Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table Review

Dealing with body pain is never an easy task, especially in this challenging lifestyle where stresses, as well as other physical problems, are common.

It’s even worse when the pain originates from sciatica, herniated disc, and other muscle spasms. Fortunately, as much as they’re long term complications, with modern medications, you can easily keep them in check.

Perhaps popping bills or paying huge medical bills is not the best option as there’re several physiotherapeutic devices, such as the Teeter hang ups EP 560 inversion table that will help you relieve your pain.

In fact, most individuals refer to it as the perfect equipment in reducing back muscle aches. With the equipment you easily position yourself, and with the comfortable boots, you’ll be locked to it as long as you desire.

For the following part, you will get overall knowledge from our Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table Review.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 Inversion Table Review

teeter hang ups ep 560 inversion table manual

Why Choose It:

• Accurate balancing
• Includes an instruction manual as well as DVD
• Easy-to-fit additional accessories: Lumbar bridge foldable and Acupressure nodes
• Handles for better grip as well as stretching
• Firm lock that facilitates complete inversion
• Easily customizable
• Comfort Trak that moves with the body providing maximum comfort


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What makes any machine better is the features that it incorporates, and with the teeter EP 560, it won’t let you down.

Teeter Hangs Up EP 560 Inversion Table Specifications

• Secured ankle clamps
• Tested and certified to the UL 1647 standards
• 300 pounds weight capacity
• 4’8” – 6’6” maximum user capacity
• Product dimensions are 48.5″ x 30″ x 8.9″
• Product weight of 63 lbs
• 5-years manufacture warranty

Why Choosing Teeter Hangs Up EP 560 Inversion Table?

• Design and Safety

Two things that should always be in your mind before you purchase an inversion table are back support and the ankle holders.

Teeter has arguably the best designed as well as well-built inversion tables. Besides, they’re perhaps the only brand for inversion tables that is FDA certified. Therefore, it’s one of the best machines that you can ever think about if you want to relieve your back pain.

The EP 560 features ankle locks as well as comfort dial that is curved to easily fit around the ankles, reducing pressure on the ankles when inverting.

In terms of safety, there’s no denying that teeter has made safety a priority, and rightly so, safety is the major consideration when choosing your inversion table.

Being certified, the teeter EP 560 inversion table is safe for use. It means that it has been tested for strength as well as endurance.

The last thing you want is to trust below-bar equipment with our neck and back hanging upside, and that’s why the Teeter EP 560 has your back covered.

• Assembly

Nobody will want a table that’s very difficult to put together, and for that reason alone, teeter EP 560 has made your work a breeze. The table is straightforward to set up, thanks to the fact that it comes almost 90% pre-assembled.

Moreover, it comes with clear instructions that will guide you through the process of assembling it. The unit will take your about 20 minutes to set up, which is not bad given that it’s your safety that’s at stake.

teeter hang ups ep 560 inversion table

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• Size and Storage

You won’t be using the machine all the time, and that’s where size matters as you’ll need to store it. The good news about the teeter EP 560 is that it measures about 60 x 59 x 29 inches, which is relatively ideal to use in tight spaces. In fact, it comes with adjustable height settings, meaning you can easily adjust it to the manner that suits you.

Moreover, the equipment is foldable, making it very easy to get it down for storage after use. When you fold it, it will approximately be 18 inches, meaning you can even slip it easily under your bed, or even behind the door.

• Build Quality

If it could be renamed, then the most suitable name could have been “the rock” – solid. The teeter EP 560 is basically a lifetime investment that’s durable featuring firm welds. Therefore, it means that no risk of accidents whatsoever.

The model is of heat-treated carbon steel with auto-locking hinges as well as unique anti-squeak pivot bearings. You don’t have to worry about your weight as the machine is capable of handling all sorts of individuals. However, the teeter EP 560 has come with a weight limit of about 300lbs.

Therefore, with normal use and maintenance, the teeter EP 560 will last you long enough without having to worry about getting another soon.

• Traction Handles

teeter hang up ep 560 inversion table

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The unit features traction handles that will provide you with several options while using the equipment. Besides, you have the option to add various stretches as well as decompression techniques. Ideally, whatever you intend to perform, the handles are ideal if you’re looking to expand your exercises.

• Versatile

Teeter EP 560 features boots that are versatile enough that you can be able to exercise on various gym equipment types. Remember, with more exercise, you can easily lose weight and get into shape a lot faster. Therefore, if you’re looking to use a variety of equipment in your home gym, then the teeter EP 560 has to be your only alternative.

• Brand Image and Warranty

Teeter company has been in the inversion industry for a long time (over 30 years), meaning it has all the experience in producing what every customer desires. The teeter hangs up EP 560 is one of the many units that the company has produced of the highest quality.

Moreover, they’ve trusted the machine enough to the extent that they’ve placed a 5-year warranty on the equipment. Therefore, if the manufacturer trusts the product, it’s a no brainer that as the customer, you’ll as well have to trust the product.

teeter hang ups ep 560 ltd inversion table reviews

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• Comfort and Support

Nothing can beat the type of comfort levels that the teeter hangs up EP 560 provides. For instance, it features a head pillow that makes the experience comfortable. The padded ankles cups add extra comfort, but if you use them continuously for a long period, and depending on your weight, you might slightly experience discomfort at your ankles.

