Best Outslayer Punching Bags – A Renowned Brand Review in 2022

Outslayer punching bags are the gold standard of heavy bags which are widely used, given their outstanding durability and quality. They are available in a wide range of designs for more versatility and can be used in both gyms and home use.

Theie heavy bags are perfect for a wide variety of sports, such as MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, etc. These punching bags have a solid construction to last longer, even with hard use.

Below is a review of some of the best Outslayer punching bags and guides.

Top 6 Best Outslayer punching bags


Are Outslayer punching bags good?

Outslayer Heavy bags are known worldwide for outstanding quality and durability. These are the go-for options for professionals. To put it right, they are the gold standard of heavy bags available on the market today.

Outslayer punching bags are professionally made with premium quality materials, from the straps, cover, filling, and rings, to ensure long-lasting use and great endurance capability.

Their bags come in a wide range of styles to get one that meets your specific needs. You can count on the Outslayer punching bags to take your martial arts and boxing to the next level.

They come with a lengthy warranty in case of any damage, and you will receive a replacement.

best outslayer punching bag reviews

Another thing, these heavy bags are the ideal investments for your home gym given their significant contribution to fitness, strength, striking technique, and weight loss.

For those in combat sports, what better way to improve their skills and performance in the ring other than practicing with the solid Outslayer punching bags?

On top of that, Outslayer punching bags are ideal for beginners and professional boxers alike.

Their longevity is unmatched in the industry. Outslayer is a trusted brand and has exceptional customer service.

You can also request for a D-ring in case you need to anchor it on the ground. These heavy bags do not settle easily as others.

What’s more, Outslayer punching bags are durable and offer impressive performance. They come in a wide variety of designs and specifications for enhanced versatility.

Equip your gym with the Outslayer punching bags, and you will not have to worry about buying others soon.


Reviews of the 6 best punching bags from Outslayer brand

#1. Best sale – Outslayer filled 100 pound heavy bag for boxing training and MMA

outslayer 100 lbs punching bag for boxing and mma


Brilliant Features:

  • Perfect density
  • Nicely stitched straps
  • High quality leather shell
  • Outstanding quality and durability
  • Comes pre-filled & is fabric-filled only

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Outslayer filled 100-pound punching bag is top-rated and highly recommended for MMA and boxing. This heavy bag comes pre-filled and weighs 100 pounds. It is known for its exceptional durability and quality.

This heavy bag is professionally made and filled with fabric only, which, unlike sand, does not sink and has no empty and hard spots.

On top of that, this punching bag has straps sturdily stitched onto the bag for attachment to the ceiling. Also, it has sturdy construction to withstand long, hard use.

The bag shell is of high-quality leather, so it does not rip easily and makes it ideal for training a wide variety of sports – it is a great investment for any gym or home use.

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#2. Runner up – Outslayer 130 pound 6 ft Muay Thai punching bag

outslayer muay thai punching bag with 130 pound


Brilliant Features:

  • Large weight capacity
  • Fabric-filled only for consistent density
  • Heavy-duty and the tear-resistant vinyl material
  • Equipped with multiple layer maximum strength straps

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The Outslayer 130 pound Muay Thai punching bag is well worth your money.

This top-quality bag is made of premium quality, heavy-duty, and tear-resistant vinyl material which has a weight capacity of 300 lbs so that you can add extra weight to your punching bag.

Moreover, this punching bag comes pre-filled and weighs 130 pounds. It has sturdy construction to make it well suited for long, punishing use.

This 6 ft tall heavy bag is perfect for MMA and Muay Thai. Its height is ideal as it allows a complete workout to the lower body.

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#3. Best Unfilled – Outslayer Cheap 6 ft tall heavy bag for Muay Thai

Outslayer unfilled 150 lbs punching muay thai bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Easy to clean material
  • Multiple strong straps
  • Heavy-duty vinyl cover
  • Heavy-duty chrome-covered D-rings

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The Outslayer 150 pound punching bag combines quality and functionality perfectly.

It is widely used in many training facilities and gyms worldwide.

