7 Best Cheap Elliptical Trainer Reviews 2022

The elliptical machines are the most common equipment usually found in fitness centers. These are low impact machines used to simulate running. They are very great machines for those who have existing hip, knee, or lower-body injuries since they can protect your joints from damage.

Most people need an elliptical machine for their home workouts, but during the process of finding the perfect selection, it becomes so confusing to a point where one can end up buying a substandard machine. Buying an elliptical doesn’t need to break a bank. So, what is the best affordable elliptical on the market?


Top 7 Best Cheap Elliptical Reviews

Elliptical machines exist in variety, with different categories, from standard quality machines to more advanced machines. If you would want to purchase an elliptical machine for your home workouts, there are many options you can choose from.

#1. Best Overall -Body Power 3-in-1 Exercise Machine

This elliptical trainer is designed to save space and provide you with killer workouts. The compact trainer can be used as a recumbent bike, upright bike, and elliptical. You can adjust its resistance magnetically. Therefore, it is quite easy for you to get the workouts you need.

body power exercise machine

Key Features

1. Multifunctional Design

This machine has a 3-in-1 design. Thus, you can think of it as a trio trainer that can function as an upright stationary bike, recumbent bike, an elliptical trainer. Therefore, you can get the cardio exercises you need.

2. Hassle-free Transitions

It has an innovative design that allows for effortless transitions without having to adjust or dismount hardware. You can easily adjust magnetic resistance when it comes to customizing your workout.

3. Flywheel System

An advanced flywheel system allows a machine to run quietly without continuous resistance. Also, the flywheel that is included is comparable to the professional-grade cycles.

4. Perfect for Home

The fact that this system offers a lot of workout possibilities, it is ideal for the home gym setup. In fact, the transport wheel makes the machine easy to store and transport whenever it is not in use.

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#2. Best Under Desk -Cubii Jr. Seated Elliptical

Cubii Jr. Seated Elliptical is a beautiful product that has an ergonomic design. It allows you to enjoy cardio workouts while seated. The machine is designed to deliver low to no impact on the joints. You may be surprised to learn that this is the only elliptical machine that can connect to Fitbit, Apple HealthKit, and other mobile apps to track, share, and compete. Therefore, it provides you with a unique community experience.

You are likely to fall in love with how simple this elliptical trainer is. It will easily fit into your everyday life at the home couch or office desk. In fact, it is perfect for working people who want to balance work and family.

cheap under desk elliptical machine

Key Features

1. Easy to Use

With this elliptical trainer, you can get fit while seated. The machine keeps you active and moving throughout the day. With this elliptical trainer, you can work out from the comfort of your home or office.

2. Quiet Operation

The machine is manufactured and designed to be whisper-quiet. That means you can workout discreetly without disturbing people around you. Also, its smooth elliptical motion and low-profile help keep the knees from hitting the desk.

3. Low Impact Workout

The ergonomic design offers smooth elliptical motion without any impact on the joints. Thus, this machine is perfect for home rehab.

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#3. Best for Home Use -Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E905 Elliptical

This elliptical machine is designed to provide low-impact cardio training from your home or office. Ideally, this machine delivers smooth lower, and upper body workouts without impacting your knees. Also, it has anti-slip foot platforms for adequate stability.

sunny health fitness elliptical

Key Features

1. Pulse Sensors

You can easily monitor and control your heart rate. Remember that measuring the heart rate is a vital tool for exercising efficiently and correctly. The important piece of data helps you understand your fitness status and health.

2. Digital Monitor

You will find it easy to track your progress with this elliptical trainer, thanks to the large display monitor. For instance, you can measure the heart rate that shows you how fast the heart is beating.

3. Adjustable Resistance

You can easily switch up the intensity of the workouts by using the tension knob. This machine provides eight resistance levels that can allow you to customize your workout regimen.

4. Transportation Wheels

The process of transforming your home into a personal fitness gym is effortless as you can use convenient transport wheels. It has wheels that allow users to move the machine around easily for easy storage.

5. Floor Stabilizers

These are important components that prevent rocking, swaying, and tipping on uneven surfaces. Therefore, you can use this machine on both hardwood and carpeted floors.

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#4. ProForm Hybrid Elliptical Trainer Pro

The ProForm Hybrid Trainer Pro allows you to switch from cardio exercise to toning workouts. With a large LCD display, you can see your exercise progress and keep track of your time, calories, and distance.

This machine can take you from beginner level to professional level to help get you stronger. You can plug in the device and make your workouts more energetic with the favorite tunes.

affordable proform trainer

Key Features

1. Soft Touch Grips

The machine allows you to keep arms moving to get the much-needed upper body workout. During this workout, you will get the heart pumping.

