Best Heavy Bag Gloves for Beginner – Reviews and Tips

When you are a beginner workout enthusiast, there are things you must have. Good gloves are must-have tools to protect your arm. When hitting that punching bag, the gloves will protect your wrist and the arm generally. We narrow down the 9 best heavy bag gloves for beginner use next.

Top 9 Best Heavy Bag Gloves for Beginner List


What Are the Best Gloves to Use with a Heavy Bag?

Heavy foam-padded gloves. When punching a heavy bag, you need enough protection of your wrist and hand to avoid injuries. You will need an excellent padded glove to act as a shock absorber for the punches you throw into the heavy bag.

Lightweight bag gloves. The light and thinner bag hitting gloves are perfect for use with these heavy bags. They offer much protection to the hand and are ideal for throwing punches faster.

Leather gloves. Heavy bags require strong gloves to be used. When you use other cheap material gloves, they will easily break not being able to protect your arm. They are strong glove that can handle the power from the heavy bags.


How to Choose the Best Gloves for Beginner Use?

Choosing the best size glove for any beginner is essential. This is what to do:

Firstly you have to determine the size of your hand. The gloves sizes are displayed in ounces (oz). The size of the glove will usually determine the padding on the glove. If you want a glove for a heavy bag, it will have to have more padding to ensure the protection of your arm.

A good glove should perfectly fit your hand. They should be able to snug around your wrist but not so tight. A chart has been developed to show the size of the glove you can get. If a guy is 54 to 68 kg and the hand circumference is between 5.5 and 7.5 inches, then one should get a 10 oz glove.

Hayabusa heavy bag gloves for beginner

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Secondly, you will consider the use of the glove. Is it a multipurpose or a glove for a specific use? The multipurpose gloves are good for beginners as they can use to do various activities.

Thirdly will be the laces or strap gloves. The laces ones are for professional guys. For a beginner, the strap gloves are better, as you can put them on alone.


Reviews of the 9 Best Heavy Bag Gloves for Beginner

#1. Best Sale – Elite Protective Heavy Bag Gloves

Elite heavy bag gloves for women beginnerFor a good training session, you will always need light and strong gloves. These gloves are lightweight, enabling you to throw those punches easily. They are made of PU leather, ensuring durability and strength of performance.

You also get the pre-curved form enabling your hand to form a fist easily and fit in them well. When you have worn them, you will surely enjoy your session and have excellent performance.

The triple-density foam is a good protection feature in these gloves. It protects your arm by absorbing the shock that results after throwing the punch. The lightweight material makes them comfortable for both men and women to use. You will also be able to clean and maintain easily by wiping them.

With the stretchable wrist strap, the glove will perfectly fit in your hand. It also protects your wrist from other injuries. Additionally, with the 3D mesh on the palm, it allows for cooling for your hands to stay dry thus more comfort while training,

Brilliant Features:

  • It is lightweight.
  • They have a 3D mesh that ensures your hand remains dry always.

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#2. Best Rated – Core Heavy Bag Gloves for Men and Women

Core heavy bag gloves and handwraps kit for beginnerThese gloves are made of synthetic leather. The professional construction methods used to make it ensures a good glove that can last for a very long time is made. This method is used to ensure it protects the user during the workouts.

The gloves have respiration holes in the palm that will ensure your palm does not get sweaty. This will ensure you are comfortable and enjoying your workout session at any time. The special design of attaching the thumb to the glove is to avoid injuries and enable one to form a perfect fist.

The adjustable wrist strap is always to keep the glove in position and to protect your wrist from any injuries. They are available in different sizes that the children and adults can use.

Brilliant Features:

  • The thumb is attached to the glove to avoid injuries.
  • They are made of synthetic leather to ensure durability.

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#3. Best for MMA – Brace Master Boxing and Sparring Gloves

Brace Master heavy bag gloves for mma beginner reviewsWorking out with a punching bag requires excellent and high-quality gloves. These gloves are perfect for beginners because they are made of high-quality leather. The leather and sponge with perfect sewing techniques will make this glove tough, and it can also last for a long time. The quality of the glove makes it perfect for kickboxing, MMA, training, and other sport.

These gloves have adopted the open palm design making them very breathable and comfortable in your arms. This reduces the sweating doing your training or fight more enjoyable. It is also great for protecting your knuckles because of the thick padding.

The wrist will be protected by the reinforced wristband and the hoop and loop closure. Maintaining it is easy by just wiping, do not get it wet since the leather will be damaged. The gloves are available from the small size to the larger both for men and women.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is made of durable leather.
  • The gloves can be cleaned and maintained easily.

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#4. Best Kit – Hayabusa S4 Boxing Gloves and Hand Wraps Kit

Hayabusa heavy bag gloves for beginnerWith a regular plan to work out with a punching bag, you will always need good gloves. These gloves will offer you the tools you need for good workouts.

They are good gloves to use in your training. The gloves are made of foam that easily folds in your hand to form a perfect fist. The foam material is a good tool for shock absorption enabling you to throw proper punches.

