Top 10 Best Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Reviews

Inversion therapy might seem like a bit of an odd concept at first, but once you understand the immense benefits it presents, you realize the great potential that it has. Bats spend the majority of their time hanging upside down and they seem perfectly healthy. Maybe that’s not the best comparison, but there is some truth in it. So, here are the best anti gravity inversion boots on market. Follow the guides below, and you will find the inversion boots suit you best.

What Is the Best Anti Gravity Inversion Boots on the Market?


How to Choose the Best Anti Gravity Inversion Boots?


Not all anti-gravity boots are created equally. Some of them are little more than novelty items. If you want a high-quality pair of boots that can be used for daily therapy, then you’ll need to research the brands carefully. It’s often the case that you get what you pay for, but there are some pretty decent deals on boots available online. Teeter is the best brand to hang upside-down the device, and you will go wrong with it.

Teeter EZ-Up Gravity Boots

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One important consideration is the material that the boots are made from. You want boots that are durable, but also comfortable. You will certainly not enjoy your time upside down if you’re wearing a pair of highly uncomfortable boots. Durability is important as well. Some of the best boots are made with steel on the outside and plenty of padding on the inside. Tonyko Gravity Boots are high-quality gravity boots with 100% satisfaction guaranteed can sure about the quality and customer service.

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots

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You also have to consider the compatibility of the boots with available bars. Some boots are designed to only work with bars that come from their company. Other boots are capable of working with just about any chin-up bar.  It’s important that you find out beforehand so that you can purchase the equipment required to use the boots.

Body-Solid Tools Gravity Inversion Boots

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The Safety

One final consideration is the safety of the boots. You don’t want to be worrying about falling down while you are hanging. Boots with added safety measures are always a good thing.


The Best Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Reviews

First, let’s see the reviews of top picks inversion boots which one people like to buy, and then get further information about the inversion boots and tips to choose.

1. Teeter Hang Ups Gravity Boots – Best Seller

best inversion boots

Manufactured by one of the top names in inversion therapy, these gravity boots are about as good as it gets. The boots are made from a thermoplastic elastomer called DuPont Hytrel.

It may not be as sturdy as the solid steel alternative, but they are easier to work with and slightly more comfortable to weak. And if somehow you were to fall, you don’t have to worry about falling with steel boots above you.

The boots are typically made entirely in the USA or are imported and put through the same testing procedures. There are no cracks or safety defects in their products.

Speaking of safety, they have a double lock system for added safety. There’s also an optional calf loop that increases safety and comfort by reducing the overall load.

These boots are designed to work with Teeter inversion tables, racks, and bars.


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2. Missyee Inversion Boots Original Pro – Best Anti-Gravity Boots for Money

best gravity boots

These inversion boots are top-of-the-line, yet very versatile. They are the kind of boots that are designed to work with different bars not manufactured by their company. If you already have a chin-up bar at home and don’t want to invest in a special inversion bar, then this is a great choice. They utilize a single locking mechanism to make it easy to attach without needing a manual.

These boots are also made from a combination of solid steel and plenty of padding. They are very thick, sturdy, and comfortable. It also means they can last a lifetime and feel great the entire time.

The company behind these boots is very well-liked. They shine when it comes to customer service. There’s even a money-back guarantee that comes with the boots. If you don’t like the boots, then you can send them back without any questions ask. You are also able to contact their customer support line every day of the week. If you need any assistance with your order or with your product, they are there to help.


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Give It A Shot. Overall, inversion boots are fairly affordable and highly effective. If you want a full inversion system, then you should buy all of the supplies from Teeter. If you want to just test it out with your existing chin-up bar, then give the Missyee system a try.

3. Tonyko Inversion Gravity BootsVariety of Exercises Boots Under $50

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♦  High strength stainless steel hooks and double easy-installed locks for your safety. Thick, comfortable high-density soft NBR foam pad to protect your legs & ankles, fit for most people.

♦  100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED– If you are not satisfied with Tonyko Inversion Gravity Boots, they can replace or refund your gravity boots until you are satisfied.

