Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table Reviews

There’re several teeter inversion tables in the market, but the EP 960 has proven to be on top of the list thanks to the plethora of features that comes with it. The EP 960 will surely influence your inverting as well as make it a relaxing experience as much as possible while getting maximum results.

This machine features a number of accessories such as traction handles, taller foot lock, and longer grip bars that collectively make your inverting experience a dream to your back pains. Besides, it can provide your back with greater flexibility as well as relaxation.

Specifications of Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table

Weight capacity: 300 pounds
Dimensions: 84″ x 29″ x 86″
User capacity: 4’8″ – 6’6″
5-year warranty
Instructional manual as well as DVD
UL safety certification
Ez-angle tether of 20, 40, and 60 degrees

Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table Brilliant Features

What makes the teeter EP 960 inversion table the best is the fact that it comes with several features. But what does it really contain?

• Design

Unlike the EP 950, the EP 960 features an updated frame that’s constructed from highly durable heavy-gauge steel. When the machine is assembled, it weighs up to 75.5 pounds.

Its comfort Trak is unique, whereby now it consists of 2 pieces that easily fold together. In fact, it’s among the most comfortable beds that you’ll ever come across in the inversion table industry. Moreover, the bed flexes and will enhance your inversion experience as it reduces the pressure on your back when you’re not completely inverted, hence an improved stretching.

Its metal frame is stable, and the welds on the construction have nothing to criticize while the painting is as well precise.

The handles are larger in diameter, and when using them, you can easily feel the certainty as well as support that they offer.

The backrest is of plastic construction with several small openings, meaning that you’ll have an inexhaustible setting and customization at your disposal that will suit your needs. Furthermore, you can attach your head pillow in some of the holes and the Lumbar Bridge or the acupressure nodes to others.

The stretch max handles will assist you when inverting as well as getting back to your upright position. Moreover, they’ll help you to perform several stretching exercises easily, which will lead to better decompression of your spine and relieve stress.

• Safety

The safety and stability of the EP 960 is arguably the major advantage of this table. The table is stable thanks to the robust steel base and the anti-slip plastic caps, meaning your sessions are very safe.teeter hang ups ep 960 ltd inversion table blue

The table’s ankle support adds to your safety as it provides excellent support as well as comfort for the legs. You can always rely on the robust and bulky handles upon any situation.

The machine’s overall safety is underlined further by the fact that it is FDA certified medical service. Therefore, EP 960 has been tested and approved to be secure for use.

Other security features such as a de-rattler knob, heat-treated steel, auto-locking, specialized pivot bearings, and a camlock help to make the equipment one of the safest as well as a secure machine in the industry.

• Assembly

Another significant thing about the EP 960 is that it comes almost 85% pre-assembled, meaning that you’ll only take a few minutes to set it up. Precisely, it may take you up to about 15 minutes to assemble the equipment.

The process is easier with the included step-by-step video that comes with the equipment. Furthermore, if you have any doubts about how you need to assemble the table, all the answers are presented in the “owner’s manual and instruction DVD” that comes along with the machine.

• User Capacity

The unit is designed that it’s capable of accommodating individuals that measure about 4 ft. 8 inches to about 6 ft. 6 inches. It also weighs about 300 pounds.

• Comfort

Unlike most inversion tables, the EP 960 doesn’t feature a padded backrest. The unit’s backrest is of a flexible as well as comfortable plastic. Moreover, it features a broadened lower leg handle that provides security, while the wrap-around ankles provide support and support.

Also, the 2 sorts of handles offer assistance as well as considerably broadening choices. On the other hand, the comfort rank bed that features handholds empowers a versatile and smooth extending.

• Foldability and Storage

Even when it comes to foldability, the EP 960 still leads its competitors by a mile. The equipment requires minimum space for storage thanks to the fact that it easily folds and can fit into your house corner or next to your wardrobe, and even inside the wardrobe or under the bed.

While in the storage position, the EP 960 table has a height of about 64 inches. Therefore, it’s one of the best inversion tables that you’ll love to handle and store.

• Ankle Holding System

The table’s ankle holder has an extended locking mechanism that you’ll appreciate as you don’t have to lean too much for an optimal position.

Besides, it offers a variety of setting options that will suit your requirements, meaning you’ll find an optimal foot position. The foot holders are sturdy and u-shaped with massive padding that’s soft and pleasant to touch. Furthermore, the padding provides comfort as well as firm leg fixation.

Nevertheless, the EP 960 inversion table is arguably the best table you can dream about as you can set an inversion angle as you wish with its safety strap. You can adjust the strap length for the maximum inversion angle.

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The Difference Between Ep-960 and Ep-950?

As much as the two inversion tables are from the same brand; Teeter hangs up, they do feature some differences. For instance, you can be able to use the pressure or lumbar nodes on your EP 950 inversion table.

Also, the handles on the table sides are different from the EP 960 having longer handles. The EP 950 doesn’t also have the comfort trackbed that’s a bit flexible. EP 960 is also expensive.


EP-960 vs. Ep-960 LTD

Both inversion models are from the same brand, teeter, and they serve the purpose of relieving back pains. However, they differ from each other from their standard accessories.

For instance, the EP 960 Ltd version features two premium features that include Acupressure Nodes and Lumbar Bridge. The lumbar pad (Lumbar Bridge) will help to improve a user’s lower back during the sessions. On the other hand, the Acupressure Nodes help to release the tension better as well as relieve muscle discomfort.

