The 6 Best Kickboxing Bag for Home and Office – Review & Guide in 2022

While we can’t choose which kickboxing punching bag will work best for you, we have arranged a rundown of widely praised items that are sufficiently assorted to fulfill any need. Along these lines, if you need to get the best kickboxing bag, you should simply investigate our rundown underneath.

6 Best Kickboxing Bag for Weight Loss, Cardio Build & Training


Reviews of the 6 Best Kickboxing Bags

#1. Best for Kids – Century WaveMaster Bag Made of Nylon with 4 Height Adjustments

Century kickboxing bag with 4 adjustable height

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The Century WaveMaster is the preparation bag that offers one of the biggest punchings and kicking surf pros right now available.

Besides, the striking surface isn’t just large yet, also, sturdy since it includes an excellent vinyl spread that sits on the high-thickness froth. The materials help give the unit a durable outside that can deal with rehashed kicks and punches without getting harmed. Clients have likewise revealed that the high-thickness froth is excusing.

We know how significant a stable kickboxing bag is to your preparation schedule, which is the reason we are happy to report that gratitude to its position of safety base and the extra-huge fill opening that can suit water.

Brilliant Features:

  • You can redo the appearance of the item.
  • It enables you to discover a system that works best for you.
  • The plan of the item will let you move 360 degrees around it.
  • Getting the unit fully operational ought not to take over a couple of moments.

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#2. Best for Professional Players – Century Freestanding Heavy Training Bag

270 pounds kickboxing bag for professional fighters

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With this model, Century freestanding training bag has figured out how to make an adaptable unattached kickboxing bag that is a mix between a catching sham and a punching bag. It has a non-hanging structure, and that will enable you to put it in any place. It is increasingly helpful for you since it can fit in any room.

It is ideal for these methods since it does not have the more extensive and heavier base that different choices have, which this way will make it such an enormous amount of more uncomplicated for you to toss it to the ground. There is additionally no compelling reason to stress over strength since the item is secured with great vinyl, and it incorporates a pre-filled base that will help make a natural bounce back.

The plastic base tank can be topped with off to 270 pounds of water or sand to guarantee that the entire unit won’t move while you punch or kick it. It stands 69 inches tall, and it estimates 18 crawls in measurement, which helps give you all that could be needed space to rehearse your kickboxing and combative techniques methods.

Brilliant Features:

  • The bag is adaptable.
  • The maker creates high kickboxing gear.
  • It is ideal for competitors of any expertise or age.
  • The plastic base can hold as much as 270 pounds of water.

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#3. Best for Beginners – 70 Pounds Hanging Heavy Bag for Home Use

Everlast kit for kickboxing

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The 70 pounds hanging heavy bag is structured with a robust and vigorous exercise as a primary concern. To this end, it is equipped for withstanding whatever you can toss at it without falling over and destroying your ideal exercise schedule.

This across the board set is ideal for home boxing preparing, and the bag and gloves have a classic black shading plan that is extremely beautiful.

It accompanies a tough engineered cowhide shell that encases the stun retaining froth. The blend of these two materials will help ensure that the bag is more than equipped for withstanding even the hardest blows.

Brilliant Features:

  • This model is extremely flexible.
  • It is a brilliant decision for tall individuals.
  • Contains every one of the frills one needs to begin.
  • The item is made of just the most excellent materials.

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#4. Best with Stand – Everlast Dual Station Punching Bag

Kickboxing bag with speed bag

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If you are searching for a kickboxing bag and stand set, this alternative will give you an exhaustive preparing set that incorporates all the rigging that you have to begin. The most significant piece is.

Also, the punching bag is made of solid materials, and it is waterproof, which enables it to be utilized outside. You likewise get every one of the adornments you have to mount the kickboxing bag just as a couple of hand wraps and gloves, and a bounce rope.

The punching bag can convey a perfect measure of opposition and influence, which makes it ideal for kickboxing; furthermore, the zip-top plan will let you tweak the filling of the bag if you need to attempt different sauces.

Brilliant Features:

  • Has stun assimilation, and it gives hand security.
  • It has a robust external shell equipped for withstanding even the most extraordinary utilization.

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#5. Best for Women – Free Standing Heavy Kickboxing Bag for Home

free standing kickboxing bag with sand or water filled base

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It tends to be challenging to locate the privilege kickboxing bag that can accommodate your exciting style, which is the reason we were enjoyably dazzled with this option from Dripex freestanding bag, which is flawlessly made for ladies.

The bag is pressed with all that you have to make the most out of your day by a daily exercise routine, and it incorporates two kinds of extras that you can use for the establishment procedure.

