Best Muay Thai Gloves for Fighters – Reviews & Guide in 2022

Muay Thai gloves will vary according to the individual. Traditionally, some beginners will start with the glove in boxing, but if you take your sport seriously, you should wear a pair of special gloves. With the best Muay Thai gloves, the wrist area tends to be stricter and longer than you might find in a couple of traditional gloves.

Muay Thai gloves are usually offered in one size for everyone, but vary depending on the weight of the gloves. This page rounded up some of the best.

Top 8 Best Muay Thai Gloves

Factors to Consider with the Right Gloves for Muay Thai Sports

It is recommended to seek the advice of your instructor to buy the right glove for you. The most expensive gloves may not be the best, while the cheapest ones can easily collapse. The following information guides you to your exact combination gloves that are compatible with your training program.

#1. Type

You should consider the type of activity you will perform. Misuse of gloves can shorten life and cause unnecessary and avoidable injuries.

  • To compete in Muay Thai, you will need a pair of light gloves for a quick hit, and the gloves must have enough flexibility to allow you to grab your opponent with your hands to make a mixed movement. For this reason, you must wear a pair of combat gloves.
  • For pre-match training or combat, you will need a pair of heavier gloves that can slightly increase your strength and softer padding for added safety. This is where a couple of training gloves will be most suitable.
  • Hit heavy bags and focus gloves. You will need a pair of Muay Thai gloves with thick padding on the front. These gloves are called a container. There are also “lighter bag” gloves designed just to train with speed bags to improve your sleight of hand.

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Notes: You should leave room for your hand wraps before buying your gloves. Otherwise, your gloves will be very tight and uncomfortable, which can reduce the force of the blows.

#2. Weight and Volume

In general cases, the size of the gloves corresponds to the weight of the gloves, but this is not always true. The choice of size is simple. Medium and large. Just choose the one that fits your fist.

#3. Material

Most of the Muay Thai gloves are usually made of foam padding and covered with original leather or vinyl. Each manufacturer has its filling technology that absorbs the force differently from the others; the comfort of use is another factor in mind.

If we talk about durability, leather gloves tend to be better in terms of strength and price, compared to plastic gloves. Check if there is a price variance between these two types. If the amount of leather gloves is excessively high, you can switch to vinyl gloves because there is not much quality these days.

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#4. Maintenance Works

After each use, there will be an accumulation of sweat inside your gloves. This can be a charming place for the growth of fungi and the multiplication of bacteria that cause a terrible smell. Then, you should spray inside the gloves with an aerosol deodorant that helps you get rid of the fungus and extend the shelf life of the Muay Thai gloves.

Reviews of the 8 Best Gloves for Muay Thai

#1. Best Cheap – Sanabual Boxing and Kickboxing Gloves Available in 5 size

Sanabul gloves for Muay Thai and Boxing

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While some Muay Thai gloves on our rundown are ostentatious with extravagant designs, these gloves are fundamental. We especially enjoyed the style of these gloves, which Sanabul makes available in Black, Red, Orange, etc. The organization utilized SBL-built leather when designing these gloves.

The organization designed the gloves with a reduced shape specifically for Muay Thai battling. The gloves are cozy enough to use for sparring and sack fill in too, regardless of in case you’re a professional or beginner. Sanabul likewise included hand-shape three-layer froth in the glove design, which makes them both comfortable and reliable.

The inside of the gloves features a comfortable covering that is somewhat breathable. The ventilation isn’t precisely as astounding as some of the different products on our rundown; however, it’s reasonable enough.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable material
  • Not cumbersome
  • Attached thumb design for wellbeing
  • Adequate wrist padding for blocking kicks

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#2. Best Rating – Hayabusa Pro 16 oz Leather Muay Thai Gloves for Big Hands

Hayabsua leather thai gloves

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The Hayabusa Pro gloves are the freshest Hayabusa model that makes sure to intrigue. These are some of the most trendy gloves available today. You were designed to convey the best execution for sack work and sparring. Double X closure framework gives a trim like fit.

As a high effect sport, you need gloves that can provide you excellent wrist support and provide sufficient security to your hands and these gloves will offer that.

The extraordinary by and large padding – from the knuckles to the rear of the hand-offers perfect security while you take a shot at your systems and fortify your hands to withstand the effect of your punches.

These gloves were made for ‘all-around’ use; nonetheless, they are extraordinary for Muay Thai due to the additional padding gave.

Brilliant Features:

  • Decent padding
  • Good for tenderfoots
  • Ergonomically designed

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#3. Hot Selling – Fairtex Muay Thai Sparring Gloves

Fairtex Muay Thai Style Training Sparring Gloves

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Fairtex is the best, and it’s nothing unexpected in this list. The organization makes these gloves of genuine leather and hand-stitch creases, guaranteeing they can withstand long periods of preparation.

What separates these gloves, in any case, is the way that they are an upgraded rendition of past BGV1 designs. The more up to date forms of the glove include better hand compartment and wrist support. They additionally give warriors a bolted thumb and hold the bar, which means they can utilize them for a considerable length of time without jeopardizing their wellbeing.

