Title Boxing Jumbo Ball Double End Bag – Full Reviews

The Title Boxing jumbo ball double end bag isn’t your standard punching bag. It’s a model designed to take your punching skills to another level.

With this punching bag in your gym, you have a better chance of developing, improving and mastering your techniques and skills with one piece of training.

Boxing with this punching bag would improve your speed, accuracy and positioning. It’s ideal for daily workout regimes; coaches and trainers can also use it.

Here is what you need to know about Tilte Jumbo Ball double end bag.

Specifications of Title Boxing Jumbo Ball Double End Bag

Title Boxing jumbo ball double end bag reviews


Diameter: 28″

Material: Leather

Filling Material: Air

Weight: 2.88 pounds

Application: Shots, Hooks, Uppercuts and angled transmissions.

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General Reviews of Title Jumbo Double End Bag

The boxing jumbo ball is an excellent innovation for boxers; it is a large ball filled with air.

This ball is built of leather, which is a high-quality material that gives it durability and strength. The high-grade material used to make the ball helps it avoid tear and wear from constant usage and training.

Filled with air, this double end bag, thus is very light and portable, meaning that you can take it anywhere.

Title Boxing jumbo ball double end bag reviews



  • Light and portable
  • Takes up little space
  • Inflates and deflates easily
  • Alternative to the heavy bag


  • You need to inflate the ball bag before the purchase

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Another thing, this boxing jumbo ball double end bag can be used in the gym or set at home, and you are good to go. Ensure that the bag you buy comes with a cable that is used to hang it.

It’s an excellent alternative for the heavy bags. It is designed to be as challenging as a workout bag and has a double end bag’s efficiency.

This end bag has all the essential features of a heavy bag’s resistance, which means it is better. You can use it to practice your blows and punches to improve on your techniques and have better skills.

What’s better, it can be hanged up anywhere and in any room because it does not take up any space. What’s more, you can use even in those tight rooms, making them convenient and efficient.

Its ability to be deflated and inflated easily makes it light enough to carry it with you to training and any other place. The bag is also very pocket friendly and can fit in your budget; ensure that they come with rubber cables to act as suspenders; they are vital.

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Key Features

#1. Leather Construction

Everyone knows that leather is among the best when used in manufacturing a double end bag. This model is made with leather, and that ensures it lasts long and is less likely to fray during those intense workouts.

As the case with other boxing stuff made with leather, ensure that you wear leather gloves to protect you while you punch.

This material is also great because it won’t stain, making it very easy to clean than other materials.

You should ensure that the end bag has quality stitches to match the material because, without them, the bag may rip due to force.

#2. Ideal for All Skill Levels

When purchasing a double-end bag, you should keep in mind the result you expect. If you need a boxing double end bag ideal for all skill levels, you’re in luck.

If you’re a beginner, you can start your training with this double end bag. The maker ensures the boxing jumbo bag remains light so that you can perform all tasks without any difficulty.

If your focus is speed and punches accuracy, this bag is here to train you fast and accurate punching. To improve movement and footwork, you should be able to dodge and counter the moving boxing jumbo bag.

What’s more, the bag will ensure that you get an effective workout as long as you do it routinely.

With a repeated and swift movement, it won’t matter what level you are in; you are sure to have muscle memory.

#3. Inflatable

Title Boxing Jumbo ball double end punching bag attachment

Almost all high-end types of punching bags have a latex bladder inside of them inflated for use. That’s the same case with this boxing jumbo ball double end bag.

The inflation point is at a great location and not on the hit area to make sure it does not deflate while you are using it.

When setting it up, ensure it is perpendicular, and when you inflate it, don’t use a compressor or an airline.

If you do, the bladder may end up splitting; use a hand pump or purchase a pump that is meant for meant to inflate sporting equipment.

After inflation, hang the bag where there is enough overhead support. It will ensure space for the forces generated while striking it. With this inflatable double end bag, you can’t go wrong.

#4. Wide Application

One thing about this boxing jumbo ball double end bag is, it is considered more of a speed bag than a heavy punching bag. That means your focus will be more on precision rather than power.

You can start your exercises by doing basic punching combos, throw them as a part of various combinations. Ensure that your crosses are not more than 3 seconds apart.

Some of the combinations of this boxing jumbo ball double end bag may allow includes the jab-jab-uppercut, jab-jab-jab, and jab-cross-jab. You are also free to have body shots to your blends.

Defensive movements are also a great addition when you’re performing your combinations, make the third one more robust and more rigid.

There are also various workouts you can do with the double-end punchbag; you are free to try out new ways by experimenting to improve your skill.

#5. Tight Cord Type

Whether loose or tight, the type of cord is in charge of much intensity the ball’s movement will have. It is the same reason why two double-end bags, a gym with different cord types, are extra in their performance.

A loose cord to move slower compared to a bag with a tight rope. It is effortless to notice the difference between the two swings.

That is why this double end bag is fitted with a tight rope so that you can throw it in all directions without any difficulty.

A tight cord will aid in exercising your guard and also your reflexes. It also enables the double end bag to wiggle a lot making you Fast and very precise. You might want to consider this model if you are interested in all the above benefits.

Who Is It for?

double end punching bag from title boxing

Boxers who want to exercise you punching speed and improve on their time mainly use a boxing jumbo ball double end bag.

It will work on your accuracy and increase your power. In the ring, power is essential because it makes you accurate and fast; it ensures your hits are well directed to the target.

Another thing, the boxing jumbo ball double end bag is for those who want to level up their punching skills by developing accuracy and speed. The punching bag will not only improve on your movement but also work on your footwork.

What’s more, this boxing jumbo ball double end bag is also for those boxers and athletes who want an effective workout routine. It does not just give you a perfect workout routine, but as you use it regularly, you will achieve that.

Besides that, you will also get muscle memory from the swift, repeated movements.

In conclusion, a boxing jumbo ball double end bag is for you if you want to achieve accuracy, speed, precision, timing, and rhythm.

It will help you find a good range so that you can figure out how close you should be to your opponent to achieve an excellent punch power.

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How to Install It?

Installing a Title Boxing jumbo ball double end bag is a bit different than other types of equipment used for training.

That is because it has anchor points that suspend it to the ceiling and the floor. They come with bungee cords and hooks that are adjustable to your requirements.

– First, decide on the location to install the bag; if you already have a speed or punching bag set up, then you can set it next to them.

If you have no wall mount, then find a spot on the ceiling and place a hook and mark the place. Ensure that the exact area you choose can take up all the weight and movement when you use it.

– Drill holes on the spots you marked on the floor and ceiling, attach the first bungee to the hook on the ceiling of the room and ensure it is well connected to the bag. Your bag should now be suspended in midair.

The bungee cords are flexible so that you can adjust it to your preferred height. Attach the second bungee to the floor and connect to the bag; you can now change it to your preference.

– According to professionals, the ideal height should locate the bag near your chin. Ensure it is not loose as it will swing too far when you punch it.


If you are a boxer, then Title Boxing jumbo ball double end bag is the right choice for you. It comes as a durable, well-designed bag will help you achieve all your goals.

People who have bought this double end bag, especially the professional athletes, have reviewed it as a great addition to their workouts. Purchasing this bag is a definite worthwhile investment.

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