Find The Best Inversion Device Helpful For Your Needs (Spring 2022)

best inversion table reviewsAn inversion device is a clever contraption that relies on gravity to relieve some of the spinal tension and decrease back aches. In essence, hanging upside down at a specific angle will decompress the spine, resulting in long-term therapeutic benefits.

While this concept is a great one, choosing the right inversion table will be the prerequisite for experiencing all of the therapeutic benefits. In order to pick the right product, you’ll have to compare inversion tables side by side and assess their characteristics. What you will see in our homepage will be:

A Few Tips for the Selection of the Right Inversion Table

The first aspect to examine is the durability of the inversion table. A well-built item will remain in a good condition for a long period of time, plus it will offer sufficient support. Sturdy inversion tables can support more weight, which makes them suitable for just about any back pain sufferer out there.

Next, take a look at the angle of inversion. A full range of motion will be required to get optimal therapeutic results. Make sure that the table can tilt 90 degrees and that it features increments. Doing a full inversion right from the start is not recommended for people who have never used such a table in the past.

There are several other essentials to examine. How will the user be fastened to the table? Ankle suspension is one of the possibilities. Some tables also feature knee bars and additional padding for a more comfortable experience. Choosing one option or the other is simply a matter of individual preference.

Finally, you may want to examine the additional features. These may include an extra-thick back pad for a more comfortable experience, handles and grips or even a motor that will power the table. Most inversion tables are self-powered. Motors are sometimes available but they increase the price of the inversion table significantly.

Now that you’re acquainted with the most important features, it’s time to take a look at five of the high quality inversion tables currently available for purchase.

Reviews of Top 5 Inversion Helpers In the Market

The following guide will help you understand the factors that matter the most. It will also provide reviews of the top five inversion tables on the market right now. Based on this information, you’ll find it much easier to select the item that features the best price to quality ratio.

#1. Ironman Gravity 4000 – Best Seller & Highest Weight Capacity For Big Guy

Ironman Gravity 4000 is a best-seller and the company is recognized for the quality of its products. There are several reasons why this particular inversion table has gotten an overwhelming number of positive customer reviews.
best inversion table

The table comes with a heavy-duty tubular steel frame. As a result, it can support a user weight of up to 350 pounds. For safety purposes, the table is equipped with non-skid floor stabilizers that will keep it in place regardless of the manner in which it’s being used. The table offers a full range of motion and it tilts 180 degrees.

It comes with ergonomically-shaped ankle cushions for suspension purposes and a memory-foam backrest. A removable lumbar pillow is also available for the purpose of increasing the comfort of the experience.

There are several additional noteworthy characteristics. Since this is a self-powered inversion table, it comes with extra-long handles for increased safety. They’re foam covered and easy to grip, allowing the user to return to the original position effortlessly. Ironman Gravity 4000 is foldable, which means that it can be stored in a small space when not being used.

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When folded for storage, Ironman Gravity 4000 measures 26 by 65 by 49 inches. Otherwise, it measures 49 by 26 by 65 inches and its weight is 76 pounds.

According to reviewers, Ironman Gravity 4000 is very easy to assemble and it does exactly what it promises – offer relief from backaches. They were also particularly pleased with the comfort of the ankle straps, reporting that the experience was quite pleasant and relieving with no pain.

#2. Innova ITX9600Safer Inverting Over Strap Systems

This heavy-duty inversion table is another one that comes with a sturdy frame and an ability to support user weight of up to 300 pounds. There are several characteristics that make Innova ITX9600 a contender for the top position.

best inversion table

A frame made of steel tubing feels sturdy enough to accommodate for the needs of bigger users. At the same time, the inversion table features an extra-wide backrest and lots of padding for a comfortable experience every single time.

There are five inversion increments. A safety pin can be used to “lock” the table in each of the positions. Beginners can try a smaller inversion angle and increase it as they get better used to Innova ITX9600. Keep in mind that the table doesn’t come with a 180-degree inversion – the maximum is 90 degrees.

Foam rollers and handlebars are incorporated in the design, making it easier for the user to adjust the inversion angle or go back to the original position. The adjustable headrest and the Innova protective cover that’s patent-pending are two of the innovations made available with this latest model.

The Innova inversion table comes with a foldable design for easier storage. Innova ITX9600 measures 65 by 28 by 46 inches. When folded, the table measures 28 by 72 by 16 inches.

