Best Century Punching Bags – Reviews & Comparisons

This article brings you different types of the best Century punching bags for your proper decision on you best punching and kicking practice gear.

The Century company has been in existence since 1982 and it is known to be the best company that produce the best martial art gears ever since. Century punching bags are common bags that as used in most commercial and home gymnasiums not only for martial art or kickboxing and punching training but for fitness purposes.

The punching bags exist in different designs to suit different ages and levels of practice. We have revived several punching bags in this article, read it carefully and you will be able to pick your best gear.

Top 13 Best Century Brand Products

Reviews of the 13 Best Century Punching Bags

#1. Century BOB Freestanding Punching Bag and Training Dummy

century bob punching bagThis punching bag is listed the best punching bags for its service as a multipurpose punching bag as well as its big brand name from well-known manufacturers.

This product is designed to serve all. Unlike other professional punching bags, it can be used by both adult men, women and even kids.

You will feel very comfortable during punching with this punching bag, since it is fitted with a very soft outer cover which feels nice with your skin.

The punching bag comes when it is filled from the manufacture, and you don’t have to incur other efforts to fill it once again. Note you need to fill the base with sand or water.

Brilliant Features:

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • It is a freestanding bag.
  • Made with quality material.
  • Adjustable from 60 to 72 inches.
  • Weighs about 270 lbs when it is filled.

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#2. Century Sparring BOB XL Body Opponent Bag

century bob xl punching bagThis is another exceptional and impressive free standing punching bag. It is among the larger unit punching bags but this one come with its adjustable heights and other features. For the practitioner who are aiming at kicking practices that involve kicking some abdomen will be well with this kind of BOB XL.

This kicking and punching bag is one of the most durable set. Its base is made of a stable polyethylene that can be filled with water or sand fillers.

You will experience the feel of human flesh with water mirror. The mannequin urethane foam looks like real skin with realistic skin color features.

The bunching bag as an adequate resistance, that you can flex your muscles as a heavy hitter and use your strength on torso. It faces mimic as human features, and it is as soft as expected.

Brilliant Features:

  • Very stable since it features a wider base with a weight of 270 pounds filled with ballast.
  • It provides a realistic feel since it mimics human features in shape, structure and design.
  • You can box it with your bare hands of you choose not to use gloves, since it is very soft on hands.

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#3. Century Bobby Bully Punching Bag with 2 Height Adjustment

century bobby bully punching bagCentury Bobby bully does not really look like a typical bag, but resembles a human body. It is another human-shaped excellent punching gear that serves its function pretty well than a lot of other punching bags.

This bag features a very convenient adjustable height that can be adjusted from 50 to 55 inches high.

Its base is able to provide the necessary stability when filled with sand or water. The base weighs 170 lbs. You can easily go round this punching gear as you work out since it offers 360 degrees’ access.

Brilliant Features:

  • Stable base.
  • Adjustable height.
  • A lifelike mannequin.
  • You can empty and move it easily.

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#4. Century Original Wavamseter Free Standing Heavy Punching Bag

century original wavemaster punching bagThis is one of the loved punching bag models. The bag is an exceptional one with special and unique features that are different from other century punching bags. It is ideal for beginners as well as advanced fighting masters too. The bag helps you practice punches or kick in an advanced way faster.

Its base comes with a provision to be filled with various items for stability, so you don’t have to worry on its stability since it will stay in place comfortably. You will be able to take your consistent workout to another level with faster progress with this bag.

The main advantage of this punching or kicking bag is that you can punch as you go round it and you can also work your legs easily during the workout. It is also easy to store as well while saving a lot of space in your store room, or at your gym area.

Brilliant Features:

  • Very durable.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Adjustable heights.
  • It is easy to care for.
  • You can choose from different colors.

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#5. Century Wavemaster XXL Punching Bag for Training in Red and Black

century 2xl punching bagThis is an exceptional sparring partner for punching training session. Century Wavemaster XXL training bag is a professional punching bag for martial art master training. You will need nothing more to add on this punching bag to be perfect.

It already comes in with stand alone feature that you don’t need to add any support or any assembly such as space occupying hangers or metal constructions.

Its construction a vinyl covers and a high density foam and it is an adjustable bag that you can switch its highs to seven positions. Its stability can be enhanced by adding water or sand.

It is easy to assemble and it fits people of different heights due to its adjustable height positions. You also can choose the colors that you would like from black, red, and blue. The bag comes with no gloves; hence you need to buy some gloves for your protection during punching.

Brilliant Features:

  • No assembly required.
  • Its overall height is 270lbs.
  • It is suitable for more intensive work.
  • It comes in several colors such as red, blue and black.
  • Very stable since its base offers provision for filling it in with water or sand.
  • Has a very small diameter that you can walk around it, while there is no metal construction.
  • It is a great gear for punching and kicking since it comes with a durable vinyl construction cover.

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#6. Century Versys Stand up Punching Bag with Base

Century Versys VS1 Fight Simulator 100LBThis one is built for amateur, senior martial artists and even beginners for powerful hits. the name Century Versys is always a big name for century contestants. This one is built with special features such as grappling handle that enables you to grab your opponent while kicking it in the center for more control and feel of realistic fighting practice.

