Best Banana Punching Bags for Kicks & Combination Punches

Banana punching bags are the ideal fitness and training equipment. These have sturdy construction to take any beating!

They are well suited for a wide range of sports such as MMA, kickboxing, martial arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, boxing, and so on.

They can be installed at home so that you can practice at the comfort of your own home.

Banana punching bags help in the muscle building as they offer an intense aerobic workout. They come in different designs with different weight and height specifications.

You can find one that meets all your needs. Now let’s get down to the best banana punching bags that are available in the market today.

Top 5 best banana punching bags list

What is a banana bag?

One of the most common punching bags you will find in those professional martial arts gyms is a long cylindrical heavy bag. The bag is known as a heavy banana bag. It’s a perfect bag for combining punches and low kicks.

Typically, these punching bags are around 6-feet long and held the width of a standard heavy punch bag.

They come stuffed with a harder material that helps in conditioning the chins. Most of the time, the long length of a banana bag allows you to train on all the Muay Thai Weapons, including the low kicks.

Benefits of using a banana punching bag

Banana punching bags are designed to serve a specific purpose in overall martial art training. With their long and slim design, they offer various benefits enjoyed by an amateur and a professional martial artist.

the best banana punching bag reviews

They are perfect if you’re training for kicks consisting of low, middle, and high kicking strikes. You can also benefit from a banana punching bag if you wish to improve your striking accuracy.

That’s why these punching bags are excellent for the MMA and Muay Thai training.

Suppose you want to improve the strength of your shins and knuckles, this is the punching bag that you should use. It has the right size for a combination of training, and its heaviness makes it a perfect bag for kicks.

If you’ve never noticed, high-end banana punching bags come with a triple-layered skin cover for durability and toughness.

The round design is smoothened to give you a seamless kicking practice. With a center-aligned weight, these punching bags come precision-placed to provide you with maximum force dispersion and balance.

Unlike heavy bags, banana punching bags have thicker material that allows them to withstand the force of the powerful kick.

The filling is also heavy-duty to prevent compression. So, in general, these are perfect martial art equipment built purposely for kicks.

Another thing, the resistance created by their near-ground hanging, creates a better way to strengthen your shins and better your accuracy.

Reviews of the 7 best banana bags for kicking and boxing

#1. Best overall – Outslayer 6 ft and 130 pounds filled with Muay Thai banana bag

Outslayer muay thai banana bag review


Brilliant Features:

  • 6 ft tall
  • 300lbs material capacity
  • Heavy-duty vinyl construction
  • Filled only with compressed fiber

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The Outslayer Muay Thai heavy bag will exceed your expectations. Another thing, this punching bag is 6 feet tall and weighs approximately 150 lbs.

  • Heavy-duty construction

The material used in its construction is heavy-duty vinyl which is of high quality to ensure that the bag will withstand long hard use. It is also widely used for the custom 300 lbs bags.

This punching bag comes filled with compressed fabric. No sand is used for filling. What’s more, this punching bag is shipped in a heavy bag cover that is of heavy-duty vinyl and reusable.

  • Sturdily stitched

It has a 300 lbs material capacity- which means that you can add more weight to the bag, up to 300 lbs. This punching bag does not require any chains. The hanging straps are sturdily stitched onto the bag.

Besides Muay Thai, this banana bag is ideal for a wide variety of sports such as MMA, kickboxing, martial arts, Karate, Tae Kwon Do, and so on.

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#2. Best unfilled – Fairtex banana heavy bag for MMA and Muay Thai

Fairetex unfilled 95 pounds banana muay thai bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Reinforced stitching on straps
  • Industrial strength web straps
  • Durable synthetic leather construction

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You can never go wrong with the Fairtex banana heavy bag. This bag comes unfilled. It is specially designed for Muay Thai clinching, stand-up, kicking drills, punching, kneeing.

  • Excellent craftsmanship

It has a unique teardrop shape that simulates an opponent. This punching bag is made of synthetic leather that is of high quality and thus durable. Also, the nylon web straps are of industrial strength for reinforcement.

  • Reinforced stitching

The straps have rivets at every contact point and reinforced stitching. This punching bag can, therefore, endure long, punishing use. You can fill it up and attach this bag to your ceiling and use it for MMA, kickboxing, and boxing.

  • Sturdy quality

Research on the ideal filling materials and you are good to go. Once filled, it weighs about 120 lbs. That is a sturdy quality bag, hand-made with excellent craftsmanship. It has a perfect design ideal for full contact fight training.

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#3. Best with long full length – Ringside 100 pound banana bag made of resilient power hide

Ringside 100 pounds banana bags for sale


Brilliant Features:

  • Weighs 100 lbs
  • Solid and sturdy
  • Long, full-length bag
  • Attractive, well-shaped bag
  • Robust, resilient power hide construction

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The Ringside punching bag will meet all your punching bag needs. It is ideal for beginners and professional users. This bag is made of resilient power hide that is suitable to withstand long, punishing use. It is well-shaped with an attractive covering. It comes pre-filled and weighs 100 lbs.

