Top 10 Best Indoor Punching Bags for Homes, Gyms and Office in 2022

The bag helps in strengthening the body and improving balance to resist high impacts when playing or fighting the opponents on the arenas. The punching bags come in different styles whereby some models are ideal for use at home. This article features the review of the top 10 indoor punching bags and a comprehensive guide.

These punching bags are designed to be repeatedly punched when training for body strength and muscle building which is highly recommended for people training for martial art games, boxing and other sports that involve movements and strengths.

Top 10 Best Indoor Punching Bags List

Reviews of the 10 Best Indoor Punching Bags

#1. Best Overall – Everlast 70 lb Indoor Use Canvas Heavy Punching Bag

Everlast indoor heavy punching bagEnjoy some kicking workout at the comfort of your home with this magnificent punching bag. It weighs around 70 pounds; hence, it suits people who need heavyweight punching bags.

This punching bag is infused with sanitized synthetic and natural fiber that provides excellent shock-absorbent for better results even after long use. The outer part is made of synthetic poly canvas material to ensure total sealing of the fillings used.

The bag is packed with long and durable straps made of nylon material for suspending it from the ceiling.

Note that the ends of the straps have loops for increased functionality of the punching bag, especially when punched by force. This punching bag is packed with gloves to ensure the comfort and safety of the user when punching it.

Brilliant Features:

  • The bag is sold at an affordable rate
  • It is filled with excellent materials that provide shock absorbency
  • The bag comes with hand gloves and wraps for the safety of the user
  • This punching bag is super easy to suspend as it comes with straps that have loops

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#2. Best Portable – Reflex Ball Set with Headband for Hand-Eye Coordination

portable reflex punching bag with head bandThis is the perfect hand punching bag for people who want to perfect their hands and eye coordination. It helps one to gauge their hands’ speed, agility and recreation time as well.

The handbag also helps to strengthen the hand muscles for better performance. This bag is recommendable for people involved in sports or games that involve more hand movements such as boxing, handball, basketball among others.

The punch bag feature four different punching levels to choose depending on the level of resistance you require. Note that each level is equipped with a ball for excellent results.

It comes with other accessories essential for practice. The pack comes with a headband that has an anti-slip mechanism to keep in intact even after sweaty sessions. The headband can adjust to different sizes such that even people with small heads can comfortably fit it.

Brilliant Features:

  • It helps to improve one’s speed on punching
  • This punch bag provides an excellent exercise to the hands
  • The punch bag has four levels that provide different resistance to the users
  • It comes with a headband that is adjustable to ensure protection to the user

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#3. Best Kit – RDX Punching Bag Set for MMA and Boxing and Martial Arts

RDX indoor hanging punching bag with chains and glovesIf you are into martial art sports such as taekwondo and MMA then this is a great punching bag to buy for home training.

It comes with all the necessary training accessories including hand gloves for total comfort when punching the bag. The punching bag is sold with chains for hanging it either on the ceiling or the wall. It adjusts from 4 ft to 5 ft long for excellent kicking even with feet.

The punching bag is made with a leather cover that ensures total protection and durability of the bag even after constant punching with your feet. The top area is designed with zipper closure for an excellent filling to the tip area. It is made with waterproof leather material and thus, you can also set it on the outdoor areas.

Brilliant Features:

  • The punching bag is sold at an affordable price
  • It is long for comfortable reach when hitting with your feet
  • It comes with free steel chains for hanging it on the ceiling
  • The loops are teethed to prevent the bag from swinging far when hit

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#4. Best for Professional Fighters – Outslayer Muay Thai Bag

Outslayer 130 lb punching bag for indoorsThe quality of this bag from the design to the filling is fully guaranteed. It is ideal for both beginner and professional users as it provides excellent resistance.

The bag features a long design for easy reach in case you want to hit it with your feet. The fillings weigh about 130 pounds and it has teethed loops that reduce constant movement of the bag when punching it. Note that the fillings on the bag are pure clothes.

Some of the people who can benefit from these punching bags are the people involved in martial art games like taekwondo, Muay Thai and those who enjoy boxing as well. The cover of this punching bag is made of pure synthetic leather material that is durable and resistant to tear even after constant hitting.

Brilliant Features:

  • It features durable and sturdy outer materials
  • The punching bag comes with a 10-year warranty
  • The punching bag comes with the hanging accessories
  • The punching bag is filled with clothes for great punching results

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#5. Best Adjustability – Everlast Free Standing Punching Bag with Adjustable Height and Weight

Everlast freestanding punching bags for indoor useApart from being made by one of the world-leading companies, this punching bag features air form chamber design to ensure you achieve real feeling when punching it.

The bag features a round design so you can be comfortable to move around when punching. It fits for both hands and feet workouts.

Apart from exercising your hand and the legs, this punching bag is crucial for training hand and eye coordination. It helps those involved in boxing and Muay Thai games have better focus when competing with their opponents.

