Best Rated Massage & Heat Inversion Table – Reviews

One of the best forms of therapy that you can use if you have a bad back is to use an inversion table with heat and massage. This is a device that allows you to lock your feet to the bottom, and allows you to invert yourself into an upside down vertical position. Whether you are hanging from your feet, ankles or your legs, it is possible to go through what is called spinal decompression. These devices are also known as massage & heat spinal traction units that are able to help through the process of decompression. They can help alleviate back pain and also prevent the probability of developing herniated discs.

Here is an overview of two of the top massage and heat inversion tables that are currently being sold on Amazon.


How to Choose the Best Inversion Table with Heat and Massage?

When you are looking for the best inversion table with heat and massage functions, make sure you start with your physical therapist. A physical therapist or a chiropractor can recommend the best inversion tables on the market for patients.

High-end is better

Previously we mentioned that the best inversion tables won’t just put your body in a different position. The high-end models will be able to position you in different angles. Each angle will allow your back to receive the best relief from more than one position point. This is important for maximizing the amount of back-pain relief from a table.


You should also consider if an inversion table has the right length and material to support your height and weight. Think about the amount of comfort that the padding provides for your body. The pads should be thick enough for support but soft enough not to leave marks on your skin. The straps that you have on your inversion tables should be strong enough to support your frame.


You should also consider the design of an inversion table and make sure it is well put together. The unit should not contribute to making your back hurt worse. Also, it should not cause you to develop other injuries or issues with your body.

Our Review Of Three Top Massage And Heat Inversion Tables

#1. Innova ITM4800 – Best Recommend Therapeutic Inversion Therapy Table

For someone who have suffered from lower back pain for years, this table is worth the try if you’ve tried all the less invasive rehab. Really good unit for the price, it is the cheapest priced iin the market.
inversion table with heat and massage review

  Isolated Heat and Vibration Therapeutic massage Inversion with adjustable lumbar pad

Multi mode massage settings with auto and manual selection for a complete massage experience

4 Position Adjustable Safety Pin for easy positioning and safer inverting over old strap systems

Accommodates users 4’10”-6’6″, Heavy Duty 300 lbs weight capacity.

Special Recommend:

The head cushion and lumbar pad are nice extras. The lumber support heat and massage pad does work fairly well. It’s removable so if you don’t like how it feels, just take it off.


Only thing to not-satisfed is that the ankle brace is uncomfortable for long inversions. It’s a hard foam where you’ll feel discomfort on the top of your foot. The machine works great, however it was a little hard to put it together, but it benefits your whole family daily. You can try it at:

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#2. Health Gear Advanced Vibro Massage & Heat Inversion Table – Most Functionality for Taller Guy

The first inversion table that will be discussed is one from a company called Health Gear. This particular model is one that uses advanced inversion technology and also comes with heat and what they call Vibro Massage. Essentially, you are not only able to decompress your spine, but at the same time, you will have the muscles in your back relax. This will be due to the heat therapy that will be provided, and also the vibrations giving you a massage, while you are in this inverted position.

inversion table with heat and massage reviews  It does come with a helpful fold and roll design which means you could move it around your house very easily.

  It is capable of handling people who are between the heights of 5’1″ to 6’5″. It also has a 300 pound capacity which is usually more than enough for people who would like to use this regularly.

  It is also extremely adjustable with 20/40/60 degree inversion positions.

This particular model weighs about 57 pounds making this unit very portable. It has been approved and tested to UL 50 which is a way of determining performance and safety standards. It is also designed for safety, covering areas where there could be actual pinch points that could happen as you are rotating this unit while you are strapped on. You can check price at:

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#3. Merax Vibration Massage & Heat Inversion Table – Best Budget for Short Person

The second inversion table comes from a company called Merax. This is a business that also produces very good inversion tables that also incorporate heat and vibration massage.

massage inversion table with heat  There are adjustable foam rollers that will provide you with maximum comfort at your feet. You are secured to this particular model via your ankles.

  It also comes with a high density foam, and ways only 63 pounds. This is something that, if you have a truck or van, would be very portable weighing a total of only 63 pounds. This will allow you to bring it with you if you want to, whether on vacation or to work.

