Top 6 Best Innova Inversion Tables Reviews 2022

The Innova Inversion Table is one of the advanced forms and has a lot of features in its value extend. Most of the Innova Inversion Tables retail at comparable reasonable costs, and you can discover an Innova Inversion Table at a fluctuating reach.

The Innova is an advanced inversion treatment table, which is one of the most moderate inversion tables in 2020. Peruse the Innova Inversion Table survey to understand the product and its features and specifications thoroughly.

Innova Brand Introduction

Melbourne based Innova International has logically propelled throughout Australasia, a progression of exceptionally separated, reason structured textiles for diverse markets.

best innova inversion table

Innova’s brand offering incorporates assortments of textiles for inside fit-outs, business, marine, and outdoor upholstery, car trim, bulk liquid containment, medicinal, and bedding markets. Innova bolsters its brands with a substantial budgetary commitment to the elevated level stock property, upheld by advanced calculated abilities. Industry notable brands, backed by prevalent client care, drive Innova’s initiative in many market segments.

Innova offers an extensive scope of profoundly separated performance engineered PVC and Synthetic Leather textiles for diverse market segments, including Leisure, Upholstery, Transport, Bedding, Medical, Fluid Containment, and Marine. Innova textures are engineered to perform to the highest standards and last the distance in the harshest conditions.

Innova products routinely join the highest quality UV, FR, hostile to microbial and against mold definitions, including particular coatings such as Resistain® utilized on Innova’s market driving Pacifica to extend. Innova’s Eon scope of flexible film liners is intended to satisfy the needs of the strength tank liner market. These elite liners offer the simplicity of creation, outstanding life, and magnificent substance obstruction, while dually fulfilling affirmed potability guidelines. Explicitly detailed using eminent Du Pont™ Elvaloy® innovation and high sub-atomic weight PVC, Innova liner layers offer upgraded performance and product life span.

Top 6 Best Innova Inversion Table Reviews

1. Innova ITX9600 Heavy Duty Inversion Table

innova itx9600

The Innova ITX9600 is on the lower end of Innova’s value extend.

  • Considerable Backrest and Removable Head Cushion

This inversion table has a considerable backrest and removable head cushion for comfort while inverting. It additionally includes a lumbar pad for hot and packs.

  • Comfortable Inversion Table

It accommodates individuals inside the tallness scope of 4 feet 10 crawls to 6 feet 6 creeps just as the heaviness of 300 pounds. Its five-edge position adjustable pin system is planned particularly for the client’s comfort during inverting to make the experience as unwinding as would be prudent.


  • Memory foam adds to the comfort while inverting.
  • The five-edge position helps clients to become accustomed to inverting.


  • No sound balance system.


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2. Innova ITM5900 Fitness Inversion Table

innova fitness inversion table

  • Vertical Massage Pad

Innova ITM5900 features a vertical massage pad that goes through the entire spine territory. At the same time, its shape joins the lumbar pillow to convey a nearby warmth and astounding massage therapy to your lower back territories and midriff area.

  • Multi-mode Massage Settings

It comes fitted with a multi-mode massage setting that offers a total massage experience with its warmth and vibrations. Innova ITM5900 features a bigger planned backrest pad and delicate touch froth handlebars that provide a comfortable and easy inversion.

  • Safe Inversion Table

The ankle hold is ergonomically designed with a locking system while the front and the back are U-molded for a safe and healthy inversion. If you are in search of an inversion table that will offer you comfort, accessible use capacities, and that is sensibly evaluated, at that point, we recommend that you look no farther than this Innova ITM5900.


  • Features a genuine balance system for natural inversion
  • Durable with heavy obligation steel
  • Comfortable with padded and adjustable headrest


  • It is enormous, subsequently challenging to store


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3. Innova ITM4800 Therapy Inversion Table

innova itm4800 inversion table

The Innova ITM 4800 Table is intended to offer the most excellent comfort and results to its clients.

  • Massage Pad

Although its cost is in the medium scope of the Innova inversion tables, it is such a direct result of the offices it offers. It caters to individuals from the heights of 4 feet 10 inches right to 6 feet 6 crawls just as the heaviness of 300 pounds all things considered.

It comes with a massage pad with secluded warmth and vibration panels to make your experience beneficial, giving you a massage during your inversion therapy to take advantage of it.

  • Comfortable Inversion Table

Its large backrest pad is intended to provide the most excellent comfort, and its True Balance System is designed to assist clients with finding their focal point of gravity.


  • A lot of additional functions
  • More comfortable for beginners
  • Six-edge adjustable pin opening


  • It sets aside some effort to gather.


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4. Innova ITX9900 Inversion Table

best innova inversion table reviews

  • A Bigger and Comfortable Backrest

Innova ITX9900 Inversion Table comes with a bigger and comfortable backrest that is fitted with an adjustable headrest pad. The tallness modification tube empowers you to modify the bed to perfect lengths to comfortably accommodate all aspects of your body for effective weight distribution.

  • Air Bolster Lumbar

With the air bolster lumbar pad, you can decide how a lot of help you require from the lumbar pillow. It is planned and produced using onerous measure steel outlines that offer this model its soundness and toughness for consistently inversion therapy.

If you want to obtain an inversion table that gives you more help around the lumbar regions, at that point, we recommend this model for you.


  • Padded backrest for more comfort
  • Has a genuine balance system for natural inversion
  • Made tough with heavy-obligation steel outlines
  • It is entirely affordable.


  • It makes some discomfort around the feet.


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5. Innova ITX9700 Inversion Table

best innova itx9700

Innova ITX9700 Inversion Table is one the higher finish of the Innova products, yet the features it offers make it certainly justified regardless of the cost – if you can bear the cost of it.

  • Vertical Massage Pad

The ITM 5900 comes with a vertical massage pad, covering the more significant part of the spine and lower back region, also with a coordinating lumbar pillow to give warmth and massage therapy to the lower back and abdomen locale.

  • Two-way Alteration System

It has a two-way alteration systemand an adjustable headrest and adjustable stature to guarantee however much comfort as could be expected while inverting.


  • Includes a broadened handle for ankle support
  • The two-way alteration system is extraordinary


  • It is relatively expensive.


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6. Innova ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Table

best innova health and fitness

Innova ITX9800 Inversion Therapy Table comes in the medium value scope of the Innova products, and that is beneficial for us since it has some great features with safety being a key element in a large portion of them.

  • Excellent Balance System

It comes with an excellent balance system intended to assist clients with finding their focal point of gravity according to their comfort.

  • Adjustable Headrest Pads

It likewise includes adjustable headrest pads and a large, padded backrest for comfort while inverting.


  • Ankle help is a stage up from the previous models.
  • The nearness of the sound balance system is useful for clients.


  • A little cumbersome.

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Teeter Inversion Table Vs. Innova Inversion Table

1. Teeter Inversion Table

Teeter is the leading manufacturer of inversion tables. The company is notable for its innovative features, quality products, and uncommon costs. Different Teeter inversion table models have likewise been included all over television and have helped the company move directly into the cutting edge of the business.

The principal features of the Teeter inversion table:

  • Adjustable pad
  • Adjustable foot stage
  • Flex Technology
  • Traction handles
  • Injection-molded plan
  • Height scope of 4’8 – 6’6″
  • Teeter gravity boots
  • EZ tie lash
  • Ratchet lower leg lock framework
  • Weight of 74 pounds
  • Over 300-pound weight limit
  • Tether lash for simple edge adjustment

Let’s take a gander at Teeter EP-970.

best teeter ep 970 inversion table

The EP-970 is the most advanced model remembered for our rundown and just came in at number 4 since it is more up to date and is offered at a more significant expense. This, be that as it may, has not prevented 115 customers from rating this inversion table a perfect 5-star rating.

If you are a consumer, you will acknowledge precisely how enormous an accomplishment of an ideal score is for any product on the market. The EP-970 comes with a large number of features that will make inversion treatment a lot simpler to start.


  • ComforTrak bed
  • Acupressure and lumbar scaffold prepared
  • 5-year warranty
  • E-Z arrive at lower leg framework
  • Tether controlled to 20, 40, or 60 degrees.
  • Healthy back routine DVD
  • Handles

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2. Innova inversion table

It is safe to say that you are experiencing difficulty with your back and joint problems? Assuming this is the case, the Innova inversion table is perfect for you. This product moves your back and joint agony by putting you topsy turvy.

It drapes your body by the legs with your head looking down, and this discharges spinal pressure from your back, making it an effective treatment to reduce your back and joint problems. Inversion tables can help forestall spinal medical procedures, notwithstanding the many wellbeing advantages.

3. Teeter Inversion Table Vs. Innova Inversion Table

Contrasted with Teeter inversion tables, the Innova inversion table has three adjustable features on its parity framework, which help each unmistakable client alter it to have the most comfortable and most soothing inversion sessions every day. You can change the headrest cushion, tallness adjustment cylinder, and ottoman cushion to locate your focal point of gravity effortlessly.

About Innova for inversion tables

Innova Health and Fitness are focused on giving equipment to its customers to superior quality and healthier life. They have practical experience in inversion, cardio, and quality machines just as bicycles and treadmills for work out. Their witticism is to give quality products that remember the client’s long haul medical advantages.

This warranty is for one year in particular.

Further help can be given by client care on their website-they’re always accessible to respond to your inquiries. In any case, do take note of that at the hour of correspondence, you should confirm the purchase. In this way, ensure you do keep your receipts with you-it may prove to be useful.

Precautionary measure Before Using the Innova Inversion Table

Before beginning any exercise program with this equipment, counsel your licensed doctor first. This is significant because some therapeutic issues may compound with the utilization of this product.

Besides, on the off chance that you have the freedom from your primary care physician, carefully read all the directions and alerts before using this product to maintain a strategic distance from any actual damage. Since we’ve covered the nuts and bolts Innova inversion table reviews, how about we proceed onward to the models.


The entirety of the Innova inversion table audits shows the products have been made with the client’s comfort and straightforwardness while inverting at the top of the priority list. Innova thinks profoundly about positively impacting lives to make our lives more wellbeing oriented.

With these products, I can wager that your inversion experience will be incredible. Accessible at different value focus with a full scope of features, you can decide yourself which item best suits your needs. You can even compare the features one next to the other to determine what is best for you.