Best Inversion Table for Spinal Stenosis Reviews

When you are feeling pain on your spinal cord, it can be signs of spinal stenosis. It can be caused by injuries, genetic conditions, herniated discs, and may make you be in a lot of pain. The pain can be relieved using a surgical procedure or an inversion table that can straighten it.

It is common among elderly people who are over 50 years, and it is mainly caused by arthritis. It can also affect the younger individual, but it is usually genetically related. This individual has a small spinal canal that will experience the backaches.

What Is the Best Inversion Table for Spinal Stenosis?

What Is Spinal Stenosis?

It is a health condition in which your spinal canal narrows down. The spinal canal is a way for various nerves as it narrows some will be blocked, and this causes the pain that one will feel on the back.

Spinal Stenosis

Causes of spinal stenosis

This condition is common among aging individuals who are 50 years and above. The leading cause of the condition in them is arthritis. It also affects younger individuals, but it is not very common. The common causes include:

  • Genetics – some individuals might be born with diseases that cause the narrowing of the spinal canal or affects bone development.
  • Injuries – If an individual is involved in a serious accident it might cause swelling of tissues that can cause the blockage
  • Tumors – An abnormal growth might occur in the spinal canal, causing the blockage.


Everyone will show different signs and symptoms when they are suffering from spinal stenosis.

The common symptoms are:

  • Stiffness occurs in your arms and legs.
  • Numbness in your fingers and toes
  • Pain on your back.
  • When you experience difficulty in walking or bending.
  • If you cannot control your bowel while breathing in and out.

Can an Inversion Table Help with Spinal Stenosis?

whether an inversion table help with spinal stenosis

Yes, the inversion tables go a great way in reducing the back pains. The inversion table enables you to practice the inversion therapy that is great for reducing pain and pressure on your back. When using an inversion table, there are a lot of benefits to your spinal canal and spinal cord that include:

Reducing Back Pains

With the poor sitting postures and the effect of downward gravity, we are likely to develop spinal compression that causes the back pains. With the inversion table, it helps in stretching your lower back and muscles to relieve you of pain.

Improving Your Posture

Sometimes sitting in the office desk for a long period might cause compression on your lower back. The inversion table enables you to stretch your spine and muscles hence maintaining a good posture.

Getting Rid of Lymph

This is the waste in your spinal canal that should be removed after some time. The waste buildup in the spinal canal could cause blockage, but hanging upside down on an inversion table can assist in dealing with spinal stenosis.

Top 8 Best Inversion Table for Spinal Stenosis Reviews

1. Hot Pick- Teeter FitSpine X Inversion Table for Spinal Stenosis

best inversion table for spinal stenosis


  • It has a good suspension system for multiple movement motions.
  • The inversion table is easy to use.
  • It offers more angle adjustment options that you can use.


  • It is not good for individuals who are over 300lbs.

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  • Effective in Relieving Back Pain

With back pain problems, this Teeter machine can be essential in relieving you the pain you are feeling on your back. It is a high-quality machine designed to focus traction on your lower back. It is fitted with a good suspension system that allows you to have better motions on the table for effective decompression. Its strong handholds can be stretched more, enabling you to have better decompression.

  • Easy to Use

It is an easy machine to use. The inversion table is fitted with strong ankle cups that hold you well for better comfort. You can do arm movements and general body stretching as you wish for good decompression. You are also able to adjust it to any angle that you see fit.

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2. With Ankle Holder – IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

best inversion table for spinal stenosis


  • It has a lumbar pillow that can be removed for good decompression.
  • It Airsoft ankle holders that ensure you do not feel any pain while inverted.


  • A little costly.

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While on an inversion table, stretching and decompressing comfort is the number one thing to consider.

  • Has Soft Ankle Holders

This IRONMAN inversion table has soft ankle holders that ensure you are not in any pain while hanging upside down. It is equipped with a lock system that you can easily reach with your arm. The lock system will make the secure table while inverting.

  • Perfect for People Up to 350 lbs

It has a big backrest board made of vinyl, which is huge enough to support your body while up there hanging. And also, this inversion device fitted with a lumbar pillow that you can remove for effective decompression. It is made of steel frames to ensure it can hold heavy individuals of up to 350lbs.

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3. For Folding – Exerpeutic 575SL Foldaway Mobile Inversion Table

best inversion therapy for spinal stenosis


  • The inversion table is easily movable.
  • It is easy to store since it can be folded.
  • Has an Airsoft ankle holder


  • None.

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Even with severe back pain problems, you can say bye to them when you have this machine.

  • Can be Folded for Easy Storage

This is a simple design inversion table that is easily foldable to be stored with ease. It is fitted with wheels doing your work easier when you want to move it from one place to another.

  • With An Airsoft Ankle Holder

This inversion table has an Airsoft ankle holder that ensures you do not feel any pain while inverting.

  • Safe Features

The locking system can be reached easily. This makes the inversion table secure while inverting. You can adjust your inversion angle in four positions for better decompression.

Best Exerpeutic Inversion Table Reviews

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4. FDA-Registered – Teeter EP-970 Ltd. Inversion Table

traction for spinal stenosis


  • It is easy to use.
  • The inversion table gives you three inversion angles to use in decompressing.


  • A little costly.

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  • Excellent Designs for Spinal Stenosis

With any back pain, you are feeling this machine should be your choice to relieve you of the pain you are feeling. This inversion table features good quality ankle locks that secure your legs in a position well. The handle stretches, enabling you to achieve maximum stretching capacity. The nodes on the table provide focus point action while the lumber bridge will focus traction on your lower back for good decompression.

  • Durable and Long-lasting Machine

The contoured bed will hold you comfortably while inverting. With simple arm movement, you can change your position to invert. It is made of steel, making it strong and durable.

