Hanging Punching Bags & Stand Kits – Buying Guide

Did you wake up this morning feeling like Rocky Balboa? Maybe you don’t have a boxing gym membership, but you can certainly get the eye of the tiger at home with your very own punching bag. Obviously, one of the benefits of having one of these bags hanging in your home is that you get a great workout. What are the best punching bag and stand on the market?

What are the other benefits you get from hanging up a personal punching bag? How to find a right punching bag for a home?

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Top 8 Best Punching Bag and Stand List


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Quick Guide of The Punching Bags Choosing

Top Hanging Punching Bags and Stand Kits Review

Your hanging bag purchase will greatly impact your training. Whether you are a young aspiring fighter or just starting to punch and kick for blowing off some steam and exercise, you should buy the equipment that is advantageous to you.

One of the common questions asked when deciding to purchase your heavy bag is the difference of the weight of your bag.

Does it matter whether you have a 70 lbs or 130 lbs heavy bag?

The answer is found in the amount of resistance in your heavy bag. The heavier the bag, the more resistance it will give. The added resistance is needed to develop more powerful and stronger punches.

You might also wonder about the filler in your bag:

You can measure the stiffness of the bag by the different type of filler inside. There are three types of filler: a hard fill, a soft fill and a water-filled bag.

A bag that is hard-filled may hold its shape but is going to be hardest on your bones and joints. A bag with soft fill is the hard fill bag’s lighter version. It may not hold its shape as well as the hard fill but will give lesser impact to your joints and bones. The water-filled bags can be a unique experience for you. It is also considerably easier on your joints.

To help you in your purchase decision, below are the top three hanging bags you can find on the market right now.


Reviews of Top Hanging Punching Bags In The Market

#1.1. Everlast 70Pound MMA Heavy Bag Kit – Best Seller Bag Kits for Money

Kit includes 70-Pound, heavy bag, heavy bag gloves, 108-Inch hand wraps

Adjustable height customization chain

Bungee cord for adding greater resistance to the bag

Specially blended filler provides resilient shock absorbance.

 Ideal for heavy bag workouts.


The kit includes a 70-pound heavy bag, 108-inch hand wraps, and heavy bag gloves. The wrap and gloves are included to protect your hand against the bag’s abrasion.

It has a customized chain to adjust the height of your heavy bag.

A bungee cord is attached to the bag for greater resistance.

The bag is stuffed with custom-filled synthetic and natural fibers mixed with sifted sand. The blended filler is specially made to provide flexible shock absorbance.

Attention: Unlike the Muay Thai Punching Bag and Boxing MMA Heavy Bag, the Everlast Heavy Bag has a shorter warranty of 120-days against defects in materials and artistry.

Notes: Unless you’re buying professional quality bags at 5x the price, most people can choose the 3ft length bags, that give great strike area on most american men. The chain allows you to adjust the height to suit your needs. This bag is Not great for multiple kicking trainers, but it is an affordable bag for beginners.

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#1.2. Outslayer 130 Pound Red Heavy Bag – Best Filled Muay Thai Bag with High Rating

If you are looking for a quality and well made punching bag, you can not go without the “Outslayer“. Their heavy bags are known to be the highest quality punching bags on the market, used in many gyms and training facilities worldwide. They are the only brand bags get Top 5 star rated on amazon.

♦  This Muay Thai 130 Pound, have hundreds sales with 95% people are extremely satisfied!

 The Muay Thai Heavy Bag is made of heavy-duty and tear-resistant vinyl.

 Six feet in height (72 inches), and an additional 12-inch D-rings strap.

 The 6-feet height allows for a satisfying lower body workout.

 The bag when filled weights 130 lbs, but you can adjust the weight if desired to a maximum capacity of 300 lbs.


The heavy bag has a ten-year warranty certificate. Your purchase is protected against any damage except for damages caused by sharp objects and weather conditions.

Notes: The heavier punching bag creates more weight resistance to prevent excessive swinging. It is pricier than the other heavy bag in the market but top quality with regards to the bag’s durability. The bag is filled with machine compressed fabric to perfect its density, consistency, and prevention of creating hollow and hard spots.

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#1.3. 100 Pound Filled Black Heavy Bag – Best Valued Boxing MMA Bag

The 100-pound black heavy bag is a great option for your martial arts, fitness, MMA, and boxing training.

