Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing – Top Stands Reviews

Boxing is a popular sport all over the world with people engaging in it for a variety of reasons. Nevertheless, for excellent outcomes, you always need proper equipment and installation. Thus, apart from the obvious heavy bag, you need to buy the best heavy bag stand for kickboxing bag for convenience.

There exist several designs currently in the market, with only a few quality products. This has made purchasing the best of the stands a challenge. This article thus makes shopping for heavy bag stands easy by providing you with a list of some of the best in the market.

Top 6 Best Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing


Reviews of the 6 Best Kickboxing Heavy Bag Stands

#1. Best Sale – Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand for Kickboxing Bag and Speedbag

Everlast heavy bag and speed bag stand for kickboxingThis is a great heavy bag stand currently in the market and on the plus side, it is a product from one of the renowned brands, thus ensuring its authenticity.

As the name suggests, these heavy bag stands are dual stationed meaning that they can hold both a heavy bag on one side and a speed bag on the opposite end. These products are also manufactured from high quality rugged, powder-coated steel tubing, which is rust and scratch-resistant, ensuring that they maintain their fresh appearance for the longest time possible.

These manufacture materials are also strong, and in addition to the three weight pegs at the widely extended base of the stand, these stands guarantee a stable and sturdy boxing session with minimal to zero flimsiness.

This Everlast stand usually requires stable grounds for installation and thus recommended for indoor use. The strong stand frame and structure can, therefore, support weight up to 100 pounds comfortably.

The speed bag platform is also attached to the stand in a way that it could be adjusted to several height levels to accommodate various heights. The heavy bag attachment end also allows for the use of chains which can also allow for adjustment of heavy bag height for convenience.

Brilliant Features:

  • Easy installation
  • Incorporates dual bag stations
  • Adjustable speed bag platform levels

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#2. Runner up – Everlast Single Station Heavy Bag Stand with 100 lbs Capacity

Everlast 100 pounds kickboxing bag standThis is another great product from the prominent Everlast brand that is very popular among many people in the kickboxing community.

This heavy bag stand is similar to the above dual station stand from Everlast in all aspects of design except for the fact that it is a single station. Therefore, this heavy bag stand only comes with one station for the attachment of a heavy bag and nothing else.

The frame is manufactured from heavy-duty powder-coated steel tubing which ensures that the stand is scratch-resistant, thus durable and able to support weight effectively.

This model can also accommodate heavy bag weights of up to 100 pounds beyond which it may become ineffective. The assembly process is straightforward and thus takes minimal time and can be done by one individual.

The base of the stand is extensive to cover a wider surface area, and it also has three weight plate pegs evenly distributed. These upon addition of some weight will ensure stability and sturdiness of the stand against the heavy swinging bags ensuring that the boxing process is efficient.

Brilliant Features:

  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Occupies minimal space
  • Can accommodate up to 100 pounds weight

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#3. Best Rated – Balazs Kickboxing Heavy Bag Stand for 300 LBS

Best rating heavy bag stand for kicking and boxingBalazs products currently in the market are usually high end and premium with unique features never seen before. This ensures that their performance is top-notch in many boxing environments, thus making it one of the best and highest rated stand by boxers.

This stand is quite expensive due to its professional design and the lifetime warranty agreement. The design of this stand model is such that it is freestanding and perfectly sturdy and stable.

The weight is thus evenly distributed, and it does not require additional weights on the base. The stands are also able to comfortably hold up to about 300 pounds of a heavy bag which a higher capacity.

The footprint measures about 68 by 44 inches, which ensures that it can fit in tight spaces, and the triangular design can also be fit into a corner, thus saving on even more space.

The standard height of these stands measures about 95 inches, which is convenient for many and can also accommodate long heavy bags measuring up to six feet. The height is, however, customizable, and thus, you can always request for a fitting height or one that you desire directly through the company.

These stands can also be upgraded to incorporate even more stations. However, you will need to contact the manufactures on proper upgrade guidelines.

Brilliant Features:

  • Space efficient
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Completely freestanding
  • Supports up to 300 weight pounds

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#4. Best Sturdy – Outslayer Kickboxing Stand with 4 Sand Bags

Outslayer kickboxing stand for Muay ThaiThis design from the Outslayer is usually uniquely designed for customer satisfaction. For instance, it is quite tall extending up to about 7.8 feet which is great for any height and also perfectly hangs long heavy bags.

The frame and structure of the stand are also strong, built from heavy-duty metals which henceforth can support up to 350 pounds weight comfortably.

Included in the packaging are four unfilled sandbags which may be used to weigh down the stand upon increments of the weights. Each sandbag weighs about 60 pounds when fully filled thus when combined with the widespread triangular base of the stand, ensures that it is sturdy and stable during boxing.

The stand is also designed to fit in tight spaces. The assembly process for the heavy bag stand is also straightforward, requiring only the tightening of about seven screws. The company also offers a great deal on the warranty with up to 15 years allowance on the agreement.

