Top 8 Best Inversion Table 300 lbs Capacity Reviews 2022

Could it be that you are an exercise enthusiast who wants to work his back and spine? Have you been seeking the most suitable piece of equipment to use for the job? Well, we are pleased to let you know that you have come to just the right place.

Our review here below endeavors to handle one such awesome piece of fitness equipment. This is the inversion table. It is a special kind of table that keeps you in an upside-down position. This allows blood to flow to the head and the brain. At the same time, it also impacts the spine and the backbone wholly.


How Much Weight Can An Inversion Table Hold?

There is no universal weight that an inversion table can hold. The amount of weight is dependent on quite a number of factors. These include the following:

1. Weight Rating

The number one determinant of weight is the weight rating. By ‘weight rating’, we mean the maximum amount of weight that the structure is designed to hold at any given time. This is a figure that is assigned by each manufacturer after taking into consideration all factors.

2. Structural Makeup

This refers to the manner in which the various parts and components of the item are glued together. The makeup has a role to play insofar as the distribution of the weights is concerned. An item whose weight is uniformly distributed is better placed to handle excess weights compared to the simpler one.

3. Material Construction

Closely related to the above are the kinds of materials that are used to make the structure of the item up. Some materials that hardened steel, stainless steel, cast iron, and Aluminum are generally stronger and firmer. They are subsequently well able to bear extra weights compared to their weaker counterparts.

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4. Stability

Stability the way in which the base of the table is spread out. A wider base is generally more stable than a narrower base. With greater stability comes the added benefit of being able to bear extra weight. Many tables give you the leeway to vary the spread of the weight accordingly.

5. Intended Area of Use

Where exactly do you plan to use your tables? Tables that are meant for remote use tend to be slimmer and less able to bear much weight. That stems from the need to carry them around every now and then. Those that are strictly for indoor use, however, are tougher and able to bear extra weights.

6. Planned Longevity of Applications

Other than the locations of use, these tables are also designed to last some certain predefined periods of time. Those that are designed for long and enduring use tend to be stronger and able to bear much weight. The opposite, however, holds for those that are mainly meant for short term occasional use.

7. Fitness Types

Finesses come in various shades and forms. These variations have a role to play with regards to the amounts of weights that the fitness equipment can bear. Those tables that are designed for rigorous exercising are stronger and capable of bearing excess weights. On the flip side, those that handle weaker exercises are similarly unable to bear heavier weights.

8. Accessories

The likelihood of the table to bear any accessories is also a determinant of the amount of weight that the table can bear. Those tables that can handle and attach to many accessories are able to bear excess weights than those that are simpler in size and stature.

9. Degree of Sophistication

Apart from the tasks for which the tables are designed to handle, they also come in varying degrees of sophistication. As a general rule, the more sophisticated a table is, the more likely it is to bear more weight. The simpler versions are only able to bear a little amount of weight.

10. Brand

Lastly, the brands also have a role to play insofar as the number of weights these tables can bear is concerned. Some brands like the Ironman, Exerpeutic, Innova, Teeter, Harison, and Bigzzia are the strongest and most reliable. They are subsequently more likely to bear much weight.

Best Inversion Table 300 lbs Capacity Reviews

1. IRONMAN IFT 4000 Infrared Therapy Inversion Table

best inversion table 300 lbs

This one operates via infrared technology to deliver intense heat and massage outcomes. Thus, it is well able to yield smoother and more in-depth outcomes when weighed against the other alternatives.

Why Choose it?

  • 2.5-inch Infrared Heat Therapy Backrest

At its core is the 2.5-inch thick molded infrared heat therapy backrest. This one plays the role of delivering added comfort to your back. At the same time, it also channels the heat output uniformly.

  • Ratchet Ankle Locking System

A patented easy-reach ratchet ankle locking system comes in next. It basically fastens the moving components firmly to prevent the same from fidgeting and inflicting unnecessary harms as you work out.

  • Inverting Hand Grips

Closing the list of benefits is the inverting hand grips. Given that they give off excellent traction, they allow for the smooth and easy returns and positioning of your body as you invert on the table.


  • Possesses advanced heat technology
  • Soothes the muscles in the course of a workout
  • Increases the circulation of blood in the vessels
  • Reduces the incidences of fatigue and back pains
  • Controllable remotely for expedited use and handling


  • Demands excess expertise to engage
  • Costs a lot more to operationalize


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2. EXERPEUTIC 975SL Heavy Duty 350 Lbs. Capacity Inversion Table

best inversion table 300 lb capacity

Looking to undertake heavier workouts? This table will get you there. It is strong enough to be able to achieve that very end. In addition to that, it also handles strenuous chores with absolute ease.

