Best Angle Punching Bags for Heavy Punches & Body Shots in 2022

  • Practicing for the next boxing championship?
  • Trying to improve your boxing skills?

Usually, you will need a punching bag that allows you to try various styles without too much hassle. That is where an angle punching bag steps in, as it will enable you to do more than that. Whether you want to try uppercuts, jabs, or power punches, this is the real deal.

This article will go over the 4 best angle punching bags and some buyer’s guide.

Top 4 best angle punching bags

What is an angled punching bag?

Typically, an angled punching bag is a boxing bag that allows the user to work on various punches.

Usually, it comes with the shape of a reverse teardrop, allowing you to access a relatively large surface area when doing your uppercuts.

Whether you are looking forward to improving your angled shots, power punches, hooks, uppercuts, or jabs, this will be the ideal boxing bag for you.

This bag will be best for anyone seeking to enhance combinations, speed, or accuracy.

Why buy an angle punching bag?

Various benefits come with using this angled punching bag. Perhaps, a look at what it brings to the table will help ensure that you make logical decisions in the long run.

Here are some of the top merits of using an angled punching bag.

best angle punching bag reviews

– Improve your skills

Thanks to its design, enhancing your boxing skills will be much easier for you. Usually, the bag gets narrower towards the bottom. That means that you will find it effortless to boost your uppercut skills.

Throwing jabs and power punches will also be a walk in the park.

– It is handy in training kickboxing too

The design of this angle punching bag allows you to use knees and kicks whenever necessary.

The use of hooks and elbows will also be flawless, giving you the experience you need for kickboxing and MMA.

– Enhanced stability

From the premium materials to this punching bag’s impressive weight, stability will no longer be a mirage. The heavy material means that you will be sure of consistent momentum whenever you take any swing.

Further, this weight ensures that you can readily work out your entire body.

– Unrivaled recoil

What an experience it will be if your punching bag comes with unmatched recoil abilities! That is what you get from this angle punching bag.

As if that is not enough, this bag is portable and relatively more convenient for you.

Reviews of the 5 best angle heavy punching bags

There is no denying that choosing the right angle punching bag can be a daunting task.

This process involves observing various variables, which can be a headache. To make things easier for you, here are the best five angle punching bags for you to consider.

#1. Best unfilled – Fairtex 130 pounds angle heavy bag

fairtex angle heavy bag review


Brilliant Features:

  • Reliable weighting
  • Unmatched durability
  • Impressive design and robust construction

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If you are looking for the ultimate unfilled bag, this is the best choice for you. From its premium materials to how long-lasting it can be, you will hardly resist falling in love with this angle heavy bag.

This product is made from synthetic leather, which assures you of enhanced durability. It also comes with water-resistant nylon lining and nylon straps.

Undoubtedly, these materials guarantee you not only longevity and abuse resistance but also lesser susceptibility to wear and tear.

What is more, the construction is robust enough to assure you of enhanced stability.

This bag is relatively tall, assuring you of a significantly large surface area. This way, whether you are practicing kickboxing or MMA, you will be sure of the ultimate results.

While at it, this angle punching bag comes with the right weighting, ensuring that it does not swing every time you take a swing.

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#2. Best durable – Lonsdale PU leather angle heavy punch bag for boxing

lonsdale authentic angle bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Relatively affordable
  • Durable materials used
  • Impressive design for enhanced reliability
  • Even distribution of your kicks and punches

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There can never be a better option for you than the Lonsdale PU angle punch bag whenever you are looking for durability. Thanks to its robust construction and premium materials, longevity is inevitable.

This product prides itself on a leather outer layer, whose reliability is unmatched. This leather will comfortably withstand abuse and even wear and tear.

While at it, it comes with soft inner filling, assuring you of a relatively low impact on your hands and legs when training. For this reason, you will no longer need to worry about injuries.

You will readily fall in love with the design featured by this product. Its L-Core technology ensures that all your kicks and punches get distributed accordingly, too.

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#3. Best rated – Prolast 65 lb filled angle bag for muay thai and upper cut training

Prolast angle punch heavy bags


Brilliant Features:

  • The filling is topnotch
  • Assures you of enhanced durability
  • The design is ideal for multipurpose use

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This product is not only highly-rated but also relatively reliable. That you will find it irresistible is no news.

This product’s design makes it the best for uppercuts, as it tapers from 18 inches to 11 inches at the bottom. Ideally, it is a multipurpose design that will readily accommodate

You are confident of unparalleled longevity, thanks to the nylon lining and the nylon web straps on this angle punch bag.

