Best Muay Thai Punching Bag – Top 7 for Muay Thai Training for 2022

If there is something, I bet you will have struggles to choose if you go to the market without a plan is the Muay Thai punching bags. Are you a fan of the Muay Thai combat sporting activity? It is impossible for you to fully appreciate this sport without obtaining the necessary guidance.

There are multiple options that the market will provide you with. This is why we opted to carry out a non-biased product review to present you with the best Muay Thai bags that you should look for in the market. They are the ones that will give you the best Muay Thai punching, be it for home use or practice. Have a look at some of them!

Top Rated 7 Best Muay Thai Punching Bags


Reviews of the 7 Best Muay Thai Punching Bag

#1. Century Creed 100 lb Heavy Bag

Century muay thai heavy bag 100 lb

This becomes the first option that we thought would serve you best. It weighs 100lbs when filled. This means that you can have it effective for your training of Muay Thai without fearing defeat when you finally meet your opponent.

This bag can be used for training by anybody who weighs something closer to 50lbs. It features a lace-closure top, which makes it more attractive hence motivating the user to always have his or her practice on it. It measures H 70 in x D 15; thus, you got a full surface to punch.

Practicing for your Muay Thai should not be something that will demand that you get hurt. If anything, nobody wants to be hurt during practice. With ease on your hands, it is, however, advisable to punch it with a pair of gloves for more comfort.

What We Like
  • 70″ (H) x 15″ (D)
  • It is highly durable
  • Comes with a two-year manufacturer’s warranty

What We Dislike
  • Not convenient for beginners

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#2. Combat Sports 100 lb Muay Thai Heavy Bag

combat sports 100 lb muay thai heavy bag

It is rated for professional and amateur boxers. If you are doing your Muay Thai for professional reasons, this becomes the best option for you.

It comes in a long full length made of top quality material. This means that as a user, you can be able to fix yourself into punching and kicking the wide range of surface. I guess this can give you the best results altogether.

This bag is also built on durable synthetic leather, which means that once you buy this punching bag, you might not have to replace it any sooner. The material is as well easy to clean, and so you have no reason to punch something that is not clean for your needs. It is perfect for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai, and any other contact sport.

What We Like
  • 72″ (H) x 13″ (D)
  • It is multi-purpose
  • Gives a wide range of surface to punch and kick
  • Does not swing a lot when used by the right person in terms of weight

What We Dislike
  • Limited to low weighted people

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#3. Fairtex Muay Thai Unfilled Banana Bag

fairtex muay thai banana bag

Fairtex Banana bag comes unfilled so that you have the chance to fill it according to your preference. It is made out of sturdy and durable synthetic leather construction, which gives you a chance to buy one for a long time.

The good thing about it is that it can serve all the members of your family. Both the father, mother, and kids can depend on it for their daily exercise.

The web straps, made of nylon, are as well strong so that once they are fitted on the ceiling so it will be sure that the bag will never come down unplanned for. At the contact point, the straps are as well reinforced by stitching for more assurance of the outcome.

What We Like
  • Easy to clean
  • Highly durable

What We Dislike
  • It comes unfilled

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#4. Everlast 100lb Heavy Bag

everlast muay thai bag with rainforced webbing

Every person who has purchased any type of punching bag by Everlast will tell you that that is one of the best decisions that they have ever made. The 100lb heavy bag is one of the best options that you should go for if you want to achieve the best from your Muay Thai training.

Like most heavy bags in this review, this bag gives you a large surface to start punching. You can do your kicking and punching without the bag getting torn. The synthetic leather in which it is made of is reinforced by webbing to ensure that it does not fall off once it has been fitted for punching.

What makes it different from others is that the bag comes with solid steel chains which assures of your safety when doing the low and high kick!

What We Like
  • It is reinforced by webbing
  • Gives a larger striking surface

What We Dislike
  • It includes a chain assembly

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#5. Best Rating – Outslayer 130 Pounds Heavy Bag with 6 Ft Tall

outslayer muay thai punching bag 6 ft tall and 130 pounds weight

If you are relatively more massive in weight, something around 65lbs, you can take advantage of this heavy bag. It attracted our attention because it has had a promising customer rating.

Even if you use this bag every day without rest, it can still serve you for several years. If you want to invest in a punching bag, this is what you should be going for. It does not get destroyed easily.

It is also known to be resistant to making holes. You can use it with such a level of confidence.