 The bag’s height is 55 inches and an additional 10 inches for the length of the strap, already attached to the bag, so chains are not required.

 Like the Muay Thai Punching Bag, its heavy bag can also be filled to a maximum of 300 lbs weight.

 The heavy bag also has a ten-year warranty certificate. With the same exclusion as the Muay Thai Heavy Punching Bag, it is also protected against any damage except for damages caused by sharp objects and weather conditions.


The frequency and the purpose of your heavy bag’s use should first be taken into account before you decide on what to buy.

You can also try the weighted bags hanging in most sports stores to have a good feel. It will ultimately be a personal decision so take your time before making your final purchase.

Notes: The Outslayer bag costs a little higher than the budget brands like Everlast, but considering Outslayer seems to have a better reputation, it’s really worth the price. The Outslayer bags get the best ergonomic structure and quality filled, comfortable to punching and kicking without any pains, No sand or old clothes, the Real Heavy Bag and you never go wrong with it!

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Typically, a heavy bag would either be attached to the ceiling or to a wall bracket. There are also free-standing bags, but these are not a great idea for an adult male martial artist.

They’re OK for kids, and they’re OK for smaller women who are only training for fitness, but everyone who wants to train for a fight sport should look at either proper brackets, or, if they don’t want to drill into their walls or ceiling, a heavy-duty stand that can hold the bag.

Then you will see the floor stand and wall mounting kit for heavy bags below:

Best Reviewed Heavy Bag And Stand You Can Buy

If you take your martial arts training seriously, you need to get a good heavy bag, and a corresponding bag stand. A good punching bag can help you get a tiring workout, or be used to drill timing, technique, footwork and combinations. Bag stands cost between $100 and $400 on average.

Usually, the more expensive stands have a lot of extra features such as dip stations, pull up bars or areas for speed bags. The mid-range stands are a good choice for people who are looking for a high quality and robust stand and who do not need the extra features.

You might want to look at things like adjustable legs so that you can alter how much space the stand takes up, ensuring that you have space for kicking or footwork if necessary.

#2.1. Everlast Single-Station Heavy Bag Stand with 70lb Bags – Affordable Bag and Stand Set

Stand size: 57″L x 47.6″W x 88.2″H
Heavy Bag: 12″ diameter and 36″ in height.

The kits include: bag stand, heavy bag, hanging kit, gloves, and wraps.

The Everlast Single Station heavy bag stand comes in two formats. This version is designed to accept a 70lb bag, and it is super-easy to assemble.

It is made from powder-coated steel tubing, and it has three weight pegs that can take standard sized weights, so the stand is nice and stable with a heavy bag attacked to it.


The kit comes with the bag, and also has an optional bracket mount for hanging the bag from the ceiling if you prefer to do that.

The design means that it takes up minimal floor space while still offering some flexibility for kicking as well as punching.

Notes: If you have the stand on carpet expect it to slide a bit when you use it; someone like couple of sand bags to put under to make sure it won’t tip over. The gloves aren’t super comfortable, but they are a good starter pair. Every thing else worked fine, valued the price, so recommend buy again.

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#2.2. Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand, 100-lb Heavy Bag and Speedbag Bundle

Both the Heavy Bag and Speed Bag.

Whether you want to practice your punches for a fight or simply exercise at home, the heavy punching bag will make a good choice for every boxing enthusiast.

Everlast Dual Station Heavy Bag Stand, can accommodate bags that are heavier than 70lbs – up to 100lbs.

The heavier the bag you hang, the more plates you will need to use to provide stability.

The bag stand is robust but it’s quite short, and people who are taller than 5’8″ might find that they need to support the bag stand on some mats or another platform to ensure it reaches the correct height.


That’s the beauty of having a stand instead of a bag with a built-in base, you have a lot more freedom to change things around to suit your needs and the way that you are training at that time.

Notes: The 70lbs and 100lbs models are essentially the same stand, they just come with different sized bags. So, you can choose either depending on your budget and your size. You can also swap out the bag at a later date if you feel that you made the wrong decision with whatever one you bought.

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#2.3. XMark Deluxe Power Tower – Best Designed Bag Stand For Big Guys

The XM-2842 is a robust and sophisticated piece of workout equipment that includes far more than just a heavy bag stand.

It is capable of supporting heavy bags of up to 100lbs, but it is so much more than that.

