Best Folding Inversion Tables Reviews

An Inversion table is mainly used as a treatment for back problems. What the investment tables do is forcing the body to loosen the back. Usually, the head and shoulders exert too much weight on end and cause stress. And an inversion table can eliminate all this weight and relaxes the back in a way that most of them did not think possible.

Although an inversion table has many benefits, for people who live in a compact apartment, putting an inversion table at home may stand too much space. So, to help you solve this problem, we have prepared the top 6 best folding inversion table. They can not only help you do inversion therapy but save much space.


The Benefits of Having A Folding Inversion Table

best folding inversion table

The inversion table is an effective solution to relieve low back pain and improve the flexibility of your body. By exercising with this table, you can train the central and posterior muscles without unnecessarily pressing your back. The inversion table must be locked in place throughout the exercise. Bend your arms over the trunk, and keep your chin bent toward the sternum.

Then, flex the chest muscles and bend the hips and waist to lift the body. While hanging completely, hold your right arm over the upper body and keep the left side of the table. Gradually pull the object in this specific direction, allowing your torso to turn.

More benefits of the inversion table

  • The inversion process generally reduces the pressure of the spine to help reduce the effect of gravity. You have to sit and stand more quickly, as well as in a prominent place. Also, you will move with grace and ease.
  • Reflects the gravitational pressure on the spine, which can cause pinched nerves.
  • An inversion table that uses the body to stretch the column reduces the pressure on the discs.
  • An inversion table can help relieve general back pain by providing full traction to the spine.
  • When the toes are above your heart, this promotes blood circulation and oxygen transport to the brain. Many people report improved alertness after doing inversion exercises.
  • The inversion process can help stretch and stretch the muscles, which can reduce pain.
  • The inversion table benefits tight muscles by eliminating waste from your body through the lymphatic system and the bloodstream.
  • An inversion table is a form of traction. It can help relieve pain related to rheumatoid arthritis.

Top 6 Best Folding Inversion Table Reviews

1. EXERPEUTIC 575SL Foldaway Inversion Table

best foldable inversion table

The EXERPEUTIC 575SL Foldaway table is a sturdy decision with multi-point positions and a client’s flexible tallness.

Why Choose It?

  • Delicate Cushioned Backrest

The table is an extraordinary decision with delicate cushioned backrest, froth rollers, and pad lower legs that hold your lower legs securely. The pad holders are anything but difficult to pull in and discharge.

  • Durable Inversion Table

The 1.5-inch steel outline makes the heavy table obligation and durable with a weight limit of 300 pounds. The full circle security handles are extra-long and accompany adjustable tie for protected and simple inversion change.

  • Nylon Ties Control the Inversion

A nylon tie controls the inversion, thus the table can be set to hang at any edge. Some clients report that the link can break out of nowhere, with the outcome that the client is out of nowhere and reversed. The lash should be examined before use, or conceivably supplanted with a more burdensome obligation tie. It can, likewise, be hard to gather.


  • Quite reasonable
  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Easy to utilize


  • Height adjustment may present issues for taller people


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2. ONETWOFIT Heavy Duty Folding Inversion Table

best folding inversion table

ONETWOFIT Heavy Duty Table is one of the cheapest of the folding inversion tables accessible.

Why Choose It?

  • Durable and Reliable

The bed is nylon work over a metal edge. It utilizes a lash to keep the table from totally inverting. Some individuals have whined that the cushioning on the lower leg props isn’t entirely comfortable. Nonetheless, it is developed of steel and is, therefore, reliable and stable.

  • Easy to Store

The table folds for storage. It is durable enough to use for working out. Anyway, the client’s body weight is the thing that keeps the table in the rearranged position. Crunches or sit-ups will take you back to an upright position.

  • Highest Caliber

They likewise have gained fame for being the highest caliber. It utilizes a solid nylon lash to control the point of inversion. There is no lock on the table, and the client’s body weight swings it from upstanding to altered. It is sufficiently sturdy to use for working out.

However, it is exceptionally just ready to be utilized for this in the modified position.


  • Stable and sturdy
  • Quite safe with the deep jolt design
  • Versatile choice


  • Height adjustment not exactly easy yet effectively reconfigured


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3. EXERPEUTIC NO PINCH Ankle Holders Foldaway Inversion Table

best folding exercise table

Appreciate the anxiety alleviating benefits of inversion treatment effectively, serenely, and securely with this from EXERPEUTIC NO PINCH Ankle Holders.

Why Choose It?

  • Heavy-Duty Inversion Table

Work out a heavy-obligation and solid steel outline, which prevents insecurity while inverting. This unfathomable table can unquestionably bolster 250 pounds of client weight. So everybody in your family can utilize it without any issues.

  • Airsoft Lower Leg Holder

To convey unmatched solace, the 225 SL features Airsoft lower leg holders that dispense with pressure out on legs and lower legs. Furthermore, it is all reason for the patent-pending air chamber structure. The lower leg holders have numerous associated individual air chambers and use airsoft innovation.

Subsequently, the EXERPEUTIC NO PINCH Ankle Holders permits the air to stream uniformly through various chambers. With these implicit air chambers, the framework will firmly verify and fit the state of your lower legs and legs. Because of the air padding, you won’t feel any squeezing or agony in your lower legs that may prevent you from doing inversion work out.


  • Quite safe and easy to utilize
  • Great design
  • Waterproof


  • Poor packaging


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4. Teeter FitSpine X Folding Inversion Table

best fold up inversion table

Teeter FitSpine X Inversion table has astounding premium features that make it significant.

Why Choose It?

  • All-inclusive Lower Leg Lock Handle

The table accompanies an all-inclusive lower leg lock handle for simple verifying. The footing and extra-long handles include the extending choice that gives the clients that essential help.