What We Like
  • It is highly durable
  • Comes with a ten-year warranty
  • Vinyl weight capacity holds up to 300 lbs
  • Designed with a multilayer strength straps
  • Does not create hollows even after a long period of use

What We Dislike
  • The manufacturer fill the bag only with fabric

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#6. Ringside 100 Pounds Heavy Bag

ringside muay thai 100 lb heavy bagRingside 100lb bag is a fantastic option that you can consider having at home for your Muay Thai practice. This bag is also rated for professional and amateur boxers. If your punching is geared towards giving you a good name professionally, this is the type of bag that you can opt for.

It measures 100 pounds and so well convenient for those people weighing 50 pounds or so. You can use this heavy bag for your boxing, Muay Thai punching, and any other related activity.

Whichever way you choose to use this bag, you are placing yourself strategically to build your strength, tone, and also condition your body with muscles.

What We Like
  • 72″ (H) x 13″ (D)
  • Its height is adjustable
  • Can be used by all levels of Muay Thai lovers

What We Dislike
  • You can’t attach it to a floor anchor

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#7. Best Cheap – RDX Wall Mount Punching Bag for Kicking & Boxing

RDX Muay Thai training bag kit

You can customize the exterior with one of the 4 options of black, black/red, orange or white. It is you to choose what can serve you best, especially if you have a perfectionist personality.

In your package, you will get one pair of hand wraps, one steel chain, a jumping rope, a swivel, glove key ring, and many more accessories that you might need for your gym.

This punching bag is made of a long-lasting waterproof material. This gives you a chance to use it even outdoor. You can also choose to leave it outside after your exercise, depending on the level of your home security.

What We Like
  • 4ft/5ft
  • It is relatively cheaper
  • It is generally durable
  • The ceiling hook is sturdier
  • It can be used both indoor and outdoor

What We Dislike
  • A little short for tall boxer

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Our discussions here below endeavor to fulfill your particular need on some knowledge about Muay Thai arts. We are going to examine every bit of information that may be necessary for you to get started well.

#1. How to learn Muay Thai?

  • Step I: Identify a suitable fighting stance

Start off with your fighting stance. This is the way in which you stand in readiness for the subsequent fight. A good stance definitely has to be balanced and well able to provide the support you need to soldier on.

  • Step II: Work on your punching techniques

As we have already explained, Muay Thai is a combat sport. That means it entails the use of the punches extensively. At this stage, you have to work the punching techniques that may be relevant or desirable for the job.

  • Step III: Move on to the roundhouse kick

After this, work on your roundhouse kicks. While at it, work on your various muscle groups and practice the kicks extensively. That consistency will give you the buildup you need to soldier on just fine.

  • Step IV: Spar with an opponent

Given that Muay Thai is a competitive sporting activity, you have to similarly practice it in the company of others. Choose someone who is slightly better than you to take you deeper and further than you would go.

  • Step V: Attempt various techniques

Like any sporting activity, Muay Thai is also available in many variants and forms. It is definitely in your best interest to attempt as many of them as you possibly can. Follow this by attempting some mock games.

#2. What Is the Basic Muay Thai Drills?

  •  Reaction Drills

As their name implies, these drills are mainly used to fight back the opponents. They are largely defensive in nature and are deployed if and only if the opponent in question is under attack.

  • Free Drilling

This is a merger of the Dutch drills and the touch sparring. It is similarly largely used for defense rather than offense. For instance, it may come in handy when attempting to block a jab.

  • Touch Sparring

The touch sparring is an advanced technique that is similarly greatly employed by the professional and experienced players. In its entirety, the spar is lighter and is largely accompanied by lots of shouts.

  • Dutch Drills

It is so-called because it was coined by Thai boxers who hailed from Holland. These drills have the impacts of upping your ante to perfect your fighting skills. You have to put on the gloves to undertake them.

  • Shadow Boxing

This is the number one drill that is useful for improving your striking skills. It simulates the fights you have to do on your own. These include cardio, defense, strikes, and footwork.

#3. Is It Better to Buy Empty Muay Thai Bag?

YES, it is! It does have several advantages over and above the fuller counterparts. It folds and allows for easier transportation to the remote locations of desired use. Then again, it gives you the freedom to determine the level of fill that may be necessary for your practice sessions.

#4. Who Should Buy a Long Muay Thai Bag?

No other kind of bag facilitates the low kicks better than the long Muay Thai bags. They are able to hang as low as possible for your easy reach and access. By using them, you also get to strengthen your lower leg muscles. Moreover, they also allow for height adjustments to expedite your practices.

#5. How to Achieve the Best Muay Thai Training?

