4 Best Desktop Punching Bags for Stress Relief & Speed Training in 2022

The best desktop punching bags are a great way to relieve stress at work or home, in a safe and fun way. They make great gifts for anyone regardless of their age and provide a conversation starter among your co-workers.

They function by having a solid base (sometimes using suction, and sometimes with a clamp), and are like miniature punching bags that are used by trainers, boxers, and athletes. In addition to being a great tool for stress relief, you can also use them to get your daily exercise in or to train while at work or your computer at home.

Top 4 Desktop Punching Bag for Speed Exercise & Stress Relief

Reviews of the 4 Best Desktop Punching Bag

#1. CozyBomB Stress Buster Desktop Punching Ball

Desk Mounted Punching Bag Ball
Desktop Reflex Punching Ball

A great tool to relieve stress at home or work, the CozyBomb desktop punching ball allows you to take out your frustration on something other than your computer or desk in an easy to use and fun way. A great gift for anyone who needs some stress relief in their life, or simply want to get exercise while working on a project at work or home.

Proven to improve cognitive function in anyone with ADHD, this product allows you to focus and re-center yourself, wherever you may be; all in a fun and safe way. With the weighted bottom, you can go as hard as you like without worrying about it tipping over or falling, and it is easy to set up; it only takes a moment of your time to do so before you can start using this product.

Brilliant Features:

  • A great way to manage stress or boredom at the office, and it is safe for all ages to use.
  • This is a high-quality product that is durable enough to put up with a lot of abuse that comes with consistent use.
  • In addition to being a tool for stress management, it can be used for training as exercise while sitting at your desk at home or work

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#2. Glacial Desk Mounted Punching Bag with Clamp

desk clamp punching bag ball for kids and adults
Stress Relief Desktop Punching Bag

This stress-relieving punching bag from Glacial is a great product that is aimed at relieving stress and boredom while getting exercise. While other similar products may fail to adhere to some surfaces, you won’t have that problem with this punching bag, as it comes fully equipped with a clamp for your desk.

This is easy to set up and use wherever you may be and is a great way to relieve stress that is both fun and safe. Highly durable, this punching bag and clamp can put up with a lot of use and punching, thanks to the durable leather material. Great for anyone regardless of age, but those who need some stress relief in the office will get the most benefit out of this product.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes with an air pump to easily inflate the bag, without needing to do it by hand
  • Relieves stress in an easy and fun way, and is a great conversation starter for the whole office
  • Sturdy and durable, able to take a beating and is very easy to set up. It won’t get knocked down thanks to the clamp that is included

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#3. Tech Tools Punching Ball at Home with Strong Suction

desk size punching bag
Desktop Speed Bag

Sometimes desk jobs can be stressful, and that is especially true when you work in IT; computer issues can be a pain to resolve. That said, thanks to the Tech Tools punching ball, you can relieve stress in a fun way at work or your computer desk at home. This product is easy to attach to your desk via the suction base, and will last through repeated use throughout the day.

The strong springs in between the base and punching bag are durable and guaranteed to spring back into action whenever you need to use this to relieve stress or boredom. Included in this purchase is everything you need to start relieving your stress at your computer desk, including the ball, an air pump, the spring, and suction base.

Brilliant Features:

  • The spring is quiet, and won’t make any noise when bouncing back
  • The leather bag is made from high-quality material, and the air pump allows you to inflate this product quickly
  • Unlike similar novelty items, this is a good size for your desk and isn’t too small to do the job it was intended to do

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#4. Best Cheap – Mini Desktop Punching Ball

cheapest small size speed bag
Best Cheap Desk Speed Bag

As this is one of the cheaper models available on the market today, don’t expect as much out of this as others, but it is still a great option to manage and relieve your stress at work.

This would be a great gift for someone who enjoys boxing, or has a stressful desk job; included in this purchase is a mini punching bag with suction base, (very) small boxing gloves for your index fingers, and a mini-book with trivia on boxing and some very basic finger boxing moves.

The suction base works decently, and it would be a nice addition to any desk, especially for those who work in a stressful job, such as a call center or in IT. The book that comes with the purchase of this product has some interesting information, and it may spark an interest in boxing with whoever you give this to.

Brilliant Features:

  • There is no assembly required, and you don’t need to inflate the punching bag before use
  • Makes a great gift for anyone, and is a great addition to any desk either at home or in the office
  • For what you receive, this is a very decently priced item that will be a great addition to your desk, and you will be able to get some stress management and relief

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What Is a Desk Punching Ball?

A desk punching ball is similar to what boxers and trainers will use at the gym; except for having a base that sits on your desk with a spring attached that connects to the actual ball, or bag. They are easy to start using, as most of them will come with an air pump that you will need to use to inflate the punching bag and they are great tools for stress relief.

Depending on the amount of tension in the spring, some of these products can be good for exercise and training while at the office, but most are used for their stress and boredom relief purposes.

There are a few different types and styles available on the market for desk punching balls, but the basic principle is the same: they will all have a base that is attached to the ball and can sit on your desk either with a suction-type base or will have a clamp that you can install directly to the end of your desk (this causes no damage to the desk itself).

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desk clamp punching bag ball for kids and adults

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What Is It Used For?

Desk punching balls or bags will primarily be used for stress relief and something that you can use at work to relieve your boredom if you have a lot of downtimes. Some of them will help to tone and strengthen your biceps and forearms, but generally, they are used as a means to help you manage and relieve your stress while at work or home.

These are especially good products for anyone who works in IT or at a call center, as both types of jobs are traditionally known to be stressful, as you are either dealing with people all day, or computer and software issues.

They can also be great conversation starters and a good way to connect with your co-workers as they will tend to gather at your desk or punch this as they walk by.

what can a desktop punching bag use for

Is It Better to Use a Desk Sized Punching Bag for Stress Relief?

These are great products that are very portable designed to reduce your stress, and make it easier to manage; however, they probably do not work as well as a traditional punching bag that is mounted to a ceiling or wall, as they will be much sturdier and more durable.

That said, they are good products that have the convenience factor going for them, as you can use them wherever your office space or place of work is. Depending on the type you use, some of them will be better suited for more use, and some are more durable than others.

Some models, of course, will have more tension as well, and these are better suited for if you want to get a quick arm workout in at work as well.


We hope that you were able to find value in this article and that it will help in your endeavors to lower your stress levels at home or work and have fun while doing so. All of the products listed above are made from quality materials and are great at performing their intended functions.