These premium materials are not only heavy-duty and water-resistant but also less vulnerable to constant abuse. Its web straps make it easier for you to hang the bag wherever you feel comfortable.

The blend filling is one of the most remarkable ones you can get in the market. Usually, this filling tends to resist settling at the bottom, giving you a matchless experience.

You will also note that it will comfortably absorb your punches, cushioning you against injuries.

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#4. Best cheap – RDX angled heavy bag for MMA with polyethylene foam jacket

RDX unfilled angle punching bags kit with gloves


Brilliant Features:

  • Unrivaled longevity
  • Assures you of enhanced versatility
  • Relatively large surface area for your training
  • You will get free gloves alongside the punching bag

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From how affordable yet impressive this product tends to be, there is no denying that it is value for money.

Usually, RDX assures you fo a concave design at its bottom. This design allows you to not only take the best uppercut, jabs, and power punches but also worry less about hurting your hands.

Its spring weight support can only make things better, as this allows you to train effortlessly.

Usually, the shell comes with Maya hide leather, assuring you of unrivaled performance and longevity.

Simultaneously, its inner polyethylene foam jacket makes matters much easier for you, as its absorption is far more reliable. With this, there is no reason to worry about hurting knuckles.

Swing reduction is not a thing to worry you, as this bag comes with a tethered loop facility at its bottom. As if that is not enough, you will be gladdened by the maximum fill potential it features.

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#5. Best heavy duty – Ring to Cage angle punching bag for body shots

Ring to Cage unfilled angle punch bag for boxing


Brilliant Features:

  • Reinforced lining for enhanced durability
  • Incredible design and robust construction
  • Assures you of fewer injuries in the long run

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Thanks to its heavy-duty nature, Ring to Cage Angle Punch Bag is one of the most popular options you have in the market.

Typically, it comes with heavy-duty polyester coated vinyl material, which assures you of incredible performance and abuse resistance. What is more, the triple stitching is what makes its construction robust.

The D-Rings on this heavy bag is worth lauding, as they ensure you get the ultimate swivel at all times.

Its large surface area assures you of enough spots to consider your uppercuts. Each D-Ring gets leather reinforcement, making sure that you have a seamless experience.

You will also fall in love with its lace-up closing system at its top. That means that you will no longer have to worry about your heavy bag popping out when training.

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Who makes the best angle punching bag?

There is no denying that brands will often influence the decision you make in the long run. Also, these brands assure you of distinct quality levels and performance capabilities.

Unless you understand what each brand brings on the table, you could end up making the wrong decision.

Here are the three brands you can barely ignore when selecting your angle punching bags.

1. Lonsdale

Whether you are a beginner or a professional, Lonsdale punching bags will be the right choice for you. From the vast selection to the myriad of styles, you will readily get something that suits your needs.

In most cases, this brand’s punching bags assure you of incredible longevity, thanks to the robust construction and leather material.

You will appreciate the L-Core technology they use in making their bags. This technology comes in handy in distributing your kicks evenly and without exposing you to injuries.

Further, the brand assures you of affordability. Most of their heavy bags will cost you barely $100, which is much lower than its rivals except RDX.

Lonsdale 60 lbs PU angle punching bag 

lonsdale authentic angle bag

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2. Everlast

You can barely overlook how long Everlast has been in the market, as it is as old as over 100 years. That it makes topnotch boxing gloves and punching bags is no secret.

Its angle punch bags remain to be some of the most unrivaled options you have in the market. This company targets people with moderate or midlevel budgets, as their products go for between $100 and $200.

Mostly, this brand will assure you of punching bags made from synthetic leather or durable vinyl. The construction is so robust that you will be confident of enhanced durability at the end of the day.

The double-stitching of their products tends to make things much better, as you will be sure of improved safety levels.

While the materials used by this brand are resilient and long-lasting, they tend to be much friendlier to the hands and legs. Their absorbency ability remains unmatched.

3. Fairtex

You can barely overlook Fairtex’s significance, as it is a brand whose reputation is more than appealing. Its products have remained popular for Muay Thai, thanks to their streamlined design.

With this compact design, enhanced portability will be the order of the day. Further, it will come in handy for smaller boxers too.

This brand assures you of value for money. That is despite the fact that this brand is high-end, and most of its products will cost you over $200.

Usually, this brand boasts of punching bags made from genuine leather. For this reason, there will hardly be a doubt about their longevity and the ability to withstand abuse.

You will also be sure of incredible stitching, which assures you of unparalleled safety at all times.

