Ringside FHB3 Freestanding Boxing Punching Heavy Bag – Full Reviews

Are you a boxer, a karate artist, or any other enthusiast of martial arts? You have to acquire and incorporate a punching bag in your practicing and other relevant undertakings. These are special bags that are designed to inculcate fitness and strengthen the muscles of the users altogether.

We are glad to introduce and explain to you one such. This is the Ringside FHB3 Standing Punching Bag.

Of all the punching bags we have around, it is this that stands out insofar as the elevation of the necessary experience and performances is concerned.

Take the time to know more about it here…

Specifications of Ringside FHB3

ringside fhb3 reviews


Type: Freestanding

Height: 5’7”

Weight: 140 pounds

Cover Material: Vinyl

Striking Surface: 15” x 5’6”

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General Review of Ringside FHB3 Standing Punching Bag

We start out with the general reviews of the Ringside FHB3 Standing Punching Bag:

In all, this punching bag is freestanding in the sense that it does not require any external support to be able to mount and provide the benefits that come by.

On account of this, it also gives you the leeway to mount it in just about anywhere you might want to.

ringside FHB3 freestanding boxing heavy bag



  • Always ready for all aerobics workouts
  • Great for the home gyms and indoor applications
  • Gives you the leeway to exercise anywhere you deem fit


  • It is not really suitable for small apartment

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  • Free-Standing Fitness

As stated above, this bag is free-standing in the sense that it does not require external assistance to operationalize. Instead, it is normally ready to deploy at whichever time of the day or place you might need it.

Regardless of the occasion you choose, this bag is normally prepped for solid-strength building aerobic fitness workouts.

  • Non-hanging Heavy Bag Design

Its design comes about in the non-hanging heavy bag. Thanks to this elegant design, you are free to exercise wherever you might want to.

Thus, you get to enjoy a fairer degree of convenience that can only dream of. This is not to mention its suitability for commercial gyms as well.

  • Shock-absorbing Foam

A shock-absorbing foam also exists as a vital part and aspect of the punching bag. As you may have already guessed, its role is mainly to absorb the shocks and the impacts.

The foam is complemented with the durable vinyl shell for precise kicking. Being durable, it hardly loses its vitality as others of its kind do.

  • Plastic Base Tank

At its base is a plastic tank that lets you fill it with water. When filled to the brim, the tank is able to weigh a whopping 140 pounds.

That gives it the strength to stand against the strongest impacts that come about with the kicks, knees, and the MMA strikes.

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Key Features of Ringside FHB3 Freestanding Bag

Having reviewed the item in a nutshell, we now go ahead to examine the key features of the Ringside FHB3 Standing Punching Bag in finer details:

#1. Material

Only strong and durable materials have been used to make the punching bag up. The material concerned is the durable vinyl shell.

Thanks to this durability, the item is able to stand taller to the harsh impacts and the risks of premature deterioration that ordinarily come by.

#2. 140 Pounds Base

Its base weighs a whopping 140 pounds. Due to this heavyweight, you are sure to enjoy the stability and support you need to be able to work well.

That is because it plays a great role in stabilizing the entire system in such a way as to minimize fidgeting and the possibilities of fall-offs.

#3. Dimensions

ringside fhb3 free standing bag review

In totality, the bag provides a spacious striking surface. This comes to about 15 inches long by 56 inches wide.

Due to the sheer large size, the bag is well able to acquaint you with the basics of punching and other allied sporting activities. Its large size also sees to it that you miss no shots.

#4. Application

Due to the stable and reliable nature of this bag, it is on the whole great for those who have already mastered the basics of the Martial arts.

Instead, they just want to elevate your skill, expertise, and overall experiences a notch higher. Its durable nature also suits it for long-term use.

#5. Portability

Overall, the bag measures 58 inches long by 15 inches wide by 24 inches deep and weighs a paltry 39 pounds.

These excellent dimensions enable you to carry it around conveniently with the least degree of hassles. Particularly, they enable you to enjoy the benefits that come along smoothly.

#6. Shock-absorbing Foam

A shock-absorbing foam adorns its fabric makeup. This one plays the role of absorbing the punches and the impacts that emanate from the same.

Thanks to the soft and comfortable nature of the foam, it is unlikely to impose any harms on your hands even when you have to practice for too long.

#7. Durable Enclosure

Its exterior is entirely encased in a durable enclosure. The material in question is the vinyl shell that is strong and highly resilient to the common spates of damages that come by generally.

Further to that, the durable nature also negates the need for constant repairs and maintenance all the while.

#8. Free-standing Design

The item stands apart from the others in the sense that it is free-standing. As such, it does not require that you clutter your workspace with too many items as the normal fitness machines generally demand.

