Best Speed Bag Platform Reviews and Guides in 2022

Speed bags are a great way to train your arms and shoulders for boxing, as well as developing your hand-eye coordination; these products have been used for a long time in training for boxers. One of the most important aspects of having a speed bag is also having the best speed bag platform.

In the following article, we will be going over the top 8 platforms for use when training with a speed bag, as well as going over a comprehensive buying guide to make the final purchase decision easier.

Top 8 Best Speed Bag Platform List


Reviews of the 8 Best Speed Bag Platform

#1. Everlast Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

everlast speed bag platform and swivelThis speed bag platform from Everlast is a great budget-friendly option that is easy to set up and durable while being easily adjustable that is well suited for either use in your home or professional use in a gym.

This is a great quality for the price point and would make a good addition to your training regimen at home without spending a lot of money on something that wouldn’t work as well.

With a name brand in sporting like Everlast, you know that you will be getting a good high-quality product that maintains its durability over the years and won’t let you down when you need it the most for your boxing training.

This is fairly customizable depending on how you want the base, and where you want to install it in your home; with easy installation as well.

Brilliant Features:

  • Budget-friendly considering it’s from a well-known name brand
  • A highly durable product that will last a long time even with daily use
  • Easy to set up and adjust to fit in with your personal height and training
  • Everything that you would need to set this up and start using is included (except the speed bag)

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#2. XMark XM-4441 Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

xmark adjustable speed bag platform and swivelThis speed bag platform from XMark Fitness is made of heavy gauge steel that will minimize the overall vibration during using your speed bag, as well as optimizing rebound to get the most out of your training sessions.

This platform is highly adjustable, giving you the versatility and freedom to choose the best height for your personal preferences.

The large 24-inch wooden platform is 1 1/2 inches thick, meaning that it is not going to be going anywhere anytime soon, even during the most rigorous speed bag training sessions.

Excluding the actual speed bag, everything is included in the purchase of this product that you will need to get started training.

This product is easy to assemble, and won’t require a lot of time before you can start using for training.

Brilliant Features:

  • Easy to set up and install right out of the packing box
  • Professional grade that is well suited for at home or in a gym
  • Heavy gauge steel frame will give you peace of mind when in use or idle
  • Highly durable and will last a long time even with repeated consistent use

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#3. Balazs i-Box Speed Bag Platform for Home Gym

balazs speed bag platform reviewsAvailable in three different color choices, (Champion Black, Knockout Red, and Contender yellow) this speed bag platform from Balazs is simple in design yet durable enough to hold up well over repeated use.

The solid platform is made from thick and durable manufactured wood for a high-performance exercise routine; with a steel gauge tubing that is guaranteed to keep the platform in place even during rigorous training sessions.

This is a high-quality product that will promote rebounding as well as hand-eye coordination and is budget-friendly as well. This fully adjustable speed bag platform is easy to mount and install, and the frame functions extremely well to put your mind at ease while in use.

It is a professional quality speed bag platform that is compact enough to fit into tighter spaces easily without sacrificing on performance.

Brilliant Features:

  • Easy to set up and use
  • Professional quality that is well suited for either home or gym use
  • High-quality products that will remain durable after repeated daily use
  • The frame is compact enough to fit into small spaces without sacrificing rebound

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#4. MaxxMMA Heavy Duty Adjustable Speed Bag Platform Kit and Speed Ball

heavy duty speed bag platformThis heavy-duty adjustable speedball platform kit with the speedbag included from MaxxMMA is a great budget-friendly option that does not sacrifice on quality or durability.

Included in the purchase of this product is a large speed bag that fits in well with the 24-inch diameter of the platform.

The platform is adjustable and compatible with any size of the speed bag and is highly durable to withstand a lot of daily abuse from your training sessions.

Although the hardware and wall mount are not included in the purchase of this product, you are receiving the bulk of what you need at a very reasonable price.

The speed bag that is included in the purchase of this product is a decent product as well, being constructed of premium synthetic leather.

Brilliant Features:

  • Durable enough to last a long time even with repeated and daily use
  • A great budget-friendly option that doesn’t sacrifice functionality or design
  • Has almost everything you need to get started, including a good quality speed bag
  • Compact design that gives a lot of freedom as relates to the placement of the platform

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#5. Ringside Heavy Duty Boxing and Speed Bag Platform

ringside heavy duty professional speed bag platformThis simple yet durable heavy-duty boxing and speed bag platform is reasonably priced, especially considering the amount of quality that you receive.