2. Large Stride

You can enjoy full strides thanks to the 17-inch stride length as you can power through the cardio workout.

3. Versatile Machine

The machine delivers benefits of the exercise bike and the elliptical trainer. In fact, the trainer provides comfort and a variety of cardio workouts. You can easily adjust the pedals to enjoy a bike or elliptical position.

4. Find Your Fit

You can get the fitness experience you want. The oversized seat has extra cushioning and can adjust easily so you can easily customize the machine.

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#5. Sunny Health & Fitness Magnetic Under Desk Elliptical

This is a perfect elliptical trainer for those with limited space. The unit can keep your legs moving with minimal impact on the joints. You will find this elliptical machine ideal for improving blood circulation, increasing muscular endurance, and joint range of motion. The machine comes fully assembled so you can start using it immediately.

best magnetic under desk affordable elliptical

Key Features

1. Digital Monitor

You have the freedom to track speed, calories, distance, and time using the display monitor that is located at the center. In addition, you can select the scan function and scroll through as you enjoy your workouts.

2. Magnetic Resistance

This machine provides a belt drive magnetic resistance that allows smooth workouts. Also, it requires minimal maintenance. Ideally, the machine has eight levels of resistance. You can choose to perform simple or high-intensity workouts.

3. Compact Size

Its low profile means that this elliptical machine can fit under most desks. Thus, it offers you the freedom to exercise in a wide range of environments.

4. Easy Transportation

With the transportation handle, you have the freedom to move your elliptical machine round as you want.

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#6. Aceshin Compact Cheap Fitness Elliptical

The Aceshin Elliptical Machine is designed to provide reasonable resistance. In fact, it offers more than enough. You will find this elliptical machine easier to move around, and since it is powered by 2 AA batteries, it means you can have it in any room you want, or even balcony or patio. Even if the batteries become flat, you are likely to lose out on speed, heart rate, and distance.

best cheap elliptical machine trainer

Key Features

1. Digital Monitor

This unit has a large LCD display where you can read calories burned, distance covered, speed, target, time, and heart rate monitoring.

2. Various Challenges

With 8 levels of resistance provided by the magnetic system, you can carry out challenging workouts. That makes this machine perfect for beginners and professional athletes.

3. Sturdy Construction

The tubular steel construction and the wide base means that they provide lasting durability and secure stability. Moreover, it has pulse pads on the handlebars that provide heart rate measurements.

4. Quiet Operation

When using this machine, you are assured of quiet and smooth operation. That is because of the precision balanced flywheel and the V-belt drive. Therefore, when exercising, you do not have to worry about disturbing the peace of mind of your neighbors.

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#7. Marcy Self-Regenerating Elliptical with Preset Programs

This elliptical trainer provides you with a full-body workout from the comfort of the office or home. You can place this cardio machine anywhere in your home.

Its adjustable levers mean that you can balance this machine on the desired surface. Also, the transport wheels make it easy to store and move the machine.

elliptical with resistance

Key Features

1. Display Monitor

This is an important feature that allows you to track your progress. For instance, the monitor displays RPM, speed, distance, body fat, calories, pulse, watts, and time.

2. Magnetic Resistance

This machine is designed for fitness enthusiasts of any given skill level. In fact, this machine has innovative features that stimulate the effect of climbing stairs, walking, and running. With 24 resistance levels, you can easily customize the intensity of the workouts.

3. Self-Regenerating Power

It is time you forget about power cords and batteries; this machine uses the self-regenerate method. In this case, the pedaling motion offers adequate energy to the machine so you can exercise anytime and anywhere in the comfort of the home.

4. Ergonomic Handles

The machine allows you to target various muscle groups and even switch focus between the arm and leg training. Its oversized non-slip pedals allow the machine to train safely, and it has adequate space to accommodate different foot sizes.

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How to Choose the Best Budget Elliptical

elliptical gym

1. Elliptical Style

There are several elliptical machine designs, and each has its advantages and disadvantages. The available styles are;

Rear-drive. These elliptical features a small wheel housing with is located behind the pedals, and thus making this the longest design. They always offer the smoothest workout while it may allow and incline since the pedals may be on track –and roller.

Centre-drive. It comes with a design that resembles a treadmill, but pedals are located where the track will be. These are always very compact designs that offer quite gentle workouts. It can be uncomfortable when accounting for the pedals from the back.

Front-drive. Typically, the from-drive elliptical contain a large wheel housing in front of the machine. This is a common and basic design that is quite affordable to others. They tend to vibrate and are a bit noisy.


