Top 5 Best Training Bags for MMA, Martial Arts & Muay Thai in 2022

A training bag also referred to as a punching bag, is a bag designed to be repeatedly punched when training for body strength and muscle building. The best training bag is highly recommended for people training, kickboxing games, boxing and other sports that involve a lot of movements and strengths.

Training bags are usually recommended for exercise as they are useful for keeping the body fit. Furthermore, if you are a boxer, it is more advisable that you have such a bag since it is the most vital tool you will always require each time you undergo your training.

The following review features the top five best training bags on the market today. These bags play a role in guiding you develop as well as to enable you to put into perfection kicking and punching techniques. Therefore, before purchasing a training bag, you must decide on the bag you would want to buy, probably the one that would meet your needs and demands more effectively.

Top 4 Best Training Bags for Home and Gym

Reviews of the 5 Best Training Bag on Amazon

#1. Outslayer 130 Pounds Punching Bag for Muay Thai

Muay Thai training bag
Training Bag for Muay Thai

The taller and heavier the kickboxing bag is, the better results you will achieve from the training. Well, this bag is designed for people who want to achieve the best results in body training. The height is estimated to be around 6 ft and has a filling of up to 310 pounds. These two features offer full-body training since you can easily kick the bag with hands and feet as well.

The durability of this bag is guaranteed as it features high quality and sturdy material, plus one is provided with a ten-year warranty for quality assurance. The outer part is made of the sturdy vinyl material that is resistant to tear and wear even after long use.

This Mua Thai punching bag comes with all the necessary accessories for installing it, hence you don’t have to worry about spending extra bucks for buying installation accessories. Whether you are a professional kickboxer or a beginner, this bag will make your training smooth and efficient. The heavyweight design prevents the bag from swinging when struck by force so you can achieve excellent resistance.

Brilliant Features:

  • The outer part is made of vinyl material.
  • The punching bag features a 6 ft design with 130 pounds.
  • The punching bag is equipped with four laser strong straps for suspending on the ceiling.

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#2. Century BOB Training Bag with Adjustable Height for Athletics

Century man shaped training bag
Human Shaped Bag for Realistic Training

This is a reliable punching bag ideal for different ages and heights as the height can adjust to different levels. The punching bag can accommodate up to 270 pounds of filling. This qualifies the punching bag as the best punching bag for professional trainers since the weight provides excellent support and stability when you hit is hard. Another excellent feature of this punching bag is that you can use any filling of your choice ranging from water, and sand on the base area.

This punching object comes in pieces although fitting it together takes little time. One is provided with screws for joining together when filling it and putting it together. It is recommended for training the arms, shoulders, the core and even strengthening the legs. Note that you can learn how to aim at your opponent by using this punching object as it features a human being design.

Brilliant Features:

  • It can be filled with sand or water.
  • The height adjusts from 60 to 78 inches in height.
  • This bob punching object flex and bend for easy kicking.

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#3. Century Freestanding Bag with Large Kick & Punch Surface for Training

Century wavemaster training bag
Extra Large Martial Arts Training Bag

If you are looking for a punching bag that provides full-body training, then this is a great bag to buy. It is easy to set up in your training room, as it features a durable and strong base that sits firmly on the ground. This feature also makes this punching bag convenient for portability in case you need to change your training section in the house. The cover is made of the durable vinyl material that is resistant to tear and wear even when used for long.

Note that this punching bag is compatible with either sand or water filling, and can fill up to 270 pounds in weight. The sturdy cover provides excellent resistance when training especially for people who want to strengthen the body muscles. You can get this punching bag in three different colors. Note that this punching bag swings when hit at a high force to reduce the pressure struck back to you. Therefore, you have to move around when kicking the bag.

Brilliant Features:

  • The bag comes with a stable base for support purposes.
  • The punching bag can be filled with either sand or water.
  • The outer cover of the punching bag is made of vinyl material.

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#4. Everlast 70 Pounds MMA Heavy Bag for Home Gym

Everlast 70 lb training heavy bag
70 Pound Heavy Bag for MMA Training

This training punch bag is recommended for beginners or people who need a compact punching bag to train with at home or the gym. The fillings on the bag include sanitized synthetic and natural fiber, essential for absorbing the shock when the bag is hit. This also ensures the bag retains its shape even after long or constant use. The outer covering of the bag is made of synthetic canvas.

The strong nylon straps equipped on the top parts suspends the bag on the wall or even the ceiling. One thing to note though is that this bag is ideal for simple training because it does not offer high resistance for high strength training purposes. Therefore, you can start training with this bag and upgrade to other models later.

Brilliant Features:

  • It features nylon straps for suspension purposes.
  • This bag features synthetic and natural fiber fillings.
  • The cover is made of premium synthetic canvas materials.

