Best Professional Punching Bags for Experienced Punchers in 2022

You need heavy and sturdy punching bags, especially if you are a fighter or boxer. This is because the punches from a professional are strong and heavy. Light punching bags may rip out since they can’t resist the punches.

No equipment is better than a professional punching bag when it comes to power training kicks and punches. Unfortunately, there are many punching bags out there, and choosing the best can be challenging. However, there are factors that you should check if you wish to find the best professional punching bags. Below is a review of the best professional punching bags in the market.

Top 6 Best Professional Punching Bags on Amazon

Reviews of the 6 Best Professional Punching Bags

#1. Century BOB XL Opponent Punching Dummy

Century BOB XL professional punching bag to mimic real training

This realistic heavy punching bag can help your entire upper body. It’s ideal for school, home, apartment, and aerobic boxing. It allows you to do perfect different skills, and the base can fill up to 270 pounds of water or sand. It’s made from plastisol that’s filled with durable urethane foam.

The bag comes with an adjustable height to accommodate users of all heights. You can adjust it from 60 inches to a maximum of 82 inches. The unit makes self-defense to be more convenient. The punching bags mimic a real-life training partner. You can target the correct anatomy with accurate strikes.

The punching can withstand punishment since it can stand anything you throw at it. Whether it’s head kicks, body shots, jabs, hooks, and crosses, the BOB XL can take it all. The bag is easy to transport since you only need to flip it and roll it over. Note that the bag looks like an actual person and has a face, shoulders, stomach, and chest.

Brilliant Features:

  • Stable
  • Easy to transport
  • Made from durable materials
  • The punching bag mimics a real-life person

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#2. Century Wavemaster Freestanding Heavy Punching Bag

Century Original Wavemaster punching bag for professional players

The bag is a pioneer when it comes to heavy punching bags. The bag is designed to stand up to your best strikes. It can help improve power and technique since you can practice different kicks such as round kicks, sidekicks, and front kicks. The large striking surface boosts your kicking confidence.

The bag is beneficial, especially to your cardio health. Sports such as Martial Arts, Boxing, and MMA are good for your cardio health. The bag can keep up your pace, no matter your prowess. The bag comes with adjustable height and can accommodate people of all heights. The height range is between 47 to 68 inches and is great for low, mid-level, or high kicking.

The Original Wavemaster is made of a vinyl cover that’s durable and features a high-density foam filling. The base can either be filled with water and sand. The base of the bag is round for convenient relocation since you only need to roll it. It weighs 270 pounds when filled and is available in red, blue, or black colors.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable cover
  • Adjustable height
  • Excellent for cardio
  • Rapid rebound and optimal resistance

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#3. Century Versys Standing Punching Bag with Large Striking Surface

Century Youth V.SPAR.1 Versys Punching Bag

This excellent punching bag is perfect for martial artists and also great for other sports such as football, soccer, wrestling, and basketball. This punching bag will help whatever sports your child practices.

The punching bag comes with integrated handles at the top that’s beneficial to training elbow or knee strikes. It’s also great for training skills that require control of your opponent’s movement. The punching bag is designed to move and can develop your child to develop the required balance when a kick misses or lands. A technique without balance is useless since losing balance gives the opponent an opportunity to strike.

Punching and kicking is a crucial part of combat sports. The bag is ideal for increasing accuracy, speed, target acquisition, and cardio health. It can resist every punch or kick that your kid will throw at it. The weight and size of the punching ball are perfect for the youth.

This tool is small enough to toss, pick up and take down. It can enhance your child’s development and coordination.

Brilliant Features:

  • Ideal for youth
  • Can be tossed around
  • Enhances development and coorďination
  • Has handles to help practice elbow and knee strikes

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#4. Everlast 100 lb Heavy Punching Bag Kit with Stand

Everlast Single-station Heavy Bag and Stool for Professional Boxer

Everlast is a popular brand when it comes to combat sports equipment. This punching bag kit is suitable for everyone who wants to be healthy and fit. The punching bag can withstand many hours of practice.