It comes empty for one to fill it with their preferred fillings. You can either use sand or water for filling. The base of the punching bag features a stable design so one can comfortably hit the bag without pushing it to the ground. The height can adjust from 54 to 65 inches in height for comfortable use by different individuals.

Brilliant Features:

  • You can punch the bag from different sides
  • The punching bag is suitable for both hand and leg training
  • The heights adjust to different heights for comfortable reach
  • The bag is flexible in terms of filling as you can use your preferred fillings

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#6. Best Durable – Everlast Leather Speed Bag

Everlast indoor speed bag reviewThis is another punching bag model from Everlast that features excellent and durable leather material for quality and durability purposes.

The edges of the punching bag are double seamed to ensure durability even after long of the bag. The bag is well balanced to prevent it from constant swinging and provide balance for accurate rebounds.

It fits perfectly both beginner and professional users as the resistance provided by the bag offers great results.

Filling the bag is super easy as all you require is air to get it full. This bag offers medium and high-speed workouts.

Brilliant Features:

  • The bag is easy to fill
  • The bag is made with durable quality leather materials
  • It offers two-speed options for excellent hand workout results

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#7. Best for Kids – Tech Tools Adjustable Floor Speed Bag with Stand

Tech Tools standing reflex punching bag for childrenThis is another excellent hand punching bag that that does not take up much space in your house. The bag comes with hand gloves to ensure total comfort and protection of the user when kicking it.

It is ideal for an entire family setting since you can use it for exercising your hand, improving your hand and eye coordination while the kids can use it for fun games.

The punching bag is inflatable and it is made with durable and reliable material that guarantees long use. The punching bag comes with a stable base such that you don’t have to hustle finding a place to hang it.

It also has a shaft that is made with springs and can adjust for a comfortable fit by different heights. The springs equipped ensure to reform the punching bag to the right position after every hit. The height of this punching bag can adjust from 35 to 50 inches in height.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is super stable and durable
  • It comes with one year warranty
  • The height adjusts to different lengths for comfortable reach
  • This punching bag is comfortable to set as it comes with a base

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#8. Best for Real Training – Century BOB Bully Standing Dummy

Century indoor dummy punching bag reviewsThis dummy features a life-size human design to enable you to master various kicking tactics. It fits people involved in martial arts and boxing.

You can learn how to aim at your opponent, how to kick them and also the areas to focus on when playing these games.

The dummy can adjust in height for easy reach when kicking by people of different heights. It comes empty for you to fill it with your preferred fillings. It is compatible with water and sand. The dummy comes with a two-year warranty for quality assurance.

Brilliant Features:

  • It provides excellent workout results
  • It is easy to fill with either sand or water
  • You can sue it to teach your little ones about self-defense
  • The dummy adjusts to two different heights for comfortable reach
  • The dummy provides excellent space to practice on how to target your opponent

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#9. Best for Ground Training – Century Versys Standing Bag with Base

indoor gym standing punching bag reviewGet your body fit by exercising with this punching bag at the comfort of your home. It features a long and round design so you can comfortably hit it from different angles.

The bag comes with a stable base thus, you don’t need to hustle finding a place to hang it. The outer shell is made of the vinyl material that ensures durability even when hitting constantly and at a high force.

This punching bag has different levels to suit both beginners and professional users. It helps in various workout results including, aerobic conditions, endurance, speed and technique training as well.

Some of the performance you can achieve with this punching bag includes strikes low, high, elbow, knee, side, front and round kicks.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is quite easy to assemble
  • It features durable vinyl material
  • It offers stand up and on-ground training
  • This is a versatile punching bag for every one
  • The punching bag provides versatile workout options

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#10. Best with Stand – Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag Kit with Stand and Speed Bag

Everlast dual station indoor punching bag and stand reviewsThis is a 2-1 punching bag that offers full-body training. The punching bag also comes with a handbag essential for training the hands and eye-hand coordination.

The bag weighs around 70 pounds suitable for all levels of training. The bag comes with brackets for suspending it to the ceiling. Other accessories included on the pack are gloves and hand wraps suitable for protecting the hands from constant hits. The punching bag is super easy to assemble and you can use your preferred fillings.

Note that although this punching bag is designed for 70 pounds worth filling, you can add it up to 100 pounds. The bag is made of durable and sturdy material that warranties durability even after constant hitting.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is super easy to assemble
  • The punching bag comes with opening brackets
  • This punching bag offers excellent training skills
  • The pack comes with safety accessories such as gloves and hand wraps
  • The suspending chain is adjustable for comfortable reach by different heights

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How Do I Choose an Indoor Punching Bag?

  • The Size

The size of the room where you want to equip the punching bag helps to determine the size of the punching bag to buy. You require a punching bag that can comfortably fit in the room and allow more space for movements around the room. Therefore, make sure to check out the size of the punching bag that fits the room without straining the space for movement purposes.

