Best Gravity Inversion Table Reviews

Gravity Inversion tables are like workout units essential for improving and relieving back pains. They have different weight capacities which range from 200 to 400 and more. The inversion tables are quite comfortable to use by all ages since they feature padding for support and have adjustable ratchets at the neck and ankle section to hold the body firmly when pushing the unit in an inversion mode. If you are looking for a gravity inversion table to use at home, the following is a review of the top 8 best gravity inversion table units on the market.

Top 8 Best Gravity Inversion Table Reviews

1. IRONMAN Gravity Highest Weight Capacity Inversion Table

best gravity inversion table


  • This gravity table can accommodate the weight of up to 350 pounds
  • It offers 180-degree vertical inversion
  • The ankle sure lock ratchets adjust to different sizes
  • The table has quality padding for support


  • It may not work for people who are 6’6 and above feet taller

This is a safe gravity table ideal for all, including people with injury since it offers excellent support. The ankle holders on this gravity table feature excellent and quality padding to offer support and prevent pinching when moving it. It also has AIRSOFT material that allows excellent airflow for breathability purpose. The ankle ratchets are lockable to prevent the legs from sliding off the table so, you can focus on your workouts.

They are also adjustable to ensure everyone gets a good and safe fitting. The backrest has durable and double padding to offer enough support to your back when using it. The structure of this gravity table is durable and has a steel frame that has a coating to ensure durability and easy to manage.

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2. YOLEO Gravity Heavy Duty Inversion Table for Sale

gravity inversion table


  • It is foldable for easy transportation
  • The table has excellent padding for comfort when working out
  • This gravity inversion table helps to relieve back pains
  • It has a durable design


  • Some people find it uncomfortable to work with the shoulder rolls on since they block the body movements

If you are prone to experiencing back pains after working for too long in the office, this is a reliable inversion table to consider buying. The hand rest on the machine adjust to different sizes to ensure excellent fitting for all people. The inversion tables work to relieve back pain, and stretching the body due to the adjustable size and design.

The ankle ratchets are adjustable and have great padding to offer support to the feet and prevent injuries. This is an easy to use inversion table since it easily shifts the body by just moving the hands. This inversion table is strong to accommodate a weight of 300 pounds.

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3. Innova ITX9600 Gravity Inversion Therapy Table

best gravity inversion therapy table


  • It adjusts to 6 different positions
  • The headrest and backrest are adjustable
  • The ankle rests are adjustable


  • This inversion table is quite bulky

This gravity inversion table consists of 6 adjusting positions and has the quality and safe padding to ensure comfort when adjusting to various angles. The hand rests and backrest on the inversion table are adjustable to fit most weights and sizes of people. The gravity table comes in pieces although fitting it together is easy and does not take long.

The table has an ergonomic design, and a reversal ankle handling system that holds the feet firmly while preventing injuries. This inversion table features a great size to fit most people with a weight of up to 300 pounds. The inversion table comes with straps for holding the body firmly.

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4. Innova ITX9900 Inversion Gravity Table for Back Pain Relief

best gravity machine for back pain


  • This inversion table can fit people with a height of up to 6’6
  • Compatible with 300 pounds
  • It has great a durable material design
  • It is suitable for workouts such as yoga as it provides excellent body support


  • This table cannot fully adjust in vertical form

This is another reliable inversion table suitable for people with backaches or if you want to stretch the body. The entire machine features quality materials and excellent padding that allows free flow of air. The available lumbar support allows one to control the support needed at the back.

This gravity table inversion adjusts to 6 different positions and has a strap to safeguard and hold the body firmly. This inversion table also features the true balance system that ensures even distribution of weight for easy inversion. It has ankle holding system that locks the feet in place for comfort.

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5. IRONMAN IFT 4000 Anti Gravity Inversion Table

best anti gravity inversion table


  • This gravity inversion table provides therapeutical treatment
  • It helps relieve pain, fatigue, and even soreness in the body
  • The inversion table is strong to hold a weight of 350 pounds
  • It comes with a remote for easy control


  • Costly device

This is an easy to use inversion machine as it comes with a remote for easy control. It tilts vertically up to a 180 degree to give excellent body stretch and for optional body results. This Inversion table is suitable for therapeutical treatment since it features infrared heat that penetrates to the body and the tissue to relieve fatigue, soreness or even pain.

This table inversion has varying position settings and temperatures to choose from for effective results. The ankle sections feature adjustable ratchet system that locks the legs firmly for easy investing when working out. There are also inverted handgrips so you can easily go back to the actual form without much straining.

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6. IRONMAN Gravity Upside Down Machine

best gravity upside down machine


  • This inversion table is strong to hold up to 350 pounds
  • It is comfortable thanks to the extra and quality padding
  • The table is long to accommodate tall people of up to 6’6 tall
  • The ankle ratchets adjust to provide excellent fitting


  • This table inversion unit is bulky and you may need help when assembling it

You don’t need to worry about feeling pain, or itching around the ankles or shoulder when using this inversion table since it has excellent padding all round. The ankles have a lock and adjust to different sizes for comfortable fitting, and secure the body in position. This inversion table is strong to accommodate a person weighing up to 350 pounds. It features a foam padding of 2.5 inches extra to ensure comfort and support.