It comes with its prefilled standing base for use when it is out of the box and can provide natural rebounding features that mimic real experiences. It is an ideal punching bag for you to gauge your power, speed, agility, balance and anything you may be looking forward in your development practice.

Besides, it saves a lot of space in your room since it is 13.75 inches in diameter and 66 inches’ height, and weighs 110 pounds.

Brilliant Features:

  • Presence of grappling handles.
  • Realistic training feel and natural renounce.
  • It features a special design that can be used by all.

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#7. Century Hydrocore Heavy Bag for Boxing and Kicking

Century Tidal Wave Hydra Heavy BagThis is a very unique punching bag that comes with its durable vinyl cover with water core to offer quality impact.

The bag stability is controlled by the amount of water filled in its base. It does not come with exact weight since it depends on the base stability and the weight required by the user. You can control its weight by filling water on its base.

The bag comes with 2-inch ring made of steel, and four straps that support it. The punching bag is very soft and you can train without gloves.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is easy to fill.
  • It has an adjustable height.

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#8. Century Youth Punching Bag for Real Training

Century Youth V-SPAR 2 Punching BagThis is the best exercise kit for kids and young athletes for their daily physical training and improvement of coordination techniques.

The gear is the best choice for those young enthusiasts who would want to train for martial arts, BJJ, wrestling among other techniques.

The bag weighs about 15lbs and stands about 46 inches tall. Such a dimension is very ideal and safe for kids. The punching bag comes refilled and you don’t have to incur other filling costs.

Brilliant Features:

  • It is ideal for kids.
  • It doesn’t require hanging fixtures.
  • Easy to assemble and move around.

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#9. Century 100 lbs Vinyl Punching Bag with Gloves for MMA

century heavy bag and glovesIf you are in need of an intense training bag, this one is perfect for Muay Thai and other martial art training. This bag weighs 100lbs and it comes with a very durable shell.

Its circumference is 42.5 inches and it is 72-inch-long and it is an ideal bag for high and low kick striking options while featuring a heavy chain that you can hang on it.

The bags are well designed to suit those who want to train hard, and it is advisable that you use gloves whenever you train with this bag since it comes with a very hard shell.

Brilliant Features:

  • Heavy-duty.
  • It is a universal training bag for anybody.

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#10. Century 40 lb Fitness Hanging Punching Bag

century 40 lb punching bagsCentury strive bags is the best gear for heavy hitters. It is one of the most durable bags featuring fiber fillings and a strong vinyl outside shell.

The bag comes with web straps and its mounting clips to secure it when hanging. This universal 40lbs bag is suitable for anyone to train and exercise with it and it is enough to satisfy everyone from kids to older users.

It can be easily adjusted to any height from the ceiling while coming with its protective hand wraps for safety during boxing.

Brilliant Features:

  • It weighs 40lbs.
  • The bag comes with a protective hand wraps.
  • It is a Universal bag that can be used by anyone.
  • It is made with professionalism for either professional boxers or new punchers.

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#11. Century Kids Kick Punching Bag for Martial Arts and More

century kids punching bagThis is a perfect training bag for children who are developing interests in kickboxing.

The bag provides adjustable heights that can enable your kids to use until when they are grown up. It can be adjusted to four heights.

It features a high impact absorbing nylon shell that protects your children from cuts and scratches during the practice. The bag is very stable since it can be filled with sand or water.

The bag is very attractive and it is mostly loved by children since it comes with several attracting colors.

Brilliant Features:

  • It features adjustable heights.
  • It is very safe for use with children.
  • The bag comes with interesting design.
  • It can be filled with both water or sand.
  • It is easy to move from one place to another.

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#12. Century Best Sale Heavy Bag Stand

Century hanging punching bag standThis is our best pick punching bag stand for hanging heavy bags. Its 3 inches tubular steel construction and 100 lbs weight capacity mean that this stand will stand firmly behind each bag without knocking over.

Still have worries? The weight pegs included in this package improve its stability. You can free to mount a 100-pound bag with ease.

In addition to that, this stand is also suitable for outdoor as long as you get a waterproof bag.  If you have a small room, then this is the best suit for you. Why? The stand can fight against rains and winds perfect for outdoor use, and thus you can save your indoor space and have a spacious punching ground.

Brilliant Features:

  • Bears 100 lb bags.
  • Easy to use and assemble.
  • Robust steel tubing construction.
  • 82 inches tall ideal for most of you.

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#13. Century TKD Wavemaster Punching Bag for Kicking

Century TKD Wavemaster freestanding punching bagThis century punching bag is mostly used for people training in kicking or leg training.

The bag is built to be strong and it features a reliable outside shell that cannot easily break. It is ideal for all ages, both children and adults since it adjustable to any height you want.

You can choose the height between 6 to 8 height options from 4 feet to 6 feet. In this case, the bag meets the needs of all the people in a family. Its base is very stable, as it is filled with sand or water and thus you can assure its safety and always stand-up feature.

Brilliant Features:

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • It has adjustable heights.

