Best Speed Bags and Swivel Reviews in 2022

Best speed bags are a great tool that boxers generally use to work on their hand-eye coordination, practice boxing with their hands up, and work on their foot positioning. However, you don’t have to be a boxer to get the health benefits from using a speed bag at home; they are great for building endurance and relieving stress.

Below are the top 6 speed bags that are currently on the market, all of which being high-quality products that will last you a long time and add to your overall experience as well as a comprehensive buying guide.

Best Speed Bags and Swivels List

What Is a Speed Bag?

The term “speed bag”, also named reflex punching bag, is used to define a type of punching bag that is far smaller than the traditional heavy-duty types, and focuses more on speed and endurance rather than strength training. (Although using a speed bag will build your muscles.) These bags are not filled with materials like others, instead filled with air; this allows for more speed and movement.

They are generally mounted to a ceiling or lowered beam that is eye level, and many boxers use them for their training regimens. These will help boxers to learn the correct stance when punching, focus on hand-eye coordination, and learn to box with their hands at the right positioning.

What Is the Best Speed Bag?

Why Use a Speed Bag?

best speed bag reviews

1. Speed bags serve an excellent training aide for boxers in an array of ways. For instance, when used in the right manner, hitting a speed bag helps to build lean as well as shredded shoulders.

2. Also, over time, the speed bag develops a fantastic speed and power exercise that will help one to burn more calories than cycling, running, and weightlifting combined.

3. Furthermore, hitting a speed bag continuously helps you develop an insane hand speed as well as a punching power like any professional boxer.

4. Besides, a speed bag provides a repetitive motion flying at your back and face, which hones your reflexes and allows you to get it out of your way, increasing your speed and reflexes.

5. Another reason why you need a speed bag is that it will increase your focus and concentration.

6. Additionally, if you have a bad day in the office, you don’t have to it to your family, you only have to hit the speed bag for some minutes to get the endorphins flowing relieving you of stress.

After all has been said, hitting a speed bag is fun that gives you the incentive of getting into the gym and workout.

Who Should Buy a Speed Bag?

Speed bags are not only for heavyweight champions and Olympic hopefuls. A speed bag is generally for everyone looking to have fun and, in the process, benefit from the advantages that come along.

For instance, you can buy a speed bag at home to increase your concentration levels, increase fitness levels, and also to help you have some time off after a long and bust schedule of the day. Therefore, anybody can buy a speed bag.

Reviews of the 6 Best Speed Bags for Coordination Training

#1. Best Overall – Everlast 6-piece Speed Bag Kit

Everlast speed bag kit with platform and gloves and wraps

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This speed bag comes fully stocked with everything that you need to get started in your training or exercise regimen. This 6-piece set comes with an adjustable wooden platform, brackets, the speed bag, a swivel, gloves, hand wraps, and a nylon jump rope. It has a lot of versatility as it relates to where it can be installed, and there is no need to buy anything else to get started.

The speed bag itself is made of high-quality leather and stitching with a bladder that maintains air pressure well. It is a great addition to your home gym and you can free to use it for a long time.

Brilliant Features:

  • An all-around quality product that won’t break the bank and performs its desired function well
  • Comes with everything that you need to get started with training or fitness, and the adjustable wooden platform is easy to install
  • The speed bag itself is designed to achieve a high level of rebounding, with enough give to allow beginners to get the benefit from using this product

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#2. Best Cheap – Everlast Bag for Speed Training

Cheap Everlast Speed Bag for Training

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With a name like Everlast, you can rest easy knowing that you are getting a quality product that is made from durable materials and will last a long time.

Even though it is from a well-known brand, this is a very budget-friendly product that is more teardrop or pear-shaped, to allow for balanced and accurate rebounding while in use.

Designed with the consumer in mind, this product won’t break the bank and allows you to train every day if so desired without wearing down or losing air. It is easy to increase your endurance and hand-eye coordination with this speedball after well-installed.

Brilliant Features:

  • This is a great quality speed bag that beginners will enjoy using and comes at a decent price
  • Durable and made from high-quality leather on the outside, with a rubber bladder that won’t be constantly losing air
  • The shape and size of this particular speedball is great for beginners, and allows you to achieve a great rhythm and recoil

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#3. Best for Fitness – Pro Impact Heavy Duty Leather Speed Bag

Heavy Duty Leather Hanging Swivel Punch Ball for Boxing MMA Muay Thai Fitness or Fighting Sport Training

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Made from highly durable leather, this speed bag from Pro Impact can withstand a lot of abuse in its lifespan. Due to the high-quality construction, Pro Impact holds the air inside without deflating, even with consistent and daily use.

The pear shape of this speed bag is designed for the correct amount of recoil, and is a great option for beginners, with the choice of size available upon purchase; it comes in the medium size for beginners, small for intermediate users, and extra small for advanced boxers.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes in three sizes to choose from depending on your boxing experience level
  • Easy to inflate and use; this speed bag has a great amount of recoil that even experience boxers will find effective when using
  • Highly durable, made of quality leather that will last a long time, and the bladder of this speed bag won’t deflate even with consistent use

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#4. Best Quality – Title Speed Bag for Boxing

TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags Reviews

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Constructed with durability in mind, the precise and balanced speed bag from Title Boxing is a great exercise and training tool for anyone who is looking to increase their strength, stamina, and agility. The rhythm of this speed bag allows for the proper amount of recoil and rebounding to develop fast reflexes, improve hand-eye coordination, and help you to practice on a fast-moving target.

Made with high-quality leather and a rubber bladder inside, this speed bag will last a long time even with consistent use and abuse. To aims for different users, its customized size is available in four different sizes depending on your skill level; large, medium, small, and extra small.

Brilliant Features:

  • The shape of this speed bag allows for consistent flow and rhythm when you are working out and training
  • The leather material used is softer than some other speed bags, so most have found that gloves are not necessary for use
  • Durable and will last a long time thanks to the high-quality leather of the outside and rubber on the inside, and it doesn’t lose air quickly

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#4. Best with Adjustable Height – Tomasar Free Standing Punching Bag Ball

Tomasar Free Standing Punching Bag Speed Ball with Adjustable Height

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One of the more unique in design speed bag available on the market, this particular model comes with a weighted stand that holds the speed bag in place. This stand comes with a telescopic pole that allows you to get the necessary height, and is made from high-quality materials that will last through repeated abuse.

The base is weighted down by filling it with water, meaning that it is easy to move around as needed; additionally, this is easy to store when not in use, and requires no hardware or tools before using. This speed bag can be easily adjusted and can go virtually anywhere in your home.

Brilliant Features:

  • The speed bag itself is made of high-quality materials that will last a long time, even with consistent and daily use from multiple people
  • Easy to set up and begin using right out of the box, this speed bag is adjustable for whoever is using it currently and can be easily moved or transported

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#6. Best Value – Tech Tools Floor Reflex Punching Bag for Adults and Teens

Tech Tools floor speed bag for adults and teenagers


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Perfect for adults and teens, this speed bag boxing set has everything that you need to get started boxing. There is plenty of give to provide the necessary rebound and rhythm, and is perfect for boxing training, stress relief, and general exercise.

Unlike traditional speed bags, there is no need to install anything to your wall or ceiling, as this product using a weighted stand on the bottom that is attached to an extendable pole that the speed bag sits on. Made from high-quality materials, this speed bag is easy to store and use and won’t take up a lot of space where you decide to set it up.

Brilliant Features:

  • No need to install anything to get started with boxing, and you can use this virtually anywhere
  • Priced very affordably, especially considering it has all that you would need to get started with boxing
  • The base is weighted down using either water or sand, and if you need to move or transport it, it is easy to empty

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Things to Look for a Good Speed Bag

Mostly speed bags are associated with professionals, but in reality, anyone can use a speed bag to improve timing, speed, and endurance.

It’s not surprising as to why speed bags are a common addition to any commercial gym. However, given that there is a plethora of them in the market can make your selection overwhelming. Here are some things you should look out for when buying a speed bag:

factors to consider for speed bags

#1. Mounting

The first thing you should consider when purchasing your speed bag is whether you’ll like it mounted or free-standing. Both options have got advantages and disadvantages.