Thus, it not only saves greatly on space but also allows for convenient workouts.

#9. Exceptional Stability

ringside freestanding punching bag fhb3

Yet again when compared to the ordinary fitness items, this bag delivers and provides exceptional stability for you. The base is not only wide but also quite weighty.

To add to that, the bag itself is well able to take hits without necessarily tipping over as is the case with other like-minded gadgets.

#10. Maximum Versatility

Using this bag, it is possible for you to tackle and enjoy many attendant benefits. These include but are not limited to home, commercial, personal, and institutional fitness sessions, and settings.

Put differently: the bag allows you to exercise whenever and wherever it is most convenient for you.

Who Is It for?

ringside freestanding fitness punching bag

Even though just about anybody may utilize the Ringside FHB3 Standing Punching Bag, the following cadres of persons will find it pretty handy for their use:

– Starters

If you are barely getting started in the matters of fitness and boxing, this punching bag will prove quite handy and relevant to your needs.

It is indeed basic and well able to be understood by just about any other person who would wish to enjoy the benefits that come along.

– Trainers

Do you train or intend to train a multitude of people with matters of fitness? Yet again, this punching is here for your consideration.

It is also tougher and well able to facilitate such kinds of activities and the levels of expertise that are necessary at such times.

– Intermediates

Have you already mastered the basics of the martial arts and would just want to up your skills considerably? You want to make use of this punching bag also.

It is also great for the intermediates by virtue of incorporating those parts and components that such a person might need.

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Ringside FHB3 vs Ringside Elite Freestanding Heavy Bag

Needless to say, the Ringside FHB3 is not the only punching bag we have around. It has a close companion in the form of the Ringside Elite.

We now care to examine the key differences between the two of them here below:

#1. Material Makeup

The materials that make these bags differ significantly from one another. As for the Ringside FHB3, it comprises the durable vinyl shell as the main material makeup.

Its Ringside Elite counterpart on the other hand features the durable synthetic leather shell extensively. The former hence outdo the latter here.

#2. Base

Their bases are both stable and better placed to confer the stability you need to be able to hit the bags just fine. Nonetheless, they differ in structure and overall weight-bearing capacities.

That of the Ringside FHB3 weighs 140 pounds and is made of plastic while that of the Ringside Elite weighs 270 pounds.

#3. Dimensions and Weight

When all factors are put into consideration, the Ringside FHB3 is smaller, more compact, and lighter than the Ringside Elite.

As such, it is capable of fitting the cramped up spaces with absolute confidence and utmost peace of mind.

You will find it a lot easier hence to carry around with ease.

#4. Applicability

On the whole, the Ringside FHB3 is mainly useful for the starters and those who are yet to master the basics of boxing and other punching sporting activities. That is for the sheer reason of being smaller and lighter.

The Ringside Elite is however larger and stronger enough to accommodate professional applications.

#5. Design

By ‘design,’ we mean just how the structure of the item appears or comes about. For all practical purposes, both the Ringside FHB3 and the Ringside Elite bear the same structures.

This comes in a non-hanging heavy bag. It grants you the leeway to exercise and workout whenever and wherever you may so determine.

#6. Suitability

Suitability refers to the areas and contexts where you may deploy these gadgets for your uses and applications.

A Ringside FHB3 will generally come in handy for your gym and indoor applications.

Apart from indoor use, its Ringside Elite counterpart on the other hand is also useful for commercial and professional applications.

#7. Foam

Though both of them are equipped with the foam, the nature and extents of these foam materials vary significantly.

The one for the Ringside FHB3 is made of the durable vinyl shell whereas that of the Ringside Elite is enclosed in a durable synthetic leather shell material.

#8. Enclosure

Lastly, they are all enclosed in some materials and structural makeups for the sake of added longevity and protection to the interior components.

The components of the Ringside FHB3 are enclosed in durable vinyl shell materials whereas that of the Ringside Elite is enclosed in a durable synthetic leather shell.

It hence goes that the former stands out on the basis of this parameter.

BOTTOM LINE: For all practical purposes, the Ringside FHB3 is undoubtedly the clear winner here. It contains the bare minimum set of features but is more compact and cheaper to come by.

Thus, its acquisition is able to grant you the benefits that come by but an affordable and accessible cost of acquisition.



We round up our look into the Ringside FHB3 Standing Punching Bag to an end there. It is now our hope that you have the insight you need to be able to appreciate the items fully and in-depth.

Why not now move with speed and contemplate making a purchase? You can never afford to wait any longer as that might spell doom for you and deny you the benefits that come by.

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