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Century is a company that manufactures great products, and they are known worldwide for quality and reliable punching bags that come in with different models. Their warrantees are guaranteed, and they can even replace your bags when it has no major defects.

Are Century Punching Bags Good?

Century punching bags are great. The reason is that we have never heard anyone saying that the bag got ripped off when they were punching. They are also very strong and also sturdy. This makes them very good to use. They are the best bags to work with. These bags are made from synthetic fiber and polythene. This creates a mixture that is very great for boxing and makes them good to use.

Century vs. Everlast vs. UFC Punching Bags

Currently, we have three best sellers that are great. When we look into these bags they are both good. I can’t say another one is poor.  Each one of these bags has a different feature than the other.

  • Price

When we first start looking at the price. These punching bags fall almost in the same category. Century punching bags cost about 150 dollars and above, Everlast punching bags cost around 100 dollars and UFC costs about 120 dollars. This means these bags range at 100 dollars and above. Relatively, Everlast bag is cheaper than the other two.

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  • Weight

When we narrow it a little lower, then we check at the weight of these three devices. Weight is a key factor to consider when it comes to a punching bag.

    • Century punching bag weighs about 250 pounds. This is an ideal bag to be used by seniors. This weight gives it the power to resist any amount of force that is coming from the person training.
    • When we look at the Everlast punching bag, it weighs between 70 pounds to 100 pounds. This is also great. The good thing about it is that it can be expanded to about 150 pounds which is not bad at all.
    • UFC punching bags weigh about 100 pounds. This is also not a bad figure.

Boxers are known to hit at a greater force. This, therefore, gives them the need for a great punching bag. Even if you want a punching bag, you should look for the good one and that can withstand heavy punches. This, therefore, give the Century punching bag an upper hand when compared with the Everlast and also the UFC punching bag.

century bob xl punching bag

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  • Safety

It is always good to find a bag that will not scratch your hand even if you exercise on it without the gloves. It is ideal to use a bag that is so smooth and that cannot affect your hand. This is the bag that can keep you safe from injuries during training. Who would want using a bag that at the end of the session they are in a poor form than the moment they step in for the practice?

  • Quality

The quality comes in with the punching bag that can last longer. It also implies that the punching bag that you choose does not peel off. And what is the amount of impact that a bag can absorb? When we look this, all these bags are optimum when it comes to quality. But remember we have to figure out which bag is above optimum. When we look at the reviews given by the users, then a Century punching bag takes the lead.

Everlast and UCF are not bad at all. But we want to figure out which bag has a higher quality. I am not saying that Everlast and UFC are of poor quality. These two punching bags are also of great quality and it is perfect to use. No one should mistake me for this. They are also great to use but the century has a better quality compared to the two.

century original wavemaster punching bag

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My final word is that Century punching bags are very great. They are the best bags to use among the three. I understand they are a bit expensive than the two but they are very reliable bags to work with. They will suit your home gym and you will love the results that these bags offer.


#1. Is Used Century BOB Punching Bag Valuable?

Century BOB punching bags are very valuable. This is because these bags are soft. What does this mean? It simply means that they are gentle on hands. If you would want to teach your kid some boxing techniques then this is an ideal bag to use. Its softness gives it the better part. If you want to have a bag that you will be practicing within your home then this is the bag to go for. They are valuable for your home gym and they are very great to use.

Well, sometimes you might be wondering if it is valuable to purchase used century punching bags right? Sometimes you might need to consider an option of purchasing a used century punching bag because it is still a better option. The goods thing is that it is affordable and it will compliment your budget. The most important thing to consider is to ensure the punching bag is still in good condition. You should examine if there are any faults.

#2. What Is a Wavemaster?

Wavemaster is an original bag from Century brand that can stand freely. This bag is a freestanding bag majorly that is used to develop kicks. Wavemaster punching bag is made from a high-density form that makes it very great. It has a rounded bottom that is easy to locate.

century 2xl punching bag

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#3. How Much Sand Does It Take to Fill a Century Wavemaster?

Most manufacturers have recommended that the Century wave master punching bags should be filled with approximately 250 lbs of sand. This should be around 3-4 bags. In some cases you might be having a larger punching bag and you want to save on filling costs. You can place some rugs at the bottom and fill it with sand.

#4. How Much Does a Century Punching Bag Weigh?

A century punching bag normally weighs about 270 pounds after it has been filled with water or sand. This is a great weight for workouts.

#5. How Do You Fill a Century Wavemaster Punching Bag?

First, you should position the bag in an ideal position that you choose. Thereafter, you should fill it with water or sand from the upper part. When it is full it will be very difficult to move. After filling it with sand or water close it nicely and it will be good to be used.


Century bags are great bags to work with. They have proven to be worth being used. This is a punching bag that has been highly rated in the gym. Those who have used this bag have greatly valued it. A Century bag gives you more than you can imagine. They are well known due to its best features. You can even use the bag to practice for the kicks and it will still serve you well.

They are the best for use and if given a chance to choose I will always select these bags. Therefore using these bags for your home gym will be great. If you are a professional fighter, then they will offer you excellent results. They are the best o work with. These bags have proven their quality and they have had the best reviews. I would advise you to go for these punching bags.