  • Fold-Over Lower Leg Cups

The fold-over lower leg cups give you unmatched solace and backing. By and large, the table is solid and made from excellent materials for sturdiness. There are cam bolts and concentrated turn direction for included solidness.

  • Nylon Work

The Teeter FitSpine X bed is a nylon work instead of foam cushioning, and the bed edge can sometimes be in an ungainly or agonizing spot when the client is altered. Some parts are made of plastic that can come up short at unfavorable moments. It very well may be collapsed up and is light for a bit of gym equipment. It is still enormous when collapsed, and can be hard to store helpfully.

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  • High quality
  • Works effectively in calming back torment
  • Quite safe


  • Difficult tallness adjustments


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5. IRONMAN IFT 4000 Folding Inversion Table

best confidence pro folding inversion table

Ironman brings to you one of the most meriting tables, which are reasonable and would keep going for quite a long time.

Why Choose It?

  • Help Expand Your Blood Circulation

This table assists with expanding your blood circulation and assuages the weight that is applied to your spinal vertebrae. Next, you can undoubtedly go to an upright position with the handlebar that makes a full circle.

  • Durable Inversion Table

Given that, the steel outline is too sturdy and reliable. It is an even powder coat on the edge that protects it from scratches. Besides, the high-quality side can without much of a stretch help you as long as you weigh 275 pounds or less. With the consideration of an elemental force pin discharge, you can remain guaranteed about security.

  • Suitable for Everyone Use

Indeed, even the tie lash is made adjustable to fit anyone’s shape instead or type impeccably. The steel construction adds significantly to its weight and keeping in mind that it folds up, even in its collapsed state, it is still very enormous. The pressure can likewise occasionally prompt harm in delivery, and it should be assessed on appearance before use.


  • Fairly easy to assemble
  • High-quality cushioning
  • Sturdy



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6. KINGSO Foldable Premium Inversion Table

best fold away inversion table

As we become increasingly progressed, so does how we think. One producer has indeed ventured up their game with an energizing mix. By mixing the most recent vibration and massage tech with the customary inversion table, permit me to present the KINGSO Inversion Table with Ultra-Thick Back Support.

Why Choose It?

  • A Vibrating Enginee for Massaging

What would you be able to anticipate from this inversion table? Happy, you inquired. The KINGSO Inversion Table kicks things a step higher with a vibrating engine fused in the table to massage you as you loosen up.

Presently, do I genuinely need to go into the limitless benefits of a massage? Why not give it a shot and perceive how incredible your muscles feel?

  • Sturdy Table

We’re not merely discussing the way that the KINGSO inversion table comprises of sturdy steel tubular frames or the way that it can deal with more than 300 pounds of unadulterated human. The plan on this terrible kid not just makes it simpler to move around gratitude to the collapsing structure, however, the extra liberal cushioning will cause you to feel as though you’ve unintentionally arrived on a luxurious mattress.


  • Well-constructed
  • Great design
  • Comfortable and safe
  • Pretty easy to assemble


  • A bit pricey


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How To Choose The Best Folding Inversion Table?

Albeit most folding inversion tables are comparable, there are a few differences significant. Here are a few criteria to consider while picking a folding inversion table:

  • Client Reviews and Feedback

When considering buying another folding inversion table, you truly have to search for reviews and feedback from past customers. I think reviews just from the believed locales like Amazon, for instance, since they only permit reviews from confirmed customers.

Search for the most helpful reviews and reviews that offer the most subtleties just as negative feedback. No product is absolutely 100% good, and over celebrated reviews are kind of not trustworthy for me.

  • Material

Folding inversion table materials contrast from manufacturer to manufacturer. Consider where and how you will utilize your folding inversion table to decide whether one material would be superior to another.

  • Price

In spite of the fact that price isn’t the main factor to consider, it is by and by critical. The cost of a folding inversion table should be following its value. You can compare products online to ensure you are getting a reasonable price. This is anything but difficult to do on Amazon.

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  • Request

The interest for a particular folding inversion table is a good sign of its capacity to perform the capabilities for which it was planned. On the off chance that a product has been around for some time and still has popularity, it is likely the right product.

  • Shading

Folding inversion tables likewise come in an assortment of hues. Do you need a particular shading? You should also consider whether the shade of your folding inversion table would have any impact on the effectiveness of its operation.

  • Size

Like most products, folding inversion tables come in different sizes. Do you need a sizeable folding inversion table or a little one? Consider where you will utilize your folding inversion table to decide the best size. You can likewise peruse the client reviews on Amazon to perceive what others are stating about the size of the unit they purchased.

  • Capacity

Will you have to store your folding inversion table? Assuming this is the case, you should consider the size and weight of the folding inversion table to ensure that it very well may be put away appropriately. Likewise, give some consideration to the sort of atmosphere in which your folding inversion table will be set elsewhere.

  • Durability

The durability of a folding inversion table will be contingent on the materials utilized just as the quality of the assembling procedure. Additionally, the kind of folding inversion table you buy may influence its durability.

  • Comfort

Comfort will not be important while searching for the ONE; however, keep in mind its significance. On the off chance that the table is uncomfortable, you’ll never utilize it. Tables that come with thick cushions will, in general, be more comfortable than products with flimsy cushions.

Some likewise come with extra cushioning for the neck and lumbar area for additional help and comfort. On the off chance that you are enduring with lower back torment, you might need to consider products with lumbar support. More often than not, these backings are removable, so you can utilize them just when vital.

  • Warranty

Ensure an excellent manufacturer’s warranty backs the folding inversion table you are considering. If it isn’t, you may be in an ideal situation with another product.

  • Client Rating

Client rating is perhaps the best foundation for picking a folding inversion table. It is difficult to know precisely how a folding inversion table will perform until you get it home and try it out.