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7. HARISON Back  Gravity Table

back gravity machine


  • This inversion table is suitable for relieving pain at the back
  • It has 3D padding for comfort
  • The unit adjusts in three different positions
  • It comes with an adjustable waist strap for fastening it to the body


  • Cannot be folded

This is sturdy and strong steel crafted inversion table unit that provides therapeutic effects to the body most, especially at the back area. the backrest has padding with 3D foam to offer support and comfort when inverting. It comes with varying inversion positions to choose from. This inversion unit also features a reasonable size design to fit most body sizes. It inverts at a vertical form in 180 degrees, while locking the body to the table. It has a sturdy design to accommodate a weight of up to 350 pounds.

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8. ZXGFA Gravity Massage Inversion Table

best gravity massage inversion table


  • This inversion table is quite a comfort
  • Helpful in improving one’s health
  • It helps promote good circulation of blood in the body
  • It features quality steel material for durability


  • This inversion table is not suitable for people weighing more than 300 pounds

You don’t require aid to use this inversion table since it is quite easy to control as one swing move gets the body back to the starting form when using this inversion table. It works magic in relieving pain at the back, muscle stiffness, soreness and even aligning the spin after an injury.

This inversion table is foldable in case you want to minimize the storage space in your house. It also features a lightweight design for comfort when carrying around. You can lie on this unit for long as it has an extra padded backrest that provides support to the back area. It also has ratchets for locking the ankles in position.

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What Is A Gravity Inversion Table?

gravity inversion table reviews

The gravity inversion tables are therapy units that are useful for treating back pains or injuries. They are used in an inverted form whereby the legs hang while the back lies on the table in a vertical form. The inversion table unit features ankle ratchets that hold the ankles on position to allow your body to maintain the same position and ensure comfort as well. Some of the gravity inverted tables features infrared heats for treating the back pains and providing massage effects as well.

They feature great padding that offers support to the entire body and is compatible with varying weights. l though the gravity inversion tables do not provide long-lasting results effects, they work pretty fast to relieve fatigue and provide relief on the back. They are suitable for yoga workouts since they allow the back to stretch well. Note that the gravity inversion table units are not suitable for people suffering from high blood pressure, heart diseases, or glaucoma.

How to Choose the Best Gravity Inversion Table?

best gravity inversion table reviews

The construction

This is the first thing you need to look out for when buying the inversion table. Since these units support all your weight in an inverted form, you need a strong frame that will hold your body well without causing any accidents. So, make sure it has a strong frame structure. If it is made of the steel, ensure the steel has a coating to safeguard it from rusting or corrosion when exposed to moist or extremely hot areas.

Your comfort should your also be paramount when buying the table inversion, considering you will be using it in an uncomfortable point. Therefore, ensure the table has top quality padding to offer enough support to the body. The padding should extend to the ankle areas to prevent pinching when moving the unit.

The weight capacity

The inversion table units have varying weight limits that range from 200 to 500 pounds. The choice depending on the weight capacity is determined by the table’s structure. Therefore, make sure to choose a table that can accommodate your weight to ensure durability and your safety too. The units consist of a weight limit notification seal on the packaging

The price

The prices of these units vary depending on the brand, the design, structure, and even the available features. If you are looking for an inversion table that you can perform yoga workouts and at the same time provide back relief results, be prepared to spend more money as opposed to buying a simple inversion table. But, if you need a durable and reliable inversion table at a budget, check out the available features to see if they fit your needs.

Ease to use

You must choose an inversion table that is easy to use especially when selecting the inversion positions. Most of the inversion tables come with control remote for easy selection of inversion positions. Also, choose a unit that is easy to assemble with the provided tools.


A warranty assures you of the quality and durability of the unit after purchasing it. So, always go for models that come with a warranty of not less than one year. The warranty should cover any factory defects and any replacement within a given period.


1. Do gravity inversion tables help lower back pain?

The answer to this yes! The gravity inversion table does help with lower back pain. Even if the unit does not provide long term relief effects, it works magic in lessening the pain. The reclining effect on the table helps to stretch the muscles at the back area including the oft tissues running through the spine.

The stretching of the muscles and the tissue causes them to pull and this result in low pressure between the nerves and the disc on the spine. Repeating this exercise often may gradually help to heal the lower back pains.

2. What are the dangers of inversion tables?

Although the gravity inversion table has a wide range of benefits, there are some risks associated with the use of this unit. There are categories of people discouraged from using the unit. If you have high blood pressure, the inversion table may cause you more harm than good. This is because the inversion position may increase high blood pressure, and reduce the heart rate since there is so much stretching of the body.

Some people have reported to being uncomfortable around the eyeballs since there is so much pressure impacted on the head. If you have an injury in the leg, this unit may not be a good idea since it can accelerate pain and straining when in an inversion mode.

3. Who shouldn’t use an inversion table?

The people who are not recommended to use the inversion include;

  • People with eye problems
  • People with high blood pressure
  • If you have chronic diseases
  • If you have heart problems
  • Pregnant women
  • People who may have suffered from a stroke


The gravity invasion table units are suitable for improving the back and even improve posture after a long and tiring day. They are comfortable to use at home and features excellent padding to ensure the user is comfortable. The above review features the top 8 best gravity inversion tables ideal for home use, and for relieving the back pains. Make sure to have a check-up with a doctor before using any of the tables for your health safety.