How to Lose Weight Running on a Treadmill?

Nothing is perfect in losing weight, like using the treadmill to lose weight. However, it might seem like a cliché, but it is appropriate that you find a dedicated article or running books to make yourself informed about the entire details. You must know that exercising on a treadmill targets the fat-burning zones as well as the heart rate. This means it is the best tool you can ever use to lose weight since you can burn many calories on your treadmill than when you would have used the correct techniques. Furthermore, the treadmill is a perfect place to exercise maximum-intensity training intervals, examine your agility skills, and improve your level of endurance. Additionally, you should note that to lose weight, you must engage in some exercise. This article will make you more informed on how you can lose weight while running on a treadmill.

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How Do You Lose Weight Running on a Treadmill?

Whenever you are engaging in an exercise, you must be having specific goals that you want to achieve at the end of it all. Note that for you to lose weight when running on a treadmill, there are specific habits you have to implement on your treadmill. These are:

Vary your incline

Pushing your entire body up as well as down is a perfect way of working out. Moreover, it helps you to lose weight efficiently. Just as when you walk downhill and uphill generates unique and crucial challenges in your cardiovascular and muscle system, so does it apply to a treadmill when you vary your incline. It is appropriate that when you are exercising on your treadmill, you alter the incline after at least five minutes to involve various groups of muscles. Additionally, it is good that you make it a routine whenever you are exercising.

Engage in interval training

In case you want to get a challenging workout, it is ideal that you engage in interval training to burn your calories in minimal time. Interval training helps in creating your intensity. However, you don’t need to run faster or be advanced to try this out. If you can walk reluctantly for approximately 30 minutes at a 3.0-speed level, it means you are ready for the challenge. To engage in interval training, make sure you divide your 30 minutes with precisely 6 nonstop 5-minutes’ walk at 3.0 speed for about 5 minutes and one minute at 3.5. When you do this regularly, you can aim for a higher pace; hence you can use the same criteria quickly to lose more weight on a treadmill.

Get on and off the treadmill

The best way to lose weight running on the treadmill is by deciding to get on and off your treadmill. When you are through with a specific distance on your treadmill, it is ideal that you maximize your speed and move to the floor to accomplish a superb body set workout. After using the treadmill, get off and finish ten lunges walking, and some squats. When you are through, relax for 2 minutes and repeat the same, varying your strength moves with either push-ups or kettlebell swings. This will help you to lose a lot of weight when running on a treadmill.

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Change direction

When you change direction, you are prone to losing a lot of fat. According to the statistics conducted by Lauren Lobert, a physical therapist, when you walk sideways or backward, it strengthens your hips. It enables you to work out double times as you move and focus purposefully. For this to be more successful, you need to add a resistance band. Note that you are likely to lose more weight running on a treadmill when you do this effectively.

Practice HIIT on your machine

You must be familiar with the maximum-intensity training interval. In case you are not, it is appropriate that you better yourself through schooling immediately. Furthermore, this kind of exercise is educative since you can adjust your cardio’s point if it seems uncomfortable. If you have never applied this on your work out, it is appropriate that you try it out you are back on your treadmill. Ideally, have a schedule, start at least 30 to 45 minutes as you alternate between walking on your incline, power walking, and jogging. Ideally, you can alternate jogging within 30 to 90 seconds as well as 30-60 seconds of walking. The key to losing a lot of weight on the treadmill is to do away with plateau by encouraging new regimens and new methods. Note that this exercise will help you to lose more weight whenever you are running on your treadmill.

Ensure you use your TV for your advantage

Almost everyone owns a TV in this digital world. Moreover, it is one of the devices most gyms purchase. However, some find the TV to be the source of distraction, but it is appropriate to use it to your advantage. A TV show is 8 minutes before it breaks for approximately two minutes for commercial purposes. You can opt to use this duration to strategize fervor as well as intervals. This captures your attention from idling to doing something more constructive while exercising on your treadmill. You can opt to warm up for approximately 8 minutes; then, you can engage in a gentle hill during the commercial break.

On the other hand, 75% of your race pace, you should dedicate it for running, then shoot or climb the hill for your race pace once more. If possible, it is appropriate to repeat this at least in six intervals, which is likely to be an hour show. With this kind of exercise, you will likely lose a lot of weight running on your treadmill.

Therefore, you should make a point of alternating things up when you are on your treadmill; this will enable you to burn many calories, hence losing a lot of weight.


Based on the above information, you now have a clear understanding of how you can lose weight when running on a treadmill. Therefore, it calls upon you to implement these habits whenever you are on your treadmill. I hope this article will be beneficial to you in your quest to understand how to lose weight running on a treadmill.