For instance, speed bags are usually small, but the mounts can be large, meaning if you have a small space or low ceilings, then you may prefer a free-standing speed bag(also referred as ‘reflex bag‘).

Free-standing is portable while wall-mounting makes speed bags more stable, rebound faster, and can absorb hits better.

#2. Weight

Choosing the right weight of a speed bag is usually dependent on your skill level. Small bags are lightweight, faster, and harder to hit as they have a small surface area, making it an ideal fit for professional boxers with improved eye-to-hand coordination.

Larger speed bags are usually heavier, sluggish, and slow, which makes them ideal for beginners as well as amateurs as they are an easy target.

#3. Size

The size of the speed bag is very important, and if you are a beginner choosing the wrong size can make learning boxing from these tools less enjoyable. Generally, there are three main sizes as relates to speed bags for boxing and exercise:

  • Medium size for beginners;
  • Small for intermediate users;
  • Very small for experienced boxers.

When you get started using a speed bag, you will want to choose a larger size for a couple of reasons. By choosing a larger size, you will be able to hit the speed bag easier as there is a larger surface area. Additionally, a larger size will allow you to get more comfortable with the form instead of worrying about hitting the target.

When you have gotten a fair amount of time and practice under your belt, then you can begin to increase the size of the speed bag.

#4. Material Used

The type of material that is used during the construction and manufacture of the speed bag that you choose is also very important. You will want it to be made from something highly durable like leather, as these training tools are going to be going through a lot of abuse in their lifetime.

Additionally, the inner part that inflates and holds air (the bladder), will need to also be made of quality materials that will not deflate easily, as if you are going to be consistent in your training you will want to avoid always inflating the speed bag before use.

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TITLE Boxing Gyro Balanced Speed Bags Reviews

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#5. Bladder

The speed bag bladder is the one that inflates to give the bag its shape. Different speed bag bladders are not equal, and the latex rubber speed bladder usually performs better. Besides, the latex bladder materials will last longer, are lightweight, and will provide you a more consistent rebound.

#6. Shape

Already you know that the size of the speed bag matters, what about the shape? Does the shape make the speed bag performance better or easier to use?

The shape of the speed bag does matter as a narrower bag is usually harder to hit, making it a good option for experienced speed baggers. On the other hand, fat-bellied bags are ideal for beginners since they provide a larger target for hitting.

#7. Durability

It’s a no brainer that you’ll need to consider the durability of the speed bag you want to purchase. Most speed bags are made of sewn panels forming their shape. Those bags that are durable are built with some reinforced stitching along seams, preventing leaks. The fact that welts are included between leather panels helps reduce the air leaks as well as deflation.

Stitching is essential as the bag must withstand a consistent heavy beating, and therefore, speed bags with double or triple stitching are the best option to pick. Moreover, stitching at the loop is significant, making speed bags with quality stitching at the loop durable.

Welting of the highest quality also helps as it keeps the air in the speed bag from leaking. However, welting must be moderate because too much welting may affect the rebound of your bag.

best speed bag platform#8. Swivel Type

When we refer to the swivel, we are talking about the hardware that the speed bag is attached to. The speed bag will be attached to a hook, or swivel, that is attached to your piece of wood or mount. There are three main types of swivels: ball-hook, U-hook, and chain link.

The type of swivel that you use will ultimately come down to personal preference, and in the sections below we will address everything as relates to these swivels for your reference.

All types of these swivels are easy to attach to the piece of wood that your speed bag will be attached to, and are generally made of metal or hard plastic.

#9. What Is Included

Lastly, before purchasing your speed bag, you will want to make sure what is included in the purchase. Many products on the market today are budget-friendly, but do not include any type of swivel, hardware, or pump.

What Are the Different Types of Speed Bag Swivel?

When it comes to speed bag swivels, there are 3 main types: the ball-hook, U-hook, and chain link. The type of swivel that you use is ultimately up to you and comes down to personal preference, but for your reference and to make purchasing the right type easier, here is a more in-depth explanation of each one.

#1. Ball Hook Swivel

These are among the noisest swivels on the market, but they do provide the most accurate rebounds. There are two main pieces to them, the bracket that mounts onto your speedball stand and the actual hook itself. These are very easy to install and require only a few screws to get started with your new speed bag.

Generally, these do not come in metal anymore, but the hard plastic models are still very good at what they are designed for.

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#2. Chain Link Swivel

If you have used a speed bag in a gym or health club, then you are probably going to be more familiar with this type of swivel mechanism. While these are among the quietest swivel types available, they are often difficult to deal with due to their locking pin that holds the unit together.

Additionally, the “ledge” that the hook of the speed bag loops onto is not the longest, and during particularly physical strenuous sessions, you may find that the speedball can fall off.

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#3. U-hook Swivel

The most traditional of the swivels, these were used often during the 50s but are a rare sight in most gyms these days. There are three main parts to this type of swivel: a flange, (or base), a locking pin, and a speed bag attachment in the shape of a U.

The reason these have fallen from grace is unclear, as they are easy to assemble and the speed bag is known to stay in place with this swivel type.

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Speed Bag vs. Double End Bag

When it comes to boxing with smaller bags (not the traditional body-size), there are two main types: the speed bag and the double end bag; each has its strengths and weaknesses, and in the following section we will be going over each type and the pros and cons.

#1. Speed Bag

As the name may imply, the speed bag is a piece of box equipment that is designed to train you to increase your speed and effectiveness when boxing. This is great for practice against fast opponents and is a great place to start if you are a beginner.

This is a great tool for teaching you how to hit accurately, and many boxers believe that when you are starting, it is better to work on your speed rather than bulking your muscles.

The speed bag is great at teaching you to always keep your hands up, regardless of if you are in an offensive or defensive stance. They will increase your endurance and help you to perfect your form as well.

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#2. Double End Bag

This particular type of boxing bag has a wider range of movement than its speed bag counterpart because it is suspended on two poles or strings on the top and bottom; allowing for more motion.

Double-end bags are great tools that allow you to perfect your form when boxing, as well as the proper way to block. While it may sound to be counter-intuitive, the double end bag is also going to teach you how to miss punches, which if you plan on boxing in the ring you will be doing a fair amount of. This is good because it trains you on how to switch between offensive and defensive stances.

It should be noted, however, that the double end bag is more of an intermediate or advanced boxer’s training product, and beginners will be better off using the speed bag first.

What Are the Different Types of Speed Bags?

When it comes to speed bags, there’s nothing like “one size fits all.” Every speed bag is designed for a particular purpose in mind. Therefore, you need to get a speed bag that’s right for you to help go the extra mile and unleash your true potential. Here are some of the common types of speed bags:

speed bag mount

#1. Freestanding

Just like the name suggests, freestanding speed bags are those bags that mount on a stand instead of hanging. Mostly the base of such stands is filled with either sand or water to ensure that it holds it up-right. Therefore, if you lack a place to hang your speed bag, freestanding options can be your ideal option. Besides, they are very easy to move anywhere you like to have your workout any time.

While freestanding speed bags are an excellent option for convenience, they are usually light to hit with much power as most of them can be easily knocked down, and they lack that swinging movement.

#2. Platform

If you’re looking to have your own workouts at home, then you definitely need just more than a good speed bag. However, without the correct platform, you’ll not get the best out of a speed bag. Most platforms are not included with speed bags, meaning you’ll have to purchase them separately based on personal needs. A good platform is one that supports different bags. Some of the best speed bag platforms include some like Balazs, title boxing, and century.

#3. Door Mounted

There are several types of speed bags that you can opt to buy from the market. One of them is the door-mounted speed bags that you can easily mount on your door frame just about any time you feel like working out. Door mounted speed bags are easy to mount, are portable, and you won’t have any problem using them.

Who Makes the Best Speed Bag?