The bag comes with an adjustable chain to accommodate people of all heights. It’s easy to hang and hook. This bag has a texture and weight similar to the ones used high-end gyms. The punching bags come with a pair of leather gloves and breathable hand wraps. The gloves have specialized palm grips suitable for heavy punching bags.

The bag is reinforced buy webbing to boost durability. The single stand has a sturdy construction and features steel frames coated with powder. Another advantage of this punching bag is that it comes with a speed bag to help improve your speed and accuracy. Note that the dual stand can hold both the speed and heavy bag, so it’s versatile. Assembly of the bag is quick since you only need to hang the bags and you are good to go.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Easy to assemble
  • Comes with a speed bag, hand wraps, and durable gloves
  • Great price if you consider that it comes with several items

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#5. Outslayer 100 Pound Hanging Bag for Boxing and MMA

Outslayer 100 Pound Punching Bag for Professional Muay Thai Athletes

This bag is filled with punch resisting fabrics and takes punches and kicks for many years to come. The bag weighs 100lbs but can support a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

Although many people prefer leather, the vinyl shell and cover can still do the task effectively. It also has a vinyl cover that can be used for transportation.

The bag has ten straps that are double stitched to enable it to hang without chains. You can also add a D ring to the lower end so as to tether it to a weight.

The bag is durable but affordable. It comes with a ten-year warranty. It’s a risk-free business since you can get a new one it if it rips apart. The heavy punching bag is ideal for anyone who wants a heavy bag. Experienced punchers can make use of this bag since it offers enough resistance and a sturdy punching surface.

Brilliant Features:

  • 10-year warranty
  • Affordable punching bag
  • Durable Vinyl shell cover
  • Can be hung anywhere you want
  • The shredded fabric filler can resist anything you throw at it

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#6. Outslayer 130 Pounds Muay Thai Punching Bag with 6 FT Tall

Outslayer 130 lb Muay Thai Punching Bag for Professionals

This bag is one of the most popular bags by Outslayer. It’s ideal for gym owners or any other person who wants to punch a bag. The price of the bag is what sets the bag apart from the others. The bag is 60 inches tall and around 12 inches in diameter.

The four hanging straps can hold the bag without letting go. You can hang the bag from as low as 6 feet to 11 inches. Outslayer bags are made of a heavy-duty vinyl shell. It comes with two chrome D rings that allow you to attach the bag yo hanging hardware or stand. You don’t need chains to secure the bag to a mounting point.

The Outslayer Heavy Bag is filled with compacted materials that provide a fantastic punching feel. It’s comfortable but firm enough to offer resistance. It doesn’t have any sandbags that can shift from time to time. The bag comes with a ten-year warranty, making it a risk-free investment.

Brilliant Features:

  • Great for strength training
  • It’s an all-round heavy bag
  • You can practice low kicks on the bag
  • The swing allows you to train your movement

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How to Choose a Punching Bag for Professional Fighters?

#1. Size

The primary thing that you should consider is the size of the bag. You don’t need a bag that’s too light or too heavy. The bag should work well for your height. Bags height range from 2 feet to six feet and weights from 70 lbs to 180lbs. There are numerous brands out there, and finding the right punching bag can be challenging. Below are the things to consider before buying a professional punching bag.

#2. Fill Material

The fill is an important consideration since it determines the weight, firmness, and comfort of the bag. The bag usually comes pre-filled, but you will need to buy filler if it comes empty. The most common fillers include:

  • Sand

Sand is ideal for individuals who want maximum weight in their bags. Also, sand is easy to fill and doesn’t make a mess if it leaks. However, sand can change its hardness if you expose it to moisture and may even leak out of the bag.

  • Water

Water is a convenient filler material since it’s available. Water bags are safe, reliable, and dependable. Most water punching bags are equipped with a bladder that prevents breakage and for easy refilling.

Century BOB XL professional punching bag to mimic real training

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  • Air

Air is usually used in double-end bags and speed bags. It’s a convenient and cheap option for people who want a lightweight option. However, they tend to deflate after constant use, and you have to refill them regularly.

