Top 10 Best Inversion Table Under $150 Reviews of 2022

If you have a limited budget and want to look for an inversion table under $150, you may be surprised about the price of inversion tables in the market. But, luckily, at this price range, there are still some excellent and high-praised devices. And their low price doesn’t mean poor quality. Instead, they are cost-effective and worthy choices for you.

Read this ultimate guide, and you will find the one for yourselves!

What Is the Best Inversion Table Under $150 In Premium Quality Level?


How to Pick the Inversion Table Under $150?

The materials construction

Inversion tables are therapeutical units meant to accommodate people’s weights for back pain treatment. Therefore, regardless of the model, you buy the inversion table should be strong enough to carry your weight. This narrows down to the materials it is made of. The frame structure should have durable and heavy-duty materials that are long-lasting. Your safety should be the number one factor to keep in mind when buying the inversion table. Heat-treated steel materials are the common structures sued to make the inversion tables.

The weight and height capacity

Do you need a personal table or a table that you can share with your family? This is another crucial factor to check out for when buying the inversion table. Even if you are buying a table on a budget, make sure it will fit you and serve the purpose. So, check out the weight limit that the inversion table can accommodate. If you choose a table to be shared in your home, make sure the weight capacity is high to fit all people who may need to use it.

For example, if the last person in your family weighs 250 pounds, consider a table that can carry a weight of up to 300 pounds or more for convenience. The same case applies to the height! You need to be as comfortable as possible when using the inversion table since your body should lie on the bed. Therefore, make sure to choose a table that fits your height. You cannot be 6’1 feet tall and buy a table with a size of 5’8 as it may be uncomfortable to use.

The stability

How stable is the inversion table? Regardless of where you opt to install the table, it should have enough stamina and stability when in use. So, before you buy the table, check out the base, and how it is crafted. The last thing you need is the table to wobble when you lie on it or tilt when you set it up. One of the stability features to look out for when buying the inversion table include; antiskid at the base.

The antiskid base ensures the table does not wobble or move when you set up even on smooth floors. Also, an inversion table made with crossbars at the legs is a plus in additional stability.

Padding and support

This is another crucial factor worth checking out to ensure optimal comfort for better back pain relievers results. People with back pain require ample support to prevent further straining of the lumbar, the muscles, or the spine. So, when choosing your budget-friendly inversion table, select a brand that has padding for supporting the back. Also, having a table with padding guarantees the best exercise and therapeutical treatment since you will be able to focus and use the table longer.

If you are buying the inversion table in a walk-in shop, try it out while still at the shop to ensure it has excellent and the right support padding. For those buying online, check the product description to see if it has padding or not.

Check out the handles and suspensions

The inversion tables work by fastening your body on the table, so you don’t slide off and fall. Mostly, the inversion tables have fasteners around the feet, lumbar section, and the legs. Also, some brands have handlebars that you hold on to when inverting for more support, mainly for older adults.

Besides fasteners, you need to check out for other parts like the knee-bars for positioning the legs at the right angle. All the buckles should be adjustable to provide the perfect and tight-fitting, so your body stays in place when you invert the table.

How it operates (manual or motorized)

The inversion tables that range below 150 dollars are either manually or electric powered. The manual inversion table depends on an individual to make changes with hands when moving and tilting the table. They are equipped with handles on the side for adjusting the inversion angles depending on one preference. These inversion tables may be hard to control but are easy to maintain, considering they don’t require regular services.

On the other hand, the motorized inversion tables are equipped with inbuilt control signals and may come with a remote for changing the inversions degrees. These inversion tables are suitable for most people, mostly elderly individuals, and easy to control. But, they are a bit expensive since they require regular servicing.

Ease to assemble

The inversion tables are shipped in parts so you can join them when setting up at your preferred location. So, make sure to choose a table that is easy to assemble and disassemble when required.


Best Inversion Table Under $150 Reviews

1. YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

The YOLEO Gravity Inversion Table is intended for people who weigh up to 300 lbs with a stature scope of 5’1″ to 6’6″. However, the device doesn’t have the stature scope of a large portion of the inversion tables. This inversion table isn’t appropriate for short people. Rather than lashes, it utilizes a creative profundity bar that provides you with wellbeing and security during inversion, which may be used either with or without including the cushioned headrest.

The inversion table includes a rock-solid steel outline that assures you have total significant serenity in addition to it is collected effectively. Since the device is planned with a removable headrest, it inclines to fall off when being used. Fortunately, it is as yet safe to utilize the board without the headrest.


– Easy to set up and use

– Heavy obligation steel board that guarantees you complete significant serenity

– Instead of lashes, it has a profundity bar, which is more straightforward to work mainly for people who have weak, reliable quality. It additionally provides expanded toughness.


– The headrest has the propensity of falling off. However, the device can even now be utilized securely without it.

best portable inversion table under 150

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2. Innova ITX9600A Heavy Duty Inversion Table Under $150

This device is a fast and lightweight alternative for most clients. It will come as a devoted arrangement with regards to loads of up to 220lbs, which will arrange it somewhat beneath the normal with regards to the weight limit. However, it will pick up as far as its weight and will, in this way, demonstrate to be an excellent alternative with regards to portability and capacity.