Why Choose it?

  • Patented iControl Disk Brake System

A patented iControl disk brake system stands tall among all the awesome benefits it potentially has to provide. This system yields a quieter, smoother and easier working outcomes when deployed for use.

  • Patent-pending Airsoft Ankle Holders

Its handling apparatus come in the form of patent-pending Airsoft Ankle holders. They allow for unmatched comfort all the while of use as they negate the need for pinching or any excess pains.

  • Double Lock Ratchet Tooth Mechanism

The double lock ratchet tooth mechanism comes in last among the list of its most celebrated features. As the name implies, the mechanism performs the role of locking the item firmly in place to prevent the same from fidgeting.


  • Able to invert at varying angles
  • Highly unlikely to cause any pains
  • Resistant to scratches and stray markings
  • Adjusts the heights appropriately for your own comfort
  • Provides added support to the back


  • Demands excess muscle power to handle
  • Calls for excess space to mount and install


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3. Innova ITX9600A Heavy Duty Inversion Table

best inversion table for over 300 pounds

Have some back or spine issues? Get hold of this table and say goodbye to that very issue. That is because it is appropriately fitted and equipped to handle all forms of back issues for your proper good.

Why Choose it?

  • Six-angle Pin-slot System

The six-angle pin-slot system stands out as the premier part and component of the structure. It does come along with a protective cover. Jointly, they deliver safer and more consistent inversion outcomes.

  • Height Adjustment Tube

This table also allows for the adjustments of the heights in response to the unique inversion needs that may arise at any given time. Thus, it is also able to conform to the precise weights and heights of users.

  • Ergonomic & Reversible Ankle Holding System

An ergonomic and reversible ankle holding system finally closes the list of the most celebrated features of the table. The system does bring along some added comfort and makes your own experience superior.


  • Protects your head and back from injuries
  • Allows for easy positioning when in use
  • A strap system fastens the movable parts for added protection
  • Ergonomic handles expedite these and application of the equipment
  • Accommodates many kinds and types of users


  • Requires tender care and handling
  • Inflicts higher operational costs and additional expenses


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4. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Inversion Table

best innova inversion table for 300 lbs

Wanting to massage your back as well? Set your eyes on this particular table as it does have a massage feature and functionality as well. It comes in handy especially if you are tired and prone to fatigue.

Why Choose it?

  • Adjustable Headrest & Thick Backrest Pad

Its headrest adjusts while its backrest is thicker. Thanks to these two vital traits, the table is more comfortable and able to grant added comfort that you badly need to have your back well-massaged.

  • Three-position Headrest

The headrest inclines in three main positions. On account of this, it gives you a more relaxing feeling that also maintains you in a state of utmost comfort as you work your way out of a fitness regime.

  • U-Shaped Holders

At the front and the rear of the table are some U-shaped holders. These ones bring about a sense of added comfort and vitality in the course of handling the table and tackling the workouts.


  • Many parts adjust for maximum comfort
  • Adjusts in 6 positions for wholesome workouts
  • Allows for an easy position with little effort on your part
  • Accommodates varied kinds of users and fitness enthusiast
  • Features many materials that are long-lasting, breathable and comfortable


  • Prolonged use may injure you

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5. Teeter FitSpine LX9 Inversion Table 300 lbs

best teeter inversion table for 300 lbs

Have some limited space at your premises? This small and compact table is the one to set your eyes on. It is well able to fit the least amount of space mainly due to its ability to fold and tuck away easily.

Why Choose it?

  • Deluxe EZ-Reach Ankle System

A deluxe EZ-Reach ankle system is the most notable aspect of this table. It handles and facilitates the pains that the back sufferers are more likely to endure when in the course of a workout.

  • Space-Saving Storage Feature

As we have already explained, the table is space-saving in the sense that it is able to fold to take up the least amount of space available. You have it for your taking if you reside in a cramped up apartment.

  • Safety Certified

Lastly, the structure is certified by Underwriter’s Laboratory. Thanks to this certification, the table is aptly suited for endurance and those issues that are generally strenuous and likely to yield any injuries.


