Top 7 Best Elliptical Bike Reviews for 2022

Making a new year resolution to get fit is easy. However, what is not easy is getting to the gym, cycling, or running each day. The truth is that it is easy to purchase an elliptical bike with good intentions. Unfortunately, you cannot achieve your fitness goals if you do not have the motivation required.

It is advisable to get the best elliptical bike that offers you a great workout that is easy for the body. Nowadays, elliptical trainers are quite popular. They offer ideal form cardio exercise that lets you lose weight, builds muscle, and firm muscles from your home gym. In this guide, we review the top seven best elliptical machines that can meet your needs.

best elliptical bike


Top 7 Best Elliptical Bike Reviews

1. Best Overall -Sunny Health & Fitness Elliptical Exercise Bike

best elliptical exercise bike

The Sunny Health & Fitness Exercise Bike provides a full-body workout and helps you burn calories. It has moveable handles that transform the recumbent bike to a low impact fitness machine. In fact, its handles move back and forth as you pedal. This increases the amount of effort needed resulting in the burning of a lot of calories.

Top Features:

Digital Monitor – This is an important feature that helps you to track your progress. It tells you how fast the heart is beating. Thus, it can help you to exercise at an appropriate intensity to get maximum results.

Adjustable Resistance – You have the freedom to exercise the intensity of your workouts, thanks to convenient tension knob. In this way, you can decrease or increase the resistance of the workout to suit your fitness goals.

Pulse Monitor – There is a need to maintain and monitor the heart rate. The truth is that maintaining your heart rate is quite important as far as exercising is done efficiently and correctly.

Cushioned Seat – The Extra cushion and padding mean that blood will flow properly for vigorous and prolonged workouts. In fact, the extra padding is needed to relieve pressure joints because of prolonged sitting.

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2. Runner Up -Marcy Recumbent Elliptical Exercise Bike

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If you want an easy way of increasing cardiovascular endurance and unwanted pounds without using a lot of floor space, then you should get Marcy Recumbent Exercise Bike. In fact, this exercise bike is the answer to most of your fitness worries.

With this elliptical bike, you can benefit from a wide range of exercise features that are offered on more and larger exercise bikes. This bike was built with a compact design that ensures they fit even in tight spaces. With regular use of this exercise bike, you can shape, tone, and firm your physique and even improve your cardiovascular endurance as you lose weight and burn calories.

Top Features:

Adjustable Seat – You can adjust this recumbent bike’s sea to ensure your legs get adequate room to stride as you workout.

LCD Display – This LCD displays speed, odometer, calories, distance, and time. You can use these metrics to monitor your performance.

Adjustable Resistance – The unit has a convenient resistance knob that allows you to change resistance as you exercise.

Recumbent Handlebars – Seat back pad and recumbent handlebars are included with this exercise bike.
Excellent Safety – This exercise bike has textured pedals to ensure you grip your feet securely to the pedal. Also, the pedal straps are meant to prevent potential slip off during the intense rides.

Transport Wheels – This exercise bike has large wheels for easy maneuverability. If you want to transport your unit, you should push it.

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3. Best Budget -Exerpeutic Folding Magnetic Upright Exercise Bike

best cheap elliptical bike

Just like its name, you can fold up the bike and keep it way when you are done exercising. The unit is designed to support a weight capacity of 300 lbs. Ideally, this is the best elliptical bike if you are on a budget. You will be surprised to learn that the weight capacity of this unit is more than that of other folding bikes. The unit is easy to get off, providing a more comfortable and effective workout.

Top Features:

Large LCD Display – The exercise bike has an easy to read LCD display, which indicates distance, time, speed, scan, pulse, and calories burned. Also, it has hand pulsar sensors that can help you monitor your target rate.

Ample Seating Comfort – The large padded seat can accommodate people of any given size. In fact, this unit is easily adjustable, and its cranking system offers a consistent and smooth pedaling motion.

Space-Saving Design – You can easily fold up the bike up to 50% of the original size, and you can move it around with its large wheels.

8 Level Tension – You have a magnetic tension control system that allows you to adjust the tension to ensure you get a more difficult and easier workout.

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4. Best for Home -Body Power Elliptical Trainer Upright Bike

best elliptical for home

If you want to get a killer workout and at the same time save space on your fitness equipment, you should use the Body Power Trio Trainer. Ideally, this is a compact trainer used as an upright bike, recumbent, and also elliptical bike. You have the freedom to adjust its resistance magnetically. In this way, you can enjoy your workouts as much as you need. This bike is designed to support a maximum weight of 250 lbs.

Top Features:

Frame Construction – This bike is designed for home use. Even then, it has a fairly durable frame that can accommodate up to 250 lbs. The structural frame is made of steel tubing. You will find all the steel parts coated with paint finish.

Seat and Handlebars – This exercise bike features a standard seat that is designed to offer optimal comfort. In fact, the seat and the backrest integrate easily to foam padding, and the upholstery is made of the vinyl material.

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5. Best Folding -BCAN Folding Elliptical Exercise Bike

best folding elliptical bike

You do not have to waste time going to the gym when you can do high-quality exercises with a space-saving magnetic bike like BCAN Folding Exercise Bike. The exercise bike can be folded up and fit anywhere in your home.