It is a professional grade platform that can withstand a lot of rigorous training, both at home and in the gym. Although the hardware is not included, the price is reasonable enough that even with the added expense, you will find that you are saving money in the long run still.

The board that comes with this platform is durable and thick, making it easy to mount and has the capabilities to withstand a lot of daily use. The metal frame is made from high-quality materials, and allows you to get a nice rebound when using.

Although it can be difficult during installation to get this platform completely level, once you do you will be extremely happy with the quality of the product that you receive.

Brilliant Features:

  • Easy to install
  • A good budget-friendly option
  • Gives a good amount of rebound and weight distribution
  • The board itself is made of a good wood that is durable and thick

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#6. TKO Professional Speed Bag Platform

tko adjustable speed bag platformA leading manufacturer of boxing and fitness equipment, TKO has gained a great reputation over the years, and this can be seen in their boxing speed platform.

This professional-grade platform is made from heavy gauge steel and thick hardwood that promises durability and function. The steel equipment used with this platform allows for extreme durability without any type of vibration; which also allows for an excellent amount of rebound.

This is the perfect size at a diameter of 24 inches, while the 1-1/2 inch thick platform itself is compatible with all types of speed bags.

Included in the purchase of this product is everything that you would need to get started, including a high-speed ball bearing swivel and mounting brackets. The height is fully adjustable and can easily be changed as needed for consumer use.

Brilliant Features:

  • Can be used with any size of speed bags
  • Easy to assemble with everything needed to do so
  • Durable and made from high-quality materials that will last a long time
  • The mounting brackets are level enough that there is no need to adjust anything

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#7. Valor Fitness Speed Bag Platform Set with Speed Bag Swivel

valor fitness speed bag platform reviewsThis simple and budget-friendly option from Valor Fitness comes with a 2-inch platform, speed bag, and swivel. Made out of manufactured wood, the base is surprisingly durable and will be able to withstand a lot of repeated daily use.

There is a lot of recoils available from this platform, and the lightweight speed bag is made of high-quality synthetic leather that is double stitched in order to add more durability.

The swivel that is included in the purchase is made of steel and can stand up to repeated use; it utilizes a chain link design that allows for more rebounding and better rhythmic movements.

Although this is sold without a mount, you will be able to have more control and customization this way.

Brilliant Features:

  • Comes with a speed bag and swivel
  • A good budget-friendly option that retains a high quality
  • Durable and thick, enabling a lot of use through its lifespan
  • Easy to install with customization available as relates to the wall mount

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#8. Cleto Reyes Adjustable Speed Bag Platform

cleto reyes speed bag platform reviewsOne of the most high-quality options on the market, this speed bag platform from Cleto Reyes is easy to install and adjust to give you the height that is needed for your personal preferences.

Using steel pipe makes this a highly durable and trustworthy product that features a 24-inch platform with a mounting kit.

The wood platform is made from high-quality materials that will last a long time, are treated in order to maintain a high level of durability and function.

Although the price point for this particular product is more than most, you are getting your money’s worth and will be able to get a lot of use out of this product.

This is extremely easy to assemble and install, using only a few key components in order to easily adjust the stand to fit your specific needs.

Brilliant Features:

  • Had a great amount of rebound without much vibration
  • Installs in a manner of minutes without much hassle or extra tools
  • Easy to adjust simply by turning the mounting bracket around the thick steel pipe
  • Made from high-quality materials that will last you a long time and allow you a lot of continuous use

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Are Used Speed Bag Platforms Valuable?

Used speed bag platforms are good options, as generally, they will be much cheaper than brand new models. However, with anything that is used it would be advised to be cautious. As long as you trust the seller and know what questions to ask then you can find a good deal that will last you a long time. A few aspects of the product and sale that you will want to find out before purchasing include:

  • Why it is Being Sold

When you are looking to buy a used speed bag platform, you’ll want to find out exactly why the seller is selling it. Generally, you will want to find a seller that simply does not use it anymore or has retired from boxing. This is a safer bet, as it means they are probably trying to recoup some of their money, and not pawning off a faulty product to someone else.