  It has a slightly different height capacity which is better for shorter people, possessing a range of 4′ 10″ to 6′ 3″.

This Merax inversion table use what is called Vibration Massage Technology, and you can even remove the massager and heat generating unit if that is what you would prefer.

Details you can check below:

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Which One to Choose?

Both of the two models have oversized rollers which will make it very comfortable for you, even if you are there for an extended period of time. Both of these are easy to operate, and also are designed to fold up quickly without any hassles.

Fold and roll design inverson table

If you are strictly looking at price, the Merax inversion table is much less expensive, making this a bargain for people who are on a budget. It also has better reviews than Health Gear, and is much lighter which makes it a portable unit. This might be your top choice if you are trying to find something that is inexpensive that you can bring with you on trips. However, the Health Gear is much lighter, making it easier to pack around you the different places that you will be going.

If your goal is to get one that has the most functionality, you should consider the Health Gear inversion table. Merax should be the one that you get if you are under 5 feet in height. If you are exceedingly tall, Health Gear would be the better choice because it is designed for extremely tall people as well as those with average size. It simply comes down to how much you want to spend, how tall you are, and how many different settings you are looking for with one of these devices.

Now that you know the difference between these two inversion tables, it really is up to you what you believe would be best for your situation.

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  • If you would like more functions, and if you are taller in stature, Health Gear would be the better choice.
  • If you are searching for one that has the best reviews overall at budget price, and if you are a shorter person, the Merax inversion table would be the best one for you.
  • With more than 200 reviews on amazon and cheaper than $150, the Innova ITM4800 is best choice for anyone who like try heat & massage inversion table. You won’t go wrong with it!

For people not need too much function, there are hot picks Infrared Therapy inversion tables you can choose.

Why Should You Get Best Inversion Table with Heat and Massage?

A good inversion table will provide relief for your spine. It is also a useful device for getting rid of tension and general pain out of your back. A good inversion table will not turn your body upside-down, leaving you hanging in an unnatural position. Instead, it will provide relief to your back area. Don’t forget that being in an upside-down position will not automatically make your back feel better.

A good inversion table will allow you to find the right angle that will provide the best relief for your spine. Sometimes, you might need to be hung in an inverted position to get the best relief. However, with most people’s spinal areas this is not the case. Sometimes back pain sufferers can be positioned at an angle to help them find relief. The best inversion table provides the best benefit for your torso.

Keep in mind that a good inversion table with heat and massage features are also important. These two features will help to loosen up your back and to keep your muscles loose. The heat and massage functions will also help to stretch out your back and it will help you with back therapy exercises.

Who Needs the Inversion Table with Heat and Massage?

We previously discussed if the heat and/or massage functions are really necessary. Now, we’re going to focus on which type of back patient will benefit the most from these features. Physical therapists know that heat applications and massage therapy work for many back-pain sufferers. They typically use these processes to provide relief for a person’s spinal region.

Back patients who are suffering from muscle strain, muscle injury, vertebral fracture, and pinched nerves can benefit from this device. People who have general back pain or suffering from stress can also find heat and massage functions beneficial. Heat and massage applications might not always work for back pain sufferers, but it does help. People with more severe back pain or who are suffering from serious back conditions; probably will not benefit from these functions.

Prices of Inversion Table with Heat and Massage

Prices for inversion tables are going to vary by manufacturer and model. Most inversion chairs cost between $150 and $450. The types of inversion tables that are used in physical therapy centers could cost thousands of dollars. The higher-end or best inversion table models on the market cost between $350 – $450.

Prices for models will also vary by the size of the unit. The larger units will cost more than the smaller sized models. You should also understand that the more advanced models will naturally cost more than the basic models.

Keep in mind that older or discontinued models will usually be cheaper in price. You could also purchase an inversion table in good condition. Most inversion tables for your home are affordable. Sometimes, your insurance might be able to cover this expense since it can be used for health reasons.

