Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag – Wavemaster II Ultimate – Full Reviews

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster punching bag is also known as Wavemaster II, the preferred option for a kickboxer. The noticeable thing about this punching bag is that it is not your average suspension or hanging punching bag.

The bag is entirely free-standing making it great for kickboxers who have limited space.

The punching bag comes with an all-red body and a logo that is printed on the bag, but other colors are still available.

This article will dig deep into the Century Aerobic Wavemaster.

Specifications of Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching Bag

the ultimate review of century aerobic wavemaster bag

Base Diameter: 22″

Weight: 170 pounds

Colors: Blue/Black/Red

Fill Options: Water/Sand

Bag Dimension: 10.5″ x 40″

Material: Poly Denier Cover

Bag Filler: High-density Foam

Adjustable Height: 53.5″ to 65.5″

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Customer Views On the Century Wavemaster Aerobic

The Aerobic Wavemaster free-standing bag has been a pioneer in the game of combat sports. The good thing is that you do not need to hang the bag to work out.

The bag can stand up and can bear the best strikes that you can throw at it.

century wavemaster ii ultimate aerobic

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If you want to improve your power and technique on kicks, this is the ideal punching bag since it can take the abuse.

Be it front kicks, round kicks, and sidekicks, this bag will take them all. Wavemaster II provides a generous striking surface that allows you to kick with enough confidence.

If you are much more focused on martial arts, then you will understand that Cardio is a perfect addition to your fitness regimen.

Considering boxing, martial arts, or any other sport, then your perfection is compared with your cardio. This punching bag will keep up with a pace that is best for you.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster punching bag is ideal for any size practitioners, be it kids or adults, since it can be adjusted in height within a range of 53.5 to 65.5 inches.

This makes it perfect for low, mid-level, or high kicking.

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The Good and The Bad of Aerobic Wavemaster Bag


– The Century Aerobic Wavemaster punching bag can be filled with 170 lbs of either water or sand. This makes it flexible for different people.

If you feel uncomfortable or experience some pain when using sand, then you can feel it with water.

– The Aerobic Wavemaster has a durable construction made of the vinyl material that is tear-resistant. This ensures that the bag endures absolute beating.

– It is the most affordable free-standing punching bag available on the market. To make it better, the Century Brand has not sacrificed quality so as to give a budget-friendly bag.

– Weighing around 170 pounds and an adjustable height of between 53-63 inches, this punching bag is easy to move around.

Being portable, you can move the punching bag out of the site and also get it out for continuous workouts.

– This punching bag features a massive surface area. When you pair it with its adjustable height system, you are able to throw different strikes at varying height levels.


– The disadvantages of the Aerobic Wavemaster are limited.

Honestly speaking, Aerobic Wavemaster, as the name suggests, is designed for cardio workouts, but not for explosive power.

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Key Features of Century Wavemaster II Ultimate Aerobic Bag

1. Weight

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster has an approximate weight of 170 lbs when filled. The weight of this punching bag is designed to suit individuals training for cardio.

The low profile punching bag base can be filled using water or sand. However, it is better to use sand to fill the base than water.

Usually, sand is more stable than water; also, the base slips more when filled with water than when filled with sand.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster weight, as well as the smaller footprint, makes it the best for quick and low impact kicks and strikes while enhancing speed and accuracy.

2. Dimensions

Basically, the product dimensions of the Century Aerobic Wavemaster punching bag is 52 inches tall x 23 inches x 23 inches.

For more specific bag dimensions, the bag alone has a height of 40 inches and a diameter of 10.5 inches of high-density foam with poly-shell.

The punching bag features a rounded base with a dimension of 22 inches diameter. Generally, the Aerobic Wavemaster punching bag has a small size that makes it ideal for small spaces.

The Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching bag is designed to allow height adjustment. This feature also affects the height dimensions of the punching bag.

It features four distinct height adjustments ranging from 53.5 inches to 65.5 inches.

This makes this punching bag ideal for all the members of your family training for cardio workouts.

3. Adjustable Height

century wavemaster ii ultimate aerobic bag

  • Do you want a quality and durable punching bag with a height adjustment feature?
  • Do you want to have a single punching bag for everybody in your family and yet budget-friendly?

Then this is what you need.

Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching bag is designed for great versatility. In fact, very few freestanding punching bags allow height adjustment.

This punching bag features a height adjustment feature that allows you to lift the bag up to a maximum of 65.5 inches, or down to 53.5 inches.

4. Wide Application

Having a punching bag with a wide application and at a favorable price is very rare. The Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching bag is one of the best punching bags for wide application.

It can help you train high kicks, as well as low kicks. This bag can also be used by strong children, as well as adults, regardless of their height difference.

It is also ideal for individuals who want to train for speed and accuracy, as well as those training for cardio workouts.

5. No Scratch on Floors

Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching bag is designed with both the user safety and floors considered.

This punching bag can be filled with either water or sand at the base. These are universal weight filling substances that can cause no harm to the floor.

The base of the punching bag is designed with soft cushioning to ensure that no scratching can happen to your stylish floor.

Also, the base is rounded, hence no sharp corners that can easily scratch the floor. The rounded base shape also helps in easy and secure movement from one point to another by rolling the base on the floor.

6. Design

aerobic wavemaster for training

It features a stylish design. The punching bag comes in three different colors: red, blue, and black. It also features a small and compact design, hence ideal for space-limited rooms.

The base is also designed in a rounded shape to enhance great stability as well as portability.

The punching bag itself is made of a high-density cushioning with poly-shell, and also circular in shape resembling a hanging punching bag.

7. Stability

Century Aerobic Wavemaster Punching bag is designed for cardio training.

With this in mind, then 170 lbs weight is very stable for your training. The base can be filled with water or sand but it is more stable when filled with sand.

Who Is It for?

century aerobic wavemaster for kicking

The Century Aerobic bag is for everyone who is training cardio instead of power punching. Its smaller footprint is ideal for low impact and also rapid heart rate exercise.

The Century Wavemaster bag has a low-profile base and also its size is short. This being the case, it means that you can use the punching bag for kickboxing thus great for a kickboxer.

If you want to advance your technique, speed, and also focus, this is the best choice for you. It is also perfect for practicing precision and also the timing of your punches.

The Aerobic Wavemaster is meant for individuals that are looking to add heavy back exercise into their daily workout. If you are a learner, this is the best punching bag to start practicing with.

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In conclusion, finding the best quality punching bag is everyone’s dream and the Century Aerobic Wavemaster is a great choice.

The bag might not be the best for professionals or those who have advanced their training.

However, this bag is the best choice for beginners, learners, or any irregular users. To make it better, this punching bag comes at an affordable price and its quality is guaranteed.

Basically, it is worth its price.

century aerobic wavemaster punching bag review

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