While we’re dazzled with Muay Thai gloves that consider, these gloves stood apart from others because the ventilation gaps were on the sides of the glove. Gaps on the glove have a noticeable effect in keeping contenders comfortable when preparing.

Fairtex additionally incorporated a protected Velcro closing framework, which makes it simple to slide the gloves on and off.

The organization offers these gloves in weights extending from 8 ounces to 18 ounces. The item is additionally available in a wide array of hues and patterns.

Brilliant Features:

  • Compact fit
  • Well-made design
  • Includes wrist wrap
  • Long-enduring leather
  • Not excessively massive
  • The quality of the gloves legitimizes the cost

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#4. Twins Special Pink Women’s Gloves for Training or Sparring

Twins Muay Thai gloves for women

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The Twins gloves are some of the best due to the capacity for warriors to modify them and include extras. While the organization offers these gloves in standard sizes, for example, 8,10, and 12 ounces, they additionally give the gloves in 18-ounce weight. They are one of the leading companies that we discovered ready to do as such.

These gloves additionally give sufficient wrist support and hand insurance, thanks to a limited extent to the enormous vectro wrist tie. The tie keeps the wrist consistent while punching, yet it additionally permits contenders to square punches and kicks from their rivals. Twins express that warriors can utilize these gloves for sparring, preparing, and battles.

Customers additionally had the decision of including coordinating wrist wraps too, a decent touch.

Brilliant Features:

  • Breathable
  • Budget-friendly
  • Wide Vectro ties
  • Full leather construction

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#5. Best for Beginners – RDX Leather Gloves with Thai Pad

RDX leather gloves for muay thai

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RDX has unassumingly served the Muay Thai people group since 2002. For as far back as decade, the brand has taken a shot at idealizing their leader boxing gloves RDX model, generally outstanding for the supportive broadened sleeves. These keep on being one of the brand’s smash hits.

Initial introductions, the padding is hugely even as the foam expands all around the gloves. The most remarkable trait of these gloves is that they are manufactured increasingly like customary boxing gloves contrasted with Muay Thai gloves.

The all-encompassing sleeves loan unrivaled wrist support while the clean design makes the BGVs truly appropriate for sparring. As far as the fit, these are fundamentally the same as a fan-top choice, RDX model. They feel effortlessly cozy, yet the best part was that they were prepared for activity on the very beginning without breaking into them.

While each other brand is glamming up their gloves with extravagant designs, RDX has stuck to their game every one of these years.

In any case, if you are searching for sturdy gloves that can give you great mileage and insurance, these are as well as can be expected to purchase at this value run. Maya Hide leather gloves show improvement over synthetics, so you may need to think about that as well.

These gloves have firm padding and are solid enough to hold up to the pressure of usual pack punching. The velcro ties are additionally extensive and will give a decent, secure fit that won’t move a lot of when you train.

Brilliant Features:

  • Good fit
  • Affordable
  • Made from top-notch leather
  • Triple-layered froth padding

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#6. Best for Small Hands – Twins 8 oz MMA and Muay Thai Gloves

Twins muay thai gloves for children

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These top-notch leather gloves are carefully assembled in Thailand by professionals who have created the specialty of building boxing gloves over many years of training.

As of late new innovative work has been placed into them to make a more drawn out enduring progressively stiff froth. This securing padding gives a definitive pad and support for hard-hitting activity on the cushions, the sacks, and sparring.

Twins create some of the best boxing gloves for Muay Thai. The padding is standard Thai-style with froth very much appropriated to ensure the knuckles to the rear of the hands and through to the wrists. The wrist support is better than most brands I have attempted and offers a great deal of dependability, yet only enough that it doesn’t ruin securing.

The leather feel is extraordinary, breathable, and you can disclose to its high-review genuine leather. It will take a few meetings to break into the gloves; however, thereon, they are great.

The new Matrix release gloves have the brand fresh froth alongside all the additional trimmings of an appended thumb. These gloves look and feel incredible on your hand and wrist.

Brilliant Features:

  • Snug fit
  • Thick padding
  • Ergonomic design
  • 100% unadulterated leather

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#7. Best with Polyester Cover – Everlast 12 oz Muay Thai Gloves

Everlast 12 oz pro Muay Thai gloves

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Everlast designed these Muay Thai gloves unequivocally for preparing, including an exceptionally designed wraparound closure framework that makes it contenders to take the gloves on and off. The organization likewise included a multilayer inward froth framework, gathered in the wrist. The extra foam gives warriors a sufficient hand and wrist assurance when preparing.

The gloves likewise include the organization’s Clima-Cool innovation. In addition to the fact that this helps keep the gloves breathable, yet it also enables dry them out when you finish your preparation for the afternoon. Clima-Cool innovation in the Everlast 12 oz gloves can help diminish the two scents and microscopic organisms.

Everlast makers, these gloves use real leather. They make the gloves by hand, which shockingly hinders the creation time. The organization says that it can take as long as three weeks to make your request.

These gloves have great froth padding to secure the wrists. Note that the sleeves broaden most of the way practically up to your lower arms and would make much support for your wrists. Everlast gloves have a cozy hand compartment; thus, if you have little or medium-sized hands, you will cherish them. With such extraordinary characteristics, you probably won’t switch brands ever after.