  • Long-lasting construction

This substantial bag has a durable construction to ensure it lasts long. This heavy bag is long and full length with assured top quality.

  • Broad Versatility

What’s more, this heavy bag is ideal for MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, and contact sports athletes for practicing punches, footwork, and kicks. It is fitted with heavy-duty chains as well.

Build tone, strength while conditioning your body in an aerobic workout for muscle building. That is the right training and fitness equipment, given its top quality and high rating.

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#4. Best for aerobic workout – Combat Sports 100 pounds banana punching bag

Combat Sports hanging banana punching bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Easy to clean
  • Solid filled bag
  • Heavy-duty chain
  • Weighs 100 pounds
  • Durable leather construction

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Are you looking for the ideal aerobic workout companion? Search no further thanks to the Combat Sports punching bag. Build tone, strength while conditioning your body in an aerobic workout for muscle building.

That is the right training and fitness equipment given its top quality. It has a long and full length and weighs approximately 100 pounds.

  • Sturdy construction

And you know what? This substantial bag has a sturdy construction of synthetic leather material. It comes with a heavy-duty chain for secure attachment to a ceiling hook.

Besides that, the Combat sports punching bag can hold up all the powerful assault in the commercial gym or your home.

  • Durability

This material is well selected for its durability and easy to clean. This product comes pre-filled. It is ideal for MMA, boxing, Muay Thai, and contact sports athletes to practice their footwork, kicks, punches, etc.

This banana punching bag is perfect for amateurs and professional boxers alike.

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#5. Best with premium synthetic leather – Everlast 100 lb banana Muay Thai bag for kicks and punches

Everlast banana punching bag review


Brilliant Features:

  • Weighs 100 pounds
  • Larger striking area
  • Includes chain assembly
  • Premium synthetic leather
  • Comes with a chain and D-ring

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The Everlast Muay Thai bag is top quality and highly rated punching bag. It weighs 100 lbs. This piece of equipment is ideal for knees, punches, elbows practices, and all types of striking.

  • Sturdy construction

It is made of premium synthetic leather to ensure it will offer extended service use. It also has reinforced webbing for added strength. This punching bag has a larger striking area to accommodate not only punches but also knees and kicks. Another thing is, this punching bag comes with heavy-duty chains for attachment.

  • Convenience

It is versatile in its functions so that it facilitates all fight sports disciplines be it MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, and so on.

It has a fantastic quality, and its robust construction takes a beating. It also has a D-ring at the bottom for more versatility.

You are assured of excellent artistry and no defects in materials.

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#6. Best for footwork – Contender Fight Sports 72 inch 100 lbs bag for home

Contendor Fight Sports banaba heavy punching bag for mma


Brilliant Features:

  • Filled to 100 pounds
  • Reinforced Nylon webbing
  • Long, full-length heavy bag
  • Durable military grade vinyl construction

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Contender Fight Sports punching bag is a great heavy bag for the price and is of excellent quality. It has a military-grade nylon reinforced vinyl construction that makes it sturdy enough to withstand long hard use.

  • Reinforced construction

This punching bag is long full-length and is ideal for amateurs and professional boxers alike. It comes pre-filled and weighs 100 pounds. Also, it is fitted with nylon webbing for reinforced strength. These are quiet, unlike the chains.

  • Versatility

This punching bag is ideal for a wide range of sports such as MMA, Muay Thai, boxing, and contact sports athletes to practice their punches, footwork, kicks, and many more.

With the Contender Fight Sports heavy bag, you can build tone and strength while conditioning your body in an intense aerobic workout. Also, this is the right fitness and training equipment for muscle building.

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#7. Best for safety – Title Boxing 130 lbs banana bag for home and gym

Title Boxing 130 pounds banana heavy bag


Brilliant Features:

  • Bottom tie-down D-ring
  • Classic full-length heavy bag
  • Touch and durable triple-ply synthetic leather cover
  • Revolutionary blended and shredded poly micro-fiber filling
  • Full wraparound seat-belt nylon 360-degree reinforced top hanging system

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The Title Boxing Titanic Flex-Strike heavy bag is unbeatable in both quality and price. It comes pre-filled and weighs 130 pounds, well suited for every strike, punch, knee, and kick.

  • Excellent resistance

It has excellent resistance as well and has minimal movement and swinging.

Its filling is blended and shredded poly micro-fiber. This material is comfortable on the knuckles and keeps it straight and cylindrical.

Also, it provides the perfect impact, and a life-like striking surface feels.

  • Premium quality

It is designed with a center-aligned weight that is precision-placed to ensure maximum force balance and dispersion. The cover is made of robust and resilient tri-ply synthetic leather for extended durability.

  • Wraparound seat-belt

It also features a full wraparound seat-belt 360-degree top hanging system made of nylon for reinforcement. That, together with the four nylon straps, provide the ultimate security as well as longevity.