The wide range of accessories of both inversion tables helps the user to achieve spine decompression. Both are also FDA certified, meaning they are safe to use and guarantees your security.

The EP 960 Ltd is seemingly expensive than its counterparts, but rightly so, they come with a plethora of accessories.

The EP 960 has comfortable ankle support that makes your inversion experience pleasant, while the EP 960 Ltd features an extended ankle handle that comes of handy, especially when the user’s back is sore.

When you fold the EP 960, it won’t take up much of your room space, unlike EP 960 Ltd that takes a good chunk of your room space.

EP-960 vs. EP-560

There’s no denying that both are excellent inversion tables to have for your back pain, but they’re not perfectly matched. But you won’t go wrong with either.

The most notable difference is the ankle locking system, whereby the EP 960 makes it very easy to lock your ankles without having to bend, while the EP 560 can make it difficult to lock yourself, especially when you have severe back pain.

Moreover, when it comes to inverting, the EP 960 comes out on top as it makes everything easier as the teeter is marked clearly at various angles (20, 40, and 60 degrees), which means that you’ll always get it right.

Also, the extra-long handles of the EP 960 help the user to stretch to easily get into position as well as lets them decompress further for a better invert as well as pain relief.

It makes sense for the fact that the EP 960 cost about $100 more than the EP 560 due to the extra features included in the EP 960.

The EP 560 does beat the EP 960 when it comes to compatibility with the gravity boots, whereby the EP 560 is compatible, and the EP 960 is not. Also, the EP 560 does come with a standard T-pin system. Moreover, the EP 960 is a bit heavier than the EP 560, making it a difficult model to work with, especially when folding and storage.

The other aspects, such as weight, height, and warranty, both models are almost equally matched.

Ep-960 vs. EP-970

Both of these inversion tables are one of the best-selling in the current thanks to their premium features. However, as much as they’re among the top teeter inversion tables, they are equally matched, but they do have the most similar features.

For instance, both models are not compatible with the teeter gravity boots. Also, they feature an extended ankle lock handle that makes securing easy. Traction handles, as well as stretch max handles, are extra-long to add stretching options and assistance.

Both work with folks that are 300 lbs or less and that are between 4ft. 8 inches and 6ft. 6 inches tall.

Unlike the EP 960, the EP 970 features acupressure nodes as well as a lumbar bridge that helps support a user’s lower back. The features help to experience deeper stretch as well as more pain relief. Besides, they’re removable in case you dislike them.

Both models feature heavy steel parts that add to your safety and security, and they’re both FDA certified as medical devices.

It’s easier to say that the EP 970 comes with all the features of the EP 960, but it includes lower back support and a lumber bridge. However, both offer similar comfort as well as instantaneous responses to the user’s body.

Ep-960 vs. Ironman 4000

The Ironman 4000, just like the name suggests, it’s not ‘ironman” for nothing. This inversion table smashes the rest of the tables when talking about the weight capacity as it supports up 350 pounds of an individual. Therefore, it weighs the EP 960 table in that aspect as it only supports a weight of up to 300 pounds.

Moreover, it features a huge comfortable backrest to outstanding stability that’s arguably unmatched in the inversion table industry.
Unfortunately, when it comes to portability, the ironman 4000 is not the best that you would want to have as its big size makes it difficult to fold and store, or even maneuver. EP 960, on the other hand, folds easily, and you can store it in small room spaces.

Also, compared with the EP 960, you can save a few coins buying the ironman that’s reasonably priced, unlike the EP 960 that you’ll have to dig deep into your pocket.

Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table Reviews

teeter hang ups ep 960 ltd inversion table blue


• Easy to assemble
• Excellent inversion table stability
• FDA registered
• Premium features
• Great backrest integrated handles
• Excellent ankle holder
• Durable
• Full inversion


• More expensive
• At 70 lbs it can be bulky for most people

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The best thing about teeter inversion tables is that you can get your expected results once you use the table correctly. However, you should note that to experience maximum results from the Teeter Hang Ups EP 960 Inversion Table; you need to start slow, especially if you’re a beginner.

Being upside down for several minutes for a start may not be the best idea; therefore, you need to take it slow from about a few seconds (30) to about a minute or two. Then you can gradually increase your minutes as you get used to the sessions.


1. Does It Allow for Complete Inversion?

When exercising with the EP 960 inversion table, you’re free to set a maximum inversion angle with the safety strap. Disconnecting the strap from the table’s backrest, it allows you to achieve full inversion as well as provide you with several degrees above your full inversion.

2. Is it Effective for the Neck?

As much as the teeter inversion tables are meant to relieve the back pains, they can also help when it comes to neck issues.

3. Is Ankle Lock Extension Effective to Both Open and Close?

The EP 960 ankle lock extension is extremely effective with the triple lock that will reduce the pressure on the ankles to allow opening and closing.

4. Is it Easy to Assemble?

The teeter EP 960 inversion table is one of the easiest to assemble reason being it comes almost 85% pre-assembled. The entire process won’t take you more than 20 minutes as you’ll also get the help of a step-by-step video that’s included when your table arrives.

Also, it comes with an owner’s manual as well as an instructional DVD that will show you how you should correctly use the table for both core workouts and decompression.


The EP 960 inversion table is practically for any individual that suffers from neck or back pain. Everything you want from an inversion table is right within the EP 960, and if you’re suffering from lower back pain, the lumber bridge makes it ideal for relieving your pain. Moreover, the machine is very easy to assemble, and strapping yourself into the table is a breeze. It’s also durable and comes with a long warranty.