled fighters are difficult to strike because they have quick head movements so training on a double end bag is essential for anyone who wants to become a better fighter. All too often boxers become accustomed to throwing slow punches on stationary bags, which can lead to telegraphing their own punches.

Overall, this type of bag is ideal for creating and increasing cardiovascular endurance and helps the fighter become used to throwing multiple punches with rapid precision.

Buy Ringside Leather Double End Punching Bag for Boxing

ringside double end bag review

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#3. Speed Bags

Designed primarily for accuracy alone, these bags are much lighter in weight. They help fighters train for speed, timing, and accuracy. One of the biggest benefits of training with a speed bag is learning not to blink when something is close to the face, which many new boxers aren’t accustomed to yet. The bag itself should be approached as a tool and not something to pass the time. It helps the fighter develop a sense of urgency while practicing.

Another feature about the use of speed bags is the development of shoulder muscles and honing reflexes. It is an essential training tool for any boxer but should never become the focal point of training. It also encourages fighters to keep their hands up. This is useful as the fighter will not feel the urge to naturally drop his or her hands during a competition.

All boxers need to focus on developing good hand-eye coordination and a speed bag can do this. Even if the ring isn’t something a new fighter wants to strive for right away, the speed bag can be a great way to simply release some negative stress at the end of a hectic day at the office.

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#4. Heavy Bags

Heavy bags are cylindrical bags designed for a full body workout. They can be punched or kicked or both depending on a fighter’s style and preference. Stationary bags are easier to strike because they have a wider surface area. It’s typical for new boxers to begin with these types of bags. Each one usually weighs somewhere around 70 pounds to 150 pounds and are filled completely with cloth. They are durable enough that a fighter can strike it multiple times and never have to reposition the bag.

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A different variation that is also available for purchase is a teardrop style bag. It offers the ability to practice kneeing, elbowing, and upcutting opponents. This, in turn, increases the range of motion. The more a boxer learns, the better the fighter he or she will become in competition or sparring in general.

Tips and Drills for Using a Double End Bag

Punching is great, but the same routine gets boring after a while. To really increase a daily workout, try doing some drills using a double end bag such as:

double end punching bag workout

Rhythm Combos – 1-2 jab/cross is great but it’s still the basics. Once a fighter learns how to use the bag, the need to learn proper footwork comes next.

Defensive Combinations – Once a fighter masters the offensive techniques it’s time to learn how to block punches. Practice defensive postures close to the bag.

Footwork Variations – Learn to move with the bag, otherwise the bag will swing around. If the fighter does not learn to move with the bag, he or she will get struck by it.

Punching Combos – Fighters can’t throw power punches all of the time. Try mixing in a variety; half power mixed with full power, etc.

Bounce and Box – With this technique, the fighter acts more like a shadowboxer. The fighter punches the bag and holds him or herself in the area it swings then moves out of the way each time it comes near him or her.


#1. Do You Have to Install Mounts on the Floor for a Double End Bag?

It is necessary to install mounts on the floor for a double end bag. You don’t have to install the mount on your floor because you only need to attach the end of the bag using the lockable cord of the punching bag to secure it in position.

This is a better way of fixing the double-end bag. Alternatively, if you want more stability you can Mount it on the floor.

#2. Can a Beginner Train on a Double End Bag?

Double-end bags are ideal for everyone irrespective of the skill level which also implies beginners can use it.

However, some beginners have encountered lots of difficulties when training with a double end bag because they are slightly smaller in size and they require higher accuracy levels than other conventional punching bags.

You need to master proper coordination by at a low pace to allow you to train for speed and coordination. That is why it is always important to train gradually to master the rhythm of its movements though it can be frustrating and first eventually you will learn to incorporate it in your workout routine.

#3. Can You Train Kicks with Double End Bags?

If you want to train some kicks using a double end bag, you should ensure that you are very flexible because most of these double end bags are installed at higher levels above the ground which may not make it possible for everyone to train for some kicks.

Usually, the experts and those who have adequately trained for it will find it easy but a beginner might not be able to effectively train for kicks at first since it is a bit difficult for them.

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Depending on what type of training is desired will determine what type of double end punching bag is required. Beginners should definitely train on a double end bag but they are more difficult to strike than a heavy bag. If speed, accuracy, and rhythm are desired, a double end punching bag is the ideal way to improve stats for any boxer.