This punching bag comes equipped with a tie-down D-ring at the bottom for securing it to the floor. It is ideal for both home and gym use.

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What to look for when buying the right banana punching bag?

Banana punching bags come in a wide range of designs and specifications. It may be a hard task trying to find the ideal one for your needs. And that is why we are here.

Below is a list of factors that you may need to consider before making a purchase. We believe they will be of help when you make a decision.

#1. Construction

Given the purpose of the punching bags, you will need one that can withstand long, punishing use. That is determined mainly by the type of material for the cover as well as filling. They need to be of high quality and heavy-duty.

Some are of synthetic leather construction, while others have a resilient power hide construction. So before buying one, be keen on the materials used.

For those that come unfilled, you need to research the best filling material you can use. A sturdy construction translates to longer-lasting use.

Buy Outslayer 130 pounds banana bag with vinyl cover and high shock-absorb rate filler

Outslayer muay thai banana bag review

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#2. Filling

Firstly, some of the punching bags come pre-filled, while others are unfilled, so you have to look for the ideal materials to fill it. The material used for filling is crucial for optimal performance.

Some use poly micro-fiber filling, or fabric, among many other materials.

If you desire the ideal impact and life-like striking surface feel, there is a material for that. For more heavy-duty footwork and punches, you can check for the suitable filling material.

#3. Specific User Needs

Banana punching bags are differently designed to perform different functions. For instance, some are well suited for an aerobic workout, others for footwork, other for punches, and so on.

Others are versatile for a wide range of sports and can be used in a commercial gym. Depending on your needs, make the right selection.

#4. Specifications

Banana punching bags have different specifications when it comes to weight and height. Depending on your needs, be it footwork or punching, you can find the ideal height.

The weight varies in a broad spectrum; you can be sure to find the ideal one.

Generally, 6 ft and 100 pounds are the common preference.

Buy Ringside 100 pounds 72 inch banana muay thai bag

Ringside 100 pounds banana bags for sale

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#4. Added features

Some of these banana punching bags come with additional features to enhance functionality.

For instance, a D-ring that facilitates attachment to a floor anchor.

Some have heavy-duty chains or straps for firm attachment on the ceiling. Others may also feature a full wraparound seat-belt nylon 360-degree reinforced top hanging system, reinforced webbing, etc.

Choose one with all the features that meet your needs.

Banana bag vs. Heavy bag

In general, the most common types of heavy punching bags inside the Muay Thai Gyms are a standard heavy bag and a banana bag. These two types are quite similar. What might be the difference?


Before we get to the differences, let’s check out their similarities.

Both bags are large, punching bags designed for improving strength and accuracy.

Another similarity is, both bags use fillings, mostly fabric, and harden over time.

You also get to hang it from the ceiling hanging down for better punching.


But since you’re here to know the differences and understand what’s the best, let’s get to it.

If you step into most Muay Thai Gyms, the most available punching bags are the heavy bags. The standard heavy bags, which are about 4-feet long, are most commonly used in the Muay Thai sport.

That’s why most of these gyms in Thailand use it most, unlike the banana punching bags.

Banana bags are mostly used in American fight gyms and MMA gyms. They are also perfect for personal home gym setup, depending on your training goals and preferences.

What’s more, you can also use a standard heavy bag if you need upright training.

#1. Standard heavy punching bag

With heavy bags weighing around 100 pounds when filled and around 4-feet in height, they work perfectly for stand-up combat training.

Most of the bag-work, about 70-80%, revolves around this type of punching bag.

Apart from the standard Muay Thai repertoire, expect the low kicks, you can handle the bag to mimic clinch and knee.

What’s more, you can even push the heavy bag for core training. You can also swing the punch bag to train on your footwork and better your movement. It’s much you can do with it.

For the low kicks, you’ll have to lower the bag. If you’re low on budget and you can afford only one bag, then you have to buy a standard heavy bag.

#2. Banana punching bag

A banana bag, on the other hand, weighs around 120-130 pounds when filled. It measures around 5-6 feet in height. Its more extended design provides a better way to train for low kicks.

It makes a perfect punching bag for working on combination incorporating low kicks.

With time, these punching bags get quite hard towards the bottom due to all the kicking. They get quite hard; you feel like you’re hitting a lamp post.

That can be a good thing for conditioning and strengthening your shins, but if you know what you’re doing.

Banana bags have a heavier design compared to standard heavy bags. They don’t swing much and create a dash of realism in training as you feel like you’re fighting a static opponent.


If you need an all-round except low kick training, the best punching bag is a standard heavy bag.

For those training to be best at low kicks and train combinations that involve low kicks, the tall banana bags are the most ideal.

Buy best sale Outslayer 130 pounds banana thai bag for low-kicking training

Outslayer muay thai banana bag review

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Banana punching bags are ideal fitness and training equipment. They help tone your muscles and ultimately achieve your fitness goals. You can use this at the gym or in the comfort of your home.

They are handy for a wide range of sports, so if you are a Karate student, or Muay Thai, MMA, and others, they are a worthy investment.