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  • Textile

Textile fillers are ideal for bags that aim to reduce muscle strain on the elbow, shoulders, and wrist. The material is lightweight, soft, and conforming. Most punching bags combine sand with textiles for the right weight and feel.

#3. The Bag Surface Material

Punching bags are either made of leather or synthetic material like plastic or vinyl. Leather bags are more suitable for professional players since leather is comfortable for your hands and durable. Also, it’s a classic when it comes to aesthetics. However, leather tends to be expensive when compared to other materials.

Synthetic punching bags have some advantages. For instance, vinyl is ideal for most spaces because it’s resistant to mildew and mold. Canvas is less durable but relatively cheap.

Everlast Single-station Heavy Bag and Stool for Professional Boxer

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#4. Mounting

You need to know where to put the bag before you purchase it. There are two types of bags: Freestanding and Mounted.

  • Freestanding bags

These bags are ideal for people that lack enough space to put the punching bag. Standing bags come with a built-in stand or base that allows you to place it anywhere. However, these bags don’t feel sturdy when you hit them. Most guys buy a wall mount to attach the bag off a wall. They come with a chain for attachment so as you can adjust the length.

  • Mounted

This type of bag is suitable if you have a beam or wall mount attachment. They are popular since they offer a full swing and enable you to move around the bag.

What Are the Different Types of Professional Punching Bags?

Punching bags serve a different purpose, depending on the type. The bags vary in shape, weight, and size. Below are the different types of professional punching bag.

  • Heavy Duty or Jumbo

Heavy-duty bags are ideal for hard training since they are extremely heavy and can improve your strength and muscle tone. They are either freestanding or hanging offer great resistance.

  • Freestanding bags

This type of bag comes with a base that you can fill with water or sand. They can be moved easily around since they have a round base to enable rolling. The bags with a large base are stable and don’t move when punched while the tall ones are ideal for kicking and punching. The bags provide an all-round exercise.

Century Original Wavemaster punching bag for professional players

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  • Speedballs

Speedballs improve the accuracy and coordination of a boxer. They are usually attached to a wall, although you can find free-standing ones. They swivel and bounce back quickly when you punch them. You have to react fast and have great footwork to counter the rebound. Beginners should start with a regular size ball and not a smaller one. Not that balls with much air rebound faster.

  • Uppercut bags

These balls focus on improving combination punches, like uppercuts and hooks. Combination punches are vital since they can decide a winner of a boxing match. Uppercut bags can help perfect your boxing technique.

Hanging Punching Bag vs. Free Standing Punching Bag

There are many differences between these two bags. There are some reasons why you should choose one over the other.

A freestanding punching bag is ideal if you don’t want to drill a hole in your wall, or don’t want to set up a massive stand. Note that free standing punching bags are designed for people who want to get cardio workouts from the bag. People who want to train professionally should combine these bags with heavy bags.

Hanging bags are geared towards people who want to train professionally. However, you can still use the bags for exercise. Note that you need to drill holes or find a way of hanging the heavy bag. Also, there are bag stands out there that you can purchase if you don’t want to drill holes. Professional boxers prefer hanging punching bags since it gives them a training experience that is similar to a true fight. It’s ideal for improving muscle strength.

Are 100lb Punching Bags Good for Professionals?

A 100lb punching bag can resist anything you throw at it. You can practice punches and kicking, as well as work on your footwork. Therefore, a professional may benefit from training with the 100lb punching bag.

However, the type and brand of the bag matter. For instance, some cheap bags may rip after a few months of training, especially for people with strong punches and kicks, unless you get the high-quality cheap punching bags. The filler material should also offer enough resistance to the kicks and punches. Lastly, the cover should hold the filler material without letting go.

A 100lb bag is ideal for professionals, as long as it’s of high-quality.

Outslayer 100 Pound Punching Bag for Professional Muay Thai Athletes

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Punching bags are not only valuable to professional fighters but for people who want to boost their health. There are many bags out there, but you can still find the right one for you. Above are the best punching bags in the market.