With the likelihood to vertically rearrange your body, it will likewise prove to be an incredible decision for the ultimate outcomes. The inversion table demonstrates to be perhaps the best arrangement with regards to a decent exhibition, and it will be one of the intriguing alternatives with regards to an agreeable encounter. For this reason, it will accompany high thickness foam for a charming meeting to battle the impacts of gravity. Considerably more, it will demonstrate to be a decent choice with regards to the flexibility of the situations too.


– Vertical position permitted

– Lightweight

– Density foam cushioning


– 220lbs weight limit

best heavy duty inversion table under 150

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3. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Heat and Massage Therapeutic Inversion Table

This is an incredible quality inversion table which is reasonable for people that weigh up to 300 lbs and have a tallness scope of 6’6″. It involves a steel outline and a wellbeing bar with an adjustable and robust calfskin tie. The steel outline is covered with powder that provides a scratch safe completing touch, in addition to it offers total inversion.

However, the inversion table requires a spotter for wellbeing since it doesn’t bolt itself out at 180 degrees. It additionally accompanies a lower leg locking framework that is extremely secure.


– Secure lower leg locking

– Full inversion

– Steel outline


– It needs some supervision since it doesn’t bolt out at complete inversion.

best massage inversion table under 150

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4. Innova ITX9900 Heavy Duty Deluxe Inversion Table

The Innova ITX9900 Deluxe Inversion Table is one of the prescribed alternatives when strength is your primary need. It will accompany a simple structure, which probably won’t demonstrate the best choice with regards to the older clients. Significantly more, it will be considered among the best alternatives when working with a structure that can take into account various clients because of its robust development.

With regards to the best at-home execution, the inversion table can demonstrate to be probably the best answer for toughness. Significantly more, it will be one of the top arrangements with regards to additional weight support as it will deal with loads of up to 330lbs. From this point of view, it will be over the reasonable alternatives available. Considerably more, it will demonstrate imperative to pick a plan, which is anything but difficult to utilize, and this is the reason it will be viewed as an excellent choice, particularly by the more youthful clients.


– Robust development

– High-grade materials

– 330lbs weight limit


– Not best for comfort

best innova inversion table under 150

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5. KINGSO Foldable Premium Gravity Inversion Table Under $150

This is probably the best arrangement with regards to a cutting edge structure, which is anything but difficult to utilize. It will accompany the flexible foam cushioning, which makes it an incredible choice with regards to a decent strength and solace. Much more, it will offer you great control as it accompanies enormous handlebars which are suggested for a suitable generally speaking steadiness and ease of use for clients all things considered.

With regards to treating lumbar torment, it may require additional consideration as it will accompany the extra usefulness, which may even exact torment now and again. Be that as it may, for most clients, it will attend a solace level, which is difficult to coordinate at this level, and this is the reason it tends to be among the suggested arrangements available for exceptional or sporadic use for most homes clients.


– 300lbs weight limit

– Memory foam cushioning

– Lumbar support


– Not best for torment when utilized with the lumbar help

best foldable inversion table under 150

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6. UBOWAY Heavy Duty Inversion Table – For People Up To 300lbs 

This device is intended for people who weigh up to 300lbs and have a tallness scope of 4’10” to 6’6,” and it provides a light back rub nearby the inversion for complete back relief from discomfort. The device is durable and offers four different inversion positions just as a manual and programmed rub. However, you’ll be required to situate it alongside an electrical plug at whatever point you wish to utilize the back rub work. The inversion table is foldable and tight, and simultaneously it offers security, solace, and accommodation. It likewise contains a cushioned backrest for added comfort and is anything but difficult to collect.


– Easy to set up and use

– Sturdy and strong

– Massage work

– Padded backrest


– Massage work needs an electrical plug.

best adjustable inversion table under 150

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7. MaxKare Inversion Equipment Table Under $150

With back rub and warmth usefulness, MaxKare inversion table demonstrates to be a compelling choice to work with. With thick upholstery and an authentic look, it will be a decent choice for clients searching for a steady alternative, which is anything but difficult to utilize.

The inversion table will demonstrate to be a suitable alternative when searching for an agreeable choice. It will be challenging to use, and it can likewise engage numerous clients with its back rub usefulness. Its fundamental quality will also accompany the thick upholstery, which is essential with regards to an extraordinary solace for all clients. With a hearty development, it will be at a similar level with the top choices as far as the weight limit.


– Thick upholstery

– 300lbs weight limit

– Vibration kneads with heat.


– The massage unit can be improved.

best inversion table for back pain under 150

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8. Body Vision IT9825 Premium Inversion Table

This is one of the friendly alternatives which will be prescribed to most clients. It accompanies adaptable foam padding for one of the most beautiful encounters available. As far as weight support, it will likewise speak to a secure alternative since it figures out how to hold clients of up to 350lbs, which speak to an excellent choice for business use too.

