Best MMA Heavy Bag – Top 5 Workouts Reviews and Guide in 2022

It does not matter if you are a beginner or you want to sharpen skills for the upcoming competition or sporting event. You need an MMA bag that you choose sets the pace and affects your training. That explains why you should get the best MMA heavy bag that can improve your strength, techniques, and skills.

However, with many options on the market, you can be confused about which one to purchase. In this guide, you will know the top 5 MMA heavy bags on the market and show you how to choose the right one that suits your needs.

Remember that the best material for the MMA bag will offer you realism or practicality when it comes to taking your training experience to another level.

Top 5 Best MMA Heavy Bags List

How to Choose the Best MMA Heavy Bag?

When practicing any particular sport, there is a need to ensure you become the best and keep evolving. Remember that safety is quite important, particularly in contact sports. It is advisable to use high-quality and safe tools and equipment.

If you are starting out, you may believe that any MMA punching bag you come across is good. Unfortunately, that is not the case. In fact, there are a lot of things that you ought to consider before you buy. These are some of the things to consider when choosing the best MMA heavy bags.

#1. Filled or Unfilled

You should note that the punching bags that are available on the market can be filled with a wide range of materials. For instance, you can choose pre-filled models that a lot of components that can be used for a long time. When you get the right quality bag, you should never change the filling. Models that you cannot change the filling are quite expensive.

Fortunately, you can decide to choose the unfilled bag. The truth is that this alternative is less common, and you can use any form of filling you want. It is advisable to go for this particular option if you have experience in this sport and know the right materials that can suit your training needs.

#2. Quality and Materials

When purchasing the right punching bag, you have to take into account that you need to use it for a long time. Remember that this is not something you will be buying each week. When you look for cheap punching bags, you might end up getting products that you cannot use unless you are lucky enough to buy a cheap but high-quality punching bag.

Therefore, the price does not have to be the first thing to consider. You have to ensure that the materials that make your heavy MMA bag are of high quality. They have to provide adequate comfort when it comes to kicking the bag. In addition, it ought to be sturdy and resilient enough to handle your training. One of the best materials is leather.

Title leather heavy bag for MMA

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#3. Weight

Weight is an important factor to consider when choosing an MMA bag if you want to achieve your fitness goals. What you ought to know is that the punching bag ought to be at least half of your body weight. The right weight provides stability and allows you to balance the body while striking. Moreover, it helps you to determine your strength and understand your timing.

#4. Features

You should note that most punching bags are available on the market as part of a set. In fact, you can find the kits, including hand wraps, ceiling hooks, and gloves. Others come with a stand and round base. It is advisable to take into account the place you will keep your MMA bag whenever it is not in use. The more expensive models are adjustable, and you can raise or lower them to the required height.

Everlast mma heavy bag for indoor gym and outdoor backyard

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#5. Types

MMA heavy bags have different training purposes. That is the reason why you need to know the different types and how you can use them. It is good to know that each type varies in weight, size, and even shape. Next, we will discuss different types of MMA heavy bags. Without further ado, let’s take a look.

  • Tear MMA Heavy Bag

You might be aware that the tear MMA heavy bag specializes in knees and uppercuts. The best thing about this heavy bag is that you can easily move it. There is no doubt it will become a necessity if you are serious about training. It is also important to note that this training bag will fill all the holes that the traditional heavy bag will never cover.

Keep in mind that the tear training bag is not ideal for kicking. You should be guaranteed that this training bag will strengthen your uppercuts and hooks. For a long time, the tear-shaped bag has been considered as one of the best MMA heavy bags.

  • Wrecking Ball Heavy Bag for MMA

The ball bag has been manufactured with boxing in mind. However, it has numerous uses in MMA. Have you been looking for a reliable bag that would help you to work on your punching power? This is the perfect choice in that case.

It has been designed specifically for punching power. In addition, this heavy bag will save your grace if you need to work on your uppercuts and is essential when it comes to enhancing boxing combinations.

  • Banana MMA Heavy Bag

You can agree with me that the banana MMA heavy bag is a rare sight in the western world. Usually, this heavy bag is around 6 feet in length. It is heavier than the traditional Thai bag.

People prefer using this kind of bag simply because it is low enough to the ground for low kicks. You should consider going for this heavy bag if you want to strengthen your shins during training. It is an all-round type of heavy bag.