  • Construction Materials

speed bag and platformYou will also want to find out what the actual wood section of the speed bag platform is made from, as well as the metal used for other sections. This is one of the most important things to find out, as it will give a glimpse into how durable the product will be overall.

You will want to stay away from platforms that are made from fake wood such as particleboard, as they will be less durable and tend to break easily. Additionally, find out how durable the metal brackets are that are used in mounting the platform itself; this is what keeps the platform from falling during use.

  • How Much It Was Used

As with anything, there are various levels of use that a used speed bag would have received. If it was from an occasional trainee that did not use it very often, then it would be safe to assume that it still has a lot of life left in it. However, if the previous owner used it every day for years then chances are that it won’t last you very long.

What Are the Best Speed Bag Platform Dimensions? And How Thick Should a Platform Be?

Having the right dimensions and thickness of your speed bag platform is just about as important as the speed bag itself.

Additionally, not having a platform that is thick enough or in the right dimensions will reduce your overall rhythm.

Ideally, you will want a platform that is 2 inches thick; although these are considered to be more high-end, and may end up costing you a lot more money. In most cases, a platform that is anywhere between 1 – 1 1/2 inches will suit your needs just fine, and you can save a little bit of money by sacrificing on some of the thickness.

As relates to how wide around the speed bag platform should be, you will want to look for one is at least 25 x 25 x 7. This will give you all the space that you really need, and will be compact enough to fit into tighter spaces.

everlast speed bag platform and swivel

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What Is the Best Wood for a Speed Bag Platform?

When you are using a speed bag platform, one of the most important aspects is the ability to be durable and withstand a lot of rebound and movement. Because of this, you will want to choose a wood that is both durable and strong.

Woods such as Douglas Fir and pine are great options, although pine will start to crack over time and may need to be treated occasionally in order to retain its strength and durability. Particleboard and manufactured “pressed” wood should be avoided; it may appear to be strong in the beginning, but with repeated use can easily start to decompose and break down.

Similar to pine, oak is a good wood as well to use as it is durable although the more that it matures, the less durable that it will be. Oak starts to break down and crack the older it gets, and although it is a good budget-friendly option it may not be ideal for long-term and repeated uses.

How to Install Everlast Speed Bag Platform?

Although this is a great quality product, the Everlast Adjustable Speed Bag Platform is not the easiest to install, simply because of the way that the instructions are worded.

Keep in mind that the bottom of the speed bag should be level to the user’s chin, and that the hardware needed to install is not included in the purchase of this product. To make it easier to install and start using, follow these steps listed below:

1. When you have the desired location picked out and the studs located in your wall, you can take the pieces of wood with the Everlast logo on and screw them into the wall using two lag bolts and washers per each board. Make sure when you do this step that you have them properly distanced horizontally to allow for adjustments to be made in the platform.

2. After the wood sections are installed and tightened, find the two bracket pieces (labeled as R2 in the instructions); using four L-Bolts, you will want to attach these brackets to the boards without tightening yet. Make sure they are secure, but remain loose enough for the next steps.

3. Now you will want to grab the mounting bracket that goes on top of the platform itself. loosening the L-bolts, you can slide both of these upwards and into place before tightening these bolts. Make sure the “L” on the mounting bracket is facing outside.

4. After everything has been tightened that we have installed this far, install the swivel bolt to the underside of the platform.

5. Lastly, using two people all that is left to do at this point is to install the platform to the mounting bracket using the last four screws and bolts.

Do Speed Bags Make you Faster?

As the name implies, speed bags and reflex bags are aimed at making you faster; although there are many other benefits associated with them as well, such as increasing your hand-eye coordination and gaining muscle. Any boxer will tell you that using a speed bag is a great all-over workout that is both dynamic and efficient.

Because you are building muscle in addition to building your endurance and stamina, you are burning fat and calories at the same time.

As relates to speed, the speed bag will build both your overall speed and stamina, as well as your reflexes. It teaches you to be quick on your feet, and to react quickly when something comes at your face. What this means is that your accuracy will also be increased.

The repetitive motions that you have to use when training with a speed bag will teach you not only to react, but to predict the movement of the bag; which trains you to think in a way that boxers do.


After reading through this article, you should a better understanding of what a speed bag platform can offer you, as well as decide which one is best suited for your needs. All of the products listed above are made from high-quality materials, and will all be great starters to get your training sessions going without a hitch.