The unit also features a dip station, a push-up station, a pull-up bar for doing split grip pull-ups, and a vertical knee raise station.

It has skid-resistant feet, and the steel frame is covered in a scratch-resistant powder coat.

The pull-up bar has grips on it, and the cushion is covered with tear-resistant duralguard vinyl.


The stand is quite robust, and it’s quite well designed, but it weighs over 120lbs by itself. It is designed to be as compact as possible for the features that it has on it, which means that it’s not ideal for very big guys.

If you have a 36 inch waist then you might find that doing pull-ups on it is a little bit of a challenge because of how close together the dip bars are.

Notes: To keep the stand in place, you will need to use some weight plates. The stand can accept both Olympic weights and standard sized ones. Use lots of weights so that you can keep the stand as stable as possible with a very heavy bag.

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The more skilled you are, the harder you kick and punch – and therefore the better a bag you will need. Heavier bags need more robust stands, to make sure that the bags move freely and are safe to use. Here is the tip for choosing the right bag with stand.

How to Choose a Heavy Bag Stand?

Heavy bag stands are free-standing. They are not attached to anything, so they can be moved, however they are solid, robust structures so they should not be easy to move. They require a fair amount of floor space, because they tend to have very broad bases to ensure that they do not collapse.

There are a couple of different designs. Stands for boxing tend to have slightly narrower legs. They offer good support and are very stable, but the bars might get in the way when you kick. Bag stands for kicking have the legs further apart, giving you more freedom of movement and letting the bag swing more freely as well.

There are some models that also have bag stand holders that are drilled into the wall or floor – these are intended for heavy use, and are frequently found in Muay Thai and Boxing Gyms. They are probably overkill for a single person to install in their garage, though.

If you’re shopping for a heavy bag stand, make sure that you measure it properly before buying it. They can look quite small when you see them standing on a shop floor, but when you get them home you might get a nasty shock at how much space they take up.

Pay Attention to The Stand Weight Matters

When you’re buying a heavy bag, you need to pay attention to the capacity of the stand. The majority of bag stands can support bags of 100lbs, but some are designed for lighter bags.

If you are a very large or very strong, skilled fighter then you might want a bag stand that can accommodate a much heavier bag. This would be something that you would do as a conscious decision, though. If you’re buying a standard bag it is unlikely to be too heavy for most good quality stands.

There are a few different designs of bag stand. Cheaper stands are made from steel tubes, and they tend to be quite lightweight, which keeps the cost of shipping (and materials) as low as possible.

Lighter bag stands will sway back and forth quite easily, which can be both irritating and dangerous. You will need to weight the bag stand with either weight plates or bags of sand to keep them down.

If you don’t like use a heavy bag stand that take a lot of space, the wall mounting kit are another good choice for you.

Consider to Wall or Ceiling Mount

Choosing the wall hanging bracket for a punching bag is not necessarily difficult. The hard part comes down to making sure that what’s known as a heavy bag mount is going to hold. After all, the heavy bag will be under stress of holding the weight of the bag, along with enduring many years of taking a beating. The key is how the bag is mounted.

The mounts come in two varieties — wall or ceiling mount. Though, the wall mount is a popular option for several reasons. For one, many gyms or homes these days have very tall ceilings.

Good luck hanging anything up there. The other reason is that many home gyms are relegated to the basement, where there may be drop ceiling or just an older home that is best not messed with for a hanging bag.

All of the wall mount bag hangers allow for properly securing the bag to the wall. This is able to happen because there are two brackets sixteen inches apart. This ensures that the bag will be secured into the wall studs of a home.

The reason wall studs are necessary is to make the bag stay in place. Otherwise, the heft of the bag would pull the wall down or out and not stay in place. For this kind of function, you can choose the Side Swivel Wall Mount as below:

#3.1. TKO Heavy Bag Wall Mount – Side Swivel for Space Saving


Arm extends 27 inches away from the wall

Mount holds up to a 100-pound bag (sold separately)

Holes are lined up to allow you to screw directly into 16-inch, on-center wall studs

Convenient pull-pin adjustment to swivel bag to the side and out of the way when not in use

Notes: If mounting it to cement or wood studs, make sure that the manufacturer provides the appropriate hardware. The same anchors are not used for wood as for anchoring a 100-pound bag into a cement wall.