Furthermore, it features a comfort trak bed that boosts spinal comfort. The feature is flexible enough for complete support at every angle, especially when not inverting at full 90 degrees. Besides, the innovative bed design is capable of accommodating optional Acupressure nodes as well as lumbar bridge accessories.

The teeter EP 560 also uses the strap system that’s simple, simple, and very effective. And to make the stretching even easier and effective, the machine’s flexible plastic bed is capable of flexing with the movements with easy-to-reach inbuilt stretch grips.


• The unit comes with a complete set of the laminated manual as well as instructional DVD
• Very easy to clean
• The machine arrives almost 90% pre-assembled
• Very easy to set up, maintain as well as a fold for storage
• An industry-leading warranty at a full 5-years
• It supports the maximum weight of a user of up to 300 pounds
• The machine is fully tested against the stringent safety standards
• Sturdy and durable
• Comfortable
• Saves you storage space


• Not the lightest machine hence it can be bulky
• No extended reach ankle system, meaning there will be much bending to get to the ankles

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Teeter Hangs Up EP 560 Weight Limit

The machine is built in such a manner that it’s sturdy enough to accommodate individuals about 4 feet, inches and 6 foot, and a height of 6 inches.

Moreover, it features strong construction that can hold even the heaviest individual. However, the teeter hangs up EP 560 has a maximum weight for the user at about 300 pounds.

teeter 560 inversion table

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560 vs. EP 960

You really can’t go wrong with either. Besides, there are a plethora of inversion tables in the market that you can choose, but how do the two compare?

Perhaps, with either, you will surely be able to relieve your back pain, but how will you do it while you save some money?

Here’s how the two machine compare;

The Ankle Locking System

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between them is the ankle locking system. In a flash, one will make it easy for you to lock in, while the other may be a little difficult for individuals experiencing severe back pain.

The EP 960 comes up on top of this aspect thanks to the fact that it features a wide range of added accessories that increase your comfort.


For new users, it could make more sense if you considered the EP 960 as it’s a little bit easier to use than the EP 560. For instance, to get the right angle as well as getting into the right position could be challenging. However, given that the EP 960 features several accessories as well as markings to help you find the right position makes it a perfect alternative.

Also, if you experience severe back pain, the EP 960 beats its competitor as you won’t have to struggle to lock your ankles while inverting.


The EP 960 is made in such a manner that it’s the most preferred machine for most folks who don’t want to struggle to fix their ankles. It has a patented Flex technology with a smooth and low-friction surface to help you easily move as well as have an excellent range of motion.

Moreover, its design helps to relieve not only the back pain but also stress as well as improve the user’s posture.


Both the EP 560 and the EP 960 will get your back pain problem well sorted, but when you compare their prices, they’re not similar. In fact, the EP 960 is much expensive by almost $100. That, however, should not surprise you as the EP 960 seems to come with several accessories.

But the bottom line is the fact that irrespective of their price difference, they perform their functions well above expectations. For instance, they both are very safe to use as they’re certified, and they come with the Ergo-Embrace Ankle system that provides extreme comfort while inverted.

Which Is Better?

Teeter Hang Ups EP 560Teeter Hang Ups EP 960
teeter hang ups ep 560 inversion table manualteeter 960 inversion tables
Ankle locking systemEasy to lock inA bit difficult
Ease-of-useA bit challengingEasier to use
PriceAbove $400Under $400
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How Can the Teeter EP-560 Ltd Help You?

For most individuals, when it comes to inversion tables, all that comes into the mind is relieving the back pain. There’s no denying that if you invest in a teeter hangs up EP 560 inversion table, you’ll be dealing with your back pain problem, but there’s more than the machine can offer than just relieving the back pains.

For example:

• It helps to strengthen your back greatly
• Of course, it helps to relieve back pain
• The machine will come in handy to help increase your muscle strength as well as improve your posture
• Also, it will help to relieve your joints as well as the muscle stress
• By also helping in decompressing the spine, it helps blood circulation
• It helps you to reduce your general stress
• With several exercises, it will help you to stay in shape
• If you have problems with your sleep, it will help you to have some sound sleeping nights

Therefore, if you’re struggling with some medical conditions, especially with your back, then your answer is with the teeter EP 560 inversion table. Moreover, you’ll get more than just relieving your back.

Safety Tips In Use

One thing is for sure, it’s dangerous, or even deadly, for one to hang upside down far too long as blood may pool to your head. Most folks ask how long or how often they should hang on their Teeter, but the simple and easy answer is to always listen to your body, and then you can do whatever that makes you comfortable.

However, it’s advisable that you start moderate from about 30-1 minute per session, and then you can slowly increase to 2-3 minutes as you get used.


With the current fast-paced lifestyle, the best treat you can give your body is to stay in shape, and there’s no better way to achieve that than investing in the Teeter hangs up EP 560 inversion table. With the machine, you’ll as well get additional benefits other than relieving your back pain, thanks to its variety of features.