The punching bags come in different sizes for different fittings, so check out the size to see the one that will fit your gym area. You can also take measurements of the room to guide you in choosing the right side of the bag.

portable reflex punching bag with head band

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  • The Filling

The filling on the punching bag varies depending on the people’s preference. Some bags are filled with sand while others consist of water, foam and cloths. The choice of the filling is determined by the kind of resistance you want to create when kicking the bag.

If you want a bag that creates great resistance, consider a bag filled with heavy material like sand or clothes. Note that there are some punching bags especially the ones for hand training that are inflatable.

  • The Outer Shell

The outer cover or shell of the punching bag is something worth considering when choosing the bag as it determines its durability. The punching bags are made of three different materials which are the canvas, leather and vinyl material.

The canvas material is not too sturdy; hence, it is recommended for beginner users or kids who do not need a bag that they can use constantly. The punching bags made of canvas are also affordable as opposed to other materials.

The vinyl punching bags are durable as opposed to the canvas ones although they are not as sturdy as the leather ones.

If you are looking for a durable punching bag that you can use for multiple workouts and training, consider getting the bag made of leather materials. But, note that the punching bags made of leather are a bit expensive than other materials.

Everlast indoor heavy punching bag

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  • The Style

Do you need a free-standing bag or a hanging punching bag? well, this is another crucial feature you need to consider especially for comfort purposes. If your roof is a bit high, consider getting a free-standing punching bag as it is comfortable to reach.

But if opt for a hanging punching bag, consider getting a bag that comes with all the suspending accessories. The hanging bags may be packed with chains, brackets or straps for hanging it from the ceiling or the wall. Also, make sure to choose the suspending materials that are safe to use on your house’s ceiling or wall.

  • The Weight

The punching bags are either heavyweight or lightweight. Most of the heavyweight punching bags are designed to be suspended on the ceiling so they can withstand the impact and ensure great absorption.

The lightweight punch bags are designed in stand-up form and are fit for people who need both stand-up and on-ground training. The heavyweight punching bags weigh from as low as 50 pounds up to 200 pounds or more. The heavy punching bags are suitable for people involved in martial art sports, Muay Thai, boxing and MMA.

Everlast freestanding punching bags for indoor use

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Is Standing Punching Bag Better than Hanging for Indoor Use?

Both the hanging and standing punching bags have great benefits although they differ regarding how they are set.

The floor punching bags are ideal for people who want a movable bag that they can use in different areas in the house. Also, if you don’t want to drill on the wall or interfere with the ceiling of your home, the standing bag is the best option as all you need doing is to find the right place to set it.

The standing bags are ideal for people who need the punching bag for aerobic and other cardio works outs, unlike the hanging models which are suitable for people who need professional training when using the punching bag.

The standing punching bag is lighter, unlike the hanging ones that feature heavyweight design to prevent them from swinging when hit by forces.

So, both of these bag designs are suitable for use depending on the results you want to achieve when using them. For excellent cardio workouts and the safety of your house, the standing punching bag is a perfect opinion. But for professional training, consider getting the hanging bag.

What Are the Benefits of Punching Bag Workout?

  • Helps in Weight Loss

A punching bag is a great option for people who want to lose weight. This is because the bag, especially the standing bag, provides aerobic workout options for your body. How? The throwing of the fist, legs, knees and moving around helps fasten the rate of metabolism resulting in loss of fat in the body. It is an easy workout routine that can help you lose up to 10 pounds or more per session.

  • Helps to Remove Stress

Any form of workouts helps to relive the hormone endorphins responsible for causing a person to stay happy. This in return helps one to elevate their mood and release all the negative energy such as stress and depressions.

  • Improves Self-defence Tacticsindoor punching bag workout

The punching bags especially the standing model or the dummies help one learn how to protect one’s self when attacked. A punching bag can guide you in learning the areas to target your attacker and how to respond when attacked unaware. Some punching bags are designed in the form of a life-size human for excellent training.

  • Builds Strength

Kicking the bag engages various muscles of the body around the arms, the core and even the legs. This in return helps to build strength and endurance on these areas. A great trait for people involved in martial art sports.

Tips for Punching Bag Novice on Kicking and Boxing

– Always pay attention. To benefit from the punching bag you need first to know how to use it. Learn how to maintain good eye contact helps you learn and understand how to focus and target. Therefore, always focus on the area you are punching to better your eye contact ability.

– Keep your balance. A good balance when punching bag means you will have a steady strike on the bag. Therefore, make sure to maintain a good balance on both feet when throwing the punches. You should not move towards the bag when you throw your punch nor hold onto it when you hitting it. Therefore, always find a good ground before you throw the punch


Punching bags are some of the versatile workout equipment that you can buy for your home gym. If you are looking for bags that you can set in your house for training, consider the above-reviewed models. They feature excellent designs and styles to suit the users’ preferences. For professional training consider buying a hanging bag, but if you need a leisure or workout bag, standing modes are the perfect option to consider getting.