Best Punching Bags for Adults Reviews & Guide in 2022

Whether you are training for power kicks, punches, or simply want something for exercise, nothing works better than a good heavy punching bag. Therefore, if you are looking for the best punching bags for adults, you shouldn’t look any further. We have provided you with a list of 5 best punching bags to consider.

According to studies, the punching bag helps in improve your strength, stamina, and overall body health and fitness. For those engaging in sports, punch bags improve your upper body strength, making you ready for any challenge.


Top 5 best punching bags for adult fighters


Will adult fighters benefit from using punching bags?

It is one of the common questions among aspiring boxers, and the answer is yes, but only if you know how to use the bags properly. Fighting requires a lot of discipline and skill, and using adult punching bags has many benefits that help hone those skills.

best punching bag for adults reviews

1. Develops punching techniques

One of those benefits is the development of proper punching techniques, which helps your muscles to become accustomed to the rhythm, thereby making your punches more automatic. The more you throw punches on the bag, the more you train your muscles, and the more they get used to that activity.

2. Helps increase punch intensity and build muscles

Punching bags also help increase the intensity of your punches, but you have to use a bag within your size and weight. A bag that’s too heavy could do you more damage than good, and a very light bag will be ineffective and fly around when you punch. Confirm the weight and sturdiness of the bag before use.

Controlled breathing is also essential to fighters, and that’s another area where heavy bags come in handy. Adult punching bags give you a platform to strengthen your cardiovascular muscles, thereby reducing stress to your heart. As your heart adapts to the extra pressure during practice, you increase your chances of not succumbing to heart-related stress during a fight.

3. Improves your body coordination

Other being relaxed during the fight, how you also move necessary and punching bags help you get better at it. You can learn how to angle and move your legs by practicing with a punching bag to improve your flexibility during a fight and increase your chances of winning. Working with a bag can also help you improve your whole-body coordination. You’ll be training your legs, arms, and eye movement at the same and building your strength.


What is the best punching bags for adult use?


Factors to consider to buy a punching bag for adult

Before you buy a punching bag for adults, here are factors you need to consider.

#1. Outer materials

First and foremost, one should always determine the type of materials used in making the punching bags. Punching bags for adults do come with different construction materials. For instance, there are those made with leather, synthetic leather, canvas and plastic.

  • Leather – Punching bags made from genuine leather are not only durable but also the most comfortable. However, before getting such bags, be ready to part with some huge amount of cash.
  • Synthetic leather – This is another popular material used to make adult punching bags. Unlike genuine pure leather, synthetic leather is a little bit cheaper but still gets the job well done. Therefore, if you are running on a tight budget but still want a punching bag that won’t disappoint you, you should go for synthetic leather ones.
  • Canvas – Canvas bags are cheap and come when infilled. Unlike synthetic and pure leather, canvas bags don’t feel great against the skin.
  • Plastic – There are some adult punching bags that are made out of plastic. They are usually thick and rubbery and are designed to specifically hold water.

Combat double end punching bag for adult fighters

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#2. Filling material

Usually, the type of filling material determines the firmness, weight, comfort and price of the bag. Additionally, adult punching bags do come when prefilled. Therefore, you may need some fillers for filling before you can start using it. Some of the most common fillers include sand, water, air and textile.

  • Sand – For those looking for maximum weight, sand is the most ideal option. Besides, it is usually easy to fill inside bags, unlike water which may cause troubles, especially when there are leakages.
  • Water – Water-filled bags are also popular, reliable ad dependable. Plus, they offer a safe and comfortable punch.
  • Air – Air can either be used in speed bags or double end bags. One thing that makes them popular is that air is cheap and convenient for lighter options. One dislike for these bags is that one side may deflate with constant use.
  • Textile – For those looking on ways to reduce their muscle strain, these type of bags can be convenient. They are relatively soft and light in weight.

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#3. Hanging and freestanding bags

In most cases, punching bags are usually hanged. Otherwise, there are some models that work while freestanding. The choice solely depends on your needs. The freestanding punching bags are common in homes or gyms with a limited amount of space. One advantage of them is that they are easy to store once used. Also, you don’t have to drill holes for hanging.

