Best Heavy Bag Stands on Amazon in 2022 – Buyer’s Guide

Having the best heavy bag stand is very vital in your house since it can be able to hold a lot of your heavy bags around your home instead of you throwing them anyhow all over the house. Read on to get some guides on helping you purchase the right heavy bag stand.

The 9 Best Heavy Bag Stands for Home and Gym Exercises

How Much Weight Do You Need to Hold a Heavy Bag Stand?

how much weight heavy bag stand do you needHaving the confidence of your strength is a promising thing even as you interact with people. There are some places that, if you happen to visit, anything, including fighting, can be inevitable.

You might have to depend on your strength. Some job descriptions also demand a substantial strength without which you might not fit for a job. Those who love such jobs tend to look for a way of boosting their strength.

Punching or kicking heavy bags is one of the common ways of doing so. Today, some people are even carrying heavy bags. The capacity of the heavy bag determines the weight that you need to hold a heavy bag.

Before you opt for a heavy bag stand, you should

  • First, calculate the weight that your stand can carry hence how you will work on the heavy bag.
  • In this case, you should multiply your weight by two and choose a heavy bag that weighs almost twice your weight.

For instance, if you weigh 70 pounds, then you should multiply it by two to get 140 pounds. When looking for a heavy bag weight, then any weight closer or similar to 140 can be ideal. This is how you should calculate the weight that you need to hold a heavy bag stand.

Below are some common used heavy bag stands:

Note: If you choose a heavy bag that is far much below your weight capacity, it will be swinging a lot hence become very annoying to you. You don’t need such an experience. At the same time, you might end up destroying it with heavy punches because the punches will be above their capacity.

This means that you will be buying one heavy bag after another hence wasting your money. If you take a much more massive, you are also likely to have bruises on your hands and legs since it is too much for you.

Wall Mounted vs. Floor Mounted Heavy Bag Stand

When you are furnishing your house, you often seem to be confused since you do not know which mounted stand you would probably use that best suits your home.

However, there are two different systems of stands you can choose from, that is, either wall mounted stand or floor mounted stand. The wall-mounted stand basically hangs on the wall while a floor-mounted stand is that one that takes a position on the floor and both these stands are commendable for use at home.

As mentioned above, both are suitable for your use at home. However, they have comparisons that you should specifically look for; these comparisons will help you choose the very best stand of your choice for your house.


It is easy to install a wall-mounted stand; hence the process of installation is faster compared to a floor-mounted stand. Therefore, it means when you want to install a wall-mounted stand, you will require less labor while when you install a floor-mounted stand, you will probably have much labor.

cheap wall mounted heavy bag standAmount of Storage Space

Acquiring a storage space depends on how well you arrange your house. Therefore, this is achievable to both wall stand and floor stand through proper fixation.

However, floor-mounted stand uses much material and reaches on the floor while wall-mounted stands use a few materials and do not reach the floor. Thus, when you use wall mounted stands, you will leave maximum space compared to a floor stand. So, it is upon you to make a wise decision. If your house is big enough, you can opt for a floor stand.

Renovation of the Floor

When you have the floor-mounted stand, it can be quite challenging to get your floor renovated, and this means you will have to remove the floor stand before you renovate the floor. However, with wall-mounted stands, you can quickly access the floor for renovation; the same applies when you are cleaning your floor.


The cost in terms of installation usually differs. There is a vast difference in terms of cost between the wall and floor stands. It is appropriate you know that floor-mounted stands are typically costly than wall mounted stands. Bear in your mind that a floor stand is like a cabinet, and it can be quite a hustle while replacing it.

Additionally, it can be costly if you want it to get replaced even being fixed too. This is a bit different from a wall-mounted stand, so you do not need to worry.

Fixation of a wall stand for heavy bags is usually less costly. On the other hand, the floor stand looks prettier compared to a wall stand; this is basically because a wall stand has a simple look. Though but are nice for your use, they usually vary in features.

