Innova ITX9600 Reviews

Innova ITX9600 deluxe table is one of the best value inversion tables in the market right now; it is an upgrade from Innova ITX9300. Its competitive price makes this table to be one of the most selling tables in the market, along with its many benefits.

Backaches are common nowadays; many people are frequently complaining to be suffering from it in many instances. Backaches are very inconveniencing, especially when you are on vacation with your friends or family or when you out are just enjoying your day with your buddies.

You can avoid all these cases of backaches by buying an inversion table to relieve your pain. If you are still wondering if it is worthy to invest in this table, then continue reading this article to find out note information on its features, frame design, cushioning, and its benefits.

The Features of Innova ITX9600 inversion table

innova fitness itx9600

1. Comfortable backrest

This is one of the key features that this table presents to its users. Its big backrest size is what makes this table stand out from the rest of the inversion tables. Even though we have a lot of brands in the market right now, but it will be challenging to find one that equals the size of the Innova ITX9600 and with such comfort. The manufacture of this beautiful table makes the backrest to be big enough so that the table can stay comfortable for a very long time when you are using the table upside down.

It is always important to feel comfortable when you are on your workout. However, the inversion only takes around 2 to 30 minutes; it is still valuable to have some cushioning from the back support and ankle holders. Innova ITX9600 combines the back support designs of the earlier models, the ITX9250 and ITX9300, into one more comfortable design.

The tempering width is also crucial in improving the stability of the table when inverting.

2. A lot of safer inverting position

Another key feature of this table us that it has a lot of inverting positions for one to utilize. Innova ITX9600 comes with an adjustable pin mechanism that makes it possible for one to choose a different type of inverting position. You will find out that many brands are using the traditional strap that is best for adjusting. How that is not good with the safety pin of this table.

The safety pin enables the user to choose how far or how long you want to go with your therapy session. This makes it easier for those people who are using the inversion table for the first time, as it can quickly choose for you a perfect angle to rest on.

When you compare it to the trap system, this pin system is straightforward to use. What you just have to do is to unlock your safety pin a lock it INA position that you think is best for you. This table offers multiple positions that will your whole workout session to be great.

3. More user height capabilities

This table accommodates individuals of varying heights. The height of your body won’t limit you. This table allows people with various heights to use it without altering anything, which means even taller people can use it. This table has increased range if height settings to accommodate users from 4ft up to 6ft-6in.

4. High weight capacity

itx9600 inversion table

This table can support up to 300 pounds, meaning even the overweight people will still use it comfortably without altering its working efficiency. The high weight capacity means the frame strength is also very high. This is an area where Innova ITX9600 has dramatically improved to accommodate date more users from the Innova ITX9300, which had only 250lbs, and now the Innova ITX9600 has 300lbs capacity.

Height capabilities are something that you have to bear in mind when it comes to inversion tables, finding one that can accommodate everyone is a massive addition to this table. That is why you will never go wrong with this excellent table. Height is essential because inversion tables mainly work on a delicately balanced fulcrum. This means if you are in a position to choose the required setting of your height, it should, therefore, be possible for you to invert it by raising your arms above the head. This will make it possible for you to return it to the upright position.

It is important always to pay attention to the maximum allowable angle and if the table can be locked at a particular position. Although there’s a locking pin, which limits the maximum inversion level 20, 40, 60, or 80. This means you can see only ho to a maximum of 170 degrees.

5. Assembly and storage

Assembling this table is not a complicated process. It comes with a step by step guide on how you can set it up with clear photos to offer more instructions. If you find it difficult to follow the instruction, you can always check online for further guidance. Alternatively, you can ask a professional to help you out.

The manufactures of Innova ITX9600 attach all the required bolts and even washers to one piece of cardboard together with all part numbers to makes the whole process of assembling to be easy as you will just have to follow the steps provided in the manual.

This table is lighter than other inversion tables; it weighs just 55lbs. This lightweight makes it possible to move it around once you have assembled it, which makes it easier to fold and store it when not in use. By just removing the locking pin, you will be able to bring its tow U-shaped parts together without necessarily having to remove the protective side covers or the safety traps.

6. Safety features

Innova ITX9600 comes with full length, and nonslip safety handles on both sides of the frame to help the user to revert safely to an upright position. It also has another system that controls the inversion range with four adjustable safety pins to help you in case there is any slipping.

The base of this table has a double U-shaped frame in a full-width bar design instead of the 4 point pod style.