Several brands are in the market, making the best speed bags. However, not all of them produce exactly what you might be looking for. The best speed bags are mostly from:

#1. Title Boxing

Speed bags have been around for a long period, and title boxing brand features every style as well as the type of speed bags that you can require. Basically, when it comes to speed bags, there’s no substitute for quality, sincere commitment, as well as being at your best. Be it be the boxing shoes, speed bags, training supplies, or apparel; there’s no denying that Title boxing has all its eyes on helping you be your best.

#2. Cleto Reyes

For a long time, Cleto Reyes has been upgrading their equipment and have garnered trust from the boxing industry. They have a distinctive array of boxing equipment, including speed bags. The reason why Cleto Reyes is respected is because of their hand-crafted Mexican equipment for both amateurs as well as professionals.

#3. Everlast

For generations, Everlast has been the best brand for the best speed bags in the market for world champions. Since 1910, Everlast has been at the forefront producing the best in the world of boxing, providing for legendary champions as well as the current superstars, making it the choice of champions.

How to Set up a Speed Bag?

best speed bag review

Getting your speed bag up and running could be easier than you think. You only have to follow the following steps;

• First, you need to pick out an area at home where you need to hang the speed bag. It should be somewhat out-of-the-way to avoid potential distractions-preferably the corner area of a basement.

• Now hang your speed bag bracket on the wall. You should ensure that the bottom part of your bag (the striking area) is between the noes and the eye height. Hang it at roughly forehead height.

• Use a power screwdriver to attach the plate and secure the 4 screws to the bracket. Ensure no gaps, and the bracket doesn’t wobble to make the speed bag move in the right manner. A level will help you ensure that the bracket is straight and your speed bag hangs correctly.

• Now you need to connect the bag to the hook hanging down from the core of the bracket. The loop at the speed bag should go on the hook, and the bag should be hanging straight down by now.

• Lastly, you should start punching your speed bag. Your sessions should be right on top of the game and enjoy.

How to Punch a Speed Bag?

Using a speed bag could be easier than you may think, but you should ensure that you don’t run before you walk. Here’s how you should use the speed bag in three easy steps:

I. Slap the Bag – you start by getting your hands open then hit the speed bag downwards with the tip of the fingers. Once the bag rebounds 3 times, strike on the 4th and ensure that you hit it twice the right hand, and twice with the left and repeat. Always ensure that the hands are below the bag and striking it in a circular motion.

II. Form Fists – the second step is now to close your hands into fists and then give your first punch using the knuckles and strike forward. On your second strike, hit the bag with a slight downward motion with the side of your hand. Remember always not to strike too late, but instead aim the bag when halfway through the rebound towards you.

III. Repeat – everything is right there for you to take now, you only need to repeat step two, whereby you alternate your left and right hand at every two punches. For example, you can start with a forward strike using the knuckles with your right hand, and then give a slight downward strike with the side of the hand. Repeat the same with your left hand and continue for about 1 and 2 minutes.

Tips for Speed Bags Usage

Getting to master your speed bag is going to need some time, and the following tips will get you well underway;

#1. Focus and Intensity

Getting the best from a speed bag requires that you give it maximum focus as well as intensity. It doesn’t matter whether you don’t know how to use it; all that matters is that you give your best effort when working out.

#2. Stand Square on

You should remember that you’re only working out and not in a boxing arena where you stand with one foot in front of the other. You should stand square on, whereby the speed bag aligns with the center of your body, and your nose as a reference point.

#3. Get it Around the Chin Level.

Getting a speed bag at the right height is a crucial aspect that you should consider if you’re setting up your speed bag. Therefore, you should ensure that the bottom of your bag is level with the bottom of your chin. Remember it doesn’t have to be accurately measured, but should be roughly correct. To help you set the correct height, you can purchase an adjustable speed bag platform for easy adjustment.

#4. Start Large and Heavy

Speed bags come in various sizes, and if you’re a beginner, it will be better that you start with a larger bag. Larger bags are heavy and rebound slower as well as have a larger surface area that you can strike. With time as you get used to larger speed bags, you can progress to the smaller bags, which are faster and equally more fun.


#1. What Is Inside a Speed Bag?

Typically, speed bags are filled with air by using the latex or rubber bladder. However, they can also be filled with materials such as sand, grains, old rags, and even water. Using sand or water usually makes your speed bag too heavy, which in turn could have a negative effect on how it rebounds.