It is made of heavy-duty and high-quality vinyl material to make it durable and withstand long hard use. The content is also easy to clean.

There are four high-strength straps attached to the bag for reinforced strength, and so you do not need any additional chains.

On top of that, this heavy bag comes equipped with heavy-duty, chrome-covered D-rings for attachment to the floor.

It is 6 ft and, when filled, weighs 150 lbs. This heavy bag is well suited for MMA, kickboxing, and Muay Thai.

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#4. Best for beginner – Outslayer 80 lb punching heavy bag for adult boxing and MMA

Outslayer 80 lbs heavy bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Comes pre-filled
  • Solid and sturdy heavy bag
  • Filled with shredded clothing
  • Attached high-strength straps
  • Hand-filled and machine compressed

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You can never go wrong with the Outslayer 80-pound punching bag – the bag is great for beginners.

The filling is well selected to ensure a great punching experience. It comes pre-filled with shredded clothing.

Additionally, this heavy bag comes in a wide range of colors. The material used is smooth enough for use without gloves.

Another thing is, this heavy bag is ideal for a wide variety of sports such as MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and many more for practicing kicks, punches, and so on. Particularly, it is well suited for beginners and professional boxers alike.

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#5. Best for speed training – Outslayer 20 lbs double end bag

outslayer 20 lbs double end punching bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Heavy-duty rings
  • Solid construction
  • Sturdy leather straps
  • Conveniently small and light
  • Comes pre-filled with special fabric

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Are you in training and looking for the ideal double end bag? Then the Outslayer double end bag may be the option for you.

This punching bag is uniquely made with double ends. It has sturdy leather straps attached at both ends for easy attachment.

Besides that, this punching bag is well-made, rugged, and versatile. It has a useful size, big enough for multiple targets. It is a fun option as well for those training their kicks and punches.

What’s more, it is also conveniently light and small for those with hanging constraints.

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#6. Best stand – Outslayer Muay Thai heavy bag stand with 350 lbs capacity

outslayer 350 pound heavy duty punching bag stand with 4 sandbags


Brilliant Features:

  • Triangular base stand
  • Made of heavy-duty steel
  • Easy seven screw assembly
  • Multiple unfilled sandbags

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The Outslayer heavy bag stand is an excellent choice and well equipped. It is 7.8 ft tall and can hold up to 350 lbs punching bag.

The bag stand is made of heavy-duty steel for strength and is accompanied by four unfilled sandbags that serve to weigh it down.

This stand is ideal for home use as it is the ultimate space saver with a triangular base that can easily fit in a corner.

What’s more is, the height of the stand is conveniently adjustable to suit a wide range of workouts.

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Basic knowledge about Outslayer brand

Outslayer isn’t a new company in the martial art equipment industry but a renowned brand with quite a reputation known to produce high-quality products used globally.

What’s more, the company has built its name with them understanding martial artists’ needs. Today, this company is all over the globe.

About Outslayer brand

According to online reviews, the company has been producing punching bags for a while now, a company that understands the fighter’s needs and supplies the best training equipment.

Overall, it is a boxing and martial arts equipment manufacturer headquartered in Los Angeles, California. They specialize in producing high-quality products needed by a fighter.

outslayer brand punching bag

With years of experience in the industry, you can try to comprehend why they are regarded as the best in equipment production.

It’s a company recommended by many professionals to understand what one needs the best fighter and producing the best equipment.

And you know what? The company produces equipment suitable for training, sparring, and serious competition – it’s a one-stop brand for everything martial art.

The products are covered with a standard 10-year warranty. That means their products can last for over ten years.

Who sews Outslayer bags?

As a reputable company known to sell nothing but high-quality heavy bags, the brand outsources its sewing services. According to them, they don’t hire any sewer they find in the street.

They find an experienced person or shop with over 15-years of experience in the sewing industry. And we think that’s is why their bags seam is of high-quality and professionally done.

How do they make their punching bags?

When it comes to filling their heavy bags, Outslayer uses fabrics, machine compressed multiple times and hand-filled by professionals.