7. Design

The design of the Innova ITX9600 is very functional and sleek. It uses the adjustable pin system to help the user to select various inverting positions. That makes it possible for you to choose the best angle for you.

The features of Innova ITX9600 can be summarized as;

  • It accommodates user of 4ft -10in to those with a height of 6ft -6in
  • It has thick foam legs with a soft touch foam for added inverting comfort
  • Four-position adjustable safety pins
  • Heavy-duty tubing that can hold 300 lbs
  • Patented protective cover
  • True balance system
  • Easy to use and assemble
  • Durable ankle system
  • Modified Headrest pad
  • Large and comfortable padded backrest

How to Set Up An Innova ITX9600?

Setting up an Innova ITX9600 is not a complicated process. Below is a step guide on how to set up an Innova ITX9600

Step one. Base frame assembly

The first part of dealing with when you are assembling an Innova ITX9600 table is the base frame. The right frame is indicted by R while L. indicts the left frame lay down these frames with their connecting brackets facing each other and make sure the holes are facing downwards and attack the respective bottom tube to the front base and rare base frame.

Remember not to tighten the bolts until the crossbar is attached. Ensure the rubber stopper is facing and firmly attached to the Crossbar. After this, you have to tighten the nuts and unfold that front base frame and let it stand on the floor.

Step two: handlebar assembly

This is the second step; here you have to attach the right handlebar onto the rear base frame using the respective bolts. The washers should be placed outside the frames. This should be followed by attaching the left handlebar to the base frame at the rear part using respective lock nuts and washers. At this point, you have to ensure all screws, bolts, and nuts are tightened.

Step three: backrest assembly to the Base frame

innova inversion table itx9600

After you have tightened everything, it is now time to assemble the backrest to the base frame. It is important to note here before you proceed with the installation, you should make sure the connecting brackets are pointing downwards, and the attachment should be made from the below and up into the table, or else it Will does not invert properly.

The next thing is to attach the completed bracket to the connecting brackets using locks, washers, and bolts. Carefully screw the angle selector pin and tighten it.

To adjust the headrest, you have to unscrew washers and bolts and remove it from its backrest support tube. Then move the headrest pad to the desired position on the backrest support tube and screw the respective bolts and nuts to secure the headrest into place.

Step four: ankle holder and height adjustment tube

The next step is to pull the adjustment ankle tube and turn it 90 degrees. At this point, it is important to make sure the holes on the square tubes are facing up and tighten the base of the ankle holding knob.

This should be followed by attaching the footrest plate to the adjustment tube with the help of bolts and screws. It is recommended to install your footrest plate on the lower hole to secure your ankles or feet while in use.

If you find out that the lower hole is tight and can cause a lot of discomforts, then move to the upper hole. This should be followed by inserting the ankle tube through to the height adjustment tube with the metal bushing into the bigger hole at the lower side of the metal adjustment hole. Then slide one form roller into the rear ankle holding tubes. U- shaped holder, together with the plastic covers, should be slid into the adjustment holding tubes and be put the four nylon snaps up to the tube to block the holder from sliding out.

Step five: protective cover assembly and height adjustment tube

At this point, your Innova ITX9600 will be almost ready for use. Simultaneously pull your height adjustment knob and slide the height adjustment tube to your backrest support tube up to your desired height and slowly release the height adjustment knob. It is important to make sure the height adjustment knob is in a position to lock securely into the hole on your height adjustment tube. The final step is to attach a protective cover.

Innova ITX9300 vs. Innova ITX9600

One key difference these models is that Innova ITX9600 ankle has been switched from the Innova ITX9300 two sets switch to a foam roller that is ergonomically molded with cushion combination to improve your comfort when you are lying at steeper angles.

The other notable difference is in terms of the system used to control the inversion angle. Innova ITX9600 is made to rely on a much simple pull pin to enable switching between the already defined angles. In comparison to Innova ITX9300, that relies on the user to move s separate safety bar on different slots on the frame.

One year warranty is the same for all these models.


Innova ITX9600 is one of the best invertible tables to consider among the many available options in the market right now. You will never go wrong with this excellent workout table. Its low price makes this table to be ideal for those people who have a tight budget. It offers a good resting place. You can comfortably rest on this table for around 15 to 30 minutes without getting tired.

Apart from the outstanding features, this table is made from strong and durable materials. Its characteristics can help one to relieve body pain. So why wait? Get an Innova ITX9600 e today to enjoy all these benefits.

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