The glove is pre-curved, enabling your hand to fit in perfectly and position your thumb well for a good fist. They are available in different sizes in the market from the products small kids can use to adults. The adjustable strap enables the glove to perfectly be fit on your hand and also provides extra protection for your wrist.

The outer layer is made of PU leather and some nylon lining. The palm has the mesh material that allows your hand to breathe well and avoid getting sweaty. This will ensure you are very comfortable while working out.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is made of PU leather, making it durable.
  • Has the mesh palm for your palm to avoid getting sweaty.
  • It has foam that will always absorb shock after throwing a punch.

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#5. Best for Training – Everlast Advanced Wristwrap Gloves for Heavy Bag

Everlast heavy bag wrist gloves for beginnersFor every training session, you will need suitable gloves to enjoy the process anytime. These gloves offer you the tools on that excellent training session. They are made of synthetic leather to ensure the strength and durability of the glove.

It also adopted superior construction and sewing to ensure it achieves good functionality always. It also has the anti-microbial treatment feature to ensure bacterial growth after a session is not encouraged. It makes the gloves safe for use at any time.

The full wrist strap ensures the glove fits in your hand while also protecting your wrist when throwing those punches. These gloves are suitable for heavy bag workouts, and you will enjoy throwing each punch.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is perfect for use with a heavy bag.
  • It is made of synthetic leather, making it durable.

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#6. Best for Mixed Martial Arts – Everlast Large Heavy Bag Gloves for Adults

Everlast heavy bag for martial arts beginnerThese gloves are good for anyone that likes to go working out with the heavy bags. It is made of synthetic fiber and nylon lining. This makes the gloves be able to last longer and enable you to achieve top performance always while working out.

The gloves are also fitted with some foam padding that acts as the shock absorber when throwing those heavy punches. They are pre-curved, enabling your hand to form a perfect fist for good punches.

The mesh palm material makes it good with its functionality. It acts as a ventilator allowing fresh air to the palm, making you not get sweaty while working out. When not sweating a lot, you will be comfortable and have a nice training session.

Brilliant Features:

  • The mesh palm allows for good ventilation.
  • The foam padding assists greatly in shock absorption.

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#7. Best Machine Washable – MaxxMMA Boxing Heavy Bag Gloves

MaxxMMA washable heavy bag gloves for trainingWhen working out, you always want a light glove, but that can offer excellent performance. These gloves are made of neoprene, making it very light. The glove also provides top-notch performance, and it can last for a very long time after purchase.

The gloves are available from small to large sizes both for men and women to use in their training. The pre-curved foam is for your hand to form a perfect fist while also acting as a shock absorber.

Cleaning and maintenance of the glove is an easy part. It can be cleaned with your other clothes using a washing machine. The wrist strap can be adjusted, enabling it to fit your hand well while also protecting your wrist. The mesh palm will ensure comfort and breathability to avoid getting very sweaty.

Brilliant Features:

  • Cleaning can be done with a washing machine.
  • The pre-curved foam enables your hand to form a fist and act as a shock absorber easily.

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#8. Best for Youth – Hawk All Purpose Heavy Bag Gloves

Hawk gloves for kidsFor the kids that love to play with a punching bag, this can be their gloves. It offers proper knuckle protection by using an extra thick layer for shock absorption. The gloves are made of PU leather to ensure they can be used for a very long time.

There is a separate foam padding over the wrist joint to prevent any wrist injuries while training.

For every glove, it must be breathable. This glove has a pinhole on the palm that ensures your palm gets fresh air to remain dry. This increases comfort while working out. They are multipurpose and can be used for training to engage in different sports.

Brilliant Features:

  • They are multipurpose gloves to train for various sports.
  • It has a pinhole that provides the cooling effect in your palms.

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#9. Best for Kids – Cheerwing 4 oz Heavy Bag Gloves

Cheerwing gloves for toddlersFor children that love sparring, punching, taekwondo, this can be their gloves. The gloves are made of PU leather that will always ensure they can be used for long.

Your children will be able to enjoy playing with them since they are durable. They contain EVA foaming that will always protect your arm while throwing the punches.

The gloves can be cleaned easily. It is fitted with an elastic wrist strap enabling the kids to fit it on their hands perfectly. It also protects your wrist as you can also easily wear these glove or take them off.

Brilliant Features:

  • They are durable.
  • The elastic wrist strap allows for more customization.

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#1. Are 12 oz Gloves Good for Beginners to Punch Heavy Bag?

Yes, they are. Depending on your weight and the circumference of your hand, you can use it. If you are between 60 and 84 kg with a circumference of 7.5 and 8.5 inches, then this size of a glove will be perfect for you to use in punching a heavy bag.

#2. What Size Gloves Should I Buy for My Teenager?

If your teenage child is between 35 and 50 kg with a hand circumference of between 4.0 and 5.5, then you should get the child a 10 ounces glove. It contains enough padding to be used by a person in this bracket.


Working out is an excellent way to pass the time and get fit. You need an excellent glove to be able to have a perfect work out session. The above review gives insight into what to do to get a good glove for any beginner.