Best BOB Punching Bags – Top 4 from Century Brand Reviews in 2022

The BOB punching bags are a type of equipment that is used for training or perfecting your self-defense skills. Using a punching bag for exercises gives a fantastic workout in minimal time.

This equipment has of resent become legendary in shaping champions in deferent fields as it sharpens self-defense skills, and it is of value to have it in your home or gym and other training grounds. Besides, it helps in improving your aerobic fitness and power, nourishes coordination and core stability, boxing techniques, self-defense, reduces stress, improves one’s body shape, to mention but a few.

Top 4 Best BOB Punching Bags

Reviews of the Best BOB Punching Bags for Training

#1. Century BOB XL with Free Standing Base

Century BOB punching bag for homeThis is a heavy bag, excellent and realistic for you, and you can use it at home, school, or in aerobic boxing grounds. This punching bag perfects your every punch on the face, neck, chin, chest, and the whole body when facing an opponent, as it is designed in a free-standing life-like upper torso for you to train effectively.

The century BOB-XL punching bag is easier to train with has it creates a more striking area for head and body short training. It contains a stable base of 270 lbs. of water or sand, making it sturdier. It is as well made of high strength durable plastisol and filled with urethane form; therefore it has the potential of serving you for an extended period.

This helps solve inconveniences brought about by breakage or replacing some parts as you are certain of the quality of the materials used in making this punching bag.

Brilliant Features:

  • The base can easily be rolled or flipping to other sides when relocating
  • You can work your entire upper part of your body with this heavy punching bag
  • It is also adjustable to multiple heights setting from 60 to 82 inches tall to suit various users for self-defense training conveniently

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#2. Century BOB Body Opponent Freestanding Training Dummy Bag

BOB dummy punching bag with 7 height adjustmentsThis is a classic piece of equipment that you can choose for training and is a great partner you can have for sparing target and technique skills. This is a lifelike mannequin that contains vinyl skin for realistic self-defense practicing, and you can use it even without being on gloves and is a deal for strikes and punching.

It is designed to be used at home, but it is made rugged so that it can withstand heavy hitters, so it is suitable for anyone of high intensity for training and target strikers.

This product is a realistic shaped into human form as the target is excellent, and you can see where your punches hit and strike when you are in a real competition.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes with a one year warranty from the manufacturer.
  • Its base is of low profile that can be filled with sand or water with a unit weight of about 270 pounds when filled
  • It features seven heights that can be adjusted to as from 60 to 78 inches, which can easily be changed to give the most appropriate height for a person who is training

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#3. Century BOB Combo Pack with Gloves

Century BOB punching bag with glovesThis product will take your training to the next level has it comes with a combination of various training products, and it offers the most significant surface for both punching and kicking in the market.

It is made up of high-quality preformed foam pads that are the body structure and with durable polyurethane construction materials with vinyl cover skin that is durable and top high-density foam. The base is of low profile and even distributed weight that makes it stable hence you can comfortably train with it.

The product comes with training gloves of high-quality, thus able to last for long. The gloves allow the person to use for a complete workout and contain pre-formed foam padding.

Overall, it is a product that I recommend you can go for as it will meet your expectations.

Brilliant Features:

  • This product comes with a one year warranty period from the manufacturer
  • With a long-lasting polyurethane construction, it includes a hook and loop that provides a secure fit during training
  • It is 69 inches in height and measures 18 inches in diameter, giving adequate space for one to practice martial art techniques

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#4. Century Boddy Bully Punching Bag with 2 Height Adjustments for Children

BOB punching bag for kidsIf you are looking for the best sparring partner to buy for your developing martial art child, then this is the best product recommendable for youths to train with and can be used with or without being on gloves.

This is one of the perfect tools you can consider for practicing at home, as its height can be adjusted to meet the needs of the person using it for training; the height can be increased or lowered from 55 to 50 inches hence can grow with the height of your child.

This is the best quality product for both teaching and training your young child as it is relatively durable and gentle on the hand, making it suitable for the young, as they can dress it up and put hat or mask on it.