You will also be confident of getting a wide variety from which to choose. Regardless of the color or the style you want, you will hardly fail to get a suitable option for yourself.

Best with leather – Fairtex tall angle bag for heavy punches

fairtex angle heavy bag review

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How to choose the right angle punching bag?

One of the surest ways for you to get better returns on investment is selecting the best option right from the beginning. Indeed, this process could be relatively challenging for some people.

However, that should not mean that it is an impossible task. By focusing on the following elements, you will have no reason to worry.

1. Check the capacity

This step will often focus on the weight of the product. A higher capacity means that your punching bag will weigh more.

For that reason, it would be best to choose something that is not too heavy for your wall, as this will ensure you have a much easier time installing it.

At the same time, you must be sure of the recoil provided by the punching bag. Remember, some recoils from specific heavy bags could readily throw you off-balance. Such will be the time to choose a punching bag based on your height.

  • Most often, shorter people will be much safer when they go for lighter and much smaller punch bags.
  • On the other hand, tall people will need bigger punching bags to cope with their extra weight and strength.

Best for shorter people – Prolast 36″ angled bag for heavy punches

Prolast angle punch heavy bags

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2. Durability

There is no denying that you will always prioritize products that last much longer.

That is because longevity allows you to maximize value for money. Take the time to understand which materials were used on the chosen angle punching bag.

More robust materials tend to guarantee you of unrivaled longevity. From synthetic leather, canvas, and vinyl to genuine leather, you will be sure of longevity.

While at it, pay attention to the stitching done on the punching bag. Double and triple stitching assures you of enhanced performance. With incredible stitching comes better performance and resistance to tearing.

3. Where shall you put it?

Indeed, not all angle punching bags are hung on the ceilings. And if you are hanging it on the roof, will it be strong enough to accommodate it?

Also, you might want to consider a product that will comfortably be used outdoors and indoors. Such versatility will ensure that you have a much easier time in the long run.

It would be best for you to focus on something that is not too big for your space.

4. Decide between filled and unfilled bags

The choice between these two options will often be dependent on how easy you want things to be for you.

There is no denying that filled punching bags tend to be much easier for most people. That is because it allows you to start practicing right away.

Ideally, pre-filled bags eliminate the need for guesswork. Well, unfilled bags could expose you to frustrations, but you might appreciate how light they are.

Best for flexibility – Ring to Cage unfilled angle boxing bags

Ring to Cage unfilled angle punch bag for boxing

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5. Cost

Take the time to determine how much you will pay for your angle bag. In most cases, the prices will differ with the brands and the quality of the product you are getting.

In this light, you need to focus on something that will assure you of value for money, yet it should not expose you to financial constraints.

6. Effectiveness and compatibility

Usually, effectiveness is about how long and regularly this punching bag can be used.

An angle punching bag that you will readily use for a long time and regularly will be the best option for you. In brief, you should not have doubts about how reliable it is.

Further, ensure that you choose a punching bag that is compatible with the boxing accessories you have. For instance, if you are a fan of Everlast gloves, it would be best to aim at angle punching bags from Everlast.

Angle bag vs banana bag vs hanging heavy bag

What distinguishes these three punching bags? While they are all punching bags, there is no denying that they offer different services. Here are a few insights into each option.

#1. Angle bags

Angle punching bags are suited for developing or improving various skills, including uppercut, jabs, and power punches.

These bags come in the shape of an inverse tear, which means that they reduce in diameter from the top downwards.

You could also rely on them for MMA and kickboxing. It is the best option for anyone looking forward to improving combination skills.

Best sale – Fairtex angle heavy bag for the uppercut

fairtex angle heavy bag review

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#2. Banana Bags

Banana punching bags feature the shape of a banana. In most cases, they will be around 6 feet tall.

Usually, you will find them suitable for developing low kicks, thanks to how low to the ground they tend to be. That they will strengthen your shins during training is no secret.

However, it does not provide you with the swing you might be envisioning.

#3. Hanging heavy bags

Typically, hanging bags are punching bags that you can suspend from the ceiling or walls. They could be any type, and they tend to be multipurpose.

They come filled with dense material, and they come in handy in toughening hands and limbs.

Whether you want to learn kickboxing, MMA, or uppercuts, this option will suit you. These bags are typical in residential spaces, as they are cheap.

Final Words

In conclusion, there can never be a better time for you to get yourself best angle punching bags than now.

These bags will be the ultimate choice for both beginners and professionals, thanks to their user-friendliness and versatility.

Whether you want to improve your kickboxing or combination skills, this bag provides you with a solution. Get yourself one today!