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#5. EZspeedbag Portable Doorway Training Speed Bag

EZspeed doorway speed bag
Speed Bag for Power & Precision Training

This is one of the most recommendable and used training bags mainly found on the gyms. This bag is utilized for speed training, plus strengthening the arm and shoulder muscles. Installing this EZspeedbag takes little time as it has all the necessary suspending accessories. The speed bag is super light for comfortable carrying when either suspending it or moving it to different areas.

You can install it at any area thanks to the brackets used to fit it on the wall. This bag is versatile and can be used by beginners, professional kickboxers and even boxing trainees. It is mainly recommended for training one area of the body for those who may want to create strength on the hands or legs.

Brilliant Features:

  • The speed bag is versatile in use.
  • Installing this speedbag takes little time.
  • The speed becomes with 2 screw options for fitting on the wall.

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The above reviewed are the top best training bags you will find on amazon and the market. They feature different filling and material to meet the users training needs. If you need a training bag that will provide excellent resistance, and last you for long, choose a bag with quality material that can withstand heavy blows and absorb the shock.


Things to Consider When Buying a Training Bag

Most of you need to exercise and keep your body fit. Well, below are some of the necessary instructions that will lead you to buy the best training bag that will meet your demands.

  • Size & Shape

Size is the most crucial element you should look for while you want to purchase a training bag. You should bear in mind that that size goes hand in hand with weight. If you are buying a training bag for you, kids go for the lighter one. Vice-versa applies to adults. Small bags are lighter, while bigger bags are heavier. Heavy bags are recommendable since they create resistance while you are using it. Size is appropriate to help you meet your needs accordingly.

Different shapes of training bags are used for various objectives of training. Therefore, the shape is very vital when it comes to choosing a training bag. Depending on the purpose you want to achieve, opt for an excellent shape that best suits your needs.

  • Surface Material

The material filled in the bag is the next important thing you should always look for. It can either be plastic, canvas, synthetic, or leather material, which is the most expensive in the market. However, different materials vary in price, leather being costlier of all materials.

Most training bags are made of synthetic or leather material. Leather training bags are useful since they are comfortable, classic, incredible, and very durable for use. However, leather seems to be more expensive than any other material. So, when you want to purchase a training bag, you must put the material into consideration.

  • Types

What are the different types of training bag? Training bags differ from each other, depending on the training objective you have. Thus, you need to familiarize yourself with several types of training bags and what they are suitable for. Moreover, these different types of training bags differ in size, weight, and shape, so it is upon you to choose the one that serves you best and meet your needs at a maximum level. Below are different types of training bags:

    • Freestanding heavy bag

This bag is advantageous because it is portable, and you do not need to hang it up. This means you can move with it so very quickly without struggling and store it anywhere since it will be easy for you to remove and store it again. However, the free standing bag is usually filled with either sand or water to enable you to regulate its weight at any particular point. Additionally, this freestanding heavy bag is recommendable for home use. You can always opt for it.

Double-end bags also named by speed bags or reflex bags are small in size, hanging from the ceiling to the floor. It helps you to develop precision and coordination. However, it has a bigger range of motion, and while you are using it creates a resistance force back and forth. It is vital that you know one’s it is mounted, it is permanent. This means you will not be able to remove it and so it is not recommendable for home use.

On the other hand, this bag is very useful as it trains you on defense and dodging techniques; if you are undergoing combat sports, you need to acquire one.

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EZspeed doorway speed bag

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    • Hanging heavy bag

It is commonly used in the gym since it is one of the most crucial tool gyms need to have. You can purchase it to boost your cardio and punching power. If you are looking for a training bag, then you should go for a heavy bag to exercise whenever you feel like. Moreover, this training bag has some excellent benefits that come along with it, this is mentally and physically. On the other hand, you will always need to hang it whenever you use it.

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Everlast 70 lb training heavy bag

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#1. Can I Buy Weight Training Gloves for My MMA Training?

MMA athletes usually exercise to build endurance, as well as cut down weight and fats. You should use gloves for MMA training; most of you usually think that these gloves are designed to be only used on heavy bags, but that is not the case. However, there are serious dangers that come along with using ordinary gloves; therefore, it is recommendable that you go for gloves that are thickly padded and has durable knuckle protection with wrist protection.

#2. What Is the Basic Training by Using the Punching Bag?

For you to use a punching bag, you have to undergo certain principles and concepts. Therefore, you have to follow the punching bag principles to avoid injuries. These include:

  • Watching your punching style
  • Making sure you are balanced
  • Putting on the gloves for protection
  • Making sure your wrist is straight
  • Avoiding tension while working out
  • Avoiding pushing the training bag
  • Do not forget about street, proficiency and conditioning training


From the above information, you are well versed in the training bag. I hope you will be able to choose the best training bag that suits your demands and needs. Additionally, remember also to put into consideration whether it is meant for the adults or kids and this is important because it will give you a good direction when you are purchasing one.