The clean striking surface is of 69″ which ought to be all that could be needed to oblige punches and kicks from any competitor.

Brilliant Features:

  • Has a froth neckline that can be evacuated.
  • You can outfit yourself with all the height you need.
  • The bag comes pre-loaded up with destroyed materials.

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#6. Best Price – RDX MMA Heavy Kickboxing Set

MMA kickboxing bag kit

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RDX is the go-to mark if you are hoping to get modest kickboxing bags that accompany every one of the embellishments expected to begin your kickboxing instructional courses immediately.

The preparation bag is of high quality and twin layered, which makes it incredibly tough. The set additionally incorporates the most recent Maya Hide calfskin boxing gloves.

Much the same as the boxing gloves, the punching bag is made of the licensed Maya Hide cowhide material that is flexible and practically durable so you can keep preparing with the bag for a considerable length of time to come. Besides, you likewise get a chain connection that you can join to the D-rings to mount the item to the divider or your preferred bag stand.

There is additionally a fastened circle at the base that you can utilize if you need to decrease the bag influence on the off chance that your kicks demonstrate to be excessively fantastic.

Brilliant Features:

  • The punching bag is hand sewed.
  • You can alter the vibe of the punching bag.
  • Designed to be sufficiently massive so you can fill the bag.
  • The gloves are very agreeable, and they can fit most hand estimates superbly.
  • It is anything but complicated to get the bag loaded up with your favored material.

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Guide on Buying the Best Kickboxing Punching Bags

If you are planning to buy a kickboxing punching bag for your training, use the following guides to help you choose the best kickboxing bag for your practice. For beginners, ask for a reference from your trainer regarding the best brands to buy from.

#1. The Filling

The kickboxing punching bag comes either filled or unfilled. Although most bags are sold while filled, if you want to get the best punching results from the bag, choose the empty bag, and use your fillers. This is essential for professional kickboxers since you get a chance to fill the bag to your preferred level and with your preferred fillings.

Some of the significant fillings used in punching bags are clothes, sand, and cotton. For professional fighters, fill the quarter size of the bag with old clothes, and then add sand to a half of the remaining part and then top up with more cotton.

The bottom line is the filling should contain your expected weight. For beginners or children, you can stack it with water or sand as the filling.

Century kickboxing bag with 4 adjustable height

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#2. The Weight

The weight of the punching bag matters a lot since it determines the amount of resistance you will get from the bag. Punching the heavyweight bags helps to train your body muscles and bones by strengthening them.

This, in return, supports the body muscles by improving the resistance when fighting with an opponent in the arena.

For you to kick a heavy bag, you need to engage your entire body, including the core. The weights of the kickboxing bags range from as low as 20 kgs to 300 kgs or more.

If you are a beginner, or for kids, you can start with a bag weighing about 20 to 70 pounds. But, for professional kickboxers, a bag weighing from 70 lb and above is crucial since it provides more resistance.

#3. The Height

The height of the punching bag goes hand in hand with the weight, although the user may also determine the choice. If the bag is for a child, small size will work for them. But if you are buying the punching bag for an adult, choose a “tall” bag.

A tall bag provides a large surface area for kicking with hands and legs. Still, large punching bags are heavier to create more resistance and strength needed by adults or professional kickboxers. Therefore, the heavier the bag is, the more it will absorb the impact of efficient training.

Small-sized bags are not easy to train with as they swing a lot when kicked, and this can hugely interfere with your training sessions. Such bags are recommended for kids training for this sport.

So, if you want to have an easy time when training with the bag, and you want to create more strength, always go for a kickboxing punching bag that is relatively tall.

free standing kickboxing bag with sand or water filled base

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#4. The Material

The other crucial thing to consider when buying s punching bag is the materials used to make it. There are three different materials used to craft the punching bag. They include vinyl, leather, synthetic leather, and canvas.

  • The Leather

This is the top best and the most expensive of all. The punching bags made of leather material guarantees durability and are quite comfortable to work with. So if you can afford a bag made of pure leather, go for it. The majority of professional kickboxers use this type of bag for training.

  • Synthetic Leather

Synthetic leather is a cheap version of pure leather. It is also reliable in terms of use and relatively less expensive than the original leather. So, if you cannot afford a bag made of pure leather, always opt for synthetic bag and ensure it has an excellent filling. Such bags work for both professional trainees who may not afford the leather made bags and beginners who need a quality bag to train with.