The use of anti-gravity inversion boots to treat back pain could even eliminate the need for back pain surgery. Back pain surgery is a painful process and it usually takes months to recover. Despite this, the back pain eventually returns. In most cases, it returns in as few as two years after the surgery. That is including the months spent recovering. It’s not a reliable solution to the problem.

Most people have reviewed this model. These truly work best than a large inversion table. Made with quality and comfort. Great product recommend buying!


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What Are Anti Gravity Inversion Boots?

Anti gravity boots are useful equipment that works like the inversion table for effective pain-relieving effects. Besides using the inversion boots to relieve back pains, you can also use them as workout equipment. However, it is crucial to note that inversion boots are not safe for all people. These boots are incorporated to add some resistant levels to gain better workout results. You can use the inversion boots when doing inversion squats or crunches, or acquire a good back stretch to straighten and align the spine.


Why Can Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Help Relieve Back Pain?

Best anti gravity inversion boots for back pain reviewsAnti-gravity boots earned their name because they allow you to assume a pose with your feet comfortably above your head. This helps temporarily reverse the effects of gravity on the back. By removing the impact of gravity, the pressure on the joints and discs in the spine is greatly reduced. It allows for nearly instant relief from back pain, among many other things.

One way that this reduces back pain is through the elongation of the spine. By hanging freely against gravity the spine is elongated. The elongation creates a natural form of traction against the spine with the weight of your body. This relieves built up pressure on the spine and also reduces compression on the discs and nerves. Finally, it increases the amount of space present around each vertebra. All of these factors work simultaneously to reduce back pain.

Problems with vertebral discs often result in back pain. At birth, these discs in the spine contain a large quantity of water. However, over the years, they lose a great deal of their moisture. Much of this moisture loss comes from the effects of gravity. An activity that doesn’t put weight on the vertebral discs, such as inversion therapy with anti-gravity boots, results in slight re-hydration.

Why Is Hydration in the Vertebral Disc Important? It’s because these discs work like shock absorbers to protect the vertebrae above and below them. Without moisture, they lose their effectiveness. This results in damage to the vertebrae during normal daily activities, which causes back pain. As they regain some hydration through inversion therapy they also regain their effectiveness as shock absorbers.

Why Do You Need Inversion Therapy From Anti Gravity Inversion Boots?

It was a study of these animals and others that spend plenty of time upside down that sparked serious interest in inversion therapy. The result is that today doctors fully understand the many powerful benefits of hanging upside down. It also led to the creation of some helpful tools and equipment. For example, inversion boots, which are sometimes referred to as anti-gravity boots,  can be used to achieve a pose similar to these animals and to enjoy the same benefits.

Though inversion therapy may just now be taking the modern spotlight, it’s nothing new. There were a few societies in the past that practiced this form of therapy to strengthen their bodies and their minds. They did this to gain a competitive edge over potential enemies. Ninjas in ancient Japan were trained to practice a form of inversion therapy, as were the Yogis of India. Each group understood the benefits it provided and they likely learned to do so by first imitating the animals around them.


Are Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Safe?

The inversion boots work just like the inversion table in terms of safety. So, if you are comfortable using the inversion table to align the spine and relieve the pain, rest assured that the inversion boots will work for you. The inversion boots reverse gravity’s pressure to align the joints, ligaments, spine, and muscles. Some inversion boots are designed to strengthen the joints as they eliminate or reduce back pain. Some people have also reported getting more flexibility around the core, hips, and the back after using the inversion boots. So, if the boots work for you, rest assured you will achieve all these benefits.


Benefits of Using the Anti Gravity Inversion Boots

Gives immediately back pain relieve

If you are suffering from extreme and constant back pains, the inversion boots are the best option. These boots work just like the inversion tables, even better than the tables. The boots give a long back stretch that aligns the spine, muscles, and ligaments; hence, reducing back pain instantly.

Comfortable to wear

The inversion boots are made with cushioning on the interior parts that provide comfort and ample support to the feet when you wear them. Thus, you don’t have to experience pain or any form of discomfort when you invert the legs upside down. Note that the boots have latches for fastening them on the ankle area, so they don’t come off when you invert the body.

They are lightweight

These boots do not get in your way when working out or stretching the body due to their featherweight. The majority of these boots do not weigh more than 6 pounds to ensure they are comfortable using them, especially when working out.

Perfect for workout

If you want to add a little bit of resistance when doing some core workouts such as crunches and squats, the inversion boots will do the job for you. One is needed to raise the inverted upper body parts when doing these workouts, which is challenging, resulting in better workout results.

Space saver

If you don’t have enough space to set up an inversion table, the inversion boots are the best choice instead. These boots feature compact sizes since you can pretty much use them anywhere, including at the door frame.


Anti Gravity Inversion Boots vs. Inversion Tables

Both the inversion tables and inversion boots have similarities as they help to relieve back pain and stress.

They both involve inverting the upper body downward, which results in a good stretch that may also improve the posture or generally stretch the body after sitting for too long.

inversion therapy benefits


The difference between the two is seen in how they are used. The inversion table is more comfortable and safer than the inversion boots. This is because the table has a bed where you lay the body on; therefore, you don’t necessarily impose your entire body to inversion when using the inversion table. Besides, the table has fasteners to hold the body to the table firmly.

On the other hand, the inversion boots require you to suspend your body inversion mode fully. Some people may experience dizziness for the first time using boots and are not suitable for people with various health issues. However, the inversion boots are multifunctional since you can use them to create resistance when working out.

Top picked anti gravity inversion boots recommend:

Picking the best inversion table for relieving back pain:



1. How Do Anti Gravity Inversion Boots Work?

The inversion boots work by inverting one’s body such that the feet are suspended above the head as a way of reversing the effect of gravity on the body. This inversion position causes the muscles, joints, bones, and ligaments to the back to stretch, resulting in reduced pain and pressure. This inversion mode also helps to relieve back pains.


2. How to Use Anti Gravity Inversion Boots?

The first thing you need is to find the perfect gravity or inversion boots that fit your feet, and you find comfortable.

Then slip on the boots around the ankle area and secure them using the latches. Note that the inversion boots are designed with non-slip cushioning on the interior to secure them on the feet and prevent them from slipping off when you position your body in an inversion manner.

Then find the perfect and strong metal bar to invert your body to work out or stretch the body.


3. When You Shouldn’t Use Gravity Boots

The inversion boots are not suitable for people with various long term health issues. The boots require one to invert the body in a downward mode. Therefore, positioning the body in this form may advance these health issues. They include; eye problems, high blood pressure, ears problem, hiatal hernia, or even a pregnant lady, avoid using the inversion tables.


4. Is It Safe to Use Anti Gravity Boots?

As long as you don’t have any medical condition that can easily advance when you invert your body upside down, then inversion boots may improve your health. The inversion boots are meant to be used with other inversions devices. They are the alternative supplement for inversion tables since they work just like them.


5. How Long Should You Use Anti Gravity Boots For?

If you are a beginner, you need to start gradually until your body gets used to the inversion model. So, you can start with 30 seconds to 1 minute per session. Also, listen to how your body responds to know when to stop, and increase the time, depending on how much or long the body can endure this position.


6. Anti Gravity Boots Benefits & Safety Precautions


  1. The gravity boots help to relieve pain.
  2. Helps the body to relax by stretching it.
  3. Improves good focus by improving circulation to the brain.
  4. They boost your workout results.

Safety precautions when using gravity boots

  • Ensure the equipment is tested for stability before using it.
  • Secure the boot firmly on the ankles to make sure they don’t slip off.
  • If you are wearing shoes, make sure they are securely tied to the feet.



Regular use of inversion boots, on the other hand, could result in a pain-free life. This isn’t always the case, as it will depend on the source of the back pain itself, but in many cases it is possible. If you consider the fact that there is usually no risk associated with the therapy, it makes sense to at least try it out before committing to potentially harmful surgery.

And to help relieve the back pain, you will find the above mentioned anti gravity inversion boots pretty useful.


Here are hot picks inversion upside down machines in the market: