Best Inversion Table For Neck Pain Reviews

An inversion table is similar to a typical spreadsheet on an axis. You should lie on the table and securely secure your feet at the bottom of the overturned table. After that, you must use the pivot mechanism, which allows you to turn upside down safely. Reflexology allows gravity to stretch your body in a way that generally does not spread. The benefits of stretching gravity will gently loosen the joints of the vertebrae, knees, and hips, which are often compressed by the pressure of gravity when standing.

How to Pick the Best Inversion Table for Neck Pain?

With different brands of inversion tables for neck pain listed on the market, selecting the best is not an easy task. Here are some of the considerations to keep in mind while picking the best.

1. Durability

One of the critical factors to consider while picking the best inversion table for neck pain is durability. Regardless of how much you pay for this equipment, you want to feel assured it will serve you for many years. The materials and components used for constructing the inversion table you want to buy should be of high quality.

Its frame should be sturdy and robust to support you when in an inverted position safely. The other parts you get in contact with should not wear out quickly but be made to withstand the pressure while mounting and stretching in your conversion table. Pick one that can stand the test of time as you will be regularly using it.

2. Cost

Inversion tables are available in different price tags. Therefore the price is a prohibitive factor while making your decision. It is advisable to go for a higher quality table to guarantee comfort and safety, even if you will have to pay a higher price. However, you can still get it with a cheaper price tag, and always offer you the health benefits you require. Pick one that is within your budget and can meet your needs.

3. Comfort and flexibility

An ideal conversion table for neck pain will enable you to invert and exercise, stretch, and twist while in an inverted position. Adjustable headrest and backrest are necessary as they can improve stability and back posture while switching in a place that is less in 180 degrees. The ankle locks should also be adjustable to mold your ankle’s shape for comfort and maximum safety. Finally, consider the equipment you can easily mount and dismount, especially when you have mobility issues.

4. Features

Inversion tables for neck pain are available in different features and styles that may be worth paying extra for depending on your needs. The more features the device has, the higher the price. Some of the inversion tables feature heat pads, massage, acupuncture, angle locking, among others. Your budget and need will determine the features you want in the equipment.

5. Height and weight limits

Every inversion table is ideal for a specific height range. Most of these tables will suit an average person. But if you are too tall or too short, you should find an inversion table labeled suitable for your weight and height.


Best Neck Therapy Inversion Table Reviews

1. KINGSO Foldable Gravity Inversion Table

This inversion table gives approaches to get a full scope of motion that can assist most extreme with bodying slide.

Another thing is that the characters hold and stretch in the bed, and edge enables clients to include stretch focuses. The exactness instrument empowers clients to perform straightforward arm developments by moving their body weight appropriately. Aside from that, the table accompanies adjustable pressure point massage hubs, and a lumbar help connects for additional assistance. That will show signs of improvement in pressure for overseeing pains and different problems successfully.


– Easy establishment

– 5-Year Full Warranty

– Outstanding solace and backing

– Bonus DVD content


– Highly costly one

– Beginners may confront a few difficulties while utilizing the table.

best inversion table for neck pain

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2. Innova ITM4800 Advanced Therapeutic Inversion Table

This inversion table is the item for you. It doesn’t get more reasonable than this, and best for transient treatment and snappy help. Besides that, this device has an amazing balance, helping you balance your body during exercises.

Additionally, for neck pain therapy, this machine has an adjustable headrest pad for comforting inverting. Massaging feature is its another highlight. You can always relax your body with this device.


– Affordable

– Extra-long full circle wellbeing handles bars.

– Can support up to 300lbs

– Sturdy, multi-point and froth covering


– Locking framework not up to the gauges

– No removable lumbar help


best inversion table for neck traction

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3. Innova ITM5900 Heat and Massage Inversion Table

This is a perfect one for getting help from neck pains and various pains.

On the one hand, this model incorporates an adjustable headrest cushion for getting more solaces. Besides that, it accompanies a six-position adaptable pin framework with a defensive spread. That will assist clients with positioning and alter easily.

On the other hand, it offers approaches to locate their unique focus of gravity to encounter unique inversion treatment experience. Further, this table additionally has a triple change enabling clients to modify the tallness, headrest, and foot adjustments.