On the other side, if space isn’t a limitation, you can go for the hanged punching bags. Since they are mounted high, they work well for uppercut training. Plus, they are highly versatile and can be used both for punching and kicking purposes.

#4. Weight & shape

Weight is another factor to consider while shopping for punching bags. If you are looking to boost your strength, you should go for the heaviest punching bags you can find.

However, if you want to flex your muscles just for fitness, lightweight bags can just do.

Adult punching bags come with different shapes. For instance, there are those with the traditional cylinder shape, human torso shape, and ball shape. Regardless of the shape, all the bags are good for training.

However, if you want specific training, the shape can play an important role. At the same time, ball bags are easy to transport from one place to the other, unlike the cylindrical ones.

#5. Price

Price is a great factor for every shopper. It’s always recommended to go for punching bags that you can easily afford without breaking the bank. Price also determines the quality of the punching bag you’ll get in the market. Therefore, if you want a highly eared product, always purpose to spend a lot.

RDX Punching Bag kit with gloves and chain

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Reviews of the 5 best adults use punching bags

#1. Best rating – Combat double end 45 pound heavy bag for beginnersCombat double end punching bag for adult fighters

If at all you are looking for a new way to build strength and get your heart rate pumping faster, then you should try this punching bag.

The outer shell of this bag is made of synthetic leather and reinforced nylon straps. Besides, the bag comes with a double end attachment. All these features work hand in hand to ensure punching bag is strong and durable also, with its 45lbs weight, the punching bag is ideal for the lightweight trainers and amateurs alike.

The bag comes with suspension springs, which sways side by side while punching. This movement mimics that of an opponent, therefore, giving you a more realistic training session.

Brilliant Features:

  • Highly durable
  • Allows uppercuts
  • Lightweight and compact

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#2. Best for Muay Thai – Ringside 100 pound heavy bag for kicking and boxing

Ringside Muay Thai Punching Heavy Bag for adult

This is another popular and highly rated both by amateurs and professionals alike. The punching bag is over 50 inches tall. This makes it hang lower to the ground hence a better choice for low body kicks.

More importantly, the bag is made with resilient power hide materials that can hold even the most of your powerful assaults. Its 100 pounds, as well as 13inch by 72-inch dimensions, make it suitable for heavy punching low kicks and other footwork.

Also, its mounting is made of strong hardware to avoid potentially dangerous events such as bag tearing loss. Therefore, with this product, your safety is always guaranteed.

Another interesting thing about this punching bag is that it comes with a variety of sizes. This helps you get the right option that matches your training goals.

Brilliant Features:

  • Safe for use
  • Variety of sizes
  • Highly resilient
  • Ideal for low kicks

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#3. Best kit – Everlast 70 lb MMA canvas heavy bag with gloves and wraps

Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit for Adults

The Everlast Company strives to provide the best fighting gear to a variety of martial arts and other sportsmanship. This punching bag, for instance, comes with full punching gear such as gloves, 108-inch hand wraps, and bungee cord, to mention a few. The gloves and wraps help in protecting your hands against abrasion and friction.

Also, the bag is heavily stuffed with both natural and synthetic fibers that are blended with sifted sand. This provides it with the bounce-back feel as well as good shock absorbency. Therefore, you should expect a good life and rebound from this bag.

It comes with customizable height for efficiency and convenience of use. Lastly, its bungee cord provides the bag with additional resistance and toughness.

Brilliant Features:

  • Customizable height
  • Efficient shock absorbency
  • Mounting equipment included
  • Comes with high-quality gloves

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#4. Best for professional players – Century WaveMaster training bag

Century Wavemaster XXL Training Bag for adult

If you are looking for an extra-large training bag to elevate your punching experience to the next level, the Century Wavemaster XXL training bag will be the best bet for you.

One thing that makes this bag unique is its high-quality striking surface. The striking surface is made of soft but sturdy material that brings the bouncing feel.

Also, the bag is made from a high-density foam and vinyl cover that is not only tough but also highly durable. The bag is stable and easy to balance when mounted- thanks to its low profile base and equal weight distribution.

Furthermore, the bag can be filled either with sand or water up to a maximum of 270 pounds in weight. This makes it good for those looking for heavy-weight punch bags.

Brilliant Features:

  • Very stable
  • Nylon straps
  • Easy to mount
  • Highly durable
  • The high-quality striking surface

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#5. Best cheap – RDX punching bags set with unfilled bag

RDX Punching Bag kit with gloves and chain

For those moved with class and elegance, the RDX punching bag will suit you fine.

Also, the bag is highly affordable as compared to its competitors.

Besides, it’s a good option for amateurs. However, professional punchers can still use it conveniently.

The punching bag is handcrafted, making it have an aesthetic outlook. The gloves included in this kit are nice and durable. Lastly, the outer shell is twin layered to improve its durability.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable
  • Very affordable
  • Beautiful outlook
  • Ideal for amateurs
  • Comes everything you need
  • Comes unfilled so that you can fill with whatever suits you

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What are the differences between punching bags for adults and for kids?

We have different punching bags for kids and adults; whenever you are going to shop for your punching bag, you must be clearer on the type that you want because they are not the same in different perspectives.

Punching bags are essential equipment for our day to day exercise, as a parent, you can go ahead to buy a punching bag for your kid. Punching bags play an essential role in the overall development of a kid, and they help your kids to have respect, promote focus, goal setting, discipline and self-defense.

Adult’s punching bags are different in several ways, read on to find out.

We have some features that make you clearer the differences between adult punching bags and kids punching bags, they include:

Ease of use- Adults’ punching bag is a bit complicated compared to ones meant for kids; they come with some extra features to make you get the best out of your exercise process.

Safety – You can hang an adult punching bag unlike one meant for kids that are made to stand alone. Adults hanging bags are usually hugged from the ceiling.

Weight – Adult’s one is heavier compared to the ones intended for Kids. Although some meant fie kids are relatively heavy, you should ho for one with springs to get them back in place to avoid injuries for kids.

Material – Adults’ punching bags are made from very durable materials that are capable of withstanding the high pressure applied by adults. The outer material is a bit rough compared to the softer nylon exterior cover for kid’s ones.


How much weight is the best for adults?

Well, there is no specific amount of punch bag weight for an adult. However, according to some studies, an adult should always go for bags not less than 70 pounds. Or, a bag that will move around abut but still feels heavy enough when hit. This will provide you with a good training process as well as optimum strength gain.

For professional adult punchers, the golden rule is to always go for punch bags half your weight.

Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit for Adults

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How to maintain my adult punching bag?

Proper maintenance of a punching bag will extend its lifespan and prevent it from wear and tear. This will go a long way to save you any of the money that you would otherwise spend in repairing or even the extra costs of having to replace your punching bag.

If you are looking for ways to maintain your punching bag, read on to learn more.

#1. Keep it clean

Your punching bag should be kept clean at any given moment. After using it, you have to wash it immediately; this will make it of last longer than even you expected. Try to do a thorough cleaning every time and perform a close inspection to identify any damage for immediate action to be taken.

#2. Keep it away from moisture

If you want your punching bag to last long, then you should keep it away from moisture. Punching bags are usually made from two types of materials, either pure leather or synthetic leather. The main important rule if maintaining your punching bag is to keep it away from moisture as much as possible.

#3. Weekly inspection

If you find it difficult to clean your punching bag regularly, then do it weekly. But is you are those people who clean it regularly then, but it is good to perform a thorough inspection every week to find out any areas that require some repair. Even if you do not use it daily, it is advisable to clean it weekly to increase its lifespan.

#4. Proper storage

The way you keep your punching bag is essential. Always keep it where it belongs. Make sure you’ve placed your punching bag at a secure place. Don’t expose it to sun, wind, and rain as it may get damaged. Find out if your heavy bag is made for exterior or just for the gym so as to find the appropriate place to store your bag.



Punching bags are ideal tools for keeping the body fit and healthy. Besides, they provide adults with good training, strength, and muscle build-up. However, selecting the rightful one can be daunting, especially with a wide variety of products in the market. Therefore, the above-mentioned punching bags are recommended should you want to buy one.