The design of this bike is quite efficient and convenient. In fact, the ergonomic handle and seat make it easy for you to reach your potential. It features arc steel construction, which makes this unit a long-lasting and reliable one.

Top Features:

Large LCD Monitor – This bike has a readable screen that can display your distance, heart rate, time, speed, calories burned, and track your calories.

Quiet Riding – This exercise bike has a precision-balanced flywheel that offers quiet, smooth, and maintenance-free operation. Moreover, the quiet and smooth magnetic tension system means that you cannot be disturbed when listening to music or watching TV.

Seat Pad and Backrest – You should note that this bike comes with dense foam handles and seats. Thus, you will find it comfortable at all times when using it.

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6. Best 2 in 1 Bike -Body Rider Elliptical Trainer Bike

bike 2 in 1

Body Rider Elliptical Trainer is an important piece of equipment that combines two types of machine into one. You can use this exercise bike to take your workout potential to another level. The dual trainer allows you to use the bike as an exercise bike that is attached to the seat.

You should note that this elliptical trainer is meant to offer you low impact and the gentle impact that is an effective workout for both the lower and upper body. Due to its low-impact nature, this machine is an excellent choice for people suffering from hip problems or back pain.

Top Features:

Transport Wheels – The exercise bike has a built-in transport wheel. With this, you can move it around with a lot of ease.

Adjustable Seat – You can adjust the seat both horizontally and vertically, providing you with adequate comfort.

Tension Adjustment – The unit adjusts easily by just turning a knob.

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7. Body Rider Exercise Upright Fan Elliptical Bike

best elliptical trainer bike

The Body Rider Fan Bike offers you the opportunity to have elliptical workouts. It has an ergonomic design that engages the upper body and rams for a full-body workout as it targets strength and cardio training.

Moreover, the bike features an adjustable seat to allow more than one user. The fan wheel is meant to keep you cool as you exercise. This is a perfect elliptical bike if you are on a budget, but you still require excellent resistance.

Top Features:

Adjustable Seat – The exercise bike has an updated cushion that provides excellent comfort
Display – This bike has an easy-to-use display that tracks distance, calories, speed, time, and calories you have burned.

Adjustable Resistance – You have the freedom to adjust the resistance as much as you want to achieve your fitness goals.

Excellent Durability – The stable steel frame and fan wheel help keep you cool as you work out your sweat.

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Top Benefits of Elliptical Bikes

Using elliptical bikes offers a lot of benefits. Since there are different makes and brands of elliptical bikes, their benefits might vary from one machine to another.

  • Low Impact

Elliptical Machines are known to help reduce the strain and stress on the legs. Your feet do not leave the pedals. Thus, it is like walking midair. On the other hand, running causes the body to jolt.

  • Natural Foot Motion

You should note that elliptical bikes mimic the natural movement of a person. Therefore, your ankle, hip joints, and knee move in the same way as they would when running, jogging, or walking. In this way, when exercising on an elliptical trainer, you reduce strains on the joints.

  • Weight Bearing

When you compare an elliptical bike to a stationary bike, you will find that an elliptical bike offers weight-bearing exercise. These exercises are quite important if you are suffering from osteoporosis.

  • Dual Action Workout

The elliptical trainer provides the combined power of both lower and upper body workouts. In fact, that is why an elliptical trainer is also known as a cross-trainer. If you can use it as required, you can engage in hamstrings, chest, triceps, biceps, back, and glutes.


How to Choose an Elliptical Bike?

  • Type of Elliptical Trainer

First, you need to determine the type of elliptic bike you want to purchase. Ideally, there are four major types of elliptical bikes based on their motion and various parts of the body they target when you exercise.

They include standard elliptical types, cross trainers, gliders, and under-desk ellipticals. Each type has its pros and cons. Ensure you understand the advantages and disadvantages of each type of elliptic bike before buying.

  • Storage Space

You should note elliptical bikes take up a lot of room. Therefore, the available space for storage ought to be considered. That is necessary if you live in an apartment. Do you know that handlebars of elliptical bikes can take up a lot of space? You can get a folding elliptical if space is one of your considerations.

  • Budget

Before you purchase an elliptical bike, you ought to determine your budget. Although it is normal to want to get a high-quality bike at a low cost, you will need to think twice. That is because cheap elliptical bikes may not last long and may require a lot of repairs. Therefore, they may end up costing a lot in the long run.

  • Drive System

You should note that elliptical bikes have different types of drive systems that include rear-drive, center drive, and front-drive. It is advisable to consider getting an elliptical bike that has two drive axles, and it is safer than any other. That explains why you will find them in wellness and gym centers.

  • Size and Portability

You should note that elliptical bikes are made by various companies. Therefore, they are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes. You will find them in fitness centers and homes. Those designed for fitness centers or gyms tend to be huge in size. That is because such machines are not supposed to be moved regularly.


The best elliptical bike to purchase ought to suit your needs. Moreover, it should be comfortable to use, help you achieve your fitness goals, and fall within the desired budget. It is advisable to set realistic elliptical workout goals and get a bike that meets your expectations.

Remember that no matter your fitness goals are, you cannot get results immediately. Even getting the best fitness machine cannot be of help if you do not use it on a regular basis. Thus, you will have to have a fitness program and make adjustments to your lifestyle.