  • Traditional Hanging MMA Heavy Bag

It is arguably the most popular heavy bag since it is for all-around training. The highly regarded traditional heavy bag is great for punching and kicking power. With this MMA heavy bag, you will easily find a perfect flow and rhythm. Furthermore, it is the perfect choice for beginners.

Typically, traditional MMA heavy bags are 5 feet long. In terms of weight, they weigh about 70 – 130 pounds. The heavier models are commonly used by advanced fighters because they strengthen kicks and punches.

Everlast 70 pound punching bag kit for MMA

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  • Free-standing

Typically, Freestanding bags come with a base that can be filled with sand or water. You will have an easy time when moving the free-standing heavy bags around the gym. In addition, they are the best for punching.

  • Speed Ball

This MMA heavy bag is mainly used to increase hand-eye coordination. The speed ball will quickly swivel and bounce back immediately it is punched. Speed bags and balls can be used by beginners or advanced MMA trainees.

The most common version is hanging bags and free-standing punching bags. The good thing about the free-standing option is that you can fill the base with sand or water, and it is mounted easily at the base. If you do not have a place to hang, this is the perfect model.

On the other hand, hanging bags are quite common, and you can hang them from the ceiling. The good thing about this particular model is that bags swing forth and back, making them perfect for to time your strikes.

Reviews of the 5 Best Heavy Bags for MMA

#1. Best Overall – Everlast 70lb MMA Heavy Bag Kit

Everlast 70 pound punching bag kit for MMAEverlast is an established brand in this field. Therefore, getting an Everlast MMA punching bag is a good idea. When you train with this Everlast kit, you are bound to enhance muscle toning, improve reflexes, and increase endurance.

This is a great model because it has a lot of features that are a blended mix of sanitized synthetics and natural fibers that deliver shock absorbency. The MMA bag comes with superior bag construction and premium synthetic poly-canvas for increased durability.

Security and safety are ensured by straps made of heavy-duty nylon, and increased functionality is achieved by double end loop. Moreover, adjustable height can be available through chain adjustment.

This heavy bag weighs 70 lbs and a height of 53 inches. Ideally, this is a perfect bag for contact sport training and can help you take muscle toning to another level.

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#2. Best with Stand – Everlast MMA Heavy Bag Kit with Indoor and Outdoor Use

Everlast mma heavy bag for indoor gym and outdoor backyardThe kit comes with a stand and heavy bag that can help you set up your home gym. In fact, the heavy bag stand meets all your requirements, especially for training. It comes with three weight plate pegs to provide excellent durability. You will find the punching bag easy to hold up to 100 lbs.

The stand is made of quality powder-coated steel, so you do not have to be concerned about its durability or long-term strength. This kit is what you need to achieve your fitness. To begin conditioning and training in style, you should get a lightweight punching bag.

For instance, with a 100 lbs bag kit, you can start action in no time, stay fit, ad work out the muscles. Also, a chain assembly and bracket munt are provided to secure your punching bag to the ceiling.

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#3. Best with Vinyl Cover – Century MMA Heavy Bag for Combat Sports

Century vinyl heavy mma bag with glovesThe Century MMA heavy bag is designed for use in mixed martial arts. It is ideal for punching and increasing strength, agility, and speed.

You can adjust this bag to the desired height you want. No matter your size or level, you can customize this bag to suit your physical attributes. That makes it a perfect choice for any practitioner. This bag provides rapid rebound and optimal resistance and thus making high-level, mid, or low kicking achievable.

The good thing about using this punching bag is that you can hang it or place it on a free-standing base. Therefore, you can train and practice wherever you are. Also, it is strong enough to handle any strikes that you throw to at it.

The truth is that you can improve your strength and techniques with powerful kicks since the bag can withstand them. Ideally, the model provides you with a perfect striking surface that suits your different training needs. It is advisable to train with a bag that helps you keep up the base.

Besides, the vinyl outer and the filled fiber are beneficial to absorb shocks. So, the bag will not cause harm on your hands or wrist.

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#4. Best for Real Training – Title MMA Dummy Heavy Bag for Grappling

Title leather heavy bag for MMAThis training bag stands out from others on the market as it is widely used as a heavy MMA training bag. Its top has three rings that hang onto heavy bag stand. In fact, without the limbs and handles, the Title is limited in its use for grappling drills.