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#3. Exerpeutic Inversion Table – Comfortable Soft Foam Padded Backrest

A very reasonably priced option, this inversion table has an excellent price to quality ratio. There are several other characteristics that make it worth considering.

inversion table reviewsThe table has a stainless steel tubular frame that can support user weight of up to 300 pounds. The height of the table can be adjusted, which means that it can accommodate for the needs of taller users (up to six feet and six inches).

When it comes to comfort, a number of features have been incorporated in the design for a more pleasant experience. Exerpeutic Inversion Table features a foam-padded backrest, extra-long handles and adjustable therapy straps for a completely safe inversion.

The table offers full inversion of up to 180 degrees. A secure angle locking system is available, making even complete inversions perfectly safe.

Exerpeutic Inversion Table is foldable for added convenience. When fully assembled, it measures 57 by 27 by 46.6 inches. Some reviewers have pointed out that the dimensions make it a rather compact option, which means there will be no need to fold and store the item away (especially if you’re using it multiple times per day).

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#4. Teeter EP-560 – Only FDA Cleared Inversion Table for Back Pain

While this inversion table is more expensive than some of the other entries in the list, it comes with a range of extra features that justify the additional expenditure. For a start, the item comes with Underwriter Laboratories (UL) third party certification that guarantees its safety.
best inversion table benefits

A steel frame increases the sturdiness of Teeter EP-560, making it capable of supporting a user weight of up to 300 pounds. On top of having a heavy-duty frame, the table also features a number of clever safety add-ons – automatically locking hinges and cam locks are just two examples.

The table offers inversion at increments for added convenience. The preset inversion possibilities include 20, 40 and 60 degrees. The EZ-angle safety tether can hold the position for a sufficiently long period of time.

When it comes to comfort, the inversion table has a number of features worth mentioning. Extra-padded ankle straps maintain the user in the right position without any pain or discomfort. Stretch-max handles offer a larger surface for effortless gripping. The table also has a flexible contoured bed, acupressure nodes for increased therapeutic benefits and a lumbar bridge.

Just like the previous entry in the list, this table can be adjusted for height. The height capacity of the table ranges from four feet eight inches to six feet six inches.

It comes with a foldable design for easier storage. The folded dimensions of Teeter EP-560 are 20 by 28.8 by 66 inches. When fully assembled, the table measures 84 by 28.8 by 86 inches.

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We all know that Teeter has made various inversion device for back pain and exercise, and there are comparison and reviews for quick choosing:

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#5. Invertio Premium – Backed by Amazon’s Happiness Guarantee

Just like the other options in the list, this one accommodates users up to 250 pounds in weight, and the table can be adjusted to accommodatebest inversion table for sale the heights of different users. It is suitable for people in the four feet ten inches to six feet six inches range in height with 26 easy-to-use height adjustments.

Heavy-duty 1-1/4” diameter ultra-high-strength tubular steel makes this fully-braced, non-rocking frame safe for users up to 250 pounds, and non-skid, non-marring composite feet prevent movement on any surface and protect your floors.

Invertio Premium can also be folded for easier storage. The assembled dimensions are 48 by 27 by 55 inches.

This model comes with a high-tensile strength limiting strap system. A safety strap is also incorporated in the design, allowing for easy angle adjustments while the inversion table is being used. The Premium Ankle Supports feature lots of padding for optimal comfort, 8-Position adjustable supports provide a quick and perfect fit for any size user; they lock securely, yet are easy to release when you are finished with a session.

Unfortunately, on the product itself value the 5 stars. On the other hand, as many have mentioned, the directions are absolutely rubbish. But many people say this $100 table have the same quality as the $400 table. Ever 60 years old people can use it safe and easily. So, if you need a beginning inversion table, this budget one should be nice to try!

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As you can see, all of the inversion tables in the list come with excellent characteristics and therapeutic benefits. To choose the right one, you’ll simply need to set a budget in advance, determine what inversion range you need and what comfort features are required. Based on these specific preferences, you’ll find it much easier to pick a product that you’ll be completely satisfied with.

Back pains, sore muscles, and general aches can start creeping in as you become older. Nonetheless, the pains you seem to get become much more as you get older. A simple exercise can leave you feeling sore for days, and even picking a can from the floor could pull your back.

Although there are several treatments and medications that can alleviate the pain, nothing is as effective as inversion therapy. So, what’s inversion therapy?

A Guide To Choose The Best Device For Inversion Therapy

Inversion therapy is one of the ancient treatments that are still in use today, for a wide variety of health issues and painful disorders. Inversion literally means hanging upside down, in order to reverse the effects of gravity. Inversion therapy entails strapping yourself onto a moveable table or chair, and inverting upside down. You can choose to invert yourself in different degrees, and it’s recommended you start small until you get used to this form of therapy. When you’re now used to it, you can progress to a completely inverted position.