  • Precision controls allow for complete workouts
  • Its ankle lock handle is made of aerospace-grade stainless steel
  • Decompresses your own back and makes it streamlined
  • Shifts the weight your weight for effortless inversion
  • Tackles tough tissues and joints


  • Manages limited incidences of use and applications
  • Cannot endure excessive fidgeting repeatedly


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6. HARISON Heavy Duty 300 lbs Inversion Table

heavy duty 300 lbs inversion table

Could it be that you are too weighty? This is not an ordinary table. It is indeed able to bear a whopping 350 pounds that is sufficiently able to allow for tough and resilient workouts that are beyond the scope of an ordinary table.

Why Choose it?

  • Heavy Duty Steel Frame

Coming in first among the list of its most awesome features is the heavy-duty steel frame. This one provides the structural support and base necessary for subsequent fitness and workouts.

  • Weight Capacity: 300-350 LBS

As we have already hinted, the table is able to bear excess weights that fall in the range of 300-350 pounds. It is this specific trait that sets it farther apart from the others of its peers.

  • 3D Memory Foam Backrest

A 3D memory foam backrest seals all the vital features of the item. It, unlike your ordinary backrest, is able to conform to the curvature of your waits and release the pressure from the same altogether.


  • Appropriately protected against all possible breaches of safety
  • Tilts and adjusts for your maximum support
  • Takes all back pains and pressures away
  • Has some therapeutic benefits as it combats back pains
  • Waters down all forms of pressure from your muscles


  • Quite bulky to handle around
  • Strictly for indoor use
  • Unsuitable for emergency situations


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7. Innova ITX9700 Inversion Table 300 lbs

innova inversion table 300 lbs

The Innova brand is largely known to be reputable and full of therapeutic benefits. You cannot afford to forfeit or overlook the brand if you are intent on leveraging the benefits that the item does have to offer.

Why Choose it?

  • True Balance System

Unlike your typical table, this one is truly balanced. A triple adjustment structure exists to facilitate this very purpose. Thanks to this awesome balance, you stand to enjoy a fair degree of convenience as you practice.

  • 6-Angle Pin System

Next comes a 6-angle pin system that basically adjusts the position and the stature of the table altogether. With this adjustment in mind, you may be sure to enjoy unparalleled comfort as you massage your back.

  • Excellent Makeup

Overall, the item has excellent makeup indeed. The large backrest pad and the soft touch foam handlebars are two of the most outstanding of these. They allow for more comfortable and fruitful workouts.


  • Keeps your lumbar in appropriate shape and support
  • The soft foam handlebars add some comfort while transporting the table
  • Its True Balance System allows for easy inverting
  • The strong heavy-duty frame provides a superior base for your workouts
  • Holds the ankles firmly in place for your improved peace of mind


  • Requires some assembly right before use


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8. Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table 300 lbs

best adjustable inversion table for 300 lbs

Are you constantly on the move? We invite you to attempt your luck on this specific apparatus. It on the whole folds and tucks away easily to allow for smooth and easier transportation to a desired remote location.

Why Choose it?

  • Removable Shoulder Foam Rollers

Some foam rollers stand out as the most significant parts of this table. They are removable to allow for easier cleanliness and transportation to the location that you may want to make it to.

  • Relaxed Ergonomics Triangle Design

In all, the structure comes about in a relaxed ergonomics triangle design. Thanks to this design, the table is safer, stronger, and more stable than your ordinary fitness equipment would naturally do.

  • Comfy Backplane

Coming in last is the comfortable backplane that is mainly made up of the high-qualified memory foam. The role of the backplane is to offer appropriate support to your backrest, thanks mainly to the excellent ergonomics.


  • Folds and rolls with absolute ease
  • Enables faster and easy set-up
  • Adjusts in three positions for added convenience
  • The loop foam accords extra comfort
  • Maintains your back in an upright position


  • Quite confusing to a simpler user


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Final Words

Finding the right inversion table is indeed the first and foremost step towards making good use of these items. You can never gamble at all with this entire exercise. That is why we reiterate that you have to read the explanations we have provided against each of the tables above a second time.

In your hunt for the right 300 lbs inversion table, do assess your own strengths, weaknesses, financial resource endowment, and the area where you intend to use the table in. These are the main determinants of the suitability of the tables for your own use.

It also pays to share this information as far wide as possible. Chances are that there are many people out there who equally require this vital piece of information to go about their finesses and workouts. What else are you waiting for? Move with haste to implement the insight we have given to you!