Top 4 Best Floor Punching Bag for Training and Body Building – Reviews in 2022

The best floor punching bag is one of the popular gym tools you can have that helps you train right from home. With a free-standing punching bag, you can work on your stamina, technique, and precision.

Today, the market is flooded with many types of floor punching bags which can make it confusing to choose the best one. While looking for the best floor punching bag, you must pay attention to different factors such as size & weight, design, material, and price. In this article, we are going to look at the top 4 best floor punching bag.

Top 4 Best Floor Punching Bag

Reviews of the 4 Best Floor Base Punching Bags

1. Everlast Floor Standing Punching Bag with Adjustable Height from 54” to 65”

Everlast punching bag with sand or water base
Best Floor Punching Bag for Training

If you are a martial athlete and want to take your workout to a new level, then you should get this punching bag. Everlast bag has a rounded design which is great for athletes training because they can move around it and work out their legs. When you hit the punching bag, it has a material that absorbs the impact at the same time reducing sliding and movement.

This punching bag has a high-density plastic base that can be filled with either sand or water for stability. When the base is filled, the punching bag can absorb a lot of striking without falling over. The good thing about Everlast floor standing punching bag is that it can be used anywhere and require no mounting tools for installation.

Brilliant Features:

  • Good for beginners
  • The height is adjustable from 54 inches to 65 inches
  • It is great for hand-eye coordination and leg conditioning
  • Comes with air foam chamber that provides a realistic and high-quality feel
  • Great punching bag that can be used for both indoor and outdoor striking exercise

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2. Dripex Floor Standing Kickboxing Bag with Multi-layer Construction

solid floor standing punching bag
Floor Punching Bag with Strong Suction

Thanks to the high-quality multi-layer construction, you can get better buffer thus minimizing the risk of bruising your hands and wrists. Standing at 69 inches tall, this kickboxing bag is made to be tear-resistant, offer fast rebound, and withstand heavy strikes. When the rounded ABS base tank is filled with sand, it can help improve stability.

Dripex kickboxing bag has a striking surface that is made of 2mm thick PU leather, eco-friendly fabric buffer, and high-density EPE foam. The dual TPU absorbers have four springs that can achieve a 360 degrees noise and shock absorption, and it is possible to remove spring for less absorption. What we like about Dripex Floor Standing Kickboxing Bag with Multi-layer Construction is that it is made to be durable so that it can withstand kicks and punches with time.

Brilliant Features:

  • 365 days care
  • Minimal setup is required
  • Anti-vibration technology
  • It is suitable on any even floor
  • It is very durable and comfortable
  • Comes with 12 strong suction cups that help stop base movement

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3. Century Wavemaster Floor Bag with 4 Height Adjustment

floor mounted punching bag for martial arts
Century Floor Based Punching Bag

Started in the year 1976, Century has over the years produced top-notch quality products for yoga, boxing, and fitness. Unlike other products on this list which are made for high powered strikes, Century Wavemaster floor bag is designed for cardio workouts.

The punch bag which has a base diameter of 22 inches can hold up to 170 pounds of sand or water. It is rounded making it great for smooth roll relocation. And it is great for improving your punching speed, technique, and strength. The best part about this punching bag is that you can adjust the height from 53.5 inches to 65.5 inches.

Brilliant Features:

  • It has a low profile base
  • Top-quality and long-lasting
  • Can be filled with sand or water
  • It weighs 170 pounds when filled
  • Comes with 4 different height adjustments
  • The punching bag comes with three color variations

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4. Everlast Dual Station Floor Mounted Heavy Bag & Stand for Punching

everlast floor standing punching bag
Everlast Heavy Bag and Stand

Everlast dual station floor mounted heavy bag is made to maximize power and speed. This is one of the best gym accessories that you can use at home and in the gym. It has a stand that is made of steel construction and can hang both a heavy bag and a speed bag.

The bag can hold a minimum of 100 pounds of a punching bag. This heavy bag and stand for punching comes with breathable 100 percent cotton that hand wraps for support and comfort. Everlast Dual Station Floor Mounted Heavy Bag is best designed for professional or heavy-duty use.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is easy to assemble within a few minutes
  • You can use it like a heavy bag stand by attaching a heavy bag on it
  • This punching bag stand is greatly designed for a smooth durable finish
  • It is easy to set up because you only have to fix the speed bag and use it as a speed bag stand

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#1. What Is a Floor Punching Bag?

A floor punching bag refers to a type of punching bag which is mounted onto a base that is filled with gravel, water or sand. You can use this tool at home, outdoors or at a gym. The benefit of floor punching bags is that they are portable and convenient, meaning that they can be moved anywhere.

#2. Is Standing Punching Bag Better than Hanging?

floor punching bag vs hanging bagYes. The benefit of a standing punching bag is that it does not require any installation compared to a hanging bag. You do not need to put a hook or chain so that you can hang it on the ceiling. All you have to do is fill the round base with sand, water or ballast for stability and you are good to begin your striking exercise.

Also, a standing punching bag is beneficial to a hanging punching bag because of its space benefits. While a hanging punching bag is permanently installed on your ceiling, a standing punching bag can be easily moved and stowed away.

#3. What Is the Best Type of Punching Bag?

There are different types of punching bags such as fitness bags, punch and kick, reflex bag, and hybrid. Depending on your training needs, you may prefer one punching bag over the other. Probably the best type of punching bag is the punch & kicks bag that has a larger design and a wide solid base that is filled with sand or water.

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Floor punching bags are a popular option for people who work out from home. You can also use them for your fitness class thanks to their portability and small size. They are easy to set up, meaning that you don’t have to drill holes on the ceiling. Hopefully, you can find the ideal punching bag from the list above.