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5. Back Pain Relief – Teeter Contour L5 Inversion Table

inversion chair for spinal stenosis


  • The table comes with three preset inversion angles for good decompression.
  • It is easy to clack the ankle locks using a long handle.


  • The inversion table is very expensive.

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  • Suitable for People With Chronic Back Pain

Even with chronic back pain, this machine can help you beat it and regain your natural posture. It is a good design inversion table that creates aesthetic value when you have. The inversion table is fitted with a long handle that is used to lock the ankle lock. You will not have to bend a lot to be able to lock your ankles.

  • Stainless Steel Materials

The inversion table is made of stainless steel that makes it strong and durable. It has a good pivotal system that allows you to get your ideal inversion position easy. It is ideal for use by different individuals and has three different inversion angles that allow you to realize the benefits of the inversion table.

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6. Reduce Muscle Tension – ZXGFA Folding Teeter Inversion Table

best teeter inversion table fpr spinal stenosis


  • It is a simple, compact design that can be stored easily.
  • It has a long handle to use in locking your ankles to avoid bending much.


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  • Easy to Stretch Your Spinal Cord

Most of us do not appreciate what we get from being flexible. For the guys with back pains and are not flexible enough, this table can be used to regain their flexibility. It is easy to use because, with simple arm movement, you can change your inversion angle as you wish. When you are in an inverted position, it stretches your back muscles and stretches your spinal cord, making you feel better.

  • Foldable for Easy Storage

It is a simple, compact design inversion table that you can use. Also, this table easily foldable, meaning you can store it without any problem in a small room. It has a large backrest covered with foam that will make you comfortable while resting on an inversion table. It is a good therapy table to deal with any back problems.

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7. Editor’s Choice – ZXGFA Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

best heavy duty inversion table for spinal stenosis


  • It is simple and easy to use.
  • It can be folded, making its storage very easy.
  • You can adjust the height to accommodate long individuals.


  • None.

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  • Helpful for Back Pain

Inversion tables can be very helpful in enabling one to deal with the back pains. This is one inversion table that is easy to use because, with simple arm movement, you can change your posture at any angle you like. The arm movement can enable you to get in an inverted position or be upright.

  • Stretching Your Muscles and Spinal Cord

When you are inverted, it stretches your muscles and your spinal cord relieving of the pain. Assembly of the table is easy, and with the foldable design, you can easily keep it in a small room. It has a high-quality backrest that is covered with foam to make you very comfortable while exercising. The structure of the table is effective in enabling you to have a good platform to exercise.

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8. Luxury One – ZXGFA Folding Heavy Duty Inversion Table

best foldable inversion table for spinal stenosis


  • It is simple and easy to assemble.
  • The design can be folded easily, making storage easy.
  • Good at stretching your body.


  • It is quite costly.

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  • Good at Stretching Your Body

The inversion table is good at stretching your body, enabling you to stretch your spinal cord, muscles, and improve your blood circulation. It is an easy to use table because with simple arm movement you can change your posture from an upright position to an upside-down one.

  • Easily Fold It Up for Storage

It is very easy to assemble the inversion table, and with its design, you can easily fold it up for storage. This makes it easy to keep even if you are living in a small space. It has a removable lumbar pillow that gives good traction to your lower body part for good realignment. Moreover, It has a large backrest to comfortably hold your body when you are decompressing.

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Things to Consider for Choosing the Right Inversion Table for Spinal Stenosis

inversion table for spinal stenosis reviews


The inversion tables are available in different designs and make, which costs different prices. You have to have a good budget and analyze the available inversion tables in that range. Look for something that will give you the best exercise. If you assume this factor, you might get a table that will make you not to achieve anything.


This is a very important factor to consider because an inversion table should be easy to use. Many inversion tables do not let you have control of the inversion process that may be problematic. Look for a simple table that, with simple arm movement, you can change the posture of your body.


It is an important factor to consider. If you get an inversion table that has a one or two years warranty, you should avoid it. It shows the company does not have trust in its product. A good inversion table should have five and more years warranty.

Other Features

  • Ankle locks. They should be locks that do not cause you any pain.
  • Compact design. A foldable design inversion table should be easy to store.
  • Accommodate other devices if the inversion bed can be connected with your phone or a tablet.


What causes spinal stenosis to flare up

1. What is the Best Pain Relief for Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis has no cure, but your doctor can prescribe anti-inflammatory medication to use in relieving you the pain. You can also get injections of cortisone that may help with the pain.

2. What Causes Spinal Stenosis to Flare Up?

Sometime you might have the spinal stenosis, but you do not feel while walking. When you try to work out in a gym, the pain may be intense. High-intensity exercises like jogging, running, and playing contact sports can make the pain much.

3. How Do You Prevent Spinal Stenosis from Getting Worse?

You can be able to make your spinal stenosis condition not get worse by:

  • Exercising

To avoid it getting worse, you need to have your spine healthy. Your spine can be healthy, be always exercising. The exercises you can do include:

  • Swimming

It stretches your whole body, and with the resistance of the water, it gives you good exercise to strengthen your spine.

  • Yoga

It is a simple exercise that involves a lot of stretching. It will be effective in getting your spine health.

  • Walking

Having a good walk daily will assist in stretching your muscles and in getting your spine healthy.

4. What Activities Should Be Avoided with Spinal Stenosis?

If you have spinal stenosis there are some things to avoid that include:

  • Exercises if they bring much pain after being engaged.
  • I am walking for long distances.
  • I am standing for a long period.
  • It is set on an office desk for long.


Spinal stenosis is a condition that can affect both young individuals and elderly ones. You should be able to give your spine some exercise sometimes to keep it fit. This review will give you an insight into this condition and how to deal with it.