Inversion can be very effective as a part of a spinal cord decompression program, which works to eliminate or reduce the symptoms of spinal cord conditions. While inversion is considered one of the most primitive form of spinal cord decompression, many patients have sworn by its efficacy, with some calling it a miraculous cure for their conditions.

Nonetheless, some patients have also been injured while using inversion therapy. But one thing is for sure, it’ important to know much about inversion therapy before embarking on it, so that you are aware of the various options available for you, what to look for, and how to use the therapy for best results.

Here are the different types for you reference:

Different Types of Inversion Therapy Tools You Can Choose

Gravity/Inversion Boots

Gravity boots are some of the most common types of inversion apparatus. They are usually attached to a mounted accessory rack, allowing the user to suspend themselves up and down from their ankles. As fitness gadgets, gravity boots allow you to hang from a bar upside down. They are essentially used in inversion therapy to apply traction on the back with the aim of decompressing the spine.
There are one best selling hanging upside down boots chin up system for you reference:

Gravity Boots – Teeter Hang Ups EZ Up Inversion and Chin Up System

best inversion boots

This is an easy to use system. It requires a rack and gravity boots and readily attaches to a door frame. It also comes with its own DVD helpful for beginners. You can learn how to set yourself up to use this model easily by following the enclosed instructions.

It attaches securely to any door frame.

You then put the special gravity boots on and hang upside down.

You can also use this model to do chin-ups and work on your upper arm strength.

You’ll save money by not having to go to the chiropractor as often.

This unit is under $200 and very affordable when compared to a co-pay to the chiropractor over the course of a year. It will quickly pay for itself.

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Although inversion boots were quite popular in the 1980s, the proponents of this therapy have continually replaced the boots with inversion tables and inversion chair, both of which are devices that tilt your body at an angle, without necessarily having to hang upside down completely.

Inversion Table

Compared to gravity boots, inversion tables are usually thought to be much easier and safer to use. They allow multiple inversion angles and have many more features than the simple ones that come with the inversion boots. With tables, you strap your feet onto the table during the inversion therapy, starting out upright and then moving flat, followed by inverting yourself with the feet above your head. As mentioned earlier, you can either invert yourself at a slight angle or hang completely upside down.

Innova ITM4800 – Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table

best innova inversion table

Isolated Heat and Vibration Therapeutic massage Inversion with adjustable lumbar pad

Multi mode massage settings with auto and manual selection for a complete massage experience

4 Position Adjustable Safety Pin for easy positioning and safer inverting over old strap systems

Accommodates users 4’10”-6’6″, Heavy Duty 300 lbs weight capacity. The head cushion and lumbar pad are nice extras. The lumbar pad does massage and heat your lower back. This pad is adjustable up and down the table via Velcro straps. The power cord for the lumbar pad has a crazy long cord to plug into the wall, really nice so no extension cord needed.

The machine works great, however, it was a little hard to put it together, but it benefits your whole family daily. You can try it at:

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Which is the best inversion table for different needs? Click below to see more!

Inversion Chairs

Inversion chairs let the users put their head below the feet in a seated position. Due to the seated position, the chairs are more comfortable and exert less pressure on the leg joints. The seated potion also allows for much easier and safer transitions, while effectively equalizing the blood pressure, and promoting balance recovery. As such, chairs can be safely used alone, and you don’t have to invert the body 100%. Inversion chairs are more superior to inversion tables because they promote a better posture.

For best inversion chairs, there are two models for you reference:

[supsystic-tables id=10]

More about the inversion chairs or anti-gravity chairs, you can see>> Inversion Therapy Chair and Anti-gravity Chairs

Yoga Trapeze/Swing/Sling

A yoga trapeze is a swing- or sling-like contraption that lets you hang upside down in various ways. The swing acts as a tool for many yoga poses, and muscle strengthening techniques. Yoga swings have become quite popular, as they are thought to be the most natural kind of inversion therapy. They lengthen the space between each of the vertebrae – what you need to reduce back pains. The trapeze allows you to get upside down, thereby reversing your blood flow, and to send fresh oxygen to the brain, leaving you feeling inspired and invigorated.

YOGABODY Yoga Trapeze – Top Rated Swing/Sling/Inversion Tool with DVD

best inversion tool

Relieve back pain and improve your back bends.

Pro-grade quality: this is the same model used in YOGABODY studios worldwide and includes gym-grade grip rubber handles.