– Allows clients to encounter more solaces

– Adjustable headrest cushion

– Easy reversing

– 2-way alteration framework

– Alleviates pressure on the lower leg with lower leg situating framework


– Users can’t include any extra adornments.

– Difficult to store considerably in the wake of collapsing the table



best inversion table for neck pain

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4. KINGSO Foldable Gravity Inversion Table

KINGSO is another driving brand which offers inversion tables with the most excellent highlights. Albeit usually utilized for back torment problems, it can likewise help with neck pains that improve the quality of life. The table accompanies 3D flexible foam, which underpins both the back and neck.

As a rule, this table is an incredible choice to treat neck pains with high achievement rates. The double lock on the table enables clients to get high insurance from undesirable problems. The ergonomic table design can fit the midriff bends and discharge the strain to achieve objectives in inversion works out.


– Allows clients to ensure unique inversion experience

– Adjustment alternatives

– Ideal for treating neck pains

– Affordable costs


– Meant for heavy-obligation purposes

best inversion therapy for neck pain

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5. KINGSO Home Neck Back Pain Table

This table is probably the best item accessible in the business sectors.

It accompanies a vertical back rub cushion that covers the spine and lower back territories. The incorporated lumbar pillow on the table gives warmth to clients. A two-way adjustable framework is accessible for the clients to alter the headrest just as stature to ensure more solaces.

Furthermore, it offers approaches to rearrange at an edge in like manner with the five-position self clasping pinpoint space. The item is progressively helpful for the individuals who experience the ill effects of neck pains.


– Provides more solace and security while altering

– User tallness alteration

– Allows clients to beat undesirable problems


– Expensive one

– Meant for heavy obligation purposes

inversion table for neck and shoulder pain reviews

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6. Teeter EP-560 Ltd. Inversion Table, Neck Pain Relief Kit, FDA-Registered

This device has an ergonomic lower leg taking care of the framework gives approaches to ensure elevated level assurance during the inversion. The 6-position side pin for the table replaces the old style and lashes.

One can even set various modes to knead settings with auto and manual determinations. Besides that, it also offers approaches to ensure a total back rub experience in this way, getting complete fulfillment.

Further, the table casings let clients crease the equivalent effortlessly for capacity purposes. Simultaneously, it is vital to counsel with a highly qualified doctor before purchasing the item.


– Accommodate all body sizes

– Reasonable costs

– Allows first-time clients to adjust effectively

– Enables clients to overlap the table with no issues

– Available with client manual


– Meant for heavy-obligation purposes as it were

– Assembly required

– Takes more opportunity to assemble


best inversion table for pinched nerve in neck

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How Does an Inversion Table Work?

inversion table principle

First, let’s see how the spine works. The spine consists of vertebrae. Between the vertebrae, the spinal vertebrae absorb the effect and pressure. Over time, these discs are exposed to enormous pressure. There is no time when you will not be under pressure. Even when lying down, there is still 30% of the power in these tablets. The only way to eliminate 100% of the weight is to hang it upside down.

But how does this pressure benefit you? By eliminating all stress, it allows the nerves more freedom. As you can see, as the spine is compressed, this can put additional pressure on the nerves that leave the spine.

Now, you want to use a rotation schedule of 10 minutes a day. Do not start with complete agitation, especially if you are a beginner. Instead, start with a slight inclination. Upload a little each session until it is shut down.

Once you begin to see an improvement in neck pain when using a reflexology program, you can move on to other ways to relieve neck pain. Exercise, especially abdominal exercises, can help. Strengthening abdominal muscles can dramatically reduce lower neck pain. This is because the abdominal muscles hold the spine and keep it stable. Neck and shoulder exercises can also help improve posture, which also reduces neck pain.

Does Inversion Table Help for Neck Pain?

best neck therapy table

The evidence comes from satisfied users who report beneficial effects on their well-being. The reported benefits of the severity inversion table include users who reduce back pain due to frequent stress from physical work, exercise, or long-distance running.

In this report, we want to go beyond the two main material functions of the rollover team. We will not stop at the possible psychological advantages of looking at the world completely upside down. The main physical tasks of the investment are: the investment leads to decompressing the spine and providing muscle expansion instead of contracting it. Let’s see how this can help you.