Therefore, that’s the reason why most boxers prefer to have their speed bags filled with air for the best rebound and fun. But if you’re a beginner, you won’t mind starting your journey with some sand.

#2. Can Speed Bags Be Used at Home?

Speed bags have gained popularity over the years, and most people are turning to hem for workouts. The reason for the high number is the fact that speed bags can easily be used at home with limited space. You only need a place to mount your bag, or a small area to place a free stand speed bag. You don’t have to walk each down the street to the gym.

#3. How Often Do You Need to Inflate a Speed Bag?

How often you should inflate your speed bag depends on how quickly it loses air. However, you should always ensure that you inflate the bag every time you feel that the bag has gotten too soft when you’re hitting it. The manufacturer of your speed bag should provide proper instructions on the way to re-inflate the bag to the required air pressure.

how to use speed bag

#4. What Is the Best Size Speed Bag for Beginners?

Beginners are always advised to start with larger and heavier speed bags, preferably 11″ by 18″ when working out. The reason is that larger sized bags are slower and easier to hit as they have a slow rebound. Starting with a small size will be frustrating as a beginner has not yet mastered the skill as well as coordination required for that step up. Therefore, you should always learn to walk before you start running.

#5. How Can I Make My Speed Bag Platform Quiet?

You don’t want to disturb your neighbors with the noise that’s common with speed bags. To lower the noise levels of your bag, you should do the following:

• Use some sandbags or generally add some weight on top of your platform to ensure that you dampen the board as well as prevent movement.

• You can use a lighter speed bag as they make less noise when you hit the board.

• Mount your bag on an outer wall, which is not shared with another apartment or room to reduce the noise transmission

• Also, you can add an additional board to add some heft as well as reduce vibration.

• Switch up the swivel, which is always a source of the noise.

#6. How Do I Get Started with a Speed Bag?

Usually, with speed bags, you don’t have to hit the ground running immediately with your first session. To get started with speed bags, you need to start slow as a beginner so that you can get used up with the way to hit the bag. With time you’ll get used to the rhythm, and you can step up easily.

#7. How Do I Care for a Leather Speed Bag?

Speed bags are made from various materials, and one common material is leather. Therefore, to ensure that your leather speed bag is in good shape all the time, it requires proper maintenance.

To do so, you need to ensure that it’s cleaned all the time it comes into contact with water. Also, you can use leather conditioners to help you maintain its durability.

#8. Can a Boxing Beginner Use a Speed Bag for Training?

The answer is simply yes, a boxing beginner like any other person, can easily use a speed bag. Speed bags are usually small, and when hanged to the top of a rebound platform that’s parallel to the ground will help any fighter to learn to keep their hands up and also improve the hand-eye coordination. Moreover, it helps to learn to shift the weight when punching.

#9. Will Speed Bag Training Make Me Hit Harder?

Make no mistake; speed bag training will have a greater impact on how you punch; in fact, they will improve your punching power. Most individuals make a mistake by thinking that only heavy bag training will improve to more extent their punching power.

However, training with speed bags also does have an amazing impact on how you can hit. Speed bag training will enable you to throw not only strong punches but also faster hits, making you an absolutely unstoppable force.

#10. Why Do I Need to Work on My Rhythm?

In boxing, rhythm is everything. Every move made must start with your heart, which is in rhythm. The main reason that most boxers rely heavily on speed bags is the fact that it helps them get down timing as well as a rhythm that’s needed to be a successful boxer.

Therefore, working on your rhythm helps you to anticipate your opponents’ movement better as well as have a clear understanding of timing every punch thrown your way.

#11. Can I Re-inflate My Speed Bag If It Deflates Over Time?

Of course, you can re-inflate your speed bag if it deflates with time as the bladder of the speed bag will eventually deflate. However, you should know that you need to have the manufacturers’ instructions to help you understand the proper way that you should re-inflate your speed bag to the required air pressure. Otherwise, the process is easy.

#12. What Is the Best Wood for a Speed Bag Platform?