Top Brand – Ironman Infrared Therapy Inversion Tables

We all know, the FIR Heat delivers health and therapeutic benefits of Far Infrared Heat Therapy to your back through penetrating deeper into human body without the skin discomfort of traditional heating pads, hot towels, and some pain relief gels/creams.

People who has used the Ironman Infrared tables say, the infrared table provides serious reduction in the frequency and intensity of pain. And the infrared feature – that’s making the better best! And you can choose the models below:

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Both the two models have Same Features:

  Inverting hand grips (patent pending) for easy return and positioning of the body while inverting.

  In addition to LED display control, the F.I.R Heat Therapy comes with a remote control allowing you adjusting the settings easily while inverting.

  Ultra-thin built-in F.I.R. backrest heats up within 10-15 minutes. ETL/CETL certified.

  Inverts to 180 degrees; Foam covered, extra-long safety handles allows for easy return to upright position.


IFT 4000 have Ratchet ankle locking system allows for easy locking and unlocking while ergonomically molded ankle cushions hold ankles securely and comfortably. And the IFT 1000 have ergonomically molded Pull Pin ankle cushions hold ankles securely and comfortably.

Ironman IFT 4000 has 2.5 inch thick infrared heat therapy backrest provides for extra comfort and heat while foam covered. And Ironman IFT 1000 has 1 Inch thick infrared heat therapy backrest but $100 less, its also a good choice for people on budget.

How to use Inversion Table with Heat and Massage?

Each inversion table model will have their own unique controls and functions. Heating and massage buttons and/or knobs will be different for each table type. Many models will also have remote control functions as well.

A good inversion table model with massage functions will have different settings. The settings will allow users to adjust the chair for different levels of massage intensity. Massage settings can also provide different types of massage functions. For example, there could be a pulse feature, a vibration feature, and a pounding feature.

Inversion tables with heating units will usually have electronic or digital buttons. They can also have knobs. Each of these devices can be used to turn up the intensity of the heating pads. The heating pads are usually located inside of the padded materials on the table. Insulating materials on an inversion table should be hot sturdy enough to keep people from being burned by the pads. However, they should allow the appropriate level of heat to be felt by the table’s user. Remember, that some people can take more heat than others. The main thing to remember is that the heat shouldn’t burn a person.


How Do Inversion Tables Work?

The reason that inversion tables are so therapeutic is that they are actually using gravity to your advantage. As we walk around each day, or if we are sitting in one position for extended periods of time, we can begin to experience spinal compression. Conversely, when you are able to invert your body into a position with your head down and your feet up, gravity works in an opposing manner, allowing the discs in your spine to decompress, providing you with pain relief.

What Are The Benefits Of Inversion Therapy?

The primary benefits of inversion therapy are numerous, some of which have already been stated. All of them will help elongate the spine, and as a byproduct, you will relieve pain from your back muscles. It can relieve pressure from the spinal cord’s ligaments, and even reduce pressure to the nerve roots as well. The muscles that support the vertebrae will also have a significant drop in compression, along with your hips, neck and back. Doing this can also promote better circulation which is going to help reduce the amount of stiffness that you have in your muscles. It can also help you reduce the effects of gravity on your body by expanding just a few minutes a day in an inverted position.

Are There Any Health Risks Associated Inversion Tables?

Before discussing the benefits of these inversion tables, there are a few things to consider. First of all, people who have high blood pressure, heart disease, or even glaucoma, may not want to use this as a form of therapy. It will force the heart to pump blood much harder due to your inverted positioning. This could potentially lead to increased strain on the heart, therefore it is imperative that you speak with your family physician before using this type of treatment.

Are Heat And/or Massage Functions Really Necessary?

Honestly, heat and massage functions for your inversion might not be necessary. However, for some people these functions are important. Most people who suffer from a spinal condition or back pain can benefit from heat and massage applications. Still, some people have sensitive backs, and the heat and massage applications can cause further pain. A physical therapist can evaluate a patient to determine if heat and massage features would be useful. Truthfully, many back-pain sufferers do like the heat and massage functions on their tables. Still, every person has their own opinion about these two functions on their inversion tables.