 – Reduction of neck pain by gravitational inversion

In an experiment with volunteers who were willing to insert sphygmomanometers into the spine, the pressure in the spine was measured under certain common conditions. We are going to refer to the pressure measured in a vertical position and 100% standing. The experiment found that the pressure was more than 100% when the individual was sitting in a chair. Even when placed in bed, the pressure was still approximately 25%.

This explains the possible effects of a total reversal and some of the lightness that people face when they are in a completely inverted position. It also reveals that it is not necessary to make a complete reflection using a gravitational inversion program to obtain a significant benefit in relieving pressure in the spine and allowing nutrients to flow freely in and out.

 – The table reflects the gravity and extends the back muscles.

The spine is the largest bone complex in the human body and relatively rough. As you can imagine, the muscles that sit next to the spine are less likely to stretch regardless of the activity you do in your usual daily activities. Even when you practice yoga or stretching, your lower back muscles are likely to be less stretched.

On the other hand, the gravitational inversion table provides a large expansion of the spine and, therefore, can also stretch the neighboring muscles associated with the spine. This indicates the use of tables as a reflection of severity for back pain.

How to Use an Inversion Table For Neck Pain Safely?

Are you suffering from neck pain? This table is the best equipment that can help you relieve the pain. However, it will only be effective in reducing pain if you utilize the tool correctly. Below are the steps for using this equipment- to ease your neck pain.

1. Consult your doctor

If you have pre-existing neck problems, it is advisable to consult with your physician to advise on the ideal routine to use the device and give guidance on how to use the equipment to achieve better health benefits.

2. Read through the instruction manual that comes with the inversion table

An inversion table comes with an instruction manual. The manual contains all the details about the device and instructions on how to use it. It is advisable to go through the instruction manual carefully before you commence using it.

3. Assemble your inversion table correctly

Ensure you set your inversion table correctly to guarantee your safety and prevent injuries. Since your head will be lower, any slight mistake while setting up the table can result in fatal injuries in your body. Follow the provided manual during the assembling process of the table to ensure everything is correctly done.

4. Wear sporty shoes

Before stepping into the inversion table, ensure you put on sporty shoes as they provide you with extra-firm support to assure comfort and safety all through the exercise. Using the device while barefooted will be uncomfortable, making the whole experience awful.

5. Step into position and lock up the safety gears

Swiftly step into the position on the inversion table and secure your body by locking up the safety gear. Secure your feet by pulling up the lever. Put the straps over your body and lock them to put your body in place securely. That way, you won’t slip when the table is in an inverted position.

6. Start inverting the table

After securely locking your body, it’s time to start the inversion process. Start from low-intensity inversion and then add gradually. That way, it will allow your blood circulation to adopt. Use gentle movements while in the inverted position to prevent further pain. Position your hands high up your head to create space for spinal traction. Hold on in an inverted position for around five or more minutes before going back to the usual place.

Exercises for Inversion Table for Neck Pain?

best inversion table exercise

One of the exercises you may do on the flip table is simply to hang upside down to eliminate all the pressure and backpressure. For many people, this coup exercise relieves the stress that returns it and the headache caused by that pressure. This is the same position as a yoga head support, and it provides the same benefits without the degree of difficulty.

A significant advantage of the yoga reversal schedule exercises is that you can start slowly, with a low degree of reflection instead of being upside down as in head support. Beginners will start with an investment of 20 to 30 degrees and will work from this to a full investment of 90 degrees. Most exercises and extensions are completed at an investment level of 90 degrees, although most of them are possible at the initial levels.

Other exercises that can be performed at an inversion table include inverted squats, inverted abs, and inverted courses. As with all exercises, it is better to take your time and go slowly. The time that passes can be everything you want. The beginner starts in about five minutes, and the most advanced user will go in about 15 or 20 minutes.

The reflexology table exercises provide a comprehensive, natural, and drug-free method to relieve back pain with minimal work. Other benefits reported by enthusiastic users include improving blood circulation, improving posture, spinal reorganization, and muscle cramps when you buy your table and look for the one that best suits your needs.


Gravity inversion technology has been used for thousands of years for chronic back pain, to relieve headaches, improve blood flow, and increase flexibility. Gravity inversion tables are often used by people who have persistent back pain. The discomfort of the lower back can be caused by several different causes, such as poor posture, spinal disruption, weak stomach, or back muscles. Many of these problems are undoubtedly related to the consequences of gravitational forces. The above tables use the same technology to help in back pain treatment.