Watch previous fights. The best way to get started out is to watch previous fights. You will be able to learn how others do their thing and the mistakes they generally do. That way, you will also get to know about how to get started well on the sport.

muay thai trainingBreath well and deep before a fight. Being a rigorous sporting activity, Muay Thai requires that you breathe deeper and extensive. Thus, you should spare some of your time to the attainment of this very end. At the same time, even the room you stay in has to be properly ventilated. From time to time, take some breaks and rest before proceeding.

Purchase the necessary gears beforehand. You will require the use and intervention of the necessary gears extensively. For this reason, we ask that you purchase those pieces of equipment that you will require before setting out. These gears have to be very durable and strong enough to bear the impacts and weights perfectly.

Attend the sessions earlier in advance. Maintain a great deal of due diligence as you undertake your training sessions. You have to get to the gym early in advance and register beforehand. Spare some of your time to ask the relevant questions to pique your own curiosity and prepare you better.

Stick to and master the basics well. For a start, stick and master the basics well. Remember, it is impossible to proceed to the higher levels or up your expertise without a firm knowledge of the basics. You might need an expert to help you out with this one!

#6. Muay Thai Bag vs. Heavy Bag

Definitely, the Muay Thai is not the only punching bag you might find useful for your combat sports. There are other bags that may similarly yield the desired outcomes. We are going to compare and contrast these two bags to be able to know which of them the better option is:

  • Applications

With a Muay Thai bag, it is possible for you to tackle the Muay Thai sporting activity only. The typical heavy bag can nonetheless be used for many other combat-related applications. Kicks, punches, and practicing are top examples of these. Thus, heavier bags are better on the basis of this consideration.

  • Structure and Stature

A typical Muay Thai bag is structured and designed to facilitate the kicking by use of legs. For this reason, they tend to be longer and skinnier than their heavier bag counterparts. Inside them are harder materials that provide the strength and stability necessary for a good job.

  • Weights

We have already explained that the Muay Thai bags are stuffed with harder materials than ordinary heavy bags. Thus, they are generally extra weighty and more difficult to carry around. You have to stay away from them if you happen to change locations every now and then, hence.

  • Value for Money

Though weaker and lighter, a typical heavy bag can handle and facilitate many kinds of activities. Among these are kicks, boxes, and punches. They hence bring about higher value for your money. A Muay Thai bag is nonetheless longer lasting. The two tend to tie on the basis of this consideration.

It is definitely in your best interest to give your needs and preference a topmost priority in your search for the right punching bag. All factors considered, the Muay Thai bags serve you better if you are a professional Muay Thai player and Muay Thai learners. While, you need a heavy bag if you are the punching amateurs or just want to build muscles, improve strengths.

#7. Muay Thai Training Tips

  • Tip I: Maintain a tight training schedule

Draft and adhere to a tight training schedule. It is only by adopting this approach that you will be able to obtain the relevant expertise within the shortest time possible. As a general rule, you have to hit the gym at least twice weekly. Maintain this momentum consistently for the best results.

  • Tip II: Incorporate some Cardio

To make your body stronger and more adaptable, you have to incorporate some cardio as well. These exercises increase the rate of heartbeats and endurance overall. Thus, they go a long way in making you better equipped for the purpose of practicing. The benefits that come along also strengthen your resolve further.

  • Tip III: Pay keen attention to various techniques

We have already explained severally that the Muay Thai sporting activity comes in various shades and variants. To be able to come out strong and perform well, you have to pay attention to the various techniques that are employable. Definitely, this will require expert assistance and coaching.

  • Tip IV: Strengthen your legs as well

Your legs are used extensively for the purpose of playing sporting activities. That is why you have to strengthen your legs as well. This will require that you set aside plenty of time and effort to work on your legs alone. Some of the tools you will require for the job are leg press, weights, and the treadmill.

  • Tip V: Eat a proper diet

Needless to say, you have to eat a proper diet. That is because this sporting activity requires extensive energy and effort on your part. The foods you eat have to be succulent, low in calories, high in fiber, and almost fat-free. You also have to drink plenty of freshwater and eat fruits too!

  • Tip VI: Maintain your guard up

Like any other combat sporting activity, Muay Thai is also potentially dangerous. In the course of your practicing, you have to be extra careful that you do not injure yourself unnecessarily. Do not hesitate to ask for help in case you feel your life is endangered or that you may sustain a serious further injury.


We have done the much we can to showcase to you all that may be necessary for the Muay Thai sporting activity. Having exhausted the much we can, we now pass the buck to you to implement the information we have generously furnished. Best of luck as you move along!