Additionally, this device will accompany a decent wellbeing level, which is likewise improved by the rubber treated feet, which will avert slippage. The inversion table demonstrates to be probably the best choice with regards to controlling your spine with different degrees of grade. It will likewise speak to one of the most significant alternatives with regards to comfort as it accompanies the adaptable foam padding, which will demonstrate ideal for a great many people. Much more, it will speak to an excellent alternative with regards to a solid structure with its unusual 350lbs weight limit.


– Memory foam padding

– Tubular steel outline

– Foldable plan


– Ankle backing could improve.

best inversion table under 150 review

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9. Bigzzia Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table

This is intended for people that weigh up to 300lbs with a stature scope of 4’10 to 6’6″ in addition to it is agreeable, reliable, and simple to gather. The table has a 5 point inversion just as a cushioned backrest.

The device is very reasonable and is a decent pick for people hoping to start inversion treatment or proceed with their involvement in an inversion table from their home.


– Easy to set up and use

– Padded backrest

– Comfortable

– Durable

– Five-point inversion


– None of those were accessible.

best under 150 inversion table with headrest reviews


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10. INVERTIO Inversion Table – Back Stretcher Machine for Pain Relief Therapy

This one is reasonable for people who weigh up to 300lbs with a tallness scope of 4’10″. It involves lower leg bolster pads, which are ergonomically formed for improved solace plus with dedicated foam covered nylon backrest. The material of the tilting board is cylindrical steel with a pinch of scratch safe powder covering. So, the lower leg locking frameworks are very agreeable and secure enough, guaranteeing that you have total genuine feelings of serenity.

Although the Invertio leaning back table has the option to crease level for simple stockpiling, this isn’t generally the situation. You’ll be required to dismantle it for storage. So, the device is still entirely cumbersome, and it can’t be put away under a bed.


– Strong, tough development

– Comfortable and secure lower leg locking framework

– Soft backrest


– Doesn’t overlay level for capacity

– Difficult to gather

best inversion table for pain relief under 150

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Features of Inversion Table Under $150

Ergonomic design

The majority of the inversion tables on this price rate have a bed and A-frame structure that stretches to provide a comfortable resting space for the user.


All inversions tables are equipped with body fasteners for holding the body firmly when you tilt

Automatic locking hinges

The inversion tables under the price rate are equipped with automatic hinge closure that ensures the bed stays intact, especially when you invert it for safety purposes.

Padded backrest

The inversion tables must have quality and enough padding on the bed section to ensure the user is comfortable and safe to lie on it for a long time. You need comfort in the backrest area if you are experiencing pains.

Ankle holders

Ankle holders a crucial feature for supporting the ankles when using the table. The ankle holder also makes sure the legs stay in one position when you move the inversion table.

Others include

  • Footrest
  • Headrest
  • Height adjustability design


Is a Cheap Inversion Table Under $150 Worth Buying?

Yes! Even an inversion table worth less than 150 dollars is worth buying as long it has all the necessary features and parts required. Inversion tables are meant to reduce back pains and stretch the body. So, make sure it has all the above-listed features, and you will be good to go. There are qualities brands sold at lower than 150 dollars that deliver exceptional body results quickly. So, ensure the inversion table that you choose can meet your needs.



1. Are Inversion Tables Good For Bulging Discs?

Many people who have a herniated plate needn’t bother with the medical procedure to address the issue. Inverting on an inversion table decompresses the vertebrae, broadening the space between the vertebrae and easing the weight on your circles. And also, reducing the heat off of the discs enables them to rehydrate and load up with supplement precious liquid, so they usually recuperate. The activity of expanding the space edges between the vertebrae can make a mellow suction in the plate, which may help urge the lump core to come back to its appropriate spot.

More Inversion Tables for Pain Relief:

2. Will An Inversion Table Straighten My Spine?

Indeed, it has. The condition is called Scoliosis. Scoliosis is a physical imperfection in the spine that makes it bend from side to side, causing it to seem like it frames an S-or C-shape instead of a straight line when an individual is seen from behind. In severe cases, scoliosis must be treated with a medical procedure; however, in increasingly mellow cases, an exercise based recuperation routine might be endorsed by your doctor. One kind of active recuperation that isn’t frequently utilized yet may have gentle; beneficial outcomes are inversion treatment.


3. How Often Should You Use An Inversion Table?

Morning and night inversion times may not be useful in your circumstance. Timing your inversion treatment is genuinely an individual choice. Consider inversion after high-sway sports, for example, running. Gravity and your developments place a ton of weight on your spinal circles. Loosening up the spine after a ton of activity is an extraordinary method to stay away from any wounds or ceaseless torments. Be cautious about your lower legs, however. Inversion tables require a tight handle on the lower limbs, so be sure that they’re solid after any run.


This post has introduced the top 10 best inversion table under $150. All of them have their own excellent features. Some of them are for pain relief, and others are for regular exercise. You should make a wise decision according to your requirements.