2. Your Exercise Area

Make sure that you have a space that accommodates your elliptical machine in your workout area, since these are not small machines, and can take up to a very large space of up to seven feet in length. So, you need to set aside a room that big enough to accommodate this exercise machine.

You should also consider your room height from the ceiling. Some of these machines come with a pedal height of a foot are more. Tall people can easily hit their heads against the ceiling if they don’t consider much on spacing.

If your home is not very spacious, you can consider buying a folding elliptical for space-saving purposes.


3. The Budget

When purchasing any fitness equipment, budget is the biggest concern for many people. Buying an elliptical machine, whether used or new, requires you to have something between $100 to $5000 since this equipment varies in size, make, model, features, among other factors.

Normally, most people may choose inexpensive machines, but it may work well for some time and cannot last for a very long time as compared to other quality machines that are expensive but serve for quite a very long time.

The other thing to be taken into account is your body size and workouts needed. If you normally use your machine for a weekly run, you may need a sturdy build, but if you want something for your daily hit, then you must choose something that goes well with your goals.


4. Features

Adjustable incline: the elliptical must allow ramp adjustment for proper workout intensity. Some machines come with automatic adjusting features, but some are manually adjusted.

Stride length: some elliptical machines come with short strides such as 14 inches. This cannot serve someone who wants longer strides. Consider buying an elliptical with adjustable stride length.

Upper body comfort: harm handles cannot be a big concern if all the other parts are in a proper state, but we also need upper body comfort. An elliptical with comfortable handgrip movements would be a nice choice for you.

An ideal elliptical machine is a built-in safety feature. It must have warm-up periods and cool time periods. The LC display provides all the necessary with the necessary data while the handrails provide usual better balancing.

The machine must have the safety pin lock to lock it while it is not in use, since it may be dangerous for kids.


FAQ about the Best Cheap Elliptical

elliptical machine

1. How does an elliptical machine works?

Elliptical machines are ideal for walking jogging and running. They can be useful for various workout intensities for both beginner athletes and those working out for their lower body fitness.

However, elliptical machines focus on both lower and upper at the same time. The feet are ever on elliptical machine pedals while working out on it. Your harms, on the other hand, support your body while on the move, and this allows you to work on a group of muscles all together at the same time making a significant option when burning belly fat.

An elliptical machine is a very helpful work out gear for your home gym. In order to enjoy most of its sessions, you need to understand well how to work with this machine. Most people have spent their cash on these machines but fail to use them in the right way.

You can adjust the elliptical machine according to your fitness goals. There are many provisions such as distance, time, speed, and resistance that you need to adjust.

There are also other settings that you can adjust, such as during active rehabilitation and recovery in case of muscles and injuries or when you are taking a break from intensive workouts. This machine is used mostly for recovery purposes after intensive workouts using various equipment such as exercise bikes and treadmills.


2. Is elliptical good for losing belly fat?

Although an elliptical machine is known to be a low impact fitness equipment as compared to treadmills and exercise bicycles, it is good for exercising both upper and lower body. When body parts of the body are exercised, and all muscles are worked, more calories are burned including those ones which are responsible for the formation of belly fat.

Normally, it has been never easy to burn belly fats within a very short time, it takes a lot of exercise and patience to do away with it ASAP. Most people who would like to do burn their belly fat faster need to factor in more tricks to speed up the process.

With elliptical machines, you will be able to increase your strides, resistance, and incline these three things will increase the degree of your workout, and you can easily burn your belly fat within a very short time.

Regular exercises using this machine help you to complete perfect workouts to burn your belly fat and hence reduce the risk of other diseases such as heart disease among other diseases associated with the presents of a lot of belly fat.

Using an elliptical machine brings more other health benefits such as boosting one’s metabolic rate and building body fitness. Besides these, elliptical machines improve the cardiovascular, respiratory, and digestive systems.


3. For how long should I work out on an elliptical machine?

You can work out with your elliptical for as more as five times in a week. This is the best way to burn your calories and work on weight loss exercises at an optimal rate.



To be in good health always while staying in shape, you need to choose an ideal elliptical machine that is worth your cash and can serve you to the best. If you are keen enough during an equipment purchase, you will get the best machines coming with a pocket-friendly price.

There are some elliptical machines that cannot serve you better but can still be pricey. So, make a better choice before you spend any cash. Always ensure that you take much of your time in finding out the features, size of the machine, and its capability to deliver what you want. picking a product for purchase without getting to know its point of difference with others, has never been practical.