Unmatched quality assurance, full 10-year parts guarantee means we’ll replace anything (or the entire thing) if there are any mechanical problems.

Why Recommend:

This yoga trapeze is a great option for hanging upside down. The ropes that come with it are perfect for being able to adjust the height to where you want them. The fabric, rope, and carabiners are really sturdy.

This yoga swing is awesome for the degenerative spine and a crapload of back issues! Also, there was an unexpected benefit: accidental massive ab workout!

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For people like simple exercise devices for back pain relief, there also anti-gravity back stretchers for you choose. You can use a vertical back stretcher flip or hang upside down to improve your back condition. We have chosen the most useful model of a different type for you reference:

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How To Choose The Best Inversion Table?

Health experts have increasingly recommended using inversion therapy for treating spinal conditions like herniated discs and spinal stenosis. The device requires that the user position their legs at a level higher than the head, with some devices that can suspend a person upside down 100%.

1. Deciding whether to get a Motorized of Manual Devices

Manual inversion devices require you to use handles that are placed on the sides of the table in order to reach the desired angle. Motorized devices, on the other hand, allow the user to adjust various positions via built-in controls. Of course, the motorized units usually cost more than manual units do, though they are prone to more maintenance problems that can arise over time.

2. Storage Requirements

You may also want to keep the inversion equipment away when not in use. As such, when considering storage you may need to choose a type of conversion device that can fold easily so that you can store your device away from any interferences. The weight of the inversion device determines how easy it is to move it around. As such, if you need to stow your device away after use and retract it back when you need it, you might want to consider the weight factor.

3. Fit and Comfort

Before you purchase an inversion device, you need to test it out first so that you can make sure the padding is enough. The padding is very important when it comes to comfort levels when using the device. Of course, you don’t want to get a device that you will use for the first few days, and then start to avoid using it because it’s simply just uncomfortable. It won’t be worth the investment.

As such, you should make sure that you can get on and off the inversion device in a smooth manner so that you can perform the inversion without straining yourself. You should also check the capacity of the inversion device in terms of weight and height. The reason is that you want to make sure that you will be getting the device that is a perfect fit for you.

4. Inversion Angles

Not all of the inversion devices are made to invert at all angles. Some can make it difficult to keep users inverted at some positions. Others cannot invert fully to 180 degrees, while some make it very difficult for the users to stay at mid-positions. It is recommended that you consult a chiropractor or a doctor for the best inversion angle options.

5. Ankle Support

Some inversions tables come with simple bars that allow the users to place their feet on for support when inverted. Some of the other devices come with adjustable ankle straps, which are used to hold the users in place. Take your time choosing the one that you truly prefer, as well as the one you can be really comfortable with.

About Total Quality Considerations & Ergonomic Design

The inversion therapy devices made from materials such as plastic and PVC are generally less durable that those made from steel and aluminum. You should therefore make sure that the frame you choose is strong and sturdy. It should not squeak or rock when you are using it. In addition, make sure that the device you are planning to purchase comes with a warranty. Some of the well brands often come with a warranty on all of their products.

Nonetheless, for those manufacturers that are starting out or those that are not well known in the inversion therapy industry, there’s a high chance that no warranties will be offered. But you can always enquire from your salesperson when you are buying in an equipment store.

For all these quality considerations, the best recommend model should be Teeter EP-906 Ltd. Inversion Table, below are details:

Teeter EP-960 Ltd. – Best Quality Inversion Table With 5-Year Full Warranty

best teeter inversion table

An extended ankle lock handle for easy securing and patented wrap-around Ankle cups for comfort and support.

Two types of handles provide assistance and even more stretching options.

Adjustable EZ-Angle tether features preset angle markings at 20, 40, and 60 degrees.

Heavy-gauge steel parts with patented security features like auto-locking hinges, cam locks, specialized pivot bearings for durability.

Teeter EP-960 Ltd. have very high user ratings and Underwriters Laboratories (UL) certification for meeting safety standards and high quality. You can hang vertical and do situps without fear of the collapse of not being able to get back horizontal. Try it now!

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If You Need Additional Features for Special Benefits

The best inversion devices will come with extra features for the price. Some inversion table, for instance, comes with acupuncture noes and a lumbar bridge, both of which increase the productivity of these tables significantly. Some devices also come with an exercise DVD thrown into the inversion device’s package. Other models have ultra-thin elements for heating made from carbon. An inversion table with a massage function will give you more relaxation. All of the elements are essential to the usability of the device. The features are included to make sure that your back muscles remain soothed and relaxed during your inversion therapy.

