5 Best Cheap Punching Bags Reviewed in 2022 – Top Models

If you go to the market today for punching bags, you will be amazed at how you will get several confusing options. This is because we are in season when most of the gym activities are being moved to homes. People no longer tend to be attracted to go for their exercise at the gym since it is time limiting and would be expensive at times. Therefore, we have done a review for you to get the best cheap punching bags in the market with their brilliant features.

5 Best Cheap Punching Bags for Home & Gym Use


Reviews of the 5 Best Affordable Punching Bags

#1. Everlast 70 lb Heavy Bag with Gloves and Hand Wraps

Everlast 70 pounds punching bag with affordable price

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For some time now, Everlast has been considered as one of the best providers of punching bags. This is one of the options that this firm provides. It is a 70-pound heavy bag which comes with bag gloves and a 108-inches hand wraps. Once you have made your order for this bag, you should not fear the extra cost of looking for other accessories to go with it.

It is stuffed with natural and synthetic fibers with some sifted sand. Such a filling gives you an easy feel to your hands. Even if you punch it harder, your hands will remain firm without any hurts. You can still make use of gloves for further protection.

You can easily adjust the height of this bag so that it feels ideal for your height. One thing that you can be sure of if you go for this bag is that it will give you resistance above its weight. This is as a result of the bungee cord fitting.

Brilliant Features:

  • It weighs 70 pounds
  • Its height is adjustable
  • Comes with all the needed accessories
  • It is filled with natural and synthetic fiber blended with sifted sand

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#2. RDX Punching Bag Sets for MMA Training

cheap hanging bag

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If you are looking for a punching bag for your MMA, this is the best option that you should go for. It comes unfilled so that you can do the filling on your own based on what can give you the best service. You have a chance to use rags, sand or water. This is actually what makes it cheaper than other options. It is also waterproof and so you can choose on your own what can serve you best.

This brand does not fix on a given decision. It gives you a chance to choose between four feet or a five feet bag depending on your size. As you buy it, you will get some free steel chains and bag gloves. Who does not want any gift! The top part is fitted with a zipper for enclosing. This bag is also proven to be stable with less swing.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes unfilled
  • It is waterproof
  • You can choose either 4 feet or 5 feet
  • Comes with free steel chains and bag gloves

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#3. Everlast Heavy Bag Kit and Stand

Everlast punching bag with stand

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It weighs 80 pounds. You get the full kit of all that you need for your home gym. This bag comes with three different pegs which will allow you to have a different weight of bag fitted on it. It is easy to assemble once you have bought it making it fun to use.

This bag is designed for a single station. You will enjoy using it at your speed. No more struggles to work at the pace above what you can manage. If you are a beginner, you can consider having this wonderful option. It is best for your training.

Brilliant Features:

  • Can be filled up to 100 lbs
  • Designed for single station use
  • It is a complete kit for your gym
  • Measures 57″L x 47.6″W x 88.2″H

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#4. Everlast Stand up Punching Bag for Kickboxing

Everlast punching bag for home freestanding

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Here is a punching bag that comes in a stand-up design. It helps you with your kickboxing exercise. If you are training to have your boxing career effective, this becomes the best option that you should go for. The stand-up design gives you the best experience whenever you want to move it.

This punching bag is ideal for every member of the family. Both adults and children can use it. It comes in different weight options. It is, therefore, your responsibility to choose the weight that perfectly resonates with your weight. Generally, you can do extensive exercise full of kicks, punches and many more martial moves without the fear of getting it torn apart. Moving it is even easier than most stand up punching bags in the market.

Brilliant Features:

  • Made of high quality material
  • It is made in a stand-up design

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#5. Century BOB Punching Dummy for Adults

cheap human shaped punching bag

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Century BOB Punching Dummy is yet another alternative that you can go for to serve both adults and teenagers in the family. It is made in a freestanding design in a human-like upper torso. When punching this bag, you are most likely to feel like someone fighting a real opponent.

Freestanding heavy bag with life-like upper torso which becomes an encouraging aspect for the user to keep punching even greatly. Additionally, this punching bag gives you a large surface to hit so that you are not restricted to one point. It is filled with urethane foam which makes it easy on your hands. You can have a long-time hitting without the fear of the bag getting torn.

To get the best out of this punching bag, you should fill the base with 270 pounds of water or sand. For massive people, sand is more recommended. Whenever you want to move it along, you can just roll the base and it will move without much strain. You can as well set it for multiple heights depending on the height of the user.

Brilliant Features:

  • Adjustable height
  • It can be moved by rolling
  • The body is filled with urethane foam
  • The base can be filled with water or sand

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How Much Is a Good Punching Bag?

The prices for punching bags vary depending on the type of the bag as well as its brand. There are bags that we would conform to expensive while others are cheaper.

If it is only the prices of the bag that determine the type of the punching bag that you will be buying, then you should do proper market research so that you can end at the best decision.

Generally, the prices can range from $80 to $350. You can consider all the factors about your decision to end at a good punching bag at the right price.


Final Words

Buying a good punching bag should not be a one-minute agenda. You should plan well to get the best punching bag. It is not only the price that should guide you to the decision. There are many other factors specific to every user that you should consider. However, the above are some of the best recommendations we would give having considered some of those factors.