That ensures they give you a product that never loses touch. The use of experts ensures that the workforce understands what they are doing and knows well how to fill the bags to give them the perfect feel. All their bags are fabric-filled.


One of the many reasons why most Outslayer come back is their reliable warranty. Every product you buy from Outslayer comes with a warranty certificate.

Most of the heavy bags are covered with a 10-year warranty, and others have a lifetime warranty. And you know what, the company covers any damage but except damages caused by weather or sharp objects.

If anything was to happen to your heavy bag within the warranty period, all you have to do is email them, and they will send you and a new heavy bag.


What are the types of Outslayer punching bag?

Outslayer offers various punching bags from heavy bags, double end bags, to Muay Thai bags. What are they?

#1. Heavy bag

The Outslayer heavy bag is a cylindrical bag that’s hugged from the ceiling. It’s the most commonly used in boxing training. It works perfectly for strength training.

Why? The punching bag is designed to resist your strikes. The Outslayer heavy bags weigh between 70 and 150 pounds and fabric filled. They are ideal for punching and kicking.

Buy Outslayer 100 pound punching heavy bag

outslayer 100 lbs punching bag for boxing and mma

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#2. Double-end bag

The Outslayer double end bag, which is also known as a floor-to-ceiling bag, comes as a small, circular bag normally connected on both ends, ceiling, and floor using an elastic cord.

The punching bags come in various sizes, shapes, and also weights. Most of them have a rebound elasticity that can be adjusted.

They are designed to offer a myriad of ways you can perform various punching skill workouts.

Buy Outslayer 20 pound double end bag for speed training

outslayer 20 lbs double end punching bag

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#3. Muay Thai bag

The Outslayer Muay Thai bag is quite similar to the heavy bag and banana bags. They come as a heavy cylindrical bag with tall height designed for strength training.

With this bag, you strengthen shins and knuckles, footwork and movement, cardio, reflexes, and better defense. It’s ideal for a full-body workout.

Buy Outslayer 130 pound Muay Thai bag for full-body workout

outslayer muay thai punching bag with 130 pound

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#1. How to fill Outslayer unfilled heavy bag?

If you order an empty bag, you may need to stuff it yourself. Filling an Outslayer heavy bag is an easy step-wise procedure.

1. Firstly, you can research the ideal filling materials that are recommended and purchase them or simply collect all the available scrap fabric, for example, towels, sheets, shirts, plastic bags, old jeans, and shredded materials.

The materials are ideal for filling as they do not create any hard and hollow spots that reduce the functionality of a punching bag. You need to ensure that the fabric has no zippers and sharp objects.

2. Once you have all the material you need, mix them up. Afterward, you are required to stuff the punching bag until it is 1/6 full.

3. Put your hand into the bag to push the stuffed fabric tightly to the bottom. Continue filling and pushing tightly until you get to the top of the punching bag.

4. After this, get a hammer handle or piece of wood and beat the stuffed fabric to make it very compressed.

5. Once you are done, close the zipper of the punching bag. Over time you may need to add extra filling as the filling may settle in.

#2. What size Outslayer punching bag should I buy?

Now, having gone through the review, you may want to purchase an Outslayer heavy bag. However, there is a major factor you may need to consider before making a decision, and that is size.

When it comes to the ideal size, the primary considerations are the user’s age and size. There is a general rule stating that the perfect size of a heavy bag is approximately half your weight.

For instance, if you are 180 pounds, then a 90-pound heavy bag is suitable for you. Also, heavy bags that are about 4 to 5 feet long are adequate for adults.

For the kids’ punching bags, they need bags with less impact and strong absorption. The buyer needs to focus more on developing technique and not strength and power training.

Adults, on the other hand, require the heavier and larger punching bags. Once you’ve established this, go ahead and buy your Outslayer punching bag.


As seen above, Outslayer punching bags are top quality and highly recommended. These feature quality parts and have a sturdy solid construction that is sure to take a beating. Make sure to wear gloves for added hand protection.

The reviewed products are the ideal fitness and training equipment for all in the sport. Buy one!