It is easy to store and space-saving. After using your bag for groundwork and takedowns, the meta rings can be inserted into the pockets on top of the bag that is designed to firmly hold the unit in place.

It also comes with metal chains and nylon hanging straps that utilize hook and loop design. All that aims to guarantee the safety of use.

The 2 in 1 design makes it easily adaptable as a training dummy or heavy bag. Also, the life-like shape is an ideal replica of the real opponent.

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#5. Best for Women – UFC 80lb MMA Heavy Bag with Durable Nylon Straps

UFC hanging mma heavy bagAs you know, heavy bags are a training staple, and durability is quite important. That is also the case with UFC standard heavy bag.

It is easy to attract women’s eyes when they come across bright colors. This MMA heavy bag in red tends to be mostly used by female fighters. It weighs 80 lbs and will be more suitable for a woman according to the studies, compared to 100 pounds heavy bags.

It is strong enough for gym use and economically priced for use at home. The extended length is ideal for simulated takedowns and training kicks, perfect for athletes of different levels.

In fact, this bag is designed to keep up with long, intense training sessions. The unit is made from ultra-durable PCV exterior plus reinforced seams. The durable nylon straps are ideal for a quiet workout. Therefore, you can rely on this heavy bag for an extended period.

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#1. Are Everlast Heavy Bags Good?

Yes! The truth is that Everlast heavy bag is a perfect size for training lightweight fighters and children. That is because it offers minimal resistance. Also, it is perfect for recreational users and trainers who do not worry about their power or need a good workout.

#2. How Long Should an MMA Heavy Bag Workout Last?

Ideally, the heavy bag workout is useful for getting at least 20 minutes of training on boxing basics. Remember that the primary aim of workout is to focus on skills on rounds. For instance, you should go tough for 2 minutes, followed by 20 seconds of rest.

#3. What Is the Best Training on a Heavy Bag for MMA?

There are several types of training that can be done on an MMA heavy bag. Here are the best picks.

  • Footwork and Movement Drill

You can attest that indeed footwork and movement are essential to learning in all types of fighting. What is the essence of this drill? It will help you use your footwork and movement. This will help you dominate your fighting position. Although you will take much time to become proficient at the movement, it is an essential training.

  • Switch Kick to Switch Knee

This type of training will help you understand how to kick and knee in your fighting range. Besides helping you with range, this training will help you get faster switch kicks. There is no doubt that switch kicks are one of the most effective weapons you can use in a fight.

In addition, this drill is crucial for balance. After engaging in this training, you will become more comfortable with the close range. It has been proved that indeed stamina and endurance are important in MMA.

  • Power Kick Drill

It is recommended that you should have at least 25 kicks each leg. After a while, you will become much more advanced with your kicks. In addition, you will have greater knockout power. Moreover, you will have a good chance to strengthen your stamina.

  • Low Kick Power Drill

It is one of the most critical kicks you can train using MMA heavy bags. Do you know that low kick has emerged as the perfect strike to match your punching combination? Opponents will never expect you to throw low kicks after several punches.

#3. Is a 70 Pound Heavy Bag Good for MMA Training?

Yes. In fact, 70 pounds is the standard. Some heavy MMA bags allow you to add weight up to 100 pounds to suit your needs.

#4. Must I Use MMA Gloves for MMA Exercises?

In order to reduce shock impact from the heavy punch and avoid your hands and wrist from injury, it is advisable to wear MMA gloves when training and competing. Below is a mini guide for MMA gloves.

  • Type of MMA Gloves

The right way of getting the best pair is to have an understanding of various types of gloves for MMA training. The main types are sparring gloves, fighting gloves, and grappling gloves.

  • Size

There is a need to look at the weights and sizes of the gloves. However, there is a need to be cautious before you purchase. That is because you do not want to end up with a pair of MMA gloves that do not fit perfectly. Remember that the size of gloves is dependent on the purpose it serves. You should note that competition gloves are lightest.

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As far as MMA training is concerned, you need to get the best MMA heavy bag. In any sport, consistency is quite important. Other than choosing the bag, also choose the perfect location that can motivate and inspire your efforts.

With all the five MMA bags discussed in this review, choosing one of them means you cannot get it wrong in your MMA training.