Ironman IFT 4000 – Best Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

best ironman inversion table

Inverts to 180 degrees, with 3 starting positions; supports 350 pounds

Extra-long safety handles; mesh pocket for remote control

Ultra-thin carbon fiber FIR heat heating elements in backrest help soothe muscles

This infrared therapy inversion table can be used to help reducing back pain and fatigue and increasing blood circulation. Great to increase blood circulation, bodily energy, aids in decreases stress levels. It may also help to benefit people with injuries.

With an easy-to-read LED display control, you can adjust Time (0-60 minutes), Temperature (90-140 degrees F), and On-off switch. And the F.I.R Heat Therapy comes with a Remote control allowing you adjusting the settings easily while inverting.

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And for people need massage & heat inversion tables, you can check up below:

[supsystic-tables id=11]

And you also can go to see our special collection of Heated and Massage inversion tables below:

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Pay Attention To The Reviews From Users

Once you have narrowed down your choices to a list of few items, it’s always wise to take some time and read online reviews on the exact models. Everybody has an opinion on what is fair enough about a product, but you will get a good idea on what to expect, and how you can maximize the productivity of a product. Amazon is a great place to check out the reviews from actual users, and can be a great way to verify that the device you choose performs as advertised. Going through reviews has proven very important and popular in the past, and is worth considering. Of course, you don’t want to lose any money on an inversion device that doesn’t perform as expected.

Compare Costs & Your Budget

Inversion devices can cost anywhere between $100 to $1000 depending on the type, quality, and features that come with the device. For beginners, you may want to consider a pocket-friendly model first. On the other hand, users with enough experience can invest in a more expensive unit, with more features and higher quality.

One of the first important aspect to consider when choosing an inversion device is the amount of money you are ready to pay for such a device. As we have mentioned above, inversion devices come in different types, and their price usually depend on their quality and the features included in them. Ideally, you should choose the one that doesn’t go above your intended budget. However, make sure that the device you choose is not too cheap in a way that their quality might have been compromised.

For best budget inversion table for sale, the one we recommend is

Gracelove Heavy Duty Deluxe – Best Price Inversion Therapy Table Under $90

best heavy duty inversion table

Durable designed Premium inversion table is constructed of a heavy-duty steel frame and easy to clean, removable nylon pads

Easy inverting, a 3 position roller hinge and comfortable, padded ankle clamps provides a control for rotation

Capacity: 300 lbs, and users 4’10” – 6′ 6″

This inversion table can relieve stress and pressure on lower back, discs, and nerve roots. Inversion therapy also increases blood flow to your lower spine, aids body flexibility, and helps in improving posture

The table works so well and is so easily adjusted for different users (about 15 seconds – no tools). This Folding Fitness table is a very sturdy iversion table, this is the best amazing inversion table for money!

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Keep reading for best inversion table for money:

How to Find the Best Inversion Table for the Money?

If you are not completely sold on the idea of getting an inversion table, then it’s a good compromise to try a budget inversion table first. When you find one that suits you, you can always opt to upgrade it later on. Most manufacturers have a variety of inversion tables that can suit every taste and budget.

Keep in mind that opting for a low-cost table doesn’t necessarily mean that you will be sacrificing quality. Using a lower-end table doesn’t mean you are putting your life in danger. Of course, there are some drawbacks, and when you are shopping for the budget tables, you need to be aware of these drawbacks.

Inversion Tables Under $100

Most of these are produced by Emer and usually have a similar ankle holder system. They consist of rear cuffs with rubber padding, front foam rollers, a footrest, and ratchet locking. With a long lever on the ratchet locking, the ankle locking solution can serve as one of the most comfortable solutions, since it allows you to adjust the locking to fit the size of your ankles while avoiding bending too much in operating the mechanism.

However, the tough rubber padding is likely to dig into your feet with the Emer tables. While this is no big deal for those who plan to be inverted for short periods, it can be a bummer for those who want to be inverted for longer periods. As such, you may want to add a soft towel for extra comfort.

When it comes to putting together the budget inversion tables, the assembly instructions are universally bad. Nonetheless, YouTube is a great resource with a plethora of videos on the assembly of most makes and models of inversion tables. The tools provided are also god-awful, and you will be better off using your own tools.


With a wide variety of inversion tables on the market, complemented by a wide variety of inversion table reviews, it can be quite tedious and time-consuming to find the right inversion device for your individual needs. However, while we didn’t cover everything, we are hopeful that this guide has offered you a great insight into what to look for in the Best Inversion Devices.