5 Best Leather Punching Bag – Heavy Bag & Double End Bag Review

Punching bags are known to be the best equipment for training the power of punches and kicks. The best leather punching bag is known to be heavy and provides you the stamina required for your training.

The good thing with punching bags is that they are economical in the sense that you do not require to spend too much money for a coach or monthly membership to a gym. Heavy punching bags is all that you need to relieve your stress and burn calories.

Here are the 5 best leather punching bags to choose from:

5 Best Leather Punching Bags List


Reviews of the 5 Best Leather Punching Bags

#1. Best Rated – Ringside 90 pound Leather Heavy Bag for Punching and Boxing

Ringside 90 pound leather punching bag
Ringside High End Leather Punching Bag

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Ringside 90lb bag will help you experience quality and professionalism because of its classiness and style that gravitates towards vintage vibes. This product is dedicated to the preservation vintage aesthetics but still high-quality and will last you a long time.

It is made of natural-toned and white leather alternate, which creates a unique pattern that is detailed with pressed icons as well as leather hardware settings. It is a piece of expensive equipment since it is far beyond the average price for a leather heavy bag.

Apart from that, it is made using 2.2mm AA premium drum dyes 100% genuine cowhide luxury leather.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable & high-quality
  • The appearance is unique
  • It comes with heavy duty chains
  • Made from 100% genuine leather
  • The dimension is 40 cm by 122 cm

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#2. Best with Various Weight – Ringside Large Leather Heavy Bag

Ringside leather heavy bag for boxing
Leather Bag for Punching

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The Ringside large heavy bag will stand the test of time and will meet and exceed all your expectations. The price is above the average range for a leather punching bag but it is worth all the money. It weighs 200lb and measures 16” by 48”, meaning that it is not huge but will ensure that your training is good.

It comes with a swivel and a chain. It is filled with soft shredded textile which makes it comfortable when you hitting the surface. The material on the outer of the bag is not rough, which means that you will not get sore hands or knuckles after training.

On the contrary, the bag will help in reduction of muscle strain on elbows, wrist, and shoulders. It is the best bag for targeting build-up of strength and power in the upper body, owing to its weight.

Brilliant Features:

  • Does not take too much space
  • Comes with a swivel and chains
  • You can customize its size from 100 lb and 130 lb to 150 lb and 200 lb

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#3. Best for Professional Players – Title Leather Boxing Bag

Title leather bag for professoional use
Title Leather Bag with 3 Sizes

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If you are looking for the best regardless of the cost, consider this Title Leather Boxing Bag. The choice of material used in making the bag is of high quality. The outer shell is made from top-grade extra thick leather from cowhide. This means that the bag will give you years of service, even if you are those people who train hard on a daily basis.

It comes with additional mounting equipment. These include chains, swivel, and a tiedown D-ring. The equipment is heavy duty to match the quality of the bag. It comes in three size options giving you a room to choose from, that is, 70 pounds, 100 pounds, and 150 pounds. You are able to choose one that will suit your training goals and will meet your needs.

However, you should be aware that the 70 pound and the 100 pound are 42” tall. This means that they may not be the best option for low kicks. The 150 pound is a bit taller than the others since it is 48”. The price is above for this product is not average for just a leather punching bag. However, the quality and the years of service that the bag will give you is worth the money. Regardless of your level of skills, the bag will give you the satisfaction you require when training.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes in three size options
  • It comes with heavy duty mounting equipment
  • It is made from thick and high-quality cowhide leather

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#4. Best for MMA – Leather Double End Speed Bag for Muay Thai

leather double end punching ball
Double End Leather Punching Bag

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It is made of 100% top grade high quality leather and provides extreme durability, therefore, it can withstand multiple punches over and over again. The double end punching bag features welted seams, reinforced loops, and heavy duty rubber bladder. All these help to increase the integrity of the bags as well as prevent loss of air even when it is used most of the time.

The design of the bag is for rapid recoiling and moving constantly. It will ensure that you are able to develop good timing, reflexes, and accuracy and at the same time it will help to improve your coordination of hand and eye.

It comes with a pair of bungee cords and S-hooks to help in easy mounting as well as for convenience. You will be able to suspend this bag easily at both ends to the ceiling and floor. It is available in 9” and 7”, which means that beginners are accommodated. They are designed to bounce fast to allow you to practice on defense techniques, footwork, and movement.

Brilliant Features:

  • Accommodates beginners
  • Comes with additional accessories
  • Easy to hook to the ceiling and the floor

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#5. Best for Kids – Fairtex Leather Teardrop Bag filled with Water

teardrop leather punching bag
Leather Punching Bag for Home

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A banana or traditional heavy bag is not right for everybody. This bag is mainly good for kids or those who are focusing their training on specialized kicks and punches. It is a comfortable, heavy, and very durable punching bag. It is made from high-quality leather material and  well made to ensure that there are no tears when used frequently.

Since the bag is made from premium leather and has plenty of fill, it has a very minimal swing. This means that it is the perfect choice for building up resistance as well as strength. The shape and the size of the bag indicate that it can be used for punching, kneeing, and kicking.

It is designed for people working on Muay Thai, making it good for elbows, knees, teeps, hooks, and uppercuts. It is great equipment because it fills every hole that banana and traditional bags may fail to cover.

Children as well those training for MMA or Muay Thai will greatly benefit from this bag since it will help them build up strength and resistance. It is big enough to help you throw significant strikes and mobile enough for it not to take the whole room in the setup.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes already filled
  • Made from high quality leather
  • Water-resistant and thus it is easy to clean

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#1. What is the Average Price of a Leather Punching Bag?

The price range of bags vary depending on quality, size, and type. However, you can expect the prices of leather punching bags to be between $90 and $200.

#2. Are Leather Punching Bags Good for Beginners?

If you can afford a leather bag, then this is the best option because they provide a good feel and are very durable.


Why Buy a Leather Punching Bag?

It is the superior material for feel and durability. Leather will guarantee a long time use even when you are training every day for longer periods.

However, be sure that you will pay extra for genuine leather punching bags compared to synthetic leather, which is less durable and cheaper.

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Leather is easy to maintain since all you need to do is wipe it after every practice. You can use a leather cleaner to wipe and a leather conditioner to ensure that it does not crack and is moist all the time.