Brilliant Features:

  • Favorable height
  • Very stable and sturdy
  • Easy setup and assembly
  • Can support up to 350 pounds

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#5. Best Professional – Ringside Heavy Bag Stand for Home and Gym

Ringside professional kickboxing heavy bag stand for gymRingside products are usually high quality, and for this specific model, it is designed with features that complement professional applications.

For instance, it is a very large dimensionally measuring 6 feet wide by 12 feet long by 8 feet tall. This ensures that it covers a wide working area and thus can subsequently hold up to eight heavy bags comfortably at a go. This maximizes its application in the gyms as it is cost-effective.

The stand is further manufactured from 11 gauge 2 by 3 inches heavy-duty steel for a strong product able to withstand constant impacts for the longest periods.

It also comes with wood screws for tightly holding of the stand firmly to the ground to ensure that it is stable and sturdy during boxing.

It further allows for the hanging of heavy bags using chains, thus allowing for height adjustment of the bags. The eight feet height also comfortably accommodates long heavy bags easily.

Brilliant Features:

  • Cost-effective for gym
  • Heavy bag heights can be adjusted
  • Recommended for professional use
  • Accommodates up to 8 heavy bags at a go
  • Pre-assembled in the factory for quality assurance

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#6. Best Foldable – Century Punching Bag Stand with Height Adjustment

Century folding kickboxing standThis heavy bag stand design is unique in its own merits with high stability and adjusting features. This makes it a premium product for all-season boxing.

For instance, this bag is very stable. The stand is designed with a wall-hugging finish, which means that it can comfortably fit against a corner adding on more stability while saving on space.

Furthermore, the legs to these stands are also very long extending to about 7.5 feet, thus creating a large surface area at the base, further enhancing stability.

Incorporated into the frame poles is a suspension system that somewhat absorbs impacts during punching, further ensuring stability. These heavy bag stands can henceforth support up to 100 pounds comfortably.

The feet of the stand are also installed with polyurethane rubber feet at both ends, further improve stability by preventing slipping. These rubber feet also protect our floors against scratches, thus making it safe to use even on hardwood floors.

It also comes designed with adjustable height features. Thus, the heights of these stands can usually be adjusted to six levels ranging from 72 inches to 102 inches. This guarantees the diversity of individuals who can train using this stand regardless of height differences.

The hanger pole is also quite long, leaving plenty of room for kickboxing and swinging of the heavy bags.

Brilliant Features:

  • Highly adjustable
  • Versatile functionality
  • Great and safe for your floors
  • Comes designed with a suspension system

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What Are the Different Types of Punching Bag Stand on the Market?

Punching bag stands come in a variety of designs, which creates different categories for the different types of stands. Some of the popular types of punching bag stand include:

#1. Single Station Stand

These are more of the traditional designs of punching bag stands, which comes with a single platform for hooking and hanging of the heavy bags. They are usually convenient and popular in many gyms and homes as they come relatively cheap than the other types. They are also lightweight and easy to move around.

They further save on space as they can fit into corners and tight spaces. Their downside is the fact that they do not support versatile training at one spot, meaning that you will have to change stations when shifting from one training style to the other, which may be inconvenient for some.

Everlast 100 pounds kickboxing bag stand

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#2. Double Station Stand

These designs incorporate two boxing stations. This might be in the form of two hooks for the hanging of heavy bags for kickboxing or one hook for the heavy bag and another area, a platform for the speed bag.

This ensures that training is much convenient as two people can simultaneously use these stations and quickly change from boxing bags to speed bags easily and quickly. They are popular in gyms and homes as they are cost-effective, among other benefits. The downside may be the large space they consume in your work out area.

Everlast heavy bag and speed bag stand for kickboxing

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#3. Three Station Stand

These are also popular designs in gyms and homesteads. They are efficient as they incorporate at least all the features of a boxing area.

For instance, in one stand, you will be able to hook a heavy bag on one side, boxing balls on the adjacent side and speedballs on the other side. This will further convenience training individuals as shifting from one training entity to the other will be quick and easy.

Furthermore, one station can also allow for at least three people to train at once hence being cost-effective to gym owners. It, however, requires ample and free space for proper installation as it cannot be braised against a wall.

Heavy Bag Hanger vs Stand

Most of the heavy bags are usually either hanging on the roofs of your workout space or hooked to a stand. These are usually the two most popular suspension techniques in the boxing world. They are, however, different in many aspects, with each presenting with certain benefits and limitations.

#1. Free Motion

heavy bag hanger and mountHeavy bag hanger usually allows for a wider area for swinging motions. Thus, you can practice any technique on a hanger supported heavy bag.

Heavy bags fixed on stands, on the other hand, have limited motion since certain directional movements at a certain strike might prove inconvenient as it might hit the stand.

#2. Resistance

Heavy bags hanging by hanger usually offer greater resistance as they give you the freedom to punch away the bag with maximal force without the fear of toppling over. Stands, on the other hand, may not take certain impact strikes and thus may topple over or wobble, creating rhythm imbalances in boxing.

