How to Start Running on a Treadmill?

A treadmill is one of the most versatile workout equipment you will find on the market. You can use the treadmill to aid you in weight loss, tone the body, and aerobic workout equipment. The workout machine compensates other outdoor workouts that you cannot perform during the extreme weather climates like winter.

The treadmill is also versatile since you can incorporate different workout programs with the available settings. To achieve the right workout results from the treadmill, you need first to master the workout techniques of using it. Well, here is a full guide on how to run on a treadmill for significant results.

How to Start Running on a Treadmill? – Preparations Before Running

running on treadmills

Wear the right clothes

Running on a treadmill is just like running on outdoors, which means that; your comfort is of paramount. You need to wear gears that you are comfortable in, and that do not hold you back when running.

The clothes

For the clothes, choose workout garments that are lightweight and made of cotton to absorb wetness when you sweat. For ladies, if you are comfortable working out with a sports bra, the better since it helps prevent heat accumulation when running at high intervals.

The shoes

The shoes should have good rubber soles with anti slid design to ensure your safety when running on the treadmill. Choose shoes that fit well and are not too bulky to provide comfort to the feet when running. Choose the shoes that offer support on the arch and have cushioning on the heels for support and comfort.

Start gradually

This is a crucial factor to keep in mind if you are a beginner. Treadmills are just like other workout equipment. If it is your first time to run on it, you need to take it easy for safety and ensure your body adjusts fully. The treadmills are equipped with different speed intervals, programs, time, and even incline modes. For the timer, start with five minutes, at the low-speed interval, and reclined form.

This helps to warm up your body muscles, and you can gauge how your body is responding to the new workout activities. Also, the bodies respond differently when introduced to physical activities. Some people may be comfortable working out or running at a high interval, while others may find it challenging to run at a high interval.

Also, your fitness level will determine your starting level when running on the treadmill. If you weigh more than 300 pounds, your startup level may be lower to get your body started and adjust to the workout program.

Understand the treadmill

The next step to learning how to run on a treadmill is by understanding how the treadmill works. The treadmills come in different styles and designs. They have varying programs and intervals that one needs to choose to operate it for better workout results. Therefore study your treadmill for convenience when setting it up.

A quick point to note is that even if you have a fit body, you must start on a walk mode when working out on the treadmill for your safety and to warm up the body. If you have never used the equipment before, you may feel wobbly or dizzy when using it, which is normal.

Understand how to regulate the control buttons so you can comfortably control the speeds and intervals on the machine while still working out. Although the treadmills have varying settings, the most basic ones that you need to know about are the start, slow, and stop button.

Why Should You Start Gradually?

how to start running on treadmills

Accidents are bound to happen when working out, and this mainly occurs if we strain the body muscles. If you set up the treadmill at high speed and incline level, you may end up injuring your leg tissues, which happens when the muscles and the tissues strain and are excessively stretched.

Instead of focusing on the level of intervals you can complete per workout session, focus on how long you can work out on the treadmill. If you are comfortable running for longer at the low interval, the better since you will achieve long-term results without causing bodily injuries.

Another crucial thing worth noting is that you should listen to your body and how it is responding to the workouts. If your body gets used to the starter intervals, consider increasing the resistant levels for good results.

Have a plan

To achieve the best workout results when running on the treadmill, you also need to have a workout plan to help you achieve the goals. Consider the treadmill is just like a route that you need to take when running. Therefore, plan about your start speed, the programs to use, and speed to regulate it.

Create an imaginary running “route” to follow when running on the treadmill for significant results. If you are using the treadmill with an LCD, the better since you will be able to track your heart rate and the calories you burn when you run on the equipment.

Find motivation

Do you love to listen to music when running outdoors? Well, you can do the same when working out on the treadmill. Listen to some music for motivation when running if that motivates you to work out better and longer. If music is not your form of inspiration when working out, you can listen to podcasts instead, as it does the same great job.

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The treadmill is a piece of outstanding and reliable running equipment that you can use indoors. As long as you use the equipment the right way, you can reap tremendous and significant results from it. The treadmill is multifunctional workout equipment that you can use for weight loss to ton the body and general fitness results.

Just choose the model that suits you, and that has the right workout programs for excellent and reliable results. If you work out in the gym, ask for guidance from the gym instructor regarding controlling and using the treadmill for significant results. The above-discussed points can help you with how to use it to run if you are a beginner.