  • Canvas

If you cannot afford the expensive leather and synthetic leather bags, the most appropriate option materials to consider is the canvas. Canvas is the cheapest punching bag material on the market, and you can purchase the canvas bag at a low price of about 80 dollars.

Also, canvas bags come unfilled so you can fill them to your choice considering the material does not absorb much impact as opposed to leather. To create impact absorption with this punching bag, consider using sand or other bulky fillings to create a good effect.

#5. Space of Kickboxing

The areas where you want to set up the bag influences the choice of the bag is a great way. Some kickboxing bags are meant to be hanged while others come with a stand to be set on the ground.

Other than this, you also need to have enough space to move around when kicking the bag. Therefore, make sure you have a large area to set up the bag of your choice.

#6. Inflatable vs. Heavy bags

If you are looking for a kickboxing punching bag for professional training, then a heavy bag would be a perfect choice. Inflatable punching bags are not recommendable for adults as they swing a lot hence causing you to miss the target. So, for efficient training, always opt for heavy punching bags.


What Can I Use to Practice Kickboxing at Home?

To begin with a handcrafted punching bag with home supplies, you will require various things other than the cushions to make the homemade punching packs. The rundown of items needed is given beneath:

  • Pad cases
  • Pads
  • Ropes
  • Sand/Sawdust
  • Old Duffel bag
  • Conduit tape
  • Hanging snare

Steps for Making Homemade Kickboxing Bag

  • 1. Turn the duffel bag inside out.
  • 2. Fill the bag with pillow or clothes/rags or even sand.
  • 3. Tie a rope to the top-end.
  • 4. Use channel tape to wrap the pack.
  • 5. Use the end ropes to hang.
  • 6. Use a homemade punching bag holder to hang your bag.


Is Standing Kickboxing Punching Bag Better than Hanging?

A hanging punching bag is made for kickboxing warriors who likewise use their lower body. They use the two punches and kicks. Then again, fighters use their chest area as it were. They use hanging punching bags because the packs delineate social structure through its development.

Hanging Bag Pros & Cons

  • It is loaded down with water or sand, and the spread is made of cowhide or vinyl.
  • Hanging sack allows you to move around. You can balance it on the roof or out in the open yet with a solid base.
  • It improves hostile aptitudes: since the hanging pack isn’t static, it swings when the client strikes the sack.
  • The heaviness of the punching pack is uniformly circulated over the body so you can rehearse your abilities for lower just as an uppercut, scoop snares, knee strikes, and snare punches.
  • It is additionally reasonable for high kicks in practical circumstances for proficient competitors.
  • Rehearsing on a moving item likewise improves your concentrating aptitudes

  • Needs space
  • It is prone to swinging
  • Difficult to install & takes time to assemble

Standing Punching Bag Merits & Demerits

  • Unsupported packs are additionally loaded up with either sand or water and are veiled by calfskin or vinyl. There is an assortment of plans and decisions of material to pick.
  • In many models, there are wheels connected to the standing, so it is simpler to shift them all around, giving you the advantage to de-mess after an exercise session.
  • This model keeps up a standing point in the middle, so it is valuable for kicking exercise as well.
  • No establishment required. In contrast to the hanging, there is no issue to fix this gear. All you need to do it fill the base of the pack with sand or water, and you are a great idea to go!

  • It is lighter
  • Not entirely sturdy


How to Fill a Kickboxing Bag?

You should wear layers. Yes, the layers are above the layers. Starting from below is practically the only way to go clearly.

The fund will probably collapse because if you bought an empty bag, it would bend to save space.

The bottom will close when filling begins. Let’s take a standard 5-foot, 15-inch long punching bag.

It would help if you carried your packages and things around your feet in the pocket. Take a heavy hammer and throw it about 20-30 times and repeat the process until you reach the top.

The higher the success rate you should consider, given the fact that the top of the bag usually hits, the hands are more likely to carry injuries much larger than the legs.

However, you can make the bag lighter and then throw it away 10 to 20 times, if it is said to be done for your children.


Is Kickboxing the Best Way to Build Cardio?

Yes, Cardio-kickboxing is a not too bad health choice for those planning to devour calories for weight decrease or to improve stamina and heart prosperity.

People who become viably depleted with stationary cardio equipment like stair steppers may lift the new improvements in a cardio kickboxing class. Cardio kickboxing is seen as a low-or high-influence, high-power work out. Beginners are urged to begin progressively.


Kickboxing is one of the best sports or workouts that help to strengthen and tone the body. If you are planning to embark on this sport, one of the crucial things to buy is a kickboxing punching bag. In this article, we discussed the 6 top-rated kickboxing punching bags. They are: