Best Heavy Bag Mount – Top Hangers & Bag Reviews in 2022

Keeping yourself fit is healthy for both personal and professional gain. For athletes in boxing, MMA and other fields, it is good to have a bag mount to use. Getting the best heavy bag mount in current times is very challenging.

The world has advanced, and the market is crowded hence settling on the best one that will serve you to your best satisfaction may take time. We have therefore decided to help by providing you with the best heavy bag mount to help you decide on the best one that will suit you.

Top 6 Heavy Bag Mount Hanger and Bags


Benefits of Using a Heavy Bag

Using a heavy bag mount is beneficial in our day to day life and activities.

a. Stress management – Using heavy bags is doing exercise. When you are working out, your body releases endorphins that always help in killing pain and in mood elevation hence counteracting the stress and depression mood. This, in turn, helps your body to ease any kind of discomfort and aches that may be stressing you.

best heavy bag mount reviewsb. It helps in building confidence – When you work out and use a heavy bag, you tend to gain self-confidence. In life, you can be mugged or approached by thugs. When practicing with a heavy bag, you may be able to throw kicks and punches that may scare the criminals away. Lack of self-confidence can make you run or surrender your valuable items or even get hurt easily.

c. Heavy bag mount benefits your health – Working out heavy bag enhances your stamina. This helps in increasing cardiac and respiratory fitness. The dangerous calories are burnt out, reducing any chances of heart-related issues.

d. It helps in keeping yourself fit – It helps in strengthening of muscles and in increasing your bone density.

Reviews of the 6 Best Heavy Bag Mount

Here are the best heavy bag mounts:

#1. Best Cheap – Yes4All Wall Mount Heavy Bag Hanger with Chain

cheap heavy bag mount hangerThis heavy mount bag is ideal for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai bag, and kickboxing. For the bag to turn freely from side to side without twisting, there is the presence of the 360-degree swivel chain.

Additionally, the availability of the eight bolt hole ensures the bag mounts secure and robust grip against the wall hence ensures your safety and comfort while using it and afterwards. This bag is made of heavy-gauge steel, and this ensures its durability; thus, it can serve you for more extended periods even if used daily.

The heavy-gauge steel makes it sturdy and robust, making it capable of holding a weight capacity of up to 100 pounds.

To prevent any rusting and corrosion, this bag mount has a black powder coating finish with special red oxide anti-rust formulation. During this bag mount purchase, all the necessary hardware are included for easy installation.

The 360-degree swivel chain is coated with zinc for protection against rust and corrosion. The inclusion of the instruction manual makes using this bag mount easy. Finally, this heavy bag mount has a universal design hence can be used in both home and commercial gyms.

The height can be adjusted to suit your preference. The adjustable height design and the pivoting system makes this bag mount ideal for both short and tall persons.

Brilliant Features:

  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Corrosion-free
  • Ideal for all ceiling and wall mounts

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#2. Best Rated – RDX Heavy Bag Wall Mount Bracket

RDX heavy bag swivel mountThis heavy mount bag is ideal for MMA training. This item has heavy-duty steel construction, and this ensures its durability; therefore, it can serve you for a long duration if on daily use.

The sturdy and robust construction makes this product ideal for holding a weight capacity of up to 300 pounds. Additionally, the six-bolt points are used in keeping the bracket tightly against the wall, which makes it safe and comfortable to use.

The bracket coat is treated with red oxide anti-rust formulation making it weatherproof and rust-resistant; therefore, it is ideal for outdoor use.

For minimal sideways movement and metal fatigue, this item has bracket incorporating stabilizing arms.

When purchasing this heavy bag mount, D Shackle assembly instructions and all wall fixings are included for easy assembly and installation. Further, when you are done with the workout session, you can quickly retract and swing the bracket arms into the wall to save you some space.

Brilliant Features:

  • Rustproof
  • Can be used outdoors
  • The arms can be retracted

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#3. Best Sale – Everlast 2 Station Floor Mounted Heavy Bag Stand

Everlast floor mount heavy bag standThis product is a dual function stand, making it ideal for holding both the heavy punching bag and speed at the same time. The heavy bag mount can, therefore, be used for boxing power and boxing speed practice at one place.

Additionally, for maximum durability, this heavy mount bag is made of rugged, powder-coated steel tubing. The sturdy construction ensures that the heavy bag mount can support any bag that weighs up to 100pounds.

Furthermore, the height of the speed bag platform is adjustable; hence you can set it to suit your preference. The availability of the three weight pegs ensures this heavy bag mounts stability while in use.

Assembling this bag mount is relatively easy and fast; therefore, no experts are needed to assemble it. Last, this heavy bag mount surface is all steel, and it is powder-coated to make it scratch resistant.

Brilliant Features:

  • The speed bag platform can be adjusted
  • It can hold both heavy and speed punching bags at the same time and place

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#4. Title Boxing Deluxe Wall Mount Bag Hanger

Title wall mount heavy bag mounting bracketThe heavy-duty industrial steel used in this heavy bag mount ensures its durability, and therefore it can serve you for extended periods. It is sturdy and robust, and therefore it can hold heavy bags that weigh up to 200 pounds.

Additionally, the installation of this bag mount is easy. It is also excellent and secure; hence you can use it comfortably.

The hanger arm length is 48″ making it easy for you to move freely around the bag for a full 360 degrees. Furthermore, this heavy bag mount is designed to suit both wood stud and masonry walls. This heavy bag mount can be used for professional gym and home demands.

Brilliant Features:

  • Easy to install
  • It is ideal for both professional gym and home demands
  • It can be securely attached to both wood stud and masonry walls

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#5. Everlast 70 Pound Wall Mounted or Ceiling Mounted Heavy Bag Kit

everlast wall mounted heavy bag kitThe stuffed natural and synthetic fibers are used to provide you with fantastic shock absorbency. Additionally, the custom filling of natural and synthetic fibers blended with sifted sand ensures the bag kit resilience for extended periods.

For your hand’s protection against the bags, abrasion heavy bag gloves are included for safety.

For more excellent resistance to the bag, a bungee cord is included. The super tough and rugged polycanvas materials used to construct this bag kit ensure its durability hence can serve you for extended periods even if it is used daily.

Furthermore, the bag kit height is customizable with an adjustable chain that can be easily adjusted to suit your preference. For ultimate safety and security while training, this bag kit has straps made of heavy-duty nylon. For more comfort and support while you are training, this bag kit has hand wraps.

Brilliant Features:

  • The chain is adjustable
  • It has a bungee cord for more excellent resistance
  • The gloves are made of high-quality synthetic leather

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#6. Ringside 100 Pound Leather Heavy Bag

100 lbs heavy bagThis bag kit is ideal for both beginners and professional boxers. The heavy bag is suitable if you want to practice kicks, footwork and punches among others and thus it is suitable for boxing, MMA, Muay Thai and contact sport athletes.

Additionally, the availability of the 2-inch liner helps in the provision of a comfortable hitting surface ideal for beginners. The Ringside heavy bag is constructed with powerhide making it durable hence can serve you for extended periods. The D-ring also helps in attaching the bungee cords to hold the position.

The heavy-duty material used in the bag kits construction ensures that it can withstand the most powerful assault either in your home or commercial gym. Furthermore, when purchasing this bag kit, chain, swivel, and a D-ring are all heavy-duty, and thus it can serve you for a long time. Lastly, the heavy-duty chain and swivel help in the easy mounting of the bag kit.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is durable
  • Both professionals and beginners can use it
  • It has a 2-inch layer of foam for comfortable hitting

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Wall Mount vs. Ceiling Mount vs. Floor Mount

A heavy bag for practicing can be mounted on the wall, on the ceiling and the floor.

#1. Wall Mount Bag

Wall-mounted bags are suitable for closed environments since they don’t need much room for swinging motion. In case you’re, your room has very high ceilings, then this type of bag mount is ideal for you.

Although they are a great compromise, they can be harder on hands and have a limited number of punches that you can throw. The primary punch type that can be practiced in a wall mount is straight punches. Furthermore, the wall mount is ideal for improving your fitness and punching techniques.


  • Very convenient
  • Does not take much space
  • Ideal for straight punches


  • It has limited punching options

everlast wall mounted heavy bag kit

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#2. Floor Mount

These types of bags mounts are always portable and can be easily be moved from one room to the other. For you to be able to hit them while working out, they have a massive base to ensure their stability. The floor mount is ideal for individuals practicing kicks and punches.

In case you have limited practicing space, the floor is the best type for you. The floor punching bag is perfect for hooks, straight shots and jabs. They are mainly used in stamina and punching technique improvement.



  • You amy need to buy sandbags and others to stablize it

Everlast floor mount heavy bag stand

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#3. Ceiling Mount

The ceiling mount needs much rooms for swinging, and therefore they require much space compared to wall mount and floor mount.

The ceiling mount is ideal for all types of punches plus the uppercuts among others. They help in improving your stamina, punch accuracy and timing, among others.



  • They require large spaces

100 lbs heavy bag

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How to Choose the Best Heavy Bag Mount?

There are several heavy bag mounts from different companies making the market be crowded hence getting the best one that will suit your needs entirely tricky and taking a lot of time. We have decided to give you some of the factors to consider to get the best heavy bag mount. Here are the factors:

1. Materials

It can be annoying to buy heavy bag mount only for it to last few days. The materials used in their construction should be heavy and high-quality to ensure their durability.

Additionally, when being used outside, the materials should be weatherproof and rustproof for it to serve you for extended periods. The bag mount that is ceiling or wall mount ought to be sturdy and robust to be able to handle the weight of the bag kits.

RDX heavy bag swivel mount

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2. Space

The place where the bag mount or kit is going to be mounted is essential. When purchasing any heavy bag mount, it is crucial to have the mounting space measurements. It can be displeasing if you buy a stand that is too big and expensive only to find that the room or the space is too small. If the area that it is mounted is small, your work out exercise may be limited.

3. The Cost

There are different types of heavy bag mount from other companies. The amount of money that you are willing to spend is also crucial. It is therefore advisable to check the prices in advance and budget for it.

Proper or on-time budget will help in ensuring that you get the best heavy bag mount that will serve you fully to the fullest. Buying a cheap bag mount may prove to be costly in the end since it may serve you for short durations and damage, making you buy a new one unless you ensure its high quality.

cheap heavy bag mount hanger

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4. The Amount of Weight That It Can Hold

Most heavy bag mounts are sturdy and robust, but they are designed to hold a different amount of weight. The standard ones can hold weights of up to 100 pounds. Getting a bag mount that can hold less weight will result in it breaking and damaging making you buy a new one that may be costly. It is advisable to get a bag mount that can hold more weight to avoid any unnecessary damages.

Everlast floor mount heavy bag stand

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Knowledge is power. Having the necessary and relevant information before buying any heavy bag mount will ensure that you get the best one. With factors like the material type, the brand and the mounting area in mind before purchasing a heavy bag mount will ensure that you get the best heavy bag mount that will serve you fully.