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The hardware that comes with the bag is what will be tasked with holding all that weight during intense workouts. It must be able to be mounted on any type of wall.

Now, hardware is also important because it needs to be strong, not brittle or prone to flaking, cracking, or breaking. It needs to resist rust, and be able to move a lot without losing its strength. Look for galvanized metal that is strong enough to hold up to years of beatings on the punching bag.

The weight capacity is also important, punching bags are heavy, and in order to stay hanging in place, the hanger needs to accommodate the weight of the bag.

Always know how much the bag weighs, and confirm that the wall mount will hold that weight. There is a big capacity RDX Wall Mount Bracket and Hanger with well-built quality for you:

#3.2.RDX Heavy 3FT Iron Wall Mount Bracket – Best Capacity Bag Hanger


Arm protrudes out 90 cm for 360 degree movement around heavy bag

Boxed set includes D Shackle and all necessary wall fixings

The swivel hook holds the heaviest of bags up to 100Kg with 78CM heavy-duty steel gauge tripod bracket support, reducing metal fatigue.

The bag hooks will also specify the type of workout that they are designed to handle. Many will specifically be made to endure martial arts kicks and punches or punching alone.

The chain needs to be heavy-duty and able to take on a beating. Because quality is a must many people will go with the long-established brands when buying the heavy bag mount.

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The other feature people look for is whether the bag can be shifted out of the way when not in use or not. Go with a quality hangar that can be mounted to a wall or ceiling securely. Ensure that the hardware is well-made and will be able to take a beating.


Tips of The Best Ways To Hang Different Heavy Bag

Are you interested in bringing a heavy bag into your home? If you want a heavy bag, you are going to have to find a way to hang that bag.

Read on to learn more about the different ways to hang a heavy bag. Decide what you would like to do with your heavy bag. Evaluate each option before hanging up your bag.

Hang Your Bag From Your Ceiling

Depending on the type of ceiling you have in your home, it may be easy for you to hang your bag up. For example, if you are hanging your bag from your basement ceiling, and that ceiling has thick metal poles, you’ll be able to get your bag in place without a problem. Bag Like the Everlast 70Pound are lightweight fit most homes’ ceiling capacity.

You should always make sure that the place you are hanging your bag from is strong enough to withstand the weight. These bags are quite heavy.

If you hang it from a place that can support the weight, you might run into some big problems. Or you can buy a heavy-duty XMark Deluxe Power Tower to hang your heavy bag, its 120lbs capacity can hold most heavy bags in the market.

Attach The Bag To Your Ceiling

If you don’t have an easy way to hang your heavy bag, you should be able to hang it using a hook and chain. While this will take some effort on your part, the process shouldn’t be overly complicated.

You’ll need to attach a metal loop to your wall. You can nail it to your ceiling, or you can screw it into place. Once that is done, you can put a chain through the loop and attach the chain to your bag. Test the bag to make sure it’s completely secure.

For convenience, you can choose the outslayer bags of 6ft 130lbs filled bag or 55″ 100lbs bag, both of them have straps with D-rings, so no additional chains required, easy to hang up.

Attach The Bag To Your Wall

You don’t necessarily have to affix your heavy bag to your ceiling. It should be possible for you to hang your bag from your wall. There are set-ups that are specifically designed for this purpose.

Obviously, you’ll have to make sure that your bag isn’t directly against the wall. You need to be able to punch the bag. If your bag is too close to the wall, you won’t have any space.

Look for a device that will allow you to hang your bag properly. With the right device, you should be able to secure your bag to your wall. In these conditions, the side swivel TKO Heavy Bag Wall Mount and RDX Heavy 3Ft Wall Mount Bracket are great choice.

Look Into Standing Bags

If you’re not confident about securing your bag to the ceiling — or the wall — you should know that you have other options. Standing bags could be an ideal choice for you. Not every home is well-suited to hanging bags.

If you don’t think you have a good way to hang a heavy bag, you should look into purchasing a different sort of bag with floor stand instead.

And you can can choose the hot picks Everlast Single-Station heavy bag stand with 70lbs Bags or Everlast Dual Station Stand with 100lbs heavy bag and speedbag in best price.



As you can see, there are several ways to hang a heavy bag. Each method has its own perks, and every method has a few challenges.

If you want to hang a heavy bag in your home, you’re going to want to look closely at every option that you have. Decide how you would like to hang your bag.


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