Brilliant Features:

  • Stylish
  • Can be utilized for professional preparing
  • Durable material with 80% polyurethane and 20% polyester

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#8. Best for Kids – Elite 4 oz Gloves with Good Wrist Support

Elite muay thai gloves with good performance

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The individuals who care about the design and look of their gloves will probably find the Elite gloves for to be one of the most attractive choices on our rundown.

The gloves have a cutting edge design, total with the Elite snakehead logo on the highest point of the glove. This example continues as before, regardless of which of the four-shading patterns customers select. One reason why they are popular is the intense and unmistakable feel of their rigging, and they are unquestionably one of my final top choices. For fresh looking gloves, the quality of the craftsmanship and the cowhide leather utilized is excellent.

These gloves are additionally incredibly sturdy, just like all Elite products. They guarantee the wellbeing of contenders by giving triple-density foam to all the more likely punch ingestion. They likewise hand-stitched the thumbs to provide kids better assurance.

Most important is the way that Elite includes progressively broadened sleeves and a strengthened palm, allowing warriors to convey ground-breaking blows again and again. Elite offers these gloves in weights extending from eight to 16 ounces.

Brilliant Features:

  • Stylish design
  • Good wrist support
  • Made of great PU leather

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#1. What Kind of Gloves Do You Need for Muay Thai?

Like ordinary boxing gloves, the type of Thai gloves depends on the types of boxing activities. Several gloves are used to hit a bag of heavy punches/kicks, running focus gloves, hitting a hit ball, or a real fight with an opponent. We can assemble a variety of gloves into three main types that are combat gloves, training gloves, and bag gloves.

Boxing gloves may be different in size, weight, and color. The style of the gloves is strict only in professional boxing, which is usually red or blue, which represents the angle and helps the referee to mark a competition.

Also, Muay Thai boxer generally wears the safest and most convenient lace gloves. It is difficult to wear this type of gloves without the help of a coach. A different kind of glove is the Velcro type, which is much easier and more accessible to use in training.

#2. What Is the Best Muay Thai Brand?

In my opinion, Twins boxing gloves are the best fit glove in the world. The best boxing gloves made in Thailand are manufactured at Twins Special Factory, using the best materials and carefully developed to withstand long periods of use in the toughest Muay Thai and MMA training centers on the planet.

Inside the boxing glove, the premium multi-layer foam protects your hand from rolling. The foam is ingenuously molded to help your hand better while hitting.

Twins Special Glove comes various sizes. In most cases, 6-ounce , 8-ounce , and 10-ounce gloves are used regularly for competition sessions. To prepare for high-balance fighting, Thai wrestlers will wear 12-ounce boxing gloves, 14 ounces of boxing gloves, 16 ounces of boxing gloves, and 18 ounces of boxing gloves.

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Twins Muay Thai gloves for women

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#3. What Size Muay Thai Gloves Should I Wear?

The most common weight for gloves and their use are:

  • 8 ounces. – for competitive boxers
  • 10 ounces – for competitive boxers
  • 12 ounces – for women and smaller weight training lessons
  • 14 ounces – for middleweight classes for training
  • 16 ounces – for mid-weight training classes
  • 18 ounces – for the higher weight classes for training

#4. What Is the Price Range of Muay Thai Gloves?

Muay Thai gloves tend to be priced at $20 to $ 100. The average is around the $ 50 mark. The price does not always denote quality, but will generally give you some indication; however, reliable brands often are a better indication of quality.

Best Cheap Muay Thai Gloves

Sanabul gloves for Muay Thai and Boxing

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#5. What Does “oz” Mean for Muay Thai Gloves? Are 14 oz Gloves Good?

The choice of weight is more complicated. You must choose the importance of gloves, depending on what you use them for. However, the weight and size range is not widely available. You can see some of them in the market as a small – 12 ounces, average – 14 ounces and big – 16 ounces.

Many famous brands also reduce their production line by making a variety of gloves only by weight and allowing the size to be “free size.” If you can’t find the best gloves for you, you may have to ask for custom clothing.

#4. Muay Thai Gloves vs. Boxing Gloves

best Muay Thai glovesMuay Thai seems flexible while you hold your clench hand and by and large less inflexible than boxing gloves, permitting you to grasp and get better with your gloves. The thumb might be in a marginally extraordinary situation to take into consideration a better ‘grasp’ when you crush the gloves. This is to take into account secure work during Muay Thai battles.

Boxing gloves, then again, don’t have as a lot of flexibility and will, in general, be more unbending than Muay Thai Gloves when you put them on. The thumb position could conceivably be unique about unadulterated Muay Thai style gloves, depending on the seller, with the thumb region sewed on separately as opposed to legitimately part of the glove form.


Some fighters will have different pairs of gloves for training and matches. The gloves you choose should provide excellent support for your wrists and should be worn with a hand wrap to keep the wrist in place and avoid injury.

Also, make sure that Muay Thai gloves are made from durable leather and are not made from very synthetic materials. Depending on how much your gloves wear, they should last for three years, but your gloves may wear faster if you use them frequently.