Based on the comparisons above, you should choose the best stand that suits you better with limited challenges. Whereas both have their merits and demerits, reading through this article makes you better informed as to which is the most advantageous one. Consequently, you will be able to make an informed decision thanks to understanding the differences.

Single Station vs. Dual Station heavy bag stand

dual station heavy bag stationYou need heavy bag stands at home for kicking and boxing if you need to build muscles. Both men and women can both use punch bags depending on the level of muscles that they want to develop. There are two options for you when it comes to punching a heavy bag. You can either have a single station or a dual station. Not all options can serve you best. You need to know the difference so that you decide on what to go for.

A single heavy bag stand is simply a stand that can only accept one heavy bag. All that changes for this option is the size of the heavy bag that you go for. For a single station, there is no speed direction. It is you to choose the punching speed. For the punching beginners, this is what is most recommended for you. When you get tired, you can simply stop.

A dual station heavy bag stand, on the other hand, is a rugged stand which is designed to hold both a speed bag and a heavy bag. In most cases, it weighs 72.2 pounds when not loaded with any bag. This is what gives it the capacity to hold a heavy bag. When using this stand, the speed bag is used to provide you with the speed of punching. This is essential for those who already are well versant with punching, and so you need some boost for your punching.

The choice of the type of station stands that you go for depends on your needs and experience. You can be advancing to have the dual station with time. If you start by a dual station, you might end up feeling discouraged if you are not able to work with the speed. It is recommended that you start with a single station. This is because the single station depends entirely on your speed.

How to Build a Heavy Bag Stand?

Many of you, instead of buying, prefer building their own. However, they find it challenging when it comes to how they can make it?

This is a more technical question that requires an appropriate answer. When you want to build a heavy bag stand, first and foremost, you need to have some basic requirements. These include:

  • Heavy bag
  • Welding unit
  • Counterweights with the same weight as your heavy bag
  • Pipe wrench
  • End caps (6 1- in)
  • Diameter iron rings (2 2-in times1/4-in)
  • Threaded iron pipe junction (1- in. three-way)
  • Diameter iron pipe with thread ends (1 8-ft. times 1-in)
  • Threaded iron pipe junction (1-in. five-way)
  • Diameter iron pipes with threaded ends (6 4-ft. times 1-in)

With the above basic requirements, it will be easy for you to build your heavy bag standard faster than you would have imagined. Having the necessities mentioned above, you have to follow the steps below to build your heavy bag stand. These are:

  • Build the base of your stand by screwing 4 of 4-foot pipes into a threaded iron pipe junction of 1-in five-way. Besides, when you are through, make sure at the open and end of every pipe you put an end cap.
  • Use the diameter iron pipe, which is 8ft as an addition to into the fifth opening of a 5- way splitter. Afterward, ensure you attach a pipe of the 3-way junction to the end of the 8ft pipe.
  • Attach the remains of 4ft pipe into the two open slots of 3- way splitter, then make sure you cap also the endings of the pipe.
  • Mark the end of 2 top pipe endings of your stand, so that your two iron rings far away from it.
  • Last but not least, hang your heavy bags to one of the upper rings. Apply the same on counterweights too. Furthermore, for your stand to have stability, you have to ensure that your heavy bag and counterweights have equal weighing. Additionally, it will also help you to avoid creating damage on your floor.
  • Ensure all your stands’ pipes are well tight using a pipe wrench so that none has a loose nut. By doing so, you will make sure that your stand is stable and very strong, enabling you to hang your bag freely.


Having read through this article, you now know how exactly to choose the right bag stand or build yourself a heavy bag stand. Therefore, you do not need to go through any more hassle since your work is much more simplified.

Consequently, you will be able to create yourself a useful heavy bag stand if you follow the above information correctly to end up with one of the best heavy stands of your choice. Below are the hot sale heavy bag stands on Amazon.