Brilliant Features:

  • It contains around the base of about 170lb
  • When filled with sand or water, and can easily be moved when relocating it
  • This equipment is made of realist ‘skin’ that can withstand the most aggressive workout from the person using it

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What Is a BOB Human Punching Bag?

This is a punching bag designed to meet your needs and is made of quality products making it practical and durable. It is a life-like mannequin with a gentle vinyl skin-like that makes it realistic and suitable for self-defense exercise and training.

BOB punching bags are adjustable to meet the different needs of people who are training with it and are ideal for both gym places and at home use. This kind of bags have a long torso that helps for more training, including kicks.

How Do You Clean a BOB Punching Dummy?

There are a few things you have to be aware of to keep your punching dummy durable and appealing for you to continue training with it. One of the ways to attain this is always to ensure that your punching dummy is clean. This will keep it to be on top shape and prevent you from discomforts.

  • Before cleaning, it ensures that you have taken it apart into small pieces as it will be easy for you to clean all parts.
  • Get rid of impurities, including pieces of lint, dirt, and sweat.
  • After this, soak its entire surface in hot water to kill germs together with a cleaning solution, and you can spray its top parts for some time.
  • After its surfaces have been cleaned and organic matter has been successfully removed, you can disinfect the whole punching bag to prevent and destroy the present microbes.
  • You have to avoid drying your punching bag on direct sunlight has to prevent it from damage despite drying very fast.
  • Then give it time to dry for an extended period, and you have to put it in a room with well-ventilation for it obtains maximum effect.

Note: If you store it when it has not dried completely, it tends to develop molds that can damage it as well.


#1. How Much Sand Does It Take to Fill a Century BOB XL?

When filling the base of the century BOB XL punching instrument, you have to ensure that the superior part is not attached to the base for you to help move it easily. Ensure that the reservoir is dry and pour sand in it and place a duct tape over its fissure as to keep the sand intact inside.

You will need about 250 lbs. of sand to fill the tank that is about four bags of sand. After filling it with sand, you have to ensure that the cap is well tightened to avoid moisture from getting in.

#2. How Much Is a BOB Punching Bag?

When you intend to buy a product that is durable and of high quality, it is an investment you are making for yourself, your loved ones, or even to your family.

The average price could be 300 dollars. The BOB punching bag is built to last and it is a product that you don’t have to doubt when making a purchase, and as well its cost doesn’t send you off, and you have the full reason why it is ranked among the top punching products in the market.

#3. Are BOB Freestanding Punching Bags Better for Training Accuracy?

Yes! The BOB freestanding bags are designed to meet the high accuracy degree of the person training with it.

This product comes with a full package, the base unit that makes it be a free-standing bag that helps one to work all around it perfecting your body and head strikes when training. Its weight and height can be adjusted easily, and one can perfect his or her fight over different people of different heights, and shaping your fighting skills require one to be able to battle against your opponents regardless of their heights.

When one is only practicing and training at a given level, it becomes challenging to balance, change, and shift while making strikes at a different height in place. This product contains urethane foam inside it that helps to absorb the impacts of the strikes made and tends to evenly distribute it hence making someone training with it to experience fewer shocks.

The magnificent features in this product definitely will make anyone using it to equip his or her skills adequately, and I recommend you to go for this product to meet your needs.

Century BOB punching bag for home

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#4. Is It Worth Buying a Used BOB Punching Bag for My MMA Training?

What I can advise before making a step to buy an already used BOB punching bag is that you have to analyze its condition critically. You have to avoid overused punching bags as you will not be sure of how long it will last and which parts are worn-out.

The only way to prevent any shortcomings that may come with buying already used punching bags for training is to go for a new one has it will meet your expectations and appealing for you when in practice.

Is Century BOB Any Good?

Yes! Century BOB is of great importance as it helps you as a fighter to have an alternative for practicing. If you are looking for a punching bag that will offer you a large striking surface that you can’t ignore the century BOB punching product, this product features high quality and durable, making it able to serve you for an extended period.

When using the BOB product will undoubtedly make the person using it for training a habit not to move far or staying long without training with it. Try it today!