While any type of wood that is durable and secured properly will do for a speed bag platform, you will want to find types of wood that allow for the screws and brackets to be secured in place.

Great type for this would be maple, oak, beech, and walnut. You will want to avoid fake wood such as fibreboard, as this is generally not as durable and won’t be as easy to secure in place.

#13. What Does a Speed Bag Help With?

Speed bags are great for building muscles in your biceps and forearms, as well as training you to box with your hand up. When used correctly, they will encourage boxers to have the correct foot positioning and stance when boxing, as well as help with hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, they are great tools to relieve stress and increase your endurance.

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#14. Is a Speed Bag Good for Working Out?

Speed bags are very good tools for working out, especially for your overall endurance and upper arm muscle tone. While using a speed bag, you can expect your biceps, forearms, and shoulders to feel the workout the next day.

Additionally, they teach proper form and allow you to practice your stance and proper footing for boxing in the ring. If you are not using them for training or for boxing, they are still great products that will work your core and upper arms.

speed bag review

#15. How Long Should I Hit the Speed Bag For?

If you are a beginner just starting out using a speed bag, then you will want to aim for using it 30 minutes at a time.

Keep in mind that this does not mean you will constantly be hitting the speed bag, but depending on your fitness goals you will want to find a routine that allows for interval training; meaning you will go at a high speed for a few sets, then lower and repeat for a total of 30 minutes.

After you are more comfortable and have a higher endurance, you can increase this.

#16. Do you Need Gloves for a Speed Bag?

While it is not necessary to use gloves when training with a speed bag, using them will help your knuckles and hands, in general, to not get as tired, or feel sore.

If you are just starting with boxing or using the speed bag, it is highly recommended that you use gloves, as your hands will not be as accustomed to the repeated movement and force.

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#17. What Size Speed Bag Is Best?

The size of the speed bag you purchase will be determined by your level of experience with boxing a speed bag, and what your goals are at the time. If you are just starting boxing and using a speed bag, you will want to begin with using a larger speed bag; this will be easier to hit start, and allows you to focus on the correct form and hand-eye coordination.

Additionally, larger speed bags will be slower when hitting and have more control than the smaller variants. However, it is also worth mentioning that larger bags have more mass, and as a result will be harder to hit when you are starting. The larger sizes are great at building strength, especially in your shoulders and upper arms.

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#18. How Do you Hit a Speed Bag Fast?

When it comes to hitting the speed bag fast, it all comes down to rhythm. Knowing what the rhythm of the speed bag is matching that will allow you to hit it fast. For instance, when you hit a speed bag it will bounce opposite you, come back towards you, and go opposite you again; for every one of your punches.

Here are some basic tips for hitting the speed bag fast:

  • Allow both hands to be in front of you and close to the speed bag. This will allow you to be in the right area to hit the speed bag fast.
  • Use the boxing rhythm: by using the boxing rhythm of alternating your hands every second swing, you will be able to use the speed bag to its full potential. This means that you will hit with your right hand 2x, then alternate to your left hand 2x and keep this rhythm going.
  • Stance is key – you will want to make sure to square off your stance while you are using the speed bag. Stand with both feet parallel and close to the speed bag, while maintaining a closer than arm’s length distance.

#19. What Is the Best Speed Bag for Home Gym?

The best speed bag for you is the one that you will use consistently. When starting, it is important to note that there are different sizes that you will want to choose from, as well as durability. Because you are going to be physically punching these products, you will want to choose one that is highly durable. When starting, larger sizes are better suited for beginners.

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#20. What Height Should My Speed Bag Be at?

The ideal height for your speed bag is around eye level; you will want to make sure that when looking straight at the speed bag, your eyes are in the middle of the bag.

If it is too high, then you will have trouble hitting the bag, and this may mess up your overall form. And if it is too low, then you will have a hard time positioning yourself in the correct area as relates to hitting the speed bag effectively.


Hopefully, after reading this article you will be able to make an informed decision on your next speed bag purchase, and by using our buying guide will be able to start using the speed bag to increase your strength and stamina.

All of the products listed above are made of high-quality materials and will last a long time and even with repeated use.