#3. Space Occupied

Hanging bags usually takes minimal space compared to those hooked on the stands. This because the stands themselves also need installation areas to ensure they are stable and can effectively support your heavy bag.

#4. Cost

Heavy bag hanger usually cost much less compared to the stands. This may be due to the durability and the bulkiness of the materials used in either case.

The maintenance cost of stands, on the other hand, is much cheaper compared to those of hangers. This is because hangers usually tend to breakdown easily and might also easily impose damage on your walls and ceiling due to the unbalanced weight distribution.

Century folding kickboxing stand

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#5. Durability

Heavy bag stands usually tend to last much longer compared to fits of hunger. This is because the weight distribution and balancing are perfect in stands unlike in hangers, and the materials used in the stands are usually also more thick and sturdy compared to those used in hangers.

Ringside professional kickboxing heavy bag stand for gym

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

#1. How Tall Is a Heavy Bag Stand?

There is no perfect height that a heavy bag stand should be. This is because of several factors, such as the height differences in the majority of people and also the differences in the lengths of heavy bags.

Thus, when acquiring a heavy bag stand, you should look for one with appropriate height level just slightly above your height or one with adjustable height features which allow you to position the heavy bag in the position you are most comfortable with to be able to hit the ‘sweet spot.’

Nevertheless, ultimately, most of the freestanding heavy bag stands usually come designed to the standard height of about 95 inches. This gives room for the installation of even the long heavy bags and adjustment of heavy bag heights using chains.

Century folding kickboxing stand

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#2. Is Kickboxing a Good Workout at Home?

Yes. Kickboxing is a great home workout routine that should be adopted by many. This is because of many factors, one of which is the ease of the process. Kickboxing as a workout process does not require skillful kicking and punching, just randomly hitting the bag. This makes it straightforward and simple to adopt.

Furthermore, kickboxing also presents with numerous benefits to the individuals adopting the workout. Some of these benefits include:

  • Weight Regulation

Kickboxing workout is an energy-demanding exercise that will require the generation of tremendous amounts of body heat coupled with a high rate of metabolism, which will burn off many calories in the body. Henceforth, essentially melting the fats on many individuals, thus regulating their weights.

  • Confidence Boost

With weight regulation, your body will become perfectly toned. This might improve the self-esteem of some individuals who might have confidence problems due to weight issues. Hence, fundamentally improving self-confidence among some people.

kickboxing stand reviews

  • Stress Management

The process of kicking and punching is usually a way of relieving stress in many individuals. This is achieved by engaging the many tense body muscles in a vigorous activity, which eventually makes them relaxed, thus reducing body tension and stress in the process.

  • Improved Coordination

Kickboxing can actually help you boost your core strength and improve your muscle reflexes and general body coordination. This will ensure that you familiarize the body muscles to every successful movement; thus, in the process, rectifying posture problems also.

  • Self-defense Lessons

In the process of kickboxing, you may find yourself learning about fighting. Thus, you may adopt some fighting skills in the process, which could be helpful later on in case someone attacks you.

#3. What Material Is the Best for a Kickboxing Bag Stand?

Kickboxing heavy bag stands should be quality constructed from high-quality materials. The popular and the best material used in the construction of these stands is usually pure stainless steel.

This is typically strong and thus able to support heavy weights and withstand the impacts without deformation. Furthermore, incorporated in the manufacture materials are usually powdered finishes and these help in preventing rust and scratching, thus further prolonging the life of your stand.

Nevertheless, the steel used is also usually of different thicknesses depending on the cost of the stand. Some of these are usually hollow steel tubing, which is generally lightweight but unable to support too heavy bags as they become wobbly and unstable.

These constitute the cheap stands. The expensive premium one usually come with filled steel frames which are very strong and heavy suitable for all kinds of heavy bags. They are freestanding and do not require additional weights for support.

The heavy steel frames are usually more expensive as they are more convenient than the hollow tubing steel frames, which are not very durable and can occasionally be limited in features.

Best rating heavy bag stand for kicking and boxing

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#4. What Type of Martial Arts Need a Kickboxing Bag?

Kickboxing bags usually have unique features that make them the best for this sport. For instance, they have to be quite long, extending to about 6 feet for convenient and accurate practice.

Kickboxing, as a sport, usually utilizes the four crucial body parts for training; these include the two hands and legs. This can also be supplemented with contacts at the shin, elbow, and knee joints during kickboxing.

This should, therefore, be complementary to several of the types of martial arts. Specifically, those that involve utilizing all the above contact body points during boxing. Some of these include karate, Muay Thai, Kung Fu, among others. These are some of the popular martial art types that could be efficiently trained by a kickboxing box.


Heavy bag stands are crucial accessories when considering purchasing boxing equipment. The above listed heavy bag stands are among the best for kickboxing but can also be used in other types of boxing training. You can